FN Catch 22Ti rimfire suppressor silencer
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Back in December, FN announced their first suppressor, the FN Rush 9Ti. Jeremy currently has it and is working up a full review. Today FN’s announced their new FN Catch 22 Ti rimfire suppressor. It should make a perfect companion for their excellent FN 502 Tactical rimfire pistol, one of the best .22 semi-autos on the market. Here’s FN’s press release . . .

FN America, LLC is pleased to announce the release of the FN Catch 22 Ti, the company’s first rimfire suppressor and second installment in its suppressor lineup following the FN Rush 9Ti released in 2022. The rimfire Catch 22 Ti is a lightweight, durable and quiet suppressor that has been optimized for versatility, spinning up to all suppressor-ready rimfires like the FN 502 Tactical. Designed for unmatched reliability, the Catch 22 Ti turns a normal day on range into an incredibly quiet blast.

“With the successful release of the 9mm Rush 9Ti last year, tackling the rimfire category is the next logical step as we expand our suppressor lineup and develop accessories that enhance our suppressor-ready firearms,” said Chris Cole, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for FN America, LLC. “The FN Catch 22 Ti is an extremely small and tough rimfire suppressor with very effective sound reduction and impressive reliability given the wide variety of .22 ammunition. While it delivers all these benefits to shooters in a compact and lightweight package, it’s also a blast when paired with an FN 502 Tactical.”     

Reliability, especially when paired with the FN 502 Tactical, was a key performance metric in the development of the suppressor given the wide variability that is common with .22 ammunition. The Catch 22 Ti was subjected to an extremely rigorous endurance testing paired with the FN 502 Tactical and other .22-caliber firearms along with a variety of common rimfire ammunition loads to ensure functional reliability and platform adaptability would rise above the current products in market.FN Catch 22Ti rimfire suppressor silencer

“During testing, FN ran the FN 502 Tactical suppressed with the FN Catch 22Ti to very high round counts, stopping only to perform routine cleaning and lubrication along the way,” said John Ryan, Director of Product Management for FN America, LLC. “The combination ran flawlessly from start to finish with zero malfunctions, which speaks volumes about the robust design of the Catch 22.”

Considering the effects of environmental elements and ammunition velocity, the pairing of the FN 502 Tactical with the Catch 22 Ti produces a significantly reduced sound signature that dramatically improves the shooting experience and is especially notable when paired with supersonic ammunition. The usual crack that is heard during unsuppressed fire is all but eliminated and the loudest sound that can be heard is the impact on steel.

FN Catch 22Ti rimfire suppressor silencer

“While we don’t publish decibel reduction ratings for our suppressors due to the variability in sound capture methods, meters and ammunition types, multiple sound tests prove the FN Catch 22 Ti is extremely effective in reducing the report of .22LR and other rimfire loads,” said Rich Spalla, Suppressors Product Manager for FN America, LLC. “When we compare Catch 22 Ti head-to-head with all other rimfire suppressors, sound reduction performance puts the newest FN suppressor at the top of its class, suppressing the signature high-pitched crack. 

Weighing in at just approximately 5 ounces and 5.25-inches in length, the titanium-hybrid construction of the Catch 22 Ti provides the perfect balance to the FN 502 Tactical. Similar to the Rush 9Ti, the Catch 22 Ti features a titanium tube with a robust Cerkote™ coating rated for high temperatures. The baffle stack is comprised of a stainless-steel blast baffle tempered for heat resistance and an aircraft-grade aluminum baffle stack for the ultimate strength to weight ratio. The included tool enables quick removal of the end cap and baffle stack, making cleaning and maintenance fast and simple.

“Serviceability is critical with rimfire suppressors and .22 rimfire ammunition is notorious for producing a lot of fouling and build-up. We wanted to ensure that owners could easily disassemble their Catch 22 Ti to thoroughly clean each component,” added John Ryan, Director of Product Management. “The included disassembly tool makes maintenance fast and simple – using the tool, unscrew the end cap and slide the entire baffle stack out.”

To learn more about the FN Catch 22 Ti, please visit fnamerica.com/catch-22Ti.

MSRP = $499

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  1. I’m probably a Neanderthal but I’m not interested in adding any length to my handguns. And I’ve got ear muffs and plugs.

  2. Some suppressor manufacturers not that aluminum cannot withstand ultrasonic and certain chemical cleaners. Not so important for a can used for jacketed ammo, but a big negative for lead rimfire projectiles.

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