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As 3D printing becomes more mainstream and accessible, it’s no wonder that more and more gun parts are being designed to be printed on a standard 3D printer. Specifically those gun parts that keep gun control activists up at night fearing for the future. Today’s new 3D printable part is a 75 round drum magazine designed in the style of the old Romanian AK magazines but compatible with the AR-15 rifle. Needless to say, this completely circumvents any magazine restrictions that certain governments have instituted and allows a private citizen to print their own extremely high capacity magazine from the comfort of their own home. Suck on THAT, Feinstein. Semi-presser after the jump . . .

The (Israel) AR-15 75-Round 5.56mm Drum Magazine 
by nils

CAD Files: (bayfiles) or (sendspace)
Photo Album:
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FINALLY ITS HERE! Named after the infamous Congressman Steve Israel, lover of guns and 3d printers (lulz), brought to you by the man, the magician of magazines, nils….

The VERY FIRST (EVER) 3d printable AR-15 75 round drum magazine!!!!!

YES WE DID! YES YOU CAN! This slab of awesome sauce is for your 3d printing enjoyment. Bring the gift of MOAR GUNS! to a loved one for the holidays with a 75 round magazine! I’m so excited Im rambling. This magazine was on the back burner for almost a year, we HAVE IT NOW, and its only gonna get better with time.

The (easier to use) winder is included in this model, same as the AK magazine (The Yee).

Does it fit on an 8inx8inx8in 3d printer (i.e., sd3)? HELL YESSSSSSS IT FITS ON A 8inx8inx8in 3D @)#(I$#ING PRINTER!!! WOO HOO! (I think Im gonna cry).

I would like to thank Santa for coming through with my xmas wishes on this one, WE ARE FREAKING OUT, SO happy with this RADCAD AWEWSOME SAUCE ALL-CAPS inducing Magazine of joy.

If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns please post them and have a MERRY Christmashanikaquanza, with love, from FOSSCAD!
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share your pics/videos/stories if you decide to test this wonderful bit of awesomeness out and I will love you forever. ON with some PICS!

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    • YES WE CAN! I nearly fell off my chair laughing. I bet his Royal highness is probably launching ATF winged monkeys as we speak. Too late.

  1. I really like that P90 style thumb hole stock. Wish I could actually buy a commercial version since I don’t have access to a printer.

    • I thought about that too, it really adds a lot of material to the lower and probably strengthens it a lot.

    • That was my first thought – when is RF/TTAG going to purchase a 3D printer so they can review these things for us?

      • You would think being in Austin, TX with all those wonderful 3D printing tech folk they would be hot on renting one to test their stuff with.

  2. Mwahahahahaha. Oh god, just imagining the consternation on the faces of congress when someone hauls this thing in made me laugh until I had tears running down my cheeks.

    This is the perfect combination of gun-grabber nightmares.

  3. Already downloaded. Sharing now.

    Will seed on TPB at a later date. The digital revolution will be the ultimate and final undoing of gun control forever.

  4. How about a drum for us Kalashnikov aficionados? Better yet a drum for the ’74? Those never really even made it to America.

  5. Maybe I missed something, but all of the pics seemed to be computer renderings. Where are the pics of the real thing finished? How avoub a Youtube vid showing it working? It does make one wonder whether this thing really works.

  6. Why does TTAG not own a 3D printer yet? Can you imagine the traffic you would get from printing and reviewing all of these new 3D models? The printer would pay for itself in a week.

  7. These magazines can be printing in current AWB states, but possession will be a crime. While it might be difficult for the authorities to determine whether a “conventional” magazine is pre-ban or not, dating one of these should be easier.

    If you live in an AWB state and print one of these mags, be careful who sees it. In the full-retard states, there are more rats than people.

    • Possession of “high capacity” magazines is not a crime in California, however, as I understand it, you cannot manufacture, buy, lend, sell, give or borrow a high capacity magazine.

      Any magazine that enters California after 1/1/2000 that is over 10 rounds in capacity, while not illegal to possess, can open you up to prosecution by the state. The onus is definitely on them to PROVE that you manufactured this magazine, but considering the schematics are freely available on the internet, it shouldn’t be too hard.

      Additionally, certain localities in California consider “high capacity” magazines a “public nuisance” and are subject to confiscation.

      • So when have you “manufactured” the magazine? When it is fully assembled and ready for use, or when the separate parts are printed but not assembled? Seems to me the parts may not constitute a “magazine”. That said, the best advice if you live in the PRCa and print off one of these little gems: STFU. Remember, “two may keep a secret of one of them be dead”.

  8. I see magazines and stocks being a more practical application for 3D printing. Until the technology and price catches up.

  9. Soon enough, you’ll be buying licenses to goods on Amazon for delivery to your HP Digitizer (3D Printer).

    We are just a few years away, at most. Get ready.

  10. So very very cool.

    I hope someone buys a printer and starts selling this stuff. I would definitely buy some to help fund such a thing.

  11. Merry Christmas Madam Feinstein and a Happy (already past) Hanukkah Mister Schumer! May visions of unstoppable firearms accessories dance through your heads.

  12. From what I can tell, this magazine and most everything else on the DEFCAD forums (stocks, lower receivers etc) are just rendered concepts. Nobody appears to have built any of them, with the exception of one well known poster who built a lower receiver but hasn’t test fired it.

    The poster Deuce that announced this new magazine in the forum doesn’t even appear to own a 3D printer.

    • Hardly is this all ‘vaporware’

      these are some of the prints I’ve done:

      The research and development from hobbyists takes time. Time to go from CAD to initial prints, multiple CAD revisions and prints, before final live-fire testing. Yes, many of the designs are by people without printers – so what? There are many of us here that DO have printers and DO invest the time (12-24hours of printer time, in some cases) to bring these designs into the physical realm.

  13. i think the people of ttag need to donate money for ttag for RF to buy a 3d printer and have it as a “community” printer. the ttag writers could print and review what they print, and we could place orders for what we need printed. am i dreaming to much?

  14. Heck, who need to BUY a 3-D printer, when you can BUILD a 3-D printer? I built one, a Mendel90, which uses 1/2″ (or 12mm, if you live in one of those funny places that only carries metric stuff in the hardware store) MDF for a frame, 10mm smooth rods as axis guide rods, and 8mm threaded rods for controlling the “Z” axis. It takes five NEMA 17 stepper motors, which can be bought for under $10 each on EBay (make sure you get one with the correct torque-specs – check out the build guide on the Wiki at If you source your own parts you can build a functional 3-D printer for under $300, and spread the cost out over time. ABS filament is around $20 for a 2.2 pound/1Kg spool (avoid black for structural parts, BTW – I found out the hard way that black feed stock is a crapshoot, since makers can use recycled regrind material and hide junk with a lot of black pigment…). Slicer software for generating G-code? There are several decent, free programs. Same with CAD, if you are so inclined (I don’t have much luck with CAD software, but that isn’t where my aptitude lies). Anyway, as I mentioned, check out for more info!

    • You can download the FOSSCAD mega packs on The Pirate Bay It’s one thing they have that is NOT illegal to download, even though the totalitarians in the fed don’t want you to have the info!

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