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Glamorous young woman kept sawn-off shotgun in wardrobe and bullets in her make-up bag the headline proclaims at Note: the Brits use the phrase “glamour girl” to describe downmarket models who appear in publications like . . . the Mirror. Anyway . . .

Police officers from Trident’s South Proactive Team raided the Wandsworth, South London, home of Nelson-Warburton on the evening of August 5.


During the search of a wardrobe in the bedroom, officers located a rucksack which contained a sawn-off shotgun. There also was a quantity of ammunition wrapped in clothing.

During a further search of the bedroom, officers found a makeup bag in a chest of drawers which contained more ammunition. A large quantity of cash also was found.


Tahira Nelson-Warburton, 27, has been sentenced to four years behind bars after pleading guilty to possession of a firearm and ammunition with intent to cause fear or violence. It is believed she was apparently holding the gun for another person.

Wait…some other person wanted to use a firearms (and ammunition!) to cause fear and violence? Wait…causing fear is a crime in the UK? Wait…the double-barreled babe got four years behind bars for possessing a shotgun? Too right, mate!

Following the sentencing at Woolwich Crown Court, Detective Constable Martin Reader, of the Trident and Area Crime Command, said: “We will continue to target anyone who is storing a gun, or helping to hide them from the police as this conviction shows.

“Gun crime has a devastating affect on communities and families.

“Anyone found to be involved in the storing or use of lethal firearms will face a significant custodial sentence.”

While it seems that Ms. Nelson-Warburton was involved in some sort of nefarious, cash-based business, that’s not why The Old Bill nicked her. They got her for having a shotgun. ‘Cause that’s what happens to a disarmed populace.

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  1. Please, you crazy Brits, do NOT lock up hot women while you let Jihadists run around your country off-leash. That’s just stupid.

  2. Early 90’s I was in a British home watching TV when the sound went off, then back on then off again. The interview subject was Gerry Adams leader of Sinn Féin, the political wing of the IRA. My host relayed his words were not allowed to be broadcast in the UK. Strange place…and started realizing what it meant to be an American.

  3. “the Brits use the phrase “glamour girl” to describe downmarket models who appear in publications like . . . the Mirror.”

    For “downmarket” she’s not too bad….

      • “Yeah, no smile, no teeth.”

        Hey, now! That’s not nice!

        Lack of dental hygiene and ‘permanent makeup’ (tattoo makeup) doesn’t mean she’s a skank! 🙂

        (I take it ‘downmarket’ is Brit for ‘bargain hooker’?)

        • Excessive attention to makeup perfection somehow makes me think “transgender”, but you guys go ahead!

        • I’ll defer to your apparent ‘expertise’ in things of a transgender nature. 🙂

          (As TTAG’s Vhyrus earlier stated: Chef don’t judge.)

        • I’m with Larry on this one. That bone structure looks rather masculine to me too.
          On a different note; an O/U shorty shotty? Kinda non-traditional, I think I like it in a Howdah pistol sort of way.

  4. Thank God we won our freedom from this insane country. No freedom of speech, gun confiscation and pervasive surveillance of the people. No thanks.

    • They have cameras EVERYWHERE–you get tickets in the mail if you get from point A to B too quickly–tickets if your car registration does not permit you to be in that area–women are prosecuted for assault if they spray their dye marking spray in their rapists face–the whole damn country is one total F’ed up mess–makes Commie Kali look like like freedom–this was the Hellacious Rotten Criminal;s dream if she won–let’s hope that all the flack over Trump does not go forward–HRC would ignite total war

  5. Ummm…aren’t sawn off illegally shortened shotties kinda’ verboten in the Land of the Free too? And not just slave states like Commiefornia? Huh?

    • Yeah, play your cards just right and you can end up as the target of a federal investigation and eventually standoff.

      Although if it’s any consolation, even the director of the FBI might call the charges against you “bull shit.”

    • Yes, they are illegal without a tax stamp. However, because the 4th amendment exists here, the NFA becomes an incredibly difficult law to enforce. Any idiot can take a standard shotgun and shorten the barrel with a hack saw or build an SBR AR-15 by ordering a shorty upper online. Because the cops can’t search your house here simply because they feel like it, finding all of those undocumented NFA firearms is essentially impossible.

      On the other hand, in the UK…

    • FWW, if “verboten” means illegal, well then of course illegally sawn-off shotguns are illegal…in the US. But you can saw them off in a legal and proper way, which is a plus, no? Our laws are just complex enough to preserve the ability of law enforcement to ensnare the ignorant and the paranoid, an ability law enforcement obviously cherishes. Perhaps this will change?

      Many many Brits own shotguns legally, and use them in shooting sports.

      A gentleman does not conceal guns by means of improvised arrangements meant to deny prying government eyes a look. No, he stores them in a large windowless dedicated gun room deep in the cellars of his country home, under heavy lock and safely stored key. Nor does a gentleman saw off the barrels of his guns, at least not so much as would make them useless for birding.

      • Years ago I was standing in the waiting area of the Sheriff’s office in Kalispell, Montana to report a stolen car. The old guy in front of me was complaining to the officer that he was constantly being harassed because he carried a sawed-off double shotgun on the dash of his pick-up truck. He said the gun was of legal length, if just barely, but the cops kept pulling him over to check. (I suspect they just didn’t like this guy and wanted to piss him off – he was a bit of a jerk.) End of story – Sheriff told him to go to the local hardware store, buy a metal yardstick, and tack-weld the thing to the top of the barrels. Genius.

        How do you get around an Unconstitutional law regarding sawn-off shotguns or SBR’s? You saw the barrel at 1/4 inch longer than the minimum said law requires.

      • Mountdrago, je me serais douté de votre choix ! J’avais dit : à chacun sa nouvelle… Mais je rejoins Bihoreau, et peut-être Zhu, pour THE OUTSTATION. Et puis, ASHENDEN, ce sont des nouvelles aussi, au fond. Du côté des romans, tout de même, c’est CAKES AND ALE que je préfère. Tiens ! revoici un Ashenden, mais un William, cette fois, et avec de sacrées pr,#&ctionsoej8230; sur le narrateur, la littérature et snobbery !

    • I don’t think it’s a Beretta- the receiver looks wrong, and the gold plated trigger seems off to me. My guess is that it’s Turkish. There are several firms that make pretty much identical ones, so I don’t want to guess any particular factory.

    • With the vent rib and other items it could also be a Belgian but I think Northern italy is my best guess It was at a guess about a £1000 gun before it was hacked up which means it was most likely stolen before surgery and since there was no receiving stolen property charge on her sheet the serial numbers must have been obliterated.

  6. This is precisely why we kicked those pu**ies out in 1776 and again in 1812. Their criminal spoor in Australia are similarly afflicted.

  7. Shotty in a ruck, cash and shells in a makeup bag.

    That doesn’t sound like shady activity to me. It sounds like she’s some sort of prepper.

  8. I have no sympathy. They elected the politicians who passed these laws. They knew who they where voting for. They did it many times.

    You say not everyone voted for them? Those others mostly stayed home. Same as here, but worse. We elected a communist cryptomuslim over a war hero. Remember? At least we have federalism here.

    It’s too late for them. I hope it’s not too late for us.

  9. I call BS…One incident like this which is per usual RARE in the civilized world versus the hundreds of thousands of shootings and incidents like this everyday in the US.

    Please compare the crime and homicide rate of the UK versus this country which has now become a totalitarian hellhole thanks to Adolf Trump and The Neo-Nazi Rifle Association.

    This is what really happens to a disarmed populace…

    They watch statistical rates of their violent crime and homicide go down. The UK is known like other strict weapon control countries have very excellent healthcare, economy, healthcare and way of life.

    • I see our resident anti-2nd Amendment d-bag has recovered sufficiently from President-elect Donald J. Trump’s epic victory and beginning to grace us with his/her (more like “it’s”) wisdom either that or Bloom-BOIG’s check cleared.

      How they hanging Shannon? Those mammaries still hardened? Silicone gets that way after a decade.By the way get Bloomy to buy you a nose-job, that crooked hook is as much of a “turn-off” as your anti-gun ideology.

    • “very excellent healthcare, economy, healthcare and way of life”

      While there are a number of excellent hospitals in the UK, excellent healthcare is not so common. Horridly run wards, shortage of physicians assigned to certain clinics, rationing of care and more, are common complaints, Wait lists for bypass surgery are often long.

      It would seem you don’t know the secret of the British economy, so I’ll clue you in: Outside of Greater London fully 50% of working-age adults are either living on welfare (“the dole”) or are employed by the British government. In other words the City of London financial center, through taxation, is (to an approximation) paying the way of the rest of the nation. Brits are still trying to figure out how to undo this dramatic imbalance, but haven’t got there yet.

      Life for the British upper class, largely a hereditary matter, is quite pleasant. Who doesn’t enjoy a country house party or grouse shooting? The life of the urban poor in the UK involves third rate education and an excess of knife crime and random beatings. The upper class, the UK as seen through Masterpiece Theatre, has its charms. But, to borrow from George Carlin, “There’s an upper class, AAPGO, and you ain’t in it.” You’ve drunk far too much of the Lovely Britain Cool-Aid.

      • Excellent analysis! I was born in the UK and lived there 40 years apart from a side tip serving overseas n the British Army and your take on it it is absolutely spot on except that “Wait lists for bypass surgery are often long. ” should read ANY kind of surgery. My daughter waited over 12 months in agony waiting for gall bladder removal and was only operated on because she was willing to go in over Christmas, otherwise she would still be waiting now. My wife was diagnosed with the same problem and operated on withing two weeks here.

        There is no freedom in the UK and police routinely go on “fishing trips” (warrantless searches) of licensed gun owners to try and catch them in a technical violation so they can take “more guns off the streets” You will not see them go into a black or moslem area though.

        Your description of the economy is also right on the mark – outside greater London fully half the population is on some kind of welfare. Most of the major cities are now controlled by muslim mayors and councillors.

    • I wish you would go back to insisting that the single party dominated, government-appointed judge ruling, death penalty for drug possession Singapore is a free democracy with no signs of dictatorship.

      If you don’t count government mandated deaths, and you ignore the government’s targets, the safest societies are the most restrictive. Of course crime went up in Iraq after Saddam’s regime fell. For one thing, the Kurdish population was considered human. Stalin’s Russia, Franco’s Spain, Castro’s Cuba, Mussolini’s Italy, all places well known for their lack of criminal activity.

      You want to talk Nazi-ism? Let’s start with Fascism. Benito Mussolini started the Fascist party as a leftist spin-off of Italy’s Socialist party. Francisco Franco had similar motives. Hitler’s Nazis were textbook Socialist, despite what revisionists would have you think (“Oh, no, he had all the union leaders killed!” No, he had competing union leaders killed). Bernie Sanders ran as an unapologetic Socialist. Hillary ran a campaign to the extreme left of his, thinking that was a winning strategy. Hillary was running on a pseudo-Fascist ticket. The (big “F”) Fascists were closely tied to the Nazis. The Democrats are floating an open anti-semite as their new party chair. Do the math.

      If the UK’s healthcare was so great, their wealthy wouldn’t come here for treatment. If their economy was so great, they wouldn’t have signed into the EU to begin with. If the reigning monarch had all the answers, they would still have an empire.

      It’s easy to declare countries like Mexico or Brazil “uncivilized,” when you have an agenda. It’s one of my favorite cities, and I hate to defame it, but you need to take a run around the more decrepit parts of Detroit. And then realize there are areas like that in every country, especially the ones that focus on their superiority over the U.S.

      You know what country has been watching its homicide rates steadily decline? The United States of America. Maybe we’re on the right track, and results won’t happen overnight.

    • Hundreds of thousands of shootings in America EVERY DAY? Let’s see, that would be 200,000 (plural thousands) per day = one million four hundred thousand per week. That’s roughly 72 MILLION Americans shot every single year. You would think that at the very least this statistic would appear somewhere in a Trace article, or on the NYT editorial page.

      By the way, for the statistically impaired, during the height of the worst battles of the Second World War, even D-Day, Iwo Jima and Okinawa, there have NEVER been “hundreds of thousands of Americans” shot in a single day. Not even the Picket’s Charge at Gettysburg managed that number, and that body count was enormous.

    • “the hundreds of thousands of shootings and incidents like this everyday in the US”

      Are you deranged? But I guess that’s a stupid question, as all leftists, as a rule, either have the mental capacity of a three year-old, or are completely brain-dead.

    • Ahhh, Hello Mentally triggered Democratic Liberal Progressive Socialist…Just an FYI…President Elect Trump hasn’t been inaugurated yet…Meaning he hasn’t taken office…! The National Rifle association is the oldest American Civil Rights group around…That supports the 2nd amendment, and other Liberties….And supported politicians from various political parties that supported the Bill of Rights…Also, the U.K., and Australia are definitely visions of George Orwell’s 1984!!!!

    • UK is short for YUCK–why don’t you do real research & find out just how bad things are there–for one, rated the MOST VIOLENT country in Europe

    • When you get out of your moms basement and actually go out into the world and see things for yourself you might have a different opinion.

  10. Wait…some other person wanted to use a firearms (and ammunition!) to cause fear and violence? Wait…causing fear is a crime in the UK?

    No, no, no… The question you should be asking is that how does the private possession without public knowledge inspire anybody to fear anything? Literally what they didn’t know about was not hurting anybody, let alone cause fear.

    Oh, and glamor modelling must be rough business in the UK.

  11. This could have happened in New Jersey, or D.C. Remember the guy who was arrested for a singular, empty shotshell?

    • Come to think of it, notwithstanding the Fourth Amendment considerations mentioned above, there are cities and entire states in the U.S. (including Illinois) where possession of a firearm without government permission will earn you a trip to the greybar hotel.

      • Yep Curtis.My somewhat droll point earlier in this clickbait thread. We are pretty effed up in large swathes of America the beautiful.

  12. Boy, those Bobbies sure don’t talk like there’s a vibrant and perfectly legal community of law-abiding firearm owning gunowners in possession of firearms. Brit posters here/elsewhere are always going on about how “there’s still ways” to shoot trap or what have you under their blanket bans. But here we have cops no longer making any distinction at all when it comes to “anyone who is storing a gun” or “anyone found to be involved in the storing or use of lethal firearms”

    Britain becomes more like India every day, it seems (no, that’s not [just] a demographic/racial crack)

    • I think “storing a gun” means, in British cop talk, holding a gun for someone else who is highly likely to be searched, and or who is extremely unlikely to be granted a gun license. Here we have the girlfriend who holds bad dude’s pistol in her purse, hood, underwear, or such, to stroll the ‘hood.

  13. (Not so) Funny thing is….you’d get more time here for possession of the same thing. Of course, you can always pay uncle Sam his $200 shakedown fee and own one…as long as he knows where it is and where to find it. Land of the what?

  14. “Please compare the crime and homicide rate of the UK versus this country which has now become a totalitarian hellhole thanks to Adolf Trump and The Neo-Nazi Rifle Association.”

    If it were really so bad, wouldn’t you and Miley have left already?

    Or does your previous Queen not accept immigrants freely?

  15. I don’t agree with it, but let us not be naive and act all outraged. One could get in trouble for a gun, especially sawed off in the US in various ways. Also if guilty she transgressed against their precious social order way more than someone would if they had a lupara here. I’m not saying it’s right, philosophically I say nuts to their social order, but the fact is most people there take a lot of crap for social order and the accused allegedly defied it. Rip butt in church, get dirty looks.

  16. Question: WHY did the Gestapo raid her home??? Who ratted her out? When info like that is omitted from the article, I question a lot. This does not pass the smell test.

  17. It’s because she had it illegally and on top of that it was sawn off. She does not sound like a solid citizen, I wouldn’t rush to her defence.
    Sounds very much like the police suspected she was holding it and the cash for some sort of criminal, hence the raid.

  18. Who cares. This is what the people there want. The British people like being defenseless and they like having tyrants look over them. They like it. They voted for it. It’s ok if you make your wife wear a burka there and beat her later in the day over her lack of haste in preparing your sandwich because of diversities sake, but tolerance and diversity doesn’t include gun owners or people who want to adequately defend themselves. They have eighteen cameras per traffic corner for those people.

  19. What a bunch of BS.

    1. Article totally misses the important info of WHY they raided her home

    2. Headline leads to believe gun and ammo stored separately only to read shells were found in the wardrobe as well in her makeup bag.

    3. It was a sawed off shotgun (also illegal in most if not all of the states)

    4. The writer seems to just gloss over the fact the police said she had “intent to commit fear and violence” (exactly what terrorists are charged with when caught with weapons). They had to know A. She had the weapon and B. she was intimidating people with it or discussed using it to terrorize people. also a reason for the police to confiscate your weapons and arrest you. Would you rather they arrest her after a body count starts growing????

    I am a very strong 2nd Amendment (for those outside the US the 2nd Amendment is the right to bear arms) supporter in the USA. When you illegally modify the rifle and use it for terroristic reasons…yup your going to face serious jail time. With all rights there come responsibilities.


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