A Florida woman was arrested after cops found she was carrying a handgun loaded with hollow point bullets in her purse during a traffic stop, Frenchtown police said. Cops stopped Donna Marie Gracey, 59, of Seminole, Florida, on Tuesday for having tinted windows and a view obstruction on Bridge Street in Frenchtown. While she was searching for her license, officers spotted a concealed weapons permit, according to a press release. An investigation revealed Gracey had the handgun in her purse, authorities said. Though Gracey had a permit to carry the gun in her home state, New Jersey's strict gun laws require weapons to be stored unloaded and locked in the trunk. While legal to possess hollow point ammunition, there are heavy restrictions in N.J. regarding transporting and using the bullets.
courtesy frenchtownboro.com
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And here we have the latest Shaneen Allen story from the beautiful state of New Jersey . . .  Woman arrested after cops find loaded handgun in her purse

A Florida woman was arrested after cops found she was carrying a handgun loaded with hollow point bullets in her purse during a traffic stop, Frenchtown police said.

Cops stopped Donna Marie Gracey, 59, of Seminole, Florida, on Tuesday for having tinted windows and a view obstruction on Bridge Street in Frenchtown. While she was searching for her license, officers spotted a concealed weapons permit, according to a press release.

But wait! Gracey has a permit to carry. Except it’s from Florida, and that cuts precisely zero ice in a gun-rights-free zone like New Jersey,

Though Gracey had a permit to carry the gun in her home state, New Jersey’s strict gun laws require weapons to be stored unloaded and locked in the trunk.

Oh, and about that JHP ammo…

While legal to possess hollow point ammunition, there are heavy restrictions in N.J. regarding transporting and using the bullets.

(I)t is also illegal to possess hollow nose or hollow point bullets unless you are engaged in one of the activities that are considered “exemptions.” These include: hunting, fishing, and target shooting.

Shaneen Allen and a few other unfortunate out-of-staters who were snagged by the Garden State’s oppressive gun control laws were pardoned by Governor Chris Christie, a Republican. But his term ends in about three weeks. Will his Democrat successor, Phil Murphy, take the same conciliatory approach to those with concealed carry licenses issued by other states who aimlessly wander into the New Jersey gulag? Don’t bet on it.




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    • Its got nothing to do with us “yankee bastards”. New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine require no permit at all. Penn laws and permiting process is almost identical to Floridas..North Carolina as well. So, land mass-wise us “real” Yankee bastards are red-blooded gun loving people…its the liberal moron massholes, Lib Yorkers, and Conncticunts that give the rest of us a bad name.

      • As a CCW in Philly my worry is a drive across the bridge into NJ could make me a felon. It’s ridiculous and needs to changed. Christy used to pardon some of these people but with a Dem in the Govs mansion, good luck.

        • Hey “Billy Braindead” (AdamTA1), stop reading into what is said. Ed didn’t say that N.Carolina was “Yankee”, he was comparing to gun laws and land mass!

    • Wake-up gun-rights States’ residents! The last 8 Won’t-Issue States will NOT change their laws by their own initiative. The gun-owners in these States are too few to matter; and, half of them are Fudds.

      These Won’t-Issue State are failing economically and their voters are migrating to gun-rights States. They will turn our rights into restrictions by voting blue.

      Those of us who vote in gun-rights States must make gun-control a 3’rd rail in our State politics. Our Senators must learn to vote gun-rights. If only 1/2 of the Senators from our 40 States were reliable then they could filibuster any bill. If 61 out of the 80 Senators from these States were reliable they could pass any gun rights bill.

      Get the picture? If you won’t do it for NJ residents, nor even for your fellow home-Staters who travel to gun-control States then do it for your own survival.

      • Wow Mark! Ignorant much? Too few? All FUDD’s? Don’t care?
        As a NY CCW who is not only very active in 2A advocacy, shoots regularly both recreationally and to train, a NRA RSO and NRA Pistol Instructor, I can safely say that there are many, many hard working, law abiding gun owners in New Yorkistan.
        The sad truth is that in a state with nearly 20 million residents our Legislature is controlled by Libs from NYC who are our problem.
        As a state, NY is more conservative than many folks would imagine, it is the population center in the city that skews or political landscape.
        Of all our problems, perception and opinions (like yours) do much more harm than good.
        NRA (I am a Patron LM), SAF and the other organizations we send piles of money to, do virtually nothing to support our rights in places like NY.
        The attitude that “they are a lost cause or why should others care if they don’t help themselves” cripple us.
        We need fellow 2A believers, sportsmen, politicians, businesses, gun manufacturers and anyone else with a voice to embrace that we need to speak with a single, unified, common voice. This “us” versus “them” garbage is old and tiring to those of us in anti States, but mostly, it is devicive and foolish.
        I’ve paid the fee for my PA CCW for years, not because I need it but because I choose to support those who support us.
        How’s about, for the New Year, we come together as a community and move away from the bad attitudes that make it much easier for the anti’s to keep us divided?

        • +1 … all NE states (including NJ) are appox. 40% pro 2A/Conservative. Many vote Dem. because their family and/or parents always did….it, for the most part, has nothing to do with guns. We have a lot of high population, high crime cities that dominate the state election cycles. If you look at National election maps for the past several POTUS elections, you will see MANY red counties in NJ, NY, CT, MA, etc…..we’re just outnumbered by the urban areas. PS…I’ve been driving through NJ since the ’80’s, and have never (knock wood) been pulled over, less had my car searched. When ever you read about people being pulled over and arrested for guns or drugs, they were screwing up (speeding, illegal lane changing, tinted windows, etc.). Drive the speed limit and keep under the radar, and you won’t have any problems in any of 50 states. All said, I can’t wait for National Reciprocity.

        • Hey “Just Jack”, are you really that STUPID!!!!! If you are pro-gun and vote democrap, then you are anti-gun, you fricking idiot, because the scumbag leftists that YOU vote for vote ANTI-GUN! You’re equivalent to the faux-Christians (mostly catholics) that vote democrap and then wonder why Christians are being attacked at every turn! Same as the stupid Jews that ALL vote democrap and wonder why Israel is constantly on defense!

          If the “pro-gun” people are like you and longislandtom then it’s NO FRICKEN WONDER why the northeast is so screwed up!

        • Hadn’t seen that one Johnny. I’ve never been a fan of King’s. Seems the one thing he does well and consistently is take care of Tom King while not doing very much at all for NY gun owners.
          $90,000 is not a jumbo salary by NY standards but he should certainly be expected to deliver for the membership…which he has not.
          Aren’t they a 501 c (3)? How does a volunteer transition into a paid staffer or consultant retroactively? That right there seems like some shady shit.
          As long as he keeps being reelected the games will continue and NY gun owners will lose.
          I’m a contributing Patron member of NRA, but the BS about NYSRPA being the local arm and representing our interests is just plain bull too.
          With the amount of cash that NY’ers pour into NRA, they have zero ground game here.
          unSAFE, administrative restrictions and all the other crap that goes on here would be big priorities anywhere else in the country. NRA is 100% absent in our fight.
          It’s not only our politicians who sell us out, unfortunately it is also our “champions” and “advocates” too.

          Keep fighting the good fight brother.

        • Yep, he takes care of himself and he also takes care of his cronies on the board who rubber stamp his decisions. Did you read about how corrupt King loaned his criminal friend and NYSRPA board member brian Olesen almost $12,000 in NYSRPA funds to cover his ads in the NYSRPA magazine? It’s in the financial disclosure statement.

          I also contribute to NRA and am a Patron member. NRA can at least get us Reciprocity and other fed laws that will help at the NYS level. King cons them into believing that he is doing a good job in NYS when in fact all he does is line his pockets and take care of NYSRPA board members and his family. (Daughter gets NYSRPA no competitive bid printing job.)

          • I sent an email to NYSRPA a few hours ago asking some questions, I have no expectation of hearing back from them. Shame is, there is no accountability and there is no one trying to make them accountable.
            Even their “political action” is nonsense. Their website has County Executive, legislature and sheriff endorsements for 3 (I believe) counties….there are 62 counties in NY, WTF.
            I’d love to get a table of likeminded folks to attend the next dinner, it’s the only time they actually show up, and hit them with real questions without a side door to sneak out.
            I’ll pay the $45 for the rubber chicken and the opportunity to quiz these guys, King in particular.
            I think you said you were upstate, most of that part of the state is much, much better than down here on Long Island, I hope your in one of the better counties.

    • Andrew, it is not the Yankees who are the “effing idiots.” It is YOU, my friend.

      I feel very confident in the belief that none of the folks who have taken my “Texas” License To Carry class will never have any problems in NJ.

      Why not?
      (1) They all know how to read English, the language used by NJ legislators, to write their laws, and
      (2) The all paid attention, when I told them Texas law doesn’t follow them across state lines.

      It’s all so simple, when you let it be, Andrew.

    • I have friends in those states and further north that I only get to see when they come to see me and shoot with me on my farm . I will not go through these states to see them because I will not be disarmed where I travel in America .

      • If I had to venture to NH, VT or ME, I’d probably take the upstate NY route, but I’d be very aware even then of the perilous journey I was embarking on. Also, forget about going to MA, RI or CT.

        • RI is actually not as bad as the others. No magazine restrictions, hollow point restrictions, or “assault weapon” laws, as far as I recall.

        • The assholes in RI won’t recognize my Iowa permit, even though Iowa recognizes theirs, so… fuckem.

        • Ignatius, really, not as bad? That’s like saying a rapist isn’t as bad as a murderer! RI is no better than any other state that restricts the rights of American citizens – notice I didn’t say US citizens, because US citizens are the property of the corporation of the US!

      • How do you embed YT videos, I’v tried but just makes a link to the video?
        could you write out an example of the code?

        • Usually I just copy the link and paste it and the video comes up, but if that doesn’t work you can right click on the video and click on ’embed code’ and paste that.

  1. Throw the book at her. That’s multiple violations of state firearms laws. The courts, including the SC, have ruled repeatedly that the states have authority to make these laws. National reciprocity couldn’t save her, anyway.

    It’s time we start abolishing bad laws, getting them overturned, or else just suffer under the infringement.

    What has to go, immediately, is this “well, let’s just see if the governor will give her a pass” nonsense. That’s rule by fiat, not rule of law, and is much worse overall than bad laws.

    • How about we abolish some bad political types and lefty activist judges too. After we tar and feather them first.

    • Why throw the book at someone who did not harm anyone, had no obvious intention to harm anyone, and whose conduct did not directly endanger anyone?

      This woman from Florida illustrates the problem with laws by fiat: there are tens of thousands of pages of laws and it is literally impossible for everyone to know all of them. The police in New Jersey should no more enforce laws that ban the possession of firearms than they should enforce laws that ban church attendance.

      • The thought crossed my mind that maybe not all cops in NJ are giant dicks and this happens all the time and the non-dick cops just let the out-of-stater know that that’s a felony there and they’d best unload their weapon and stash in their trunk before one of the dick cops finds out.

        Probably not, though.

    • “That’s rule by fiat, not rule of law, and is much worse overall than bad laws.”

      According to that standard, German police who were enforcing the rule of law to round-up Jews in Nazi Germany were good guys.

      Government is not Almighty God and We the People are not chattel to be used, abused, exploited, and disposed at the pleasure and whim of government. Sending this woman to prison for 40 years (she is facing something like 7 years in prison for EACH cartridge with a hollowpoint bullet) is an abomination.

    • Actually, what MUST happen, is that patriotic Americans MUST start using their firearms as intended. En masse, these Liberal Terrorists™️ that pose an existential threat to our Constitutional Republic must be liquidated, nationwide, by the millions. We must restore our Constitutional Republic to what our Founders intended, even if that means the literal genocide of America’s enemies. And yes, I’m serious.

    • https://frenchtownboro.com/police/possession-of-handgun-arrest/

      She got stopped on Bridge Street. Which I believe is about two-three blocks into NJ. Looking at Google maps it wouldn’t surprise me to find out she was driving by visiting relatives or something on Christmas holiday, got turned around and accidentally ended up in NJ.

      By the way, this is the “window tint” law in New Jersey:


      “No person shall drive any motor vehicle equipped with safety glazing material which causes undue or unsafe distortion of visibility or equipped with unduly fractured, discolored or deteriorated safety glazing material, and the director may revoke the registration of any such vehicle.”

      Unless she had a totally smashed up window this is shaping up just like the Wolosky v Roxbury issue a few years ago. Roxbury ended up pay his legal fees (to the tune of $21 thousand dollars)

      Hopefully the full story comes out. In the meantime, avoid states like NJ, cities like Chiraq, Baltimore, etc. like they have a plague pandemic.

  2. Playing devil here. With all the huplah going on with NJ ALL gun carriers should know their rules. Play the game until national reciprocity comes into effect. Someone got pinched earlier this year and the governor had to step in. Learn from other peoples mistakes !

    • You would be surprised how many people have no idea what the law is. You would also be surprised just how many cops have no idea. The typical CCW carriers is only slightly more verse on gun laws that the average American.

      • You are wrong. Cops know the law. However, cops lie. Cops are trained to lie. Cops are encouraged to lie. Cops are required to lie. Cops are assured it is not a lie when it is told to a mere citizen. Cops are protected from their lies.

        • Cops know the law?

          I’ve seen too many instances of cops cuffing someone and then retreating off a ways to riffle through their book of laws to see what they could charge their captive with, and have had to cite the actual law to them myself to believe the cops know the law.

  3. Shaneen is the sweetest woman I know. She is gentile as a lamb and an excellent single mother and a faithful friend. She has become a strong, awesome advocate for Individual Rights and Second Amendment. I am proud to be her friend.

  4. Those damn legal American citizens form free states, WILL BE TAUGHT A LESSON, come hell or high water.

  5. Zero sympathy. We can disagree with gun control laws (or ammo specific laws), we can challenge them in court, but the rule of law is a critical component of civil society in this country. Until the SCOTUS rules otherwise, we have to comply with local laws on all these issues. It doesn’t matter what you think 2A means, in this country SCOTUS determines that as well as all other Constitutional issues. It really is worth reading the Heller, McDonald, and Caetano decisions & yes, the descents.

    • That would be “dissents.” As in opinions written by “dissenters.” Though I would hope that a few of those dissenters will be descending sooner than later….Just sayin’.

    • So then why aren’t 90% of state and local cops in federal prison for violating the federal gun free schools act?

      Your ignorance is telling and you will avoid this critical question like the plague.

    • I can’t agree. For a start one needs to look to our forefathers and the words they used to define the freedoms that are guaranteed to all citizens. The “laws” you say that are “a critical component of civil society” are being used as tools to foster an agenda that is 180 degrees opposite to what our forefathers envisioned.

      How is it possible that an item that is deemed 100% valid in one state could possibly be a complete danger in a neighboring state? New Jersey’s laws are utter BS, and underscore the need for a uniform recognition that all the rights guaranteed under the 2A are applied equally in all 50 states and any we might add at a later date.

      Forget the incoming libtard governor, Trump needs to send a message and pardon Donna Gracey and everyone after her.

      • Trump has no authority to pardon anyone accused or convicted of a state offense, only federal offenses.

    • No, wrong is wrong, no matter what the law is. If you condone, abide by, or especially enforce an unethical law you are being unethical. It may well be pragmatic, but it is not a rational way around ethical responsibility. That said, I am probably as guilty as you are.

  6. The next governor has sworn to undo all that Crispy did to protect gun owners, and has further stated, specifically, that there will be no pardons for out of staters innocently caught carrying in his state. Can Crispy Creme pardon her before she is convicted?

  7. I’m sure the good people of Frenchtown, NJ are just ecstatic that their finest have protected them from the pure evil intent of Ms. Gracey in daring to come into their jurisdiction with illegally tinted windows. And so much the better that they were able to discover that, in addition to that heinous offense, they were able to discover her hidden firearm. Why, the carnage that Ms. Gracey was obviously intent upon pouring down on the good folks up there is just mind boggling. I can’t imagine what might have happened had Frenchtown’s finest hadn’t been ever vigilant that day.

  8. If I am ever diagnosed with a terminal illness that is a hardship on family & finances I may just drive up to NJ with tinted windows and let them take me to jail. If they let me out for any reason … Just do it again. Who needs medical insurance?

    • If I am ever diagnosed with an unpleasantly ending terminal disease, I might…. no, I’d better not say. It’s better if it’s a surprise;-)

  9. There is an APP called Legal heat. Buy it, use it when you travel. It can save you a lot of trouble. Even pemitless carry states have rules.

  10. THE LAWWWWW! Do what the Govt. tells you, serf! States shit on federal laws all thge time Pot, sanctuary citys, health ins. they force you to buy their overpriced horse shit care, then fine you via taxes if you refuse. The 2nd amendment SHOULD NOT allow deferred delegation power to the states as it is now. It’s like letting the state have slavery, you can have slaves but they have to be all races as slaves ex. Asian, white, black, Hispanic ect. and you can’t beat them and you must provide quarter for them. NO amount of mental gymnastics will convince me states can regulate a Indelible RIGHT, blood is not flowing in the streets of Constitution carry states.

  11. Fuck New Jersey! Btw you can do a u-turn there either. Saw Jersey off at the border and kick it out to sea!!!

  12. The reason she was stopped was because the tint on her windows was too dark, allegedly a safety risk. Yet there are hundreds of police cars in NJ with darker tint than what the legal limit is. Apparently the police have super vision that allows them to see when mere ordinary mortal civilians cannot.

    I was born and raised in New Jersey and I will never, ever go back there now that I have escaped for good. Almost five years of freedom now.

    • The vehicle was registered in Florida. Jersey would not pass it for registration in Jersey but does that give them authority over other state registrations? Do we all have to comply with the strictest interpretations when traveling?
      The stop was bad. Everything after that is tainted. I bet she walks.

    • The reason she was stopped was because she had out of state plates from a gun-friendly state. The window tint BS is their after-the-fact excuse for shaking down and arresting an innocent person.

  13. You had a gun in NJ, who couldn’t see that coming. (aside from her) What gets me is why she was pulled over in the first place “for having tinted windows and a view obstruction how is it that tinted windows are grounds to be stopped? and what’s a “view obstruction” and how is it defined?

    • There are states that forbid tinted windows because then the cops can’t just look in and watch you. Had I the wealth, I’d get some hot-shot lawyers to argue against those laws on privacy grounds.

      • Jersey can’t require Florida residents to peel off their window tint. Her lawyer needs to work off that point.

  14. I did not realize there was anything in New jersey worthy of retrieval.

    I am not surprised she got nicked.

    I am surprised that anyone goes there.

  15. How terrifying, the prospect of decades in prison for something most of us take for granted, and should.

    OTOH, I’d never willingly travel to N.J., and not just for this reason.

  16. I read in a Rhode Island Superior Court file a few years back. A bouncer was working at a nightclub where there was a disturbance. The police were called and everyone there were required to show their identification. The bouncer opened his wallet and the police officer saw what appeared to be a permit and inquired about it. He possessed a Ma. permit to carry and he was carrying a .38 in an ankle holster. He was arrested received a deferred sentence.

      • Good question. Deferred sentences are a bit different, in that they’re supposed to vanish if the sentencing terms are met? As in, a Fed employment or Form check will reflect, charged, not convicted.

  17. Why dont states with actually gun rights suspend all business with New Jersey. I live in CA, so I’ve no doubt my governor would support new jersey 100% if he could.

    But Florida, montana, utah, etc etc etc….They simply announce a full divestiture in Gun rights hell holes.

  18. The Constitution rules because it is the foundation law set upon which all other of our system of laws are founded thereon.

    States do not, and must not be allowed to overrule any Constitutional law especially the ten amendments in our Bill of Rights which extend the natural rights given us by our Creator to every citizen and naturalized citizen of the United States.

    GOD has the right to self-preservation. When he created man in his own image he gave man every right that he possesses.

    No State has the right or power to change the second amendment in any way. The only way that an amendment to the Constitution can be changed is through another amendment. Amendments can only be made following the processes in Article V. thereof. All of the amendments to the Constitution have been made according to Article V.

    The Constitution must not be interpreted or considered in any other form than that in which it was written and has been legally amended. No entity has the power to decide what the Framers meant or intended when they ordered something be done in a certain way at a certain time or under certain conditions, etc. The Framers were experts in all the various disciplines needed to frame a document so far reaching and powerful as our Constitution. They were experts in the English language as well as English grammar. Everything they wrote in the final Constitution had been studied over and over again before being included in the final document. They said what they meant to say in the only way possible to describe what they intended using plain English and grammar.

    The Supreme Court says it has the duty to interpret the Constitution. It does not! Nowhere in the Constitution is it given such duty. This is one example how politicians have usurped power unintended for them to have. Interpretation gives the interpreter the ability to assign a meaning of his design without proving his meaning is correct.

    Since none of the Framers are alive today to answer questions concerning their exact meaning in specific instances all interpretations are merely the best guess of the interpreter based on his experiences with those specific instances and his dedication to honesty, personal integrity, non-partisan political stance and personal patriotism.

    The Supreme Court is divided on party lines because each of the Justices has been appointed by a President belonging to a political party. We have seen rulings by the Supreme Court that favor one political party or the other instead of the United States and its citizens. The Supreme Court is one of three co-equal branches of our government. All three branches are to have equal voices in assuring that one of the other branches does not overstep the duties assigned it in the Constitution.

    Today, we are seeing the Second Amendment under fire nearly daily. Why? Because politicians following party agenda cannot understand the word “no”. They cannot comprehend being told they cannot do something that, for the moment, they feel must be done, or else (something they won’t remember after the next urgency appears)!

    We see our country divided into two piles of control and wealth. Which is most important changes with the wind. To whom which pile is important also changes with the wind. But, both matter to every member of each political party because nearly every member that has served more than one term (defined in Article I. and in Article II. of the Constitution) has become addicted to ill-gotten gains from unguarded temptations, bearing no penalties for abuse, to which they have fallen and subsequently come to serve instead or honoring their Oaths-of Office and their promises to the very constituents that elect them and enable their service.

    Corrupt politicians have distorted the Constitution grossly over past decades in doing just what they want to do despite what the founding laws demand they do. Every time the Constitution interferes with their exacting control they invent ways around one part of the Constitution using another, unrelated part to justify their actions.

    We the People have the responsibility for insuring that the Constitution is followed to the letter by everyone we choose to represent us in managing our country through government having the consent of the governed (us, because we elect them) for doing so.

    The words: “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” cannot be changed but they can be ignored because they interfere with political agenda of political parties. Agenda that are for the benefit of one party or the other, not the benefit of the country and the citizens thereof.

    The Second Amendment cannot be amended because an amendment would be an infringement on the Framers intent for its inclusion. The only thing that the Second Amendment provides is that: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State” is available and ready to defend the citizens of the United States from tyranny at the hands of their own government. The very thing that our original citizenry came to a new place to escape. The same reason that these people publicly proclaimed that they were no longer under the control of their tyrannical leader, the King of England (with the Church of England) in a Declaration of Independence therefrom.

    I quote from that Declaration of Independence the portion to which the Second Amendment is cognizant:

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.-”

    This is the very reason for the Second Amendment. It does not contain limitations on which arms are to be kept or where they are to be kept at that time or at any time in the future. It does defer the time at which those arms are to be born to a well regulated militia. Who comprises a well-regulated militia but the people themselves.

    We the people of the United States of America are assigned the responsibility for protecting our country from government run amok of the Constitution and with a bent on the use of tyranny to usurp control of the United States from us and assume unilateral control and destruction of the Constitution.

    I am one proud citizen of the United States of America and I have developed a fear that we are near the point at which we must rest control of our country from the corrupt many that comprise government at this time. Should Liberals gain control of both houses of Congress in 2018 the ensuing changes that will be wrought upon us all will bring about the end of life according to the Constitution shortly thereafter.

    • Joe,
      Your post is WAY too long
      I didn’t read it
      I’m certain most other readers did not read it either
      Keep your posts shorter if you want to be heard

      • Read the first few paragraphs, skimmed the rest. Its just more chest beating from the III%ers that will never organize or make any show of force.

    • Spot on mate and what you have said is exactly why i am such a big supporter of the 2A and why if it came to a shit fight even though i currently live in australia i would find a way to travel to the US and add my effort to your fight for liberty. i hate oppressive govt such as what we have here but very few australians are willing to take that step to retake our country, our sovereignty, and our liberty. even many that realize just how fast it goes from where we are now to what happens in dictatorships like china, korea, cambodia under pol pot, the USSR just to name a few are willing to take the step that is needed. i have personally been willing for well over 20 years in fact right back to when i was 15. better to die on your feet than to live even one hour as a slave. i am not proposing we take the first shot but rather that we engage in civil disobedience while armed to the point that they are forced to either submit to us or fire the first shot themselves much as the US founding fathers did. Molon Labe

  19. Who stops some old lady for a window tint violation?

    And upon seeing it’s grandma, who starts interrogating her about the contents of her purse?

    I went in search of answers to these questions and didn’t find anything definitive, however, I did find that the defendant is not a stranger to the criminal justice system in Florida. One would imagine she can’t have too much of a history if she has a valid carry permit there but who knows.

  20. Well she fucked up. When I worked construction, travelling state to state, I checked that states gun laws…… Then I carried anyway…,,because I didn’t know the number for 9-1-1 in that state. …..Dial 9-1-1 when you can, support your Local Law Enforcement

  21. This is disgusting. I may just go up to New Jersey and get some people to protest in front of the arresting police officers homes. Shame these a–holes. Hopefully the state doesn’t view the First like they do the Second.

  22. Don’t get me wrong I feel bad that this happened to her buuut seriously how many high profile cases like this is it gonna take for folks to realize carrying in New Jersey from any other state in the union is like playing Russian Roulette with a hand grenade. I’m not saying just don’t carry I’m saying avoid Jersey like the friggin plague, seriously you’d think POTG would learn that Jersey hates them and start taking an alternate route through that part of the country to avoid the possibility of getting busted in Jersey with their legally carried gat. Yet here we are, another one in jail looking down a very long sentence because she just had to drive through Jersey with a gun in her car. Seriously folks if you travel the North East avoid Jersey, Maryland, and all the other slave states like your life depends on it because it just might.

  23. If it was a movie, I would want to see armed militia storming the police station to release the woman.

  24. Someone once said “Life is hard, it’s harder if you’re stupid.” I think that pretty much sums this incident. New Jersey is a shit hole with crappy laws. This fact is magically revealed if one spends a couple of minutes on the internet.

    • It’s from the movie “The Friends of Eddie Coyle”, and the actual quote is “This life’s hard man, and even harder when you’re stupid.”

      Good movie. Pretty well forgotten though, and that’s a shame.

  25. I don’t know anything about new jersey and it’s laws, but if she was driving her own car from Florida, shouldn’t that exempt her from getting pulled over for tinted windows in the first place? If my memory serves correctly, that’s how it works in CA. Also, how is an officer seeing her Florida ccw permit grounds for a search of her vehicle? Unless she was dumb enough to consent to a search I would think (/hope) that would be grounds to have her case thrown out.

  26. She was released pending court. What if she returns to FL, enjoys a coctail on the beach, and tells NJ to F-off?

    • I transport guns through MD to VA . I lock every case with a cheesy brass padlock and lock ammo into cases the same.
      I have keys at home and at my destination in va. I do not carrykeys with me.

      If I am stopped and they want in the cases they need to cut them off. No show and tell. I’m not obligated to tell them the contents. They need to get a warrant.
      I don’t stop for food , fuel or piss.
      I don’t speed and don’t tailgate or fail to signal.
      When I see the VA state line I relax finally.

  27. So, shaking down out of staters to rack up charge stats n fines? Expanding a stop to find any other unrelated charge. (Using a gun problem as an easy win with photo ops?)

    I’m shocked, shocked to learn that law enforcement is corrupt in New Jersey.

  28. when did ‘state’s rights’ supercede ‘people’s rights’?

    anyway..this’ll keep up until the people start dragging politicians over to the nearest lampost and applying judicious use of a rope.

    You can’t reason with them that continuing down this path eventually results in a whole lot of blood and dead and change of regime. Until that happens, they never listen but when it does, they seem surprised. Same thing cops are beginning to dimly grasp.. abuse your power and eventually people start taking it back with extreme prejudice. Cops have the temerity to be surprised and hurt that public opinion is starting to turn against them.

  29. If you expect to go into socialist territory either hide your firearms well, or leave them at home. Better yet, stay out of socialist territory. Your rights do not mean what you think they mean.

  30. As Bersa Bob said there have been a lot of high profile cases of concealed carriers being arrested in New Jersey for merely passing through with a loaded gun
    Gun people should know by now to unload and secure their gun while traveling through Nee Jersey
    The Federal law protecting armed travelers only applies if you are just passing through
    Get off the freeway and you lose that protection
    The State of the laws in New Jersey is indeed unconstitutional but people should know by now to go through as fast as possible with their gun locked in a container

    • Having a CCW and owning a gun doesn’t automatically make someone a gun person. For instance there are many anti’s who own guns too.

      I would imagine most who own said CCW license recognize they need to protect themselves but leave it at that. Gun ownership isn’t a lifestyle or hobby to them. They do not keep up with the latest gun laws, firearm review, or go on forums to discuss topics like calibers, etc. like we do. Their CCW piece is the only gun they have and want.

      I have a personal anecdotal experience with one such couple. They have a CCW but are completely clueless when it comes to firearms. I taught them more than what their instructor ever did. They merely see guns as tools but not a hobby to absorb themselves in.

  31. In the interest of “free competition between states” as “the laboratories of democracy”, maybe big signs just on the other side of the border. I remember when you got all kinds of guidance from the State Department around going to “designated countries” back in the day. Possibly still, with a different list of BGs.

    /It’s an interesting picture…
    They have “Welcome to Wherever” on the interstates & I recall a fair amount of infrastructure right on state borders sometimes: signs, rest stops, visitors’ bureau info, park and ride & similar. Maybe a big sign on the outbound side Pennsyltucky of the Water Gap bridge:

    “You are now leaving Pennsyltucky. Before entering New Jersey confirm that you are in compliance with NJ state and local laws, particularly on firearms, transporting cash, and window tinting.

    To help you stay legal, we maintain a list of differences in state laws here: pa.gov/borderingstates/nj/stuffwedontdotoyou. Laws may have changed & enforcement priorities vary — this list may not represent current enforcement. For more details see the pamphlets & other information available at our departure center, next to the visitors’ bureau at the turn off.

    We aim to make The Keystone State as welcoming as possible, including travel out of state safe without our citizens getting entangled in laws they might not be familiar with. Y’all come back now, hear?”

    /NY, Too
    PA has a belt of fireworks stores just over the NY border — services banned one place, people satisfy somewhere else. Week end traffic between “dry” and “wet” counties is legendary everywhere they do that. There’s only a few high-volume corridors North/South across that border.

    How about similar signs on departing into NY State at the few high-volume corridors. They would read a little differently from the NJ ones: the SAFE act, border enforcement and task forces, stop and frisk, and a warning that it all gets weirder in NY city. (I think of NY city like a theme park: someplace you visit, with its own bizarre rules. It’s Las Vegas without the charm of cheating you honestly.)

    /Meta, There’s this Thing Called The InterWebz

    I do wonder why any state maintaining a list of states with reciprocal carry agreements seems to be hard.

    There’s a fee for “licensing” a gun, or to carry, or etc. In principle, that fee is for the service to the gun owners. (It would never be to introduce burden and friction hoping to reduce the volume of gun owners by other means. Naaah. They’d never create deliberate nuisances to erode what they can’t outright ban.)

    So, why not provide a service, like a list. “Your Sane State permit is recognized state wide, and through arrangement with certain other states authorizes you to carry there too, in compliance with their laws, of course. See the list, and from there links to summaries of their gun laws at our gun info site: sanestate.gov/infoforgunners/reciprocallist

    /Meta, meta

    I’m still waiting for state politicritters to make other states’ insanity an overt campaign issue. I mean, besides Texas and California. “Vote for me, I’ll keep PA better than NY or Ohio.” That would be fun to watch.

  32. Florida drivers’ licenses and marriage licenses are recognized in NJ…and the constitution doesn’t even mention driving and marriage.

    HTF did we get to this situation in which the 2A has become a disfavored right?

  33. Yeah she should of known better, but let’s face it she’s from Florida not next door. She has a Florida permit and thus used to not having to worry about state lines since she can drive throughout most of the country without any worries. Had it in her purse and in the rush and fuss of the holidays and crossed into communist territory. When you carry off body every day it becomes easy to forget all about that one accessory that goes bang.

    We can fuss, cuss, scold, and second guess her, but the end of the day she is a harmless old lady that is having her life destroyed by the People’s Republic of New Jersey. So how about reading her story and considering a donation (big or small) to help her fight this mess she’s in with these SOBs?


  34. I want to be in charge of the firearms industry for one day. I would ban all sales of all firearms and ammunition to all law enforcement agencies and National Guard units in New Jersey, New York, California, Maryland, the city of Chicago, the city of Seattle, and any others I may have missed, until such time as they repeal every last one of their anti-2nd Amendment laws, rules and regulations. If their citizens, who they regard as subjects, can’t be armed to protect themselves then their cops and soldiers shouldn’t be either.

  35. It occurs to me that Florida could sue New Jersey for not honoring their permits, under the full faith and credit clause.

  36. It’s a lot of hassle, but BOYCOTT N.J. — Don’t deal with companies in N.J. If you have to take I-95, take I-83 instead, etc.

  37. The officers violated 18 U.S. Code 242 (Deprivation of Rights Under Color of law) I have filed an official complaint with the FBI about that. Since they were armed, what they did was a felony, and since a false arrest under color of law amounts to a kidnapping, they are eligible for a federal death sentence under that law.

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