This combination of undated photos released by the Jefferson County, Colo., Sheriff's Office on Tuesday, April 16, 2019 shows Sol Pais. On Tuesday authorities said they are looking pais, suspected of making threats on Columbine High School, just days before the 20th anniversary of a mass shooting that killed 13 people. (Jefferson County Sheriff's Office via AP)
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A Florida woman who was reportedly obsessed with the Columbine massacre had made threats ahead of the shooting’s 20th anniversary this Saturday. She had traveled from Florida to Colorado on Monday, reportedly bought a shotgun locally, and was being sought by police in the Denver area.

The threat was taken seriously enough that Columbine High School was put on lockdown and local schools were closed today.

Now come reports that the woman has committed suicide.


LITTLETON, Colo. (AP) — FBI agents hunting a young Florida woman accused of threatening violence in the Denver area ahead of the 20th anniversary of Columbine said Wednesday she is “no longer a threat to the community.” There was no immediate explanation from the FBI.

The announcement, made via Twitter, came after an all-out manhunt for 18-year-old Sol Pais, whose alleged threat led the closing of Denver-area public schools Wednesday as a precaution.

Agents had focused the search around the base of Mount Evans, a popular recreational area about 60 miles southwest of Denver.

During the manhunt, the FBI said Pais was “infatuated” with Columbine and threatened violence ahead of Saturday’s anniversary of the attack that killed 13 people at Columbine High School in 1999. The FBI described her “extremely dangerous.”

The Miami Beach high school student flew to Colorado on Monday night and bought a pump-action shotgun and ammunition, authorities said.

All classes and extracurricular activities for about a half-million students were canceled as a precaution, though sheriff’s spokesman Mike Taplin said the young woman’s threats were general and not specific to any school.

“This has become a massive manhunt … and every law enforcement agency is participating and helping in this effort,” said Dean Phillips, agent in charge of the FBI in Denver.

Authorities said Pais was last seen not far from Columbine — in the Jefferson County foothills outside Denver — in a black T-shirt, camouflage pants and black boots.

The alert also said police who come into contact with her should detain her and evaluate her mental health.

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis said federal, state and local law enforcement were “dedicating all of their resources to locate this dangerous individual.”

“We know that there is a lot of anxiety right now in Colorado,” Polis said in a statement.

Because of the threat, Columbine and more than 20 other schools outside Denver locked their doors for nearly three hours Tuesday afternoon, and some canceled evening activities or moved them inside.

Pais’ parents last saw her on Sunday and reported her missing to Florida authorities on Monday night, police in Surfside, Florida, said.

Messages left by The Associated Press at two numbers listed for Pais’ relatives in Florida were not immediately returned, while another number was disconnected.

Adam Charni, a Miami Beach High School senior, said Pais dressed in black and kept mostly to herself. He said he was “baffled” to learn she was the person authorities in Colorado were searching for.

Another classmate, 17-year-old junior Drew Burnstine, said Pais was a quiet, smart student who sat alone in class and “never caused problems or indicated that she wanted to harm anyone.”

Two teenage gunmen attacked Columbine on April 20, 1999, killing 12 classmates and a teacher before taking their own lives.

State Rep. Patrick Neville, the Republican House minority leader, was a 15-year-old sophomore at Columbine High at the time of the shooting and now has three school-age daughters.

“It wasn’t easy for me to explain to my kids what was going on last night,” Neville said on the House floor Wednesday.

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    • Good job by the FBI, school districts, etc. too (at least as far as I know). The precautions taken were likely an important part of why this had a very different ending than some others. Maybe there are some lessons to be learned here?

      • I you have no balls. This gal apparently has/had committed no crime and had no criminal history. What a bunch of pansy snowflakes. Not so long ago school admin was run by WWII vets now an a bunch of emotive cowards.

        • WTF are you talking about? Do you even live here? Kids safety first, no matter what the inconvenience is. I live here, have kiddos, and am glad that they took these precautions.

          I HATE people like you who pretend to know what is going on here. STFU.

          Do I think that the communication could have been better? Yep.

          Do I think that school admins/teachers should have a legitimate chance of protecting my kids? You’re Damn Right, I do…

      • yep all someone has to do is go BOO! ‘with a gun involved’ and the snowflakes melt and close every school for miles….kids learn to turn full blown ‘ostrich’ when evil rears its head

        yep makes sense to a lib I guess??

      • While I do agree the majority of the educational system is cultivating liberal snowflakes. In cases involving this type of thing, if my daughters were in that school, I would much rather have them over react and error on the side of safety. It only takes one time for a threat to be ignored for something bad to happen that can’t be undone. Look at all these other incidents that have already occurred where threats weren’t taken seriously or followed up on.

    • Is the fact that you thought she was “attractive” have any part in your sympathy? If she was “unattractive” and overweight would that still elicit the same comment?

      • You really trying to claim that criminals/crazies don’t tend to be ugly, or that attractive people don’t tend to be happier & better in every way (hence their being desireable)?

        Never saw a joust between two white knights, before.

        • Barnbwt, you truly have some of the worst instincts I have seen. I don’t care whether she was attractive or not, rather this knee jerk reaction to automatically offer women sympathy, no matter how terrible their actions.

          He likely would have had little sympathy if this story was about a man. Throughout history men have been considered disposable, and that continues to this day. However, a crazy women threatens to kill kids, and because he thinks she’s attractive it’s such “a shame”.

          In other words end the p#ssy pass that some men feel so compelled to.

        • Oh, so it’s a white knight jousting an incel, then. Disregard what I said earlier; that I have seen, before.

          Also, it is absolutely a shame that she went/was nuts & killed herself. It is rather messed up to say or think otherwise, too.

      • I think it’s well understood, psychologically, that we tend to feel more sympathy and good will toward attractive people, even when they don’t deserve it. Just human nature.

      • Actually yes. She was damn good looking. That’s my position.

        Got a problem with That? Too bad.

        Take your equality shit and eat it.

        • You drunken bastards, where is your taste? This girl was Butt ugly. Deserves to die on that merit alone. I think she realized it and had mercy for the rest of us-shot gun blast to the head-problem solved. Oh going to kill innocent children-must be ok if she gives good head. You sick Bastards.

        • This girl was Butt ugly. Deserves to die on that merit alone.”

          But you call others sick bastards? There’s something seriously wrong with you, asshole.

        • You’re so thirsty that you can’t help but see someone who killed herself after planning to kill a bunch of kids and say “yeah, I’m attracted to that.” Go to a bowling alley, pick up some drunk girl and get laid.

        • GS650G writes; “Actually yes. She was damn good looking.”

          She was bat shitz crazy, and trying to off some kids she never met, where does that come into play? Oh right it doesn’t because she was purrrrty.

          Ahh if only the two of you could have met, say two weeks ago.

      • Attractive? My girlfiend is uglier then a buzzard( actually Turkey Vulture, Buzzard’s have hair) but she’s got the heart of a Crawdad. Beauty’s only skin deep

        • Huh? Is that a…back handed compliment…? I’m a little confused by this. Ugly as a buzzard and the heart of a crawdad…lol!

    • She made the decision to go down that road. Luckily as others pointed out she skipped to the end before hurting anyone else. Her problems are likley the result of decades of liberal philosophy in schools and online which seeks to glorify evil and destroy patriotism and self sufficiency, all of that compounded on top of existing mental issues. And who cares what she looks like? Weirdo.

  1. Another case where our society will view the FBI/Authorities as one or more steps behind. Yet “we” want big brother to protect us while “we” claim police persecution.

    “We” as Americans are dumb.

  2. Yes….it is indeed a shame an attractive young woman chooses to take her own life by suicide. Too, not to mention the godless infatuation with Columbine and mass killing. So what more can be said? Not much. I believe suicide is among the top worse tools Satan uses to destroy a person and take their soul to Hell! And why not? Because the Bible states: ” But he (or she) who sins against me wrongs his/her own soul; all those who hate me love death.” —- Proverbs 8:36

    Meanwhile on a much lighter cheerful note I look forward to this coming Good Friday Service scheduled for 6:00 P.M. at Shasta Way Christian Church of Klamath Falls, Oregon. The choir will be singing. I can certainly use, take in, and be comforted by such as it will minister to my soul. It’s a sound bulwark against the insanity that seems to be escalating in modern culture.

    James A. “Jim” Farmer
    Merrill, Oregon (Klamath County)

    • “Godless infatuation with the Columbine mass killing…”

      As an atheist myself how about you watch what the hell you are saying? I’d wager that being a young hispanic woman, the potential threat in this story had MUCH more in common with the beliefs espoused by your death cult, than with me. Hell, it was probably your stupid religion, which contributed to driving her mad in the first place. Why don’t you reflect on that this Friday?

      • Athiesm has killed millions too, before you get up on that high horse of yours. Mr oh watch what your saying I’m atheist rawr. Dumb. What are you going to do? Reach through the monitor and punch him?

        • Honestly, if I did have the ability to reach through a screen and punch someone, then you’d be first, buttercup.

        • Whoa there internet tough guy! So, like a typical liberal atheist you can’t control your emotions and have to resort to violence. Big surprise.

        • It’s a figure of speech, moron. Also, calling me a, “liberal atheist,” is cute. That’s rich coming from a christian. Christians are by default liberals what with your self-serving charity, belief in fairytales, and twisted need for authority. Hell, you freaks sound like first rate democrats to me.

          I am glad I hurt your little christian feelings enough for you to make a response. The days you religious people not being called out for saying stupid shit is long over. Get used to the new normal.

      • So you’re saying religious people do evil things? How ironic — Jesus said the same thing.

        You’ve unwittingly supported the theme of The Bible: we all need redemption.

        • No, I’m saying that what James said was inappropriate, unwarranted, and stupid, you dumbass.

        • The quoted scripture, you mean? Yeah, that sets you evangelical atheists off every. single. time. Let’s be honest with ourselves; had he not not quoted scripture in your ‘presence’ (how dare he!) you would have written it off as a turn of phrase synonymous with “amoral” (which “godless” absolutely is, unless you’re Ayn Rand). I swear, the mere act of someone quoting a document on a public streetcorner is like a thousand needles in the ears of you people. Self-righteous shrieking is even more annoying than self-righteous bible thumping.

          Just do what I do; ignore the scripture if you don’t care to read it (I generally do this just to see if the person has a point to make of their own, or are just quoting millenia-old passages without any context to today). Oh, and stop being so sensitive. Just because there’s no God doesn’t mean the universe revolves around you either.

        • You mean the same way you dumbass christians get set off when somebody says they are an atheist? Do yourself a favor, and look up the word “irony.”

      • Try Jesus. If you hate him be assured Satan will gladly take you back. As Jesus himself stated, “He who rejects Me, and does not receive my Words, has that which judges him—the word that I have spoken will judge
        him in the last day.” ——John 12:48

      • Sal you are a moron. Godless – Lenin, Stalin, Mao. No organization in history can touch those atheist POS.

        An atheist is just a fool of a priest who worships himself.

  3. It has to be more than half a million students. As of 0530 today pretty much every school from Castle Rock up to Loveland was closed for the day. Even the technical schools, private schools and community colleges canceled. Heck, I think some schools down in Colo Springs even canceled and I know some as far North as Fort Colins decided that discretion was the better part of valor.

    • Yeah, even the small private school my wife teaches at closed, and so did the school associates with our church (one inside of Dougco the other Jeffco).

      • And the mass hysteria about one girl with a shotgun just drives the leftist narrative of confiscation. If you scare everyone constantly and hassle their life, more and more people will think it’s alright to destroy liberties. One girl who probably barely knew how to handle the shotgun caused 450,000 kids not to go to school. Yes it would be bad if she attacked a school, but the authorities knew about it. Take some police off traffic revenue and put them into the schools until she is caught. Our entire society is becoming afraid of our own shadow.

        • If you have a choice between hardening a target and simply denying that target to the enemy, why would you choose the former instead of the latter? Taking one day off of school so the police can round up a wacko who has threatened genuine harm and is in the process of acting on those threats isn’t cowardly and isn’t unwarranted. It’s sensible, and it has nothing to do with gun control or anything else. If my employer called me and said, “some doofus with a gun is threatening to show up and shoot some people today,” you’d better believe I’d stay home.

        • Your missing the point. If 450,000 kids don’t go to school, how many parents are inconvenienced with babysitting? I agree with you if she had threatened multiple places but she clearly was disturbed and infatuated by Columbine. Keep them out of school fine but not schools 45 miles away. Our society is wacked at this point. She clearly needed help but the response was over the top. In school days of not the long ago kids brought there guns to school to go hunting afterwards. Today an 18 year old girl with one shotgun brings an entire major city to it’s knees. This plays right into the leftist narrative.

        • Personally, I loved it. No school traffic and beautiful weather. Great day to run errands on a bike and double the speed limit as often as is safe.

        • “Not the long ago kids brought there guns to school to go hunting afterwards. Today an 18 year old girl with one shotgun brings an entire major city to it’s knees.”

          It’s really not the same thing at all. This girl threatened to go to a school (specific school unnamed) and kill people. She’s not some hardworking salt of the earth kid who just wants to go huntin’ after school. She’s a crazy person with the desire to cause grave harm to innocent people. Can you genuinely not see that? (Side question: are you, in fact, the mayor from Jaws?)

          Let’s say this girl showed up at some school and killed some folks today. Who here would be screeching about how law enforcement, school districts, governor, et al. knew ahead of time and did nothing? I would. I DEFINITELY would. And I’d be right to, because it would be a total dereliction of duty.

          Well fortunately, law enforcement did do something today, and (unbelievably) it infringed on precisely ZERO rights AND it worked. So I call it a win. Will some pimply 16-year-old not get a chance to prove his manhood by facing down a shotgun wielding lunatic? Yes. Is that a price worth paying? Also yes.

          And by the way, keeping your kid home from school because a crazy person has threatened to show up and kill them is not, in fact, an inconvenience, but rather, a moral obligation. Just saying.

        • When the masses vote to take your guns. Here is another stepping stone. Look in the mirror that day.
          What sound does the sheep make? Reading it in every word you write.

  4. “She had traveled from Florida to Colorado on Monday, reportedly bought a shotgun locally, and was being sought by police in the Denver area.”

    I’m interested in which state she resided; if Florida, she could not legally purchase through FFL. Private party then?

    Something very odd and incomplete background or report (I’ll refrain from using ‘story’, unlike Route 66 story of Las Vegas)

    • She probably didn’t want to deal with transporting the firearm on her flight.

      So what’s going to be the takeaway from this ordeal? Toxic femininity? Ban shotguns?

    • The local news here reported last night that she traveled here, to Colorado, and then bought the gun(s) all of which were long guns. The report here said she just bought a pump shotgun and shells, but as always with initial media reports, that may be in error.

      So, she could do that with an out-of-state license.

      • How?

        I thought that if you bought a gun in a state that you weren’t a resident of, or that didn’t border a state you were a resident of, the hardware had to be shipped to an in-state FFL before you could legally take possession.

        Not so?

        • Only for handguns and that applies to any state other than your state of residence.

          Going to another state and buying a long gun on an out-of-state license is legal provided the state you travel to allows it, which most do.

  5. 18 yo female from Florida, running naked thru the woods of Colorado, in the snow, with a shotgun. I don’t know, but I think there was a little more going on between her ears here.

  6. This was a FAILURE!

    Obviously pleased no schools got shot up by this crazy person.

    Still it is another failure of our busted mental health system to take a terribly troubled person off the streets and get her cared for. It’s pure luck she was found out before anyone else was harmed. The only good outcome was a less bad outcome than it could have been.

    That is not good enough in my book.

      • I refer to an infrastructure and collection of laws and funding we used to have in this country. We tore it all down between the late 1950’s and 1980’s in a reform movement. In place of solving problems, we obliterated much of what we had to deal with crazy people be they mildly or severely afflicted.

        The result is mentally ill wander among the ranks of the homeless. Or mix in the general prison population. Or are ignored by authorities while families seek help that simply isn’t available. A list of mass killers, school shooters in recent times fit this description.

  7. Golly a pump shottie. Good thing it wasn’t one of them thar Ar15’s. I was thinking the dead chick was pushing 40…drug abuse?!? Happy it’s just you.

  8. False flag. MK depends on close monitoring of the subject and regularly supplied doses of the proper psychoactive chemicals. She bolted, good on her, out in the world the program fragmented. Went to CO…’bought shotgun and ammo”, tapered off and realized parts of what had been done to her. Holed up in hotel, and probably had a couple of drinks. Got a phone call that activated her exit strategy, hung up the phone and killed herself. This is why mind control so seldom is successful, clinicians don’t usually make good handlers, good handlers, deep down, don’t trust, with good reason, the lab techs. Messy, message received, loud and clear. Come the Rising.

  9. But was she really a threat, I was told only evil white men with toxic masculinity and assault weapons were the only ones capable of killing?????

  10. She’s 18? Really? she looks old enough to have an 18 year old daughter. Maybe she smoked ciggs lol.

  11. One way ticket no doubt? I’m in agreement with the others here, she looks to be around 35 years old, not 18. Not that this matters, of course. Just glad she did the right thing in the end. Florida sure has a disproportionate amount of weirdo types recently. Remember the “wanna-be” astronaut woman who drove cross country wearing an adult diaper several years ago?

    • MK is like an onion, you try to peel back one layer, sometimes you get two or three. No, she was triggered to skip past her program, which was rapidly decompensating and delaminating, past shooting up a school, directly to her exit strategy, killing herself. Nobody had to do any more than talk to her on the phone. The path to maximum deniability is no verafiable physical congruence between the washer and the washed and a collapsing communication path. Doesn’t take a handler or a tech, just somebody to make the call and deliver the phrase. The person who deactivated her probably had no knowledge of the effects, or care…”It’s just a job, man, ain’t nobody’s gonna get hurt or nuthin'”. -30-

    • haha you nutters are fun. If she had gone and killed a bunch of kids, it’s a conspiracy. She didn’t, so it’s a conspiracy. If she got killed by the police, she’s made up as part of the conspiracy but if she got arrested she’s a patsy or was mind controlled as part of the conspiracy.

      There is literally nothing that you won’t warp so you can pretend to be peeking behind the curtain at the real machinations of power… machinations that would kill your ass if they actually existed.

    • Interstate long gun purchases are permitted if they are compliant with selling and home state. For example, a Californian who goes to Wyoming could get a pump or break action shotgun, but a handgun or standard AR-15 would be verboten. However, an Oklahoman would be fine, except for a handgun. Many FFLs won’t do it because of unfamiliarity with or inability to comply with the home state laws (does a Wyoming dealer have the forms, safety test, phone number, and qualified account to request a CA check and know to hold for 10 days?). The 68 GCA specified it had to be an adjoining state, but 86 FOPA changed it to any state.

      • Wrong. False. Suggest you re-evaluate what you are stating. A Californian can buy ANY firearm in Wyoming that is legal to own in Wyoming. They may or may not be able to bring it into California. It is Wyoming law that permits or restricts the sale to non-residents. In California you have to be a resident to buy a fire arm but an FFL can sell out of state in a mail-order type transaction but in respect for the receiving states laws. There are Federal, State and Local laws that all must be considered.

        • The ATF, the guys that arrest people for such things, says the following:
          “Long guns can be purchased and transferred to a resident of any state in any state provided that the transfer is legal in both the purchaser’s state and the state in which the transfer is taking place”

  12. FBI staged farce to Try and get more Gun Control!

    Hey FBI, if this incident was “Real”, prove it to the American people by: SHOWING US THE GUN STORE VIDEO OF THE FIREARMS PURCHASE?

    Let’s see FBI, I am supposed to believe, an 18 year old naked girl, running around in the Colorado foothills, killed herself after getting off of a plane from Florida and purchasing a Shot Gun?

    Also, the alleged victim’s name was, Sol Pais ( meaning ‘Sun Country’ like the potato chip )…

    Are you bleeping me FBI…Sol Pais?

    What mid-level FBI Hack, comes up with these names and narratives for these FBI staged Hoaxes?

    • It is suspicious. Filmed on the Apollo 13 back lot ? I know different. I got an ex brother-inlaw who is best friends with a guy, who has a sister that used to date a Russian dude that lived in the same apartment building as an FBI agent. According to the Fed guy, the psycho bitch was actually another one of Trump’s call girls out to make noise about there relationship and so had to be neutralized. The Clinton’s carried out the sanctions in Colorado as part of the smoke screen. The government onion has many many layers.

    • lol. So the FBI staged this to get more gun control. Funny because since no one but the would-be killer got hurt there is going to be exactly ZERO coverage or political hay made of it. You would think your conspiracy-minded overlords would do a better job of staging something that would actually draw interest.

  13. This should have just been a local news story..put some BRAVE cops at the school and act normal..what a joke (hoax) this was.. the news media is so focused on taking Firearms rights that they will put any garbage in front of us..

  14. First of all she doe snot look 18, more like 23-25. Second they never said what she specifically stated were the threats and where all the “intel” came from. The last they saw her she was walking in the hills around/near Ft Carson, wearing camo pants. Side note, a soldier went missing there the same day. If you ask me there is something very very weird going on with all of this…

  15. That’s it! The Goverment should just declare Martial Law! We can’t trust any citizen in public anymore! Just “Red Flag” everyone…Let’s start here on TTAG! Ok everybody, get ready for the “Gun 🔫, Knife, weapons, and 2nd Amendment Confiscation Commandos squads–listen for the knock on the door, secure small pets. No wants “collateral damage” Get Ready for someone (S.S.) to toss you Underwear and Sock drawer! The DNC, DemoCRAPS, GOP-RINOS, and Globalists will be happy you’ve made this decision! New Zealand thanks everyone! Be Well !


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