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In may, First Coast Technical College in St. Augustine, Florida suspended student Dia’mon Dallas for a photo of herself and her fiance at a shooting range that was posted on Facebook. An administrator allegedly told her she was being suspended because the photo glorified violence.

Dallas has sued the school for violating her First and Fourth Amendment rights. Last week, the school filed a motion to dismiss the suit.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education explains what “this attempt at pathos” means if adopted by the court:

If one follows [First Coast Technical College]’s argument to its logical conclusion, then every photo, movie, and artistic rendition of crime would be a “glorification” of the underlying acts. Surely even FCTC administrators watch crime thrillers from time to time, and their counsel is at least familiar enough with a film about Bonnie and Clyde to quote from it. If anything, by invoking the movie, FCTC illustrated that visual depictions of infamous criminals are protected speech.

The college’s argument that subjective unintelligibility nullifies the First Amendment gets the case law backwards, FIRE continues. A Facebook photo and text are “pure expression,” protected even more than conduct, which must be understood to convey a “particularized message” to be protected.

– Greg Piper in College defends punishing student for posing with gun at gun range: It glorifies violence

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  1. Yet one more reason to not waste money on today’s “advanced” educational gulags!

    • Wait, I thought vocational training was the reasonable alternative to the elite book learning. That’s what all the right wing boomer Mike Rowe memes tell me, anyways. Or should no one know things at all?

      • As is almost always the case with lefties, you conflate the students with the “educators”.
        Mike is correct, not all need an MSBSWTF degree.
        But the left has infested the entire “education” system like rats in a garbage dump. i.e. NYC, LA, scat francisco, Baltimore etc.

        • It’s all situational. Like the difference between posing with a harvested deer and posing with that deer while sticking a Glock in its mouth and doing gang sign with your left hand.

          Posing by a target with gun in hand is one thing but all gangsta like point gun at camera and AK and roll of (drug?) cash in background.

          Suspension due to violations of the student conduct code. Not sure where exactly the line is but this photo crosses it. No doubt about that.

        • Magpuller: doesn’t matter in the slightest. The only thing that matters is if the school has the right to bounce her for behavior not on school grounds or associated with the school.
          If the school administrators think she had committed a crime they were more than free to refer the picture to the local PD. Outside of school grounds they have no more authority over her than I have over you.

        • Like Magpuller said, it’s situational. Student body security and safety is a college’s responsibility. 1-perhaps there is a track record with this student, 2-as noted it could violate agreed upon conduct code, on or off campus, and 3-like youtube, colleges are not public spaces and depending on funding, can do what they like.

        • “..Student body security and safety is a college’s responsibility. ”

          If a crazed killer started shooting up the place they are going to be real quick to say they aren’t responsible.

      • Why paint everything with such a broad brush? Just because a few schools and administrators are asshats doesn’t indict the entire premise of votech schooling.

        • Because the simplistic policies of zero tolerance are formed from those with zero intelligence.

      • Sounds like someone parroting the idea that higher education is all commies and overpriced arts degrees because he heard it on Hannity. Who needs to actually read an article and understand the nuances of vocational training versus liberal arts degrees?

        • You mean they are NOT democrap-socialists? Been to Boulder lately? Or UCLA? Harvard? Yah! Did not think so.

          Or you have not been to any of the other left-wing anti-republic anti-democracy anti-American “bastions” of advanced education where anti-liberal thought is castigated and censored through the aegis of the socialistic administration(s).

  2. A lie repeated often enough becomes the truth.

    Gunz are bad (in bumpkins’ hands). Rinse. Repeat. 8~(

  3. Hopefully her lawsuit will be successful.The P.C police have destroyed our civil rights.The schools of education have trampled free speech and expression for far to long.

  4. Off on a tangent, but if I pointed a gun like that at my local range, I’d have been bounced and banned immediately.

    I don’t think that she should have been suspended by her school, or that it’s really any of their business what she puts on her FB page. But posing for that photo wasn’t exactly the hallmark of genius.

    And if you disagree with me, you’re probably a communist who hates kittens and puts ketchup on a hot dog.

    • “Off on a tangent, but if I pointed a gun like that at my local range, I’d have been bounced and banned immediately.”

      Yeah, she was going for the ‘gangsta’ look.

      (I put ketchup on my hotdogs, but since they are Nathan’s, it balances out… 😉 )

      • You don’t choose the thug life….;-) She is probably still so new that she doesn’t grasp that that is dangerous and rude. She doesn’t know what she hasn’t been taught.

        • I read about this case a while ago. She’s new to firearms and went out with her husband and a friend. As people do these days, they took a whole bunch of dumb pictures for social media.

          The context is clear if one looks at all the photos she posted. They’re just 3 people in the middle of nowhere shooting at targets and goofing a bit.

          The idiot leftist “educators” just had a fit of the vapors, and SJWs are incapable of admitting error, so as always, they’re doubling down on stupid.

        • Yes, as I was going to say, she is/was new to the whole gun thing, and the people she was with didn’t tell her any different.

      • Gangsta look is about right along with the guy behind her holding an AK and a wad of cash.

        • I didn’t notice the cash at first. That seems to be a theme lately of young wanna be gangstas that end up dead.

        • Still looking for the AK. I do see two pistols, though.
          So, all the community colleges across the country that teach gunsmithing as a degreed course of study are wrong for having photos of students handling guns in the classrooms? Dia’mon is in a defensive position. Prove that it’s not. Her boyfriend or shooting instructor is standing behind her. Again, prove that he isn’t teaching her an essential stance. Maybe she’s showing him the stance and he’s watching her. Who’s to say but them? Maybe he pulled the money out of his pocket to get at some shells at the bottom. All these assumptions, gangsta? violent? Come on snowflakes, at least she’s getting an education!

        • “Her boyfriend or shooting instructor is standing behind her. Again, prove that he isn’t teaching her an essential stance.”

          Mason has a point, ever seen how much some of those high-speed low-drag ‘instructors’ charge? That thick wad of cash was about what he would have had charged for a class of about 10 students…

          *snicker* 😉

        • Yep, the way she is GORILLA gripping that gun, she will need to fire two magazines if she expects to hit anything!

    • No arguments here, do not point at what you do not intend to destroy. If you cannot respect the firearm, you have no reason and should not be handling one.

      • Who doesn’t want to shoot up an iPhone? Wasn’t there a YouTube channel that bought Apple products just to destroy them?

        A lot of people point guns at cameras on YouTube. Almost all the pro gun channel have done it.

        What’s criminal is her grip. At least when you take a picture have a proper grip so it looks like you know what you are doing otherwise you look like a noob. She should learn more and post pictures of her progress so the haters can fester in their discontent for people having parity of force with the police.

      • Most of the gun channels on YouTube aim at a camera they have no intention of shooting. It makes for a good picture… …unless someone’s behind the camera.

    • Agreed. Only point a gun at what you intend to destroy.

      I don’t like it when idiots who cannot keep a finger off the trigger point a gun at me posing for a photo either.

      • Right. Being banned from a technical college is not relevant. She was wearing scrubs. Do you really want someone like that taking care of you in a hospital? They did all Floridians a favor.

        • “…and only give out permits to the proper people.”

          So, would you like to be the one who decides if someone is ‘proper’, Mr. Authoritarian?

        • @Geoff WWJWD

          Well, if it’s in Florida and we have the power. Anyone that doesn’t follow Christianity, anyone that criticizes Judaism, anyone that likes or defends Islam, won’t get a permit. Also, anyone that doesn’t cherish our men and women in uniform does not deserve to get permission from the department to carry a gun. And all those Anti-Fascists types can’t have one either.


        • @User 1
          I Like many of our founding fathers am a deist. I think books written by agenda-driven men claiming to know God’s will are ALL B.S.
          So you’re saying that Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine and Me should not be afforded the right of self preservation?

        • @Ransom

          You shouldn’t be allowed to own nor carry guns if you think it’s lawful to refresh the tree of liberty with the blood of our men and women in uniform and our great political leaders. People who believe in not following the law are domestic terrorists. They should be put on a watch list, a no fly list and a no buy list. The state should red flag and disarm them immediately by any means necessary. The NSA and California internet companies should monitor everything they do and archive their online footprint to use against them in a court of law.

          You do not have a legal right to kill anyone that works for the government. I don’t care what your excuse is. You are not allowed to use force against our heroes. You must comply with every order they give you, if you don’t, they are within their legal right to use appropriate force to get you to comply. At no point are you allowed to defend yourself from officials enforcing the laws of our great free nation. You can go to court and take your minimum mandatory punishment like a man. Like any good Christian nation, society will not forgive you for the crimes you committed and we will not allow you to move on from your past as we will impose more punishments on you after you get out of prison.

          You have to understand that guns are not for shooting fellow white people nor your own government. It’s for protecting and securing your state from savage cultures within the U.S. and foreign invaders seeking to change our way of life. No where in the 2nd Amendment does it state anything regarding the human/natural right of self defense nor self preservation. It only says the collective [militia] are allowed to secure a free nation state and retain its government. Even the Deceleration of Independence doesn’t include private property as a human right and the founders proclaimed ownership over your personal property via forced taxation and confiscation for the collective use as decided by the government.

          You will have a very difficult time finding anyone who works for the government that enforces or makes the law to say it is okay for you to kill any of them to protect life, liberty and property. Self defense of property or yourself is not universally acknowledge everywhere in the country. Many places considers defending property with force, especially deadly force, to be a crime. Many places require you to retreat or go through a process to fulfill a criteria before deadly force can be used otherwise it’s a crime that can be punished with death or life in prison.

          The U.S. isn’t based off savage Indian law, it’s based off English common law. No intelligent American would ever want to have the U.S. resemble Indian law over European or Judeo-Christian law. Natural law is simply a nice intellectual thought exercise, that kind of anarchy is not suitable for our civilized Western societies. Maybe such government structure is fine for non whites, but the rest of us know better. Our current government is the best ever created by man and it still remains the best in the world. You can’t improve on perfection. Only God can create a more perfect Kingdom for him to rule.

          If you don’t like, no guns nor permits for you.

        • Well @User1, it’s time for you to get your head out of your asssssss and study your Bible. Only a stupid idiot believes that Christianity came from Judaism or has any relation to it. The Holy Bible was written by Hebrews (but created by God), NOT JEWS! The jews only use the first 5-6 books of the Bible (called the torah), the rest of their religious beliefs come from the rabbinic talmud – the creation of men. Jews are no different than muslimes in that respect, because the muslimes also use parts of the Holy Bible with their quran (created by man) —- they both worship false gods!!!!

          Secondly, your claim that “anyone that criticizes Judaism” shouldn’t be allowed a gun permit means that you would deny God/Christ a gun permit — God condemned the jews twice for worshiping false gods/idols and denying Christ, then he allowed them to be conquered and scattered among the nations of the world. Why do you think he did that? Because jews are EVIL seed, and idiots like you have been deceived and indoctrinated to support their evil! God also called their “churches” the synagogues of satan!!! Maybe if you took the time to actually read the Bible and stop listening to all of the false preachers you might actually know something! And if you believe that the present day Israel is of God, you are a fool again, because they have NEVER shown repentance.

          I won’t even waste the time with the rest of your ignorant rant, I’ve already proven you’re a FOOL!

        • Wow rattler… remind me not to invite you to my Shabbos meal!

          Just one question… wasn’t Jesus Jewish?

        • @User 1. Why is your comment directed at me? You in NO way addressed the question I asked you in that strange rant.

      • Doesn’t it look like her finger(s) is/are in front of the trigger guard to you? Of course from the shadows it doesn’t look like the camera is on an unattended tripod so the gun is indeed probably pointed right at someone’s face.

        • Yeah. The finger is off the trigger.

          That’s a good thing; if the pistol discharged, it would likely flip out of her hands, making follow-up shots difficult.

        • “…Ketchup is the fruit of the devil.”

          Knowledge is understanding tomatoes are a fruit.

          Intelligence is understanding not to put tomatoes in fruit salad.

          Wisdom is wondering if Ketchup qualifies as a fruit smoothie.

    • I OBJECT!!!

      To your characterization of those who like ketchup on their hot dogs as being Communist. I agree with everything else you’ve written in your post.

      • I’ve been known to eat ketchup on my hot dog sandwich from time to time.
        I have also been known to give money to those less fortunate than me.
        The important distinction being that nobody forced me to do either of these things at gunpoint.

    • Would the school had said the same thing about a picture of Jesse Duff or Katie Francis shooting in an official match wearing their sponsor shirts? I’m not arguing race at all, I’ve just observed that Leftist lean toward ‘official, authoritative’, pictures where guns are involved. The school would not have blinked if the picture was of police in uniform doing a qualification range.

      Glorification of violence is just an excuse the school used.

      ..and I put ketchup, mustard, and onions on my hot dawgs.

    • Hey Hey HEY! I’m about as hardcore militant 2a right wing as it gets but I put ketchup on em all, Nathan’s, Jordan’s, Old Neighborhood, Hebrew National, Oscar Meyer …..

  5. So they have no veterans or LEOs at that college? Have they looked through all of the posts of every student? On every form of social media?
    I could understand if it showed someone getting shot. And even then it would be subjective.
    Wow .

    • This is the creepy part – did someone bring this photo to the schools attention or do they go around snooping into every student’s private business all on their own. What this sort of thing should get is a great deal more attention. Every prospective student should know that if they go to First Coast Technical College that they’ll be snooping into their social media looking for an excuse to punish them for anything they don’t approve of, completely irrelevant to their studies. I think I’d be inclined to find another school.

  6. “their counsel is at least familiar enough with a film about Bonnie and Clyde to quote from it” — I’m not interested enough to dig through PDFs, but if this really is the case, some lawyer’s got some ‘splaining to do!

  7. They should throw the racism card out. Clearly she’s black and they must respect black culture or that makes them racist, right? That should put the liberal pearl clutchers into full retreat.

    • True. You can get away with anything if you claim racism against your accuser. I Love that those POS’s are trying to brand Nancy Pelosi a racist now for disagreeing with them!

      • nancy pelosi is a racist. The worst kind. She is convinced that those poor, ignorant black folks can’t survive without being cared for by a party led by her and her white buddies.

    • Of course it’s racist, because she’s black! Next, they’ll be banning anyone that has a post listening to rap music. I mean, have you ever listened to some of those rap lyrics? Talk about glorifying violence… Speaking of which, don’t ever make a public positive review of the John Wick movies, or you too could be kicked out of school! These people have lost their minds.

  8. Looks to me that she is pointing the gun at the camera in an attempt to look gangsta. All the school has to say is that it was not the gun per say, but the “gonna shoot you” pose with the gun that glorifies violence and the case will probably be thrown out.

    • SurfGW says: “All the school has to say is that it was not the gun per say, but the “gonna shoot you” pose with the gun that glorifies violence and the case will probably be thrown out.”

      The school did say that: “During the suspension meeting, the assistant principal [Donna Gary-Donovan] said that in the posted picture, Dallas had a “mean look” on her face, was possessing “illegal guns” and stated that “things you do in the dark come in to the light,” according to the complaint. [Gary-Donovan is white.]”
      This is in the first link in the article.

      • So In one persons “opinion” she has resting angry face? Guilty of squinting because It’s sunny out….WTF?
        Seriously ask you’re doctor for a higher dose for your Anti-Butt hurt pills.
        My opinion…Stop eating “STUPID” flakes for breakfast.
        I can’t wait for the Civil-suite she files after she wins the rights violation case.

      • The bottom line is – those pictures are none of the schools business. She is paying them money for a service. They are to provide that service and STFU.

        Imagine I go to a post office and say, “I would like to mail this.” And the post office clerk said, “Nope. I looked at your Facebook page and I didn’t like what I saw.”

        I hope she manages to put this school back in line.

        • Actually many leftists are doing that right now. They look up your social media and judge you entirely off of what they perceive you to be from your posts. It’s even part of the process to get a job. And they want it to be part of the process to own and carry a gun. Leftists will ban you from their properties and services because you posted pro America stuff on the internet or pro Republican or pro Trump or pro gun.

          It’s even getting to the point where if you don’t have a social media presence you are labeled very suspicious, thus you are considered to be hiding something very bad. They want to be able to profile you easily and archive your behaviors.

        • Of course they will use your social media history against you, especially if you have the “wrong” opinions about certain topics. Remember that one kid from Parkland that had a more nuanced view of firearms? They found a racist post from a couple of year ago, and used it to get Harvard to deny him (forget that he was a kid, and admitted that he was just showing his ass). Would this have been brought to light if he didn’t cross the wrong people? Would Harvard have been more forgiving if he had joined the other Parkland NPCs? Of course, Harvard had no problem palling around with and elevating well known pedo, Jeffrey Epstein, but he gave them money, so maybe that’s morally different somehow.

          The New York Times didn’t care that their new editorial board member had a long, unapologetic history of racist social media remarks, and she was an adult! But they were the preferred type of racist remarks (anti-white).

    • ^ This. Indoctrinate.edu or whatever this place is – needs to focus on education of the scope entailed to them – not screening students on who they approve of at their “public” university.

  9. I am still not receiving email notifications of replies to my comments.
    “Working ion it” seems to be a stall tactic, but I can’t figure out why it’s being done.
    Since other blogs can have properly functioning comment sections, it’s obviously something that can be done, and why it’s not done here is a real mystery, and obviously not just to me. Is it because you’re too busy finding advertising copy to post? Is it because you just don’t care? Seriously, what’s the problem here? Hire someone who knows the software you’re using and get it done.

  10. “Rick the Bear says:
    July 28, 2019 at 08:12
    A lie repeated often enough becomes the truth.”

    Tell that to Trump. He knows.

    • This crowd is mostly all Trump-enablers. No will to hold his feet to the fire nor to seriously oppose his base. You won’t get much traction pointing that out here, unfortunately.

  11. “Florida Technical College Defends Suspension of Student for Gun Range Photo”

    Just another example, among many, to quell the 1st Amendment rights of others…

  12. Yeeaah…The last time I looked collage’s don’t have the authority to “violate” you’re constitutional rights.
    I do admit In my opinion she Is breaking several gun range rules.

    • Oh, indeed, she’s not someone I would care to shoot next to until she learned – and started following – at least the safety basics. But that’s neither here nor there, so long as the range isn’t owned or operated by the school.

    • The school didn’t pursue this course of action because she violated range rules. They pursued this course of action because she liked guns. If there was no gun in the picture the school would have done nothing.

  13. All about followers and likes. That’s it.
    Social media(FB, IG and so on) is all there is anymore.
    Plain truth is she did this to look cool. BF, fiance in the background with an AK and a wad of cash. Her posed with a pistol.
    I’m sure all her friends loved this picture.
    Gangsta going to be gangstas.

    • And… ? What’s the problem here?

      I mean you might not like it. But there are things that you do that other people don’t like. So – it’s probably best to just let people do what they want so long as they aren’t hurting anyone.

      • No problem at all.
        My post never said I had a problem with it. Anyone who wants to be a gangster can.
        I don’t care if she wins or loses the suit personally. No bearing or effect on my life at all.

        • Not true. Her lawsuit does matter to you and everyone else. It’s about human rights of adults being protected from statists who would like to remove the human/civil rights you still have. If she loses the leftist at universities will continue punishing adults for posting pictures with guns like they have been doing over the last few years.

          Imagine what they would do to a guy who looks like some militiaman preparing to go to war who is posting pictures of himself all tacticooled out and with quotes from the founders. They probably will think his is a right-wing-white-nationalist-supremacist getting ready for the race war where he is going to ethically cleanse America.

        • ” They probably will think his is a right-wing-white-nationalist-supremacist getting ready for the race war where he is going to ethically cleanse America.”

          By any chance do you use the wrong word, there?

          I think America could use a good ethical cleansing, but not an ethnic cleansing… 🙂

        • @Geoff WWJWD

          Auto correct does what it wants and there is no editing after hitting the post button.

          Unfortunately, most race war types think ethics is closely tied to ethnicity/race. So in their minds getting rid of certain ethnicities will improve America ethically. Therefore, ethnic cleansing is the preferred act to finish what the first Europeans started (in order to create the U.S. in the first place). At first they will claim they just want “peaceful separation” of the races/ethnicities, but if they can’t get that… They feel it’s ethically okay to ethnically cleanse “their” lands to save “Western” culture from “diversity.”

  14. I don’t like the gun handling I see there, but there’s no threat of violence to the school in that. Where was the Range Officer? It’s Jacksonville Florida, are there any unsupervised outdoor shooting ranges around there?

    That aside, the important thing about her character is this young woman and mother is doing the right thing by going to school, trying to learn a trade to support herself and her child. She made a mistake having a baby too young but here she is trying to set things right. That’s what society should want to see a young adult doing, putting her life on a responsible footing.

    For the school to yank that footing out from under her over some fuckwit snowflake’s ignorant fears is just a despicable thing to do.

    There’s a comment in one of the news stories that she is wearing the school uniform. As no logos or words are visible in the photo, all I see is she’s wearing typical medical/dental worker scrubs in a pleasing shade of blue. Not at all recognizable as a school uniform.

    Her lawyer specializes in gun law:

    And is also a Florida State Representative:

    So I hope he’s doing this Federal case pro-bono.

  15. Posing with guns and money is just part of their culture. If you don’t like it you’re a racist, a homophobe and you probably hate old people too. Lol.

    • Yeah. Why can’t black Americans behave like white Americans of the past? At least romanticize white American gangsters like white people have done for many decades in America. Who doesn’t like a murderous bank robber, a mobster who runs the local government, a well armed Florida drug dealer and his little friend, etc?

      How many gun owners hate the movie Heat?

      • I don’t think that the movie “Heat” necessarily makes your point. It was after all a movie where murderous criminals where hunted down and killed by the police.

        • I know. Sad, right? If only they had walked away before that, but the shootout was glorious. Never do one last job, leave on top or when the heat gets too much. You always have to remember: live by the sword, die by the sword.

  16. An administrator allegedly told her she was being suspended because the photo glorified violence.

    This is a public college? Or private?

  17. Being in what amounts to a tasteless thug life style photo (I didn’t notice the cash before either) is still no reason to kick someone out of school. There’s no threat of violence I’m aware of nor a call to action in this photo. I may think it’s dumb but I think a lot of things are dumb.

    I am also annoyed to live in a world where we can’t make what amount to a few bump in the road minor mistakes over the course of our lives without it causing a bunch of drama. It’s stupid, stressful and truthfully good for almost no one. In this case it gave a campus administrator busy body something to do and bill us the taxpayers for in all probability. Everyone complains about the cost of education then you have some (almost certainly well paid) administrator clutching their pearls over this on the job.

    • The best thing America can do is make sure people like this stay ignorant and jobless. We should kick them out of school and fire them from any tax paying job they have. We should put them on a black list so they can’t own property, own a business, vote, get a loan, get a job, go to school, own a gun, etc. That will teach those people…

  18. Suspended for one “scary” photo? 🤔 The school might not say it out loud by I suspect there was some guilt by association going on regarding the FB accounts and the husband/boyfriend she is associated with. It certainly didn’t help that she was wearing her school uniform. Social media is a two edged sword.

  19. There is no excuse for handling any firearm in such a manner. Never point a gun at anything you aren’t willing to destroy , be aware of your target and what’s beyond it , looks to me like she was trying to look cool & she failed miserably . A photo taken of the young lady aiming at a range target would have been more appropriate. That “look” is just what the left would have a field day with. I for one do not want anyone associating myself , or any respectful gun owner ,with that behaviour. It’s not cool , after all we are fighting to keep our 2A rights.

    • The right are the ones that will complain about black people taking such pictures.

      The left will ignore it because they don’t want to be called racist for hating on black people. If the left does attack such people they will make sure to make it appear it’s only be about the gun not the type of person. When they do that, we can make it about race and bring up the Democrat history of disarming minorities, then defend the individual’s human/civil rights while the Democrats continue to look like some racists who want certain people disarmed.

      But if the right wants to continue to take the perspective of “Well, of course they did that. That’s what blacks do. It’s in their nature. It’s their culture,” we will not be winning in the end.

    • The article here is a misprint, the link says she is suing under the 1st and 14th, not the 4th.

  20. The school needs to GTFO of her life….
    She needs to be educated in firearms safety… And probably the moron behind her holding the AK…
    Plain and simple, this is just another attempt by the “elite”, educated idiot class to try to control people…
    Until the worker class learns to control the lazy, useless educated idiot class, we will continue to see these bizarre ideas flow into the mainstream…

  21. Not the schools job to police student’s lives, its their job to educate them on core subjects of math, english, sciences, and history. No wonder our schools suck, the school is spending all it’s time snooping and none of it educating.

  22. I see nothing wrong with the picture.

    Let’s be really real. It’s not about anything other than that there a picture of a student with a gun. Someone got some bad feelz, perhaps a little nervous and an administrator, once informed of this came down with a wicked case of the vapours because the scrubs are probably something she wears as part of the program she’s in.

    Cash doesn’t equal drugs. No one involved knows if gun safety was violated because they don’t know how the picture was taken (which is pretty similar to old gun advertising for things like the Savage Pistol except there’s no text that says “SAFE!”), when you add black people together with guns and money it doesn’t suggest violence or gang activity without further supporting evidence and… other nonsense.

    This is bullshit and the people looking to excuse the school’s conduct are morons. People trashing her for the content of the picture are likewise morons.

    Ah well, it’s a story about the internet. It’s a safe bet dipshittery and tomfuckery will both be involved.

    • I tend to agree with everything you said here, nevertheless, when you go out of your way to portray yourself according to a negative racial stereotype, is it any great surprise when some treat you according to that same negative racial stereotype? Right or wrong, what exactly did she suppose the reaction to her public posting would be? Hypersensitivity on the part of left leaning institutions isn’t exactly news.

      • While I get what you’re saying it depends heavily on how you view it. An Apple smart watch and higher end scrubs don’t exactly scream “Tupac! Ride or die mothafuckas!”.

        If we were to act in a way that no one could misinterpret or misconstrue we would never act at all, so she’s fucked on that front either way.

        Besides, maybe we POTG of the gun should clean up our own image and stop playing into the stereotypes the antis have created for us before we start throwing shade at this lady, glass houses and projectile stones and all that, eh?

        I mean shit, this comment section plays right into the anti gunners caricature of us damn near every day, yet we have the audacity to put this girl on blast?

        She’s in school to better herself and be a productive member of society, seems to believe in armed self defense and isn’t promoting anything “gangsta” any more than an Italian guy with a nice suit and Cadillac does, so WTF are we not 1) celebrating and 2) supporting her?

        • I don’t know what to tell you. Stereotypes are a cognitive shortcut that allow you to make decisions quickly when time is of the essence and the cost of a false positive is very low in comparison to the cost of a false negative. Stereotypes are what have allowed us to survive and are debatably “hard wired”, we will never be rid of them, and that is likely a good thing. Having said that, I think she has every right to post whatever she pleases and to live her life as she likes. She should just be aware of the potential downsides and challenges that accompany certain decisions, and not just of gun photos. There are quite a few perils and pitfalls awaiting the innocent and naive.

        • The point is that knowing how this works we have the ability to shirt circuit the antis line of attack. We don’t do that.

      • Well, she did quote Bonnie Parker’s poem as the caption for their photo. She didn’t quote some black gangsta thug from Chicago. It was just a poem about a white couple who went on an infamous crime spree.

        Some day they’ll go down together. They’ll bury them side by side. To few it’ll be grief, to the law a relief, but it’s death for Bonnie and Clyde.

        So romantic. She must really love her future husband.

        Of course the average white gun owner will gloss over it and paint her as some black Chicago drug dealer thug who should be kicked out of school and her right to own guns taken from her because she is pointing a gun at a camera. They can’t help but stereotype black people even when they are in their “school uniform.”

        There is no way white America has ever inspired black America’s gangster drug dealing murderous money lifestyle. Robbing and killing for the notorious label and the bling-bling lifestyle has only been a black American endeavor. We all know when a white American wants to get that paper they just become the CEO of a non for profit and use it to buy themselves fancy Italian suits, private chauffeur services, private plane rides to nice places.

        • I’m not exactly sure what your point is here. If she intentionally portrays herself and her boyfriend as Bonnie and Clyde, a couple who went on a multi state killing spree before going out in a “blaze of glory”, and the school interpreted the photo in exactly that way, in this post Parkland world we are all forced to live in, then what is the big surprise? Why is it assumed that this is a black thing? Is it known that the school or the administration has some demonstrable anti-black animus? It seems that quite a few posting here are projecting the way that they reacted to the photo onto the school.

          All the same I still think that she ought to be able to post whatever she pleases. But recognize that this is the real world. People are going to react, some will overreact. None of this should be surprising. Freedom has never been free.

  23. wow! I see no threat to anyone individual, group, organization, political, race, religion, or creed. I hope they sue and tag that school till it hurts. We have a zillion schools, to many really. Shutting a few down might do the trick. The people at the top will sacrifice the leftest administrators. Its all about money for the school. Next they will go after baby diaper commercials as it promotes propagation. Sure hope there are lawyers who will pick up the torch for this blatant intrusion into freedom of expression.

  24. Quote: “It certainly didn’t help that she was wearing her school uniform.” Considering that the school covers things from welding to facials to cooking to various other fields it is doubtful that there is anything that can be called a “school uniform”. Now it may or may not be a particular class uniform but unless the school’s rules forbid any personal self expression, I fail to see the school winning this case. And what about all of the clothing sold around the world purporting to be some team jersey or property of San Quentin? If you wear a Raiders’ jersey does that mean you are somehow bound by their rules? But stranger things have happened.

  25. Before I go on a rant here…😁

    Look, I get it, she is not following the 4 rules of gun safety, her photo is provocative, yada yada yada. So what?

    Lots of people who own firearms do not live the 4 rules (I wish I knew how to fix that in this day and age, everyone should know and live by them). In addition, lots of people, particularly those new to guns get excited and want to share with photos (I certainly do, although in keeping with the 4 rules, because I had the benefit of someone who taught me about them).

    Although a possible safety issue, the pic does not alarm me in the least. It is possible that she had ejected the magazine, cycled the action 3 times and after locking back the slide, checked the mag well, chamber and breech face both visually and tactilely before taking the photo. At the end of the day, someone went to the range and wanted to share and nobody was hurt as a result.

    The issue that needs to be focused on ( that several other posters have pointed out) is that this article is not about the firearms handling or the artistic merits depicted in a harmless image shared in social media.

    What is of paramount importance is that this person has committed no crime, and her actions have not hurt anyone in any way. This image is being taken as a license by the school to deprive someone of a service that they are paying for (previous to this image being shared the school was happy to take her money and provide her with classes).

    This virtue signaling is impacting a single mom’s efforts to learn a trade and get ahead. What do you think may happen in 20 years when your kids are booted out of school for a hunting pic, or because of comments you may be making now are dredged up later?

    I don’t really know what to think, but I know for a fact that employers are asking for and getting access to social media as part of the hiring process. And before you all start in about how you shun Facebook et.al ad nauseum, understand that this is the dataspace in which your children and grandchildren are and will be living in, and are already doing so. Learn social media and help your kids use it as a tool, like any other, safely and responisibly.

    As for this article, anyone want to set up a GoFundMe to find a training center near her to teach her the 4 rules, and what the 2A is and how to use that tool properly? Basic ‘what is a handgun’ to defensive pistol 101? (I am also lacking in the social media skills thing too doh!)

    I will donate.

  26. Three Rules of Gun Safety. One, The gun is always loaded. Two, Never point a gun at anything you’re not willing to destroy (the oft used “4th” Know your target and what’s behind it is an extension of #2). Three, Keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to fire. Her Pic violates all three rules simply for the sake of looking “Gangsta.” It also illustrates a disregard of those rules, or an inadequate understanding of those rules. As an RSO, she’d be rewatching the “Safety Video” and told any further disregard of safety will result in a permanent ban from the range. Those who see nothing wrong with the pic need to rewatch the safety videos too.

  27. Well according to the Libertarians private people and groups have a right to deny services to others. For ANY reason. I think Libertarians are the ones who lack REASON in there thinking.

    The only thing Libertarians care about is making it legal to shoot up crystal meth to improve their sexual experience.

    • Libertarians don’t agree with not rendering a service that has been paid for, that would be stealing, thus morally/ethically wrong. Also, they may not have a contract signed where she agreed to forfeit her property if she posted pictures on her social media with guns. And if the school takes federal funds they don’t get to act like a private institution because they are taking property from the pubic through indirect force via a third party.

      Terms must be agreed upon prior to the taking of private property and the establishment of a long term relationship of dependency (that can’t be easily disassociated without harm to one or both parties) for such actions to be considered proper conduct. A one sided attempt to change the rules would be unacceptable act of aggression. Arbitration would be required to settle the separation of the relationship…

      Then both can decide to shoot crystal meth in celebration after their arbitration hearing has come to a conclusion.

      • User1
        You sir are either a liar or your mind has been warped by shooting up crystal meth to improve your sexual experience along with all the other narcotics that you have been taking as a Libertarian.

        TTAG has widely discussed the contract agreements that people made, whether they were oral or written, with Facebook, Google, YouTube, and all the other internet sites that decided to canceled the agreements they had with a gun related businesses.

        Banks who had been servicing gun manufacturers and retailers all of a sudden being told they would no longer do so. Not a single libertarian on this website, Reason magazine or others has condemned these companies breaking their word.

        You are just one of those Libertarians who rushes to defend the libertarian “ism” or the libertarian party. Just as Democrats rush to defend their party or Republicans rush to defend their party.

        Instead of addressing the moral issue at hand.
        And that moral issue has nothing to do with sex.

        Libertarian “ism” is a utopian view of the world.

  28. Here is what I have say about this person. She is violating every gun safety rules. If you want to have a picture at a local range then do it responsibly and don’t point your weapon at your boy friend. Remember, treat every weapon as if they are loaded. Don’t muzzle anything you are not willing to destroy. As for the school yes they are jerks.

    I am a firearms instructor and this type of picture is what feeds the left on gun control.

  29. Going out on a limb. Guessing the leg the college is going to stand on will be the conduct oath she agreed to when she enrolled. Most legitimate institutions of learning have this requirement. Conduct in the view of the disciplinary committee that is unbecoming or reflects negatively on the reputation of the institution is subject to review, referral and punishment if deemed appropriate. Students today think there’s no obligation to live by any standards but their own.

    Do I agree with the school’s decision? I don’t have enough information to have an opinion on that, and no one else commenting here does either based on what is in the article. Find out what her obligations are to student code of conduct and everybody hating on the school may have a different view.

  30. This is an outrage. She should be put under the jail. If she doesn’t get punished she might make it all the way into a profession where she carries a gun for a living.

    This is what happens when you allow people to break the safety rules… I’m pretty sure he didn’t want to destroy his brother or the lady. But don’t worry, they’re the well trained professionals who are the only qualified people to carry a gun. They’re not a gangsta wannabe posting pics on the socials or a whiteboy holding his paintball gun like some Hollywood gangsta from the hood as he tries to scare away a bothersome hotel staffer.

  31. As always, so-called “education” administrators hold students at all levels for ransom by trying to dictate their words, deeds, beliefs and very thoughts. Most “educators” are Liberals and as such, do everything in their considerable power to crush any expression of individuality in favor of group think Liberal doctrines and dogma.

  32. The headline is misleading. There is a school known as “Florida Technical College” but the story is about “East Coast Technical College.” Two different schools and over 100 miles apart.

  33. If she thinks it’s ‘cool’ to look like some retarded gangsta, I’m not surprised that the school no longer wants to have anything to do with her.
    Keep your life free of morons like her.

  34. Another lesson in common sense. Don’t ever post anything on social media that you don’t want the world to have access to forever.

  35. So an issue I see on both parts of the 1st and 4th amendment violation arguments of the plaintiff are that as near as I can tell Florida Technical College is not a state run institute. Nor is it a public technical college. Its a private technical college.

    Non-public entities aren’t bound by any of the amendments. They are bound by laws, but there are no LAWS requiring private institutes not to retaliate for speech. Private entities are allowed to retaliate against speech they don’t like.

    Taking public funding doesn’t suddenly make it a public institute FYI. Unless or until there laws requiring private parties respect the 1st amendment (and I hope like hell they don’t, as freedom of association is pretty important), not anything to see here other than some idiot posting stupid photos to facebook and someone at the technical college taking offense and kicking her out for it. Two idiots don’t make a wrong.

  36. Goofing around with the gangsta look while holding instruments of lethal force is a bad combination of ignorance and attitude. As soon as you pick up a gun you have stepped into a higher level of personal accountability. If that is not going to be your discipline then keep away from guns.

  37. what a stupid, incompetent person she is.

    Florida Technical might have suspended her for her stupidity!

    ok, seriously, she is clearly stupid, but that alone isn’t grounds to suspend her. for example, AOC is clearly stupid and her policies would cause famine and shortages, but she graduated with a freaking economic degree!

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