Florida Stops Processing CCW Permit Applications During COVID19 Shutdown

Florida CCW concealed carry weapon permit

Democrat Nikki Fried, Florida’s Commissioner of Agriculture & Consumer Services, is in charge of processing the state’s concealed carry permit applications. She has announced through a press release that her office is halting the processing of all conceal carry permit applications through at least April 19 due to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

Acceptance of New Concealed Weapons License Applications Delayed During COVID-19

Mar 20, 2020

Tallahassee, Fla. – To minimize exposure to COVID-19 and help protect visitors and employees, the Governor has recommended state offices be temporarily closed to the public from Thursday, March 19th through Sunday, April 19th. As a result, FDACS Division of Licensing regional office personnel will not be available to fingerprint license applicants.

Local law enforcement agencies and tax collector offices across Florida have likewise begun to temporarily suspend fingerprinting services. Therefore, first-time concealed weapons license (CWL) applicants will be unable to obtain electronic or hard card fingerprinting services from any of the means authorized by section 790.06(5)(c), Florida Statutes. As a reminder, fingerprints submitted from any source other than official law enforcement, tax collector offices, or FDACS Division of Licensing offices cannot be accepted under 790.06(5)(c), Florida Statutes.

To prevent unnecessary financial burdens and frustration to CWL applicants who would be unable to be approved due to the unavailability of fingerprinting services, acceptance of online or in-person initial CWL applications beginning Monday, March 23, 2020 will be delayed. Per Commissioner Nikki Fried’s emergency order 2020-004, expiring concealed weapons licenses and security officer licenses will be automatically extended an additional thirty (30) days at this time.

Renewals/Security Officers: The Division of Licensing will continue accepting online and mailed CWL renewal applications and all Chapter 493 security officer applications as usual.

If applicants have questions, they may contact the FDACS Division of Licensing at (850) 245-5691 or . Division of Licensing personnel will remain available to answer questions by telephone or email.

Florida Carry is challenging the move. Why? Because a right delayed is a right denied.

They’re calling on Governor Ron DeSantis to waive the fingerprinting requirement or, short of that, temporarily make Florida a constitutional carry state during the emergency.

Email blast from Florida Carry, March 23, 2020.


  1. avatar Geoff "Guns. LOTS of guns..." PR says:

    “They’re calling on Governor Ron DeSantis to waive the fingerprinting requirement or, short of that, temporarily make Florida a constitutional carry state during the emergency.”

    Be nice, but I doubt that will happen.

    But who knows?

  2. avatar Prndll says:

    Wouldn’t Constitutional Carry fix all this?

    1. avatar 007 says:

      Yes, just print Bill Of Rights in a wallet friendly size and carry it with you.

  3. avatar Ross says:

    Really you’re going to let the state dictate your constitutional rights.

    1. avatar Mack The Knife says:

      They already do and have been for many years. You going to be the first martyr big guy. We will all be right behind you. Hahahaha!!

  4. avatar 300BlackoutFan says:

    I disagree with Florida Carry’s last line: These laws are only Constitutional if licensing is available

    Instead, this action by Commissioner Nikki Fried shows exactly why licensing of a Constitutional Right is actually unConstitutional in the first place.

    1. avatar I Haz A Question says:

      That was my take-away from the article, as well. Sounds like Florida Carry may not fully understand what they’re doing.

      1. avatar Specialist38 says:

        Working with what they’ve got vs what should be.

      2. avatar Chief Censor says:

        They speak in that manner because the supreme court ruled as such. The government says as long as you have access to your human rights in some way it’s okay to limit them to that extent. Hence why limiting people in anti 2nd Amendment states (like Florida) is 100% unlawful regardless of the panic induced by government, that’s until the president declares martial law.

        This pandemic panic is artificially created to help corporate business and governments. They have pre-planned responses to this scenario for their profit. Look what they are doing after forcing majroity of businesses closed and pushing for socialism to recover from their enforced closures of those businesses.


        Japan and Korea did not do this. They spent less, restricted less, did not create panic and controlled the spread better than the U.S.

        1. avatar pwrserge says:

          Oh, look, the ChiCom troll is back. Did you already collect your bag of moldy rice and bowl of kung pow bat from your commie overlords?

        2. avatar Chief Censor says:


          Do you know whom behaved like the U.S. is right now? China and North Korea.

          You know who didn’t behave like commies to “fight” the virus? South Korea and Japan.

        3. avatar pwrserge says:

          South Korea and Japan have border control, a united and well regimented society, and a near-totalitarian national government. Tell me more about how you want to be like Japan.

      3. avatar Jay just out of the hospital in Florida says:

        Nah Nikki is just being what she is an ass.
        As the only democrat in the upper level of the state she has done everything she can to slow up permits and mess with gun owners renewals in particular. Which is what the Dept of Agriculture does. Has nothing to do with guns really but its her job.

    2. avatar Mack The Knife says:

      Information for the non Florida folks. Niki Fried is an anti-gun democrat that ran on the premise of taking away gun rights in our state. She was elected by what most believe was a corrupt election. So far she has been kept in check and has done the job on the up and up, but, don’t think she won’t act to suppress gun rights if she has an opportunity. Our republican legislature today would probably keep a blind eye or excuse her actions due to the virus crisis. This is why the Florida gun clubs must act!!

  5. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    This isn’t just Florida.

    I posted this same exact result yesterday that many/most counties and/or states are no longer accepting new concealed carry license applications due to the simple fact that they have shut down “non-essential” government offices — which almost universally includes shutting down the government activity which processes new concealed carry license applications (and may even include shutting down the government activity which renews existing concealed carry licenses).

    The only question is whether or not those states allow open carry without a license. If those states allow open carry without a license, those states can claim that people can still exercise their right to keep and bear arms and thus it is okay to stop accepting concealed carry license applications.

    Then again, many such states (that allow open carry without a license) prohibit having a loaded handgun readily accessible in a vehicle without a concealed carry license. So, those states are also in hot water (legally speaking) since people without concealed carry licenses have no way of exercising their right to keep and bear arms while they are in vehicles.

    1. avatar Luis Valdes says:

      Since Florida has no Unrestricted Method of Carry like other states. It is a CCW or nothing. We don’t have unrestricted non permit required Open Carry. Hell, Open Carry is illegal except for when you’re on your property or actively hunting, fishing, or camping. If you’re just going about your day like let’s say to Publix to get baby formula. Nope, you can’t legally open carry and if you don’t have a CCW pemrit, you can’t legally conceal carry either.

      1. avatar TheUnspoken says:

        Hopefully this will be a “never again” moment for a lot of people. Sandy Hook and the Obama runs were mine, I had a couple pistols and a couple boxes of ammo, basically what I would need for a range session, AR was on the “get eventually” list but it was assumed you could always just get what you needed from the store on demand… I was able to find a stripped AR lower for around $125 (which was great in the panic) and start building up an AR as the panic subsided and the gun control failed. After that I determined to keep enough ammo for my guns and get rifles now that you might not be able to get “later.”

        It stinks for anyone who now realizes they need a gun or ammo or a carry license and can’t get it.

      2. avatar Geoff "Guns. LOTS of guns..." PR says:

        But in Florida, as I understand it, concealed carry in your vehicle is legal without a permit, since Florida considers your vehicle an extension of your home.

        Or am I in error on that?

        1. avatar M says:

          Geoff, if I remember correctly without a CCW you can only have it in a glove box it cannot even in your person. You can open carry if you’re hunting or fishing (where you have the right to do so) or on a private property allowing that practice (your residence obviously but could also be at a friends, your business…). You are not allowed to carry in any way under any circumstance in a place of nuisance (bar, nightclub), police station, court, USPS branch, and secured area of an airport which for what o understand could be anywhere inside the airport even before you check in with TSA.
          The Parkland H.S shooting in Broward Cty really allowed our politicians (both Democrats and rhinos) to screw is with anti 2A laws, and with the yearly exodus of gun control freaks from the blue states toward FL, things don’t get better.

        2. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

          Geoff, you can legally carry loaded long guns in vehicles without restrictions. Handguns can be carried with the “two movement” rule. i.e. Snapped holster, zipped pistol rug, console, glove box, etc.

        3. avatar Klaus Von Schmitto says:

          First I’ve heard that bullshit “two step” or “three step” nonsense since I was a kid. It isn’t, and never has been anywhere close to the law. Ever.

          This is the law:

          Florida Statue 790.251(5) states that keeping a firearm in a private vehicle without a license is lawful if it is “securely encased” or “not readily accessible for immediate use.” The first condition dictates that the gun must be stored inside one of the following:

          glove compartment (locked or unlocked)
          (Snapped) holster
          gun case or zippered gun case (locked or unlocked)
          closed container (locked or unlocked)

          The second condition prohibits the firearm being “carried on the person or within such close proximity and in such a manner that it can be retrieved and used as easily and quickly as if carried on the person.” A gun owner must satisfy at least one condition, he or she does not have to satisfy both conditions in order to legally keep a firearm inside their vehicle.

        4. avatar Just Sayin says:

          Klaus, TY for the on point summary. I teach CWL classes in FL., and you stated that very well.
          M., you said, “…a place of nuisance (bar, nightclub)…” which is not quite correct. A “place of nuisance ” is a legal designation brought against ANY physical establishment (by a city, county, township, village, etc.,) that has a chronic history of bad things happening (i.e.: prostitution, gambling, drug sales/use, assaults, strong arm robbery, etc.). So yes, typically that would be a bar or lounge (because it’s for the entire property; i.e. the building AND parking lot).
          And yes, we should be a constitutional carry state. But this will NEVER happen because of the tourism industry $$$, the tax base $$$ of Mickey Mouse and his friends at Universal, and of course the casinos. These places don’t want to see open carry because it will scare off the tourists from the NE US states and from S. America. Can’t have that happening. Big lobbies = big buck$ = no rights, privileges that are granted.

        5. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

          Klaus, you won’t find “two step” anywhere in the FL 790 statutes. That is the slang term that we in LE used here on the street. Whatever you want to call it the end result is the same.

        6. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

          Just, you’re probably right about open carry in FL. I was a LE firearms instructor from ’91 to ’14. Taught many citizens so they could get their CCW. However, I’ve always said open carry should be legal, but isn’t always a good idea. Remember, even if it were legal the owner of private property has the right to refuse entry to armed individuals. I never paid any attention to that. Every time I entered the land of the big mouse I was armed. The last time I was there was shortly after 9/11. Had a Glock 36. Don’t know how easy it is to get one in there now.

        7. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

          just came here to post this. the new russel catalog pdf.


        8. avatar Klaus Von Schmitto says:

          Gadsden – It is absolutely not the same. A guy in Ft Walton Beach decided that “Two steps” was
          1) Making the decision to shoot the guy
          2) Pulling his gun and shooting him.

          He did 7 years. I know because he lived 2 doors down from me.

          Do you see why teaching someone the “2 step rule” is not a good idea? That 2 steps can and has been interpreted in a hundred ways contrary to the law. That’s why it’s bullshit and always has been whether you were a cop or not. It’s wrong.

      3. avatar burley says:

        You can “Legally” carry, any damned way you please. It’s the jackboots who tell you you can’t that are in violation of the law. Until we start acting like that everywhere, Liberty is doomed.

  6. avatar enuf says:

    I live in a Constitutional Carry / Free State, but I have a concealed weapon permit anyway because it offers some advantages.

    Pushing for Constitutional Carry in all states must remain a goal of all those who support the Second Amendment. Anyone who says they support the Second, but not Constitutional Carry and all it entails, well now that person is either a liar or has their head up their ass.

    1. avatar Luis Valdes says:

      Florida has a Republican Supermajority, and instead of passing pro gun legislation. They passed gun control

      1. avatar Chief Censor says:

        And the NRA pushed for licensed carry in Florida because they would profit from the necessary training classes.

        The NRA gave themselves bonuses before the pandemic and now they are firing the “nobodies” to maintain the higher-ups’ lifestyle.

        The Republicans also sold Floridians out for a paycheck while pretending to be defenders of the “Gunshine State.”

        “Patriots” were freaking out when Virginia was using their emergency powers to stop the carrying of guns on government controlled property. That was small fish compared to what is now going on nation wide. Northam used their emergency shelter laws to get people to stay out of an area. Now governments are using their “shelter in place” orders to control the entire nation’s liberties because we are at war with an invisible enemy. Like Virginia was in danger by some super dangerous threat…

        Apparently, everyone will choose to forget what happened during Katrina. Another exaggerated situation where government broke the law and violated human rights. They even murdered Americans and confiscated guns. They had to do it because they had to take back the city from the enemy. The National Guard willfully aided those criminals.

        There is no denying the reality in which we live. It’s as clear as it can get without a boot on your head. Of course this is all allowed by the weak people.

  7. avatar WI Patriot says:

    Gonna be lots a lawsuits over behavior like this…

    1. avatar Chief Censor says:

      Great… More money for tax payers to give back to themselves? Sure will stimulate the economy…

  8. avatar enuf says:

    Does the governor of Forida have the authority to declare Constitutional Carry in place of licensing? Perhaps as an emergency power?

    That would be the exact opposite of what we are seeing around the country and a very good thing.

    Not going to happen of course……

    1. avatar Isaac says:

      Probably not. The Governor probably does have the authority to declare that concealed carry laws will not be enforced or maybe not prosecuted.

    2. avatar Chief Censor says:

      The law says you can open carry if you are fishing or camping.

      Time to teach people how to fish…

      Got to take portable tents with you to setup while you wait in lines for food and TP. Think of it as temporary contamination protection. If people can do it for an iPhone…

      1. avatar Luis Valdes says:

        You need a license to fish. Guess what office is also closed.

        1. avatar Chief Censor says:

          Do you need a license to pitch a tent?

  9. avatar Warlocc says:

    This is happening in every state that locks the 2A behind some sort of licensing scheme.

    1. avatar Chief Censor says:

      Licensing infers privilege, thus not essential. Be it traveling, operating a business or keeping and bearing arms.

      What happens when you don follow orders? You lose your license…

      Licensing is s scam to get you to give up your rights.

  10. avatar M says:

    The FL division of licensing is a bunch of retards and lazy, arrogant azzholes. I have had issues with a security license and the azzholes would constantly and endlessly transfer my phone calls to one another, they also did not even bother giving me an answer when I wrote a letter. Apparently I was guilty of a crime (resisting officer with arrest or something like that) which never happened, and it’s very unlikely someone has the same name and spelling and DOB. I didn’t need the license anymore and I just gave up, I should have addressed the issue to my Representative but I didn’t find the time to do it.
    When I applied for my FL CCW years ago, the process at my local Sheriff’s Office (fingerprinting) was smooth and the Deputy was cool.
    I think the folks at the Div of Licensing work Monday-Friday, probably 40 scheduled hours but I think they do something closer to 20 hours of actual work, and they probably whine constantly how bad their conditions are. Now that’s in what is considered a 2A friendly state, I c an only imagine in some more anti 2A liberal states it must be interesting.

    1. avatar I Haz A Question says:

      Here in Los Angeles, our Democrat Sheriff has just announced that all gun stores are “non-essential” and will be closed immediately.


      To whit, a Sheriff is supposed to enforce the law, of which the Constitution is the highest, and to which he swore an oath to uphold. Even our CA State Constitution clearly declares in Article 3 Section 1, which consists of only a single sentence:

      “The State of California is an inseparable part of the United States of America, and the United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land.”

  11. avatar d says:

    While it is not safe for FL state employees to process permits, it is apparently safe for FL state employees to collect taxes.

    1. avatar Chief Censor says:

      I heard cops in New York are still writing tickets.

  12. avatar Tim says:

    Power is an ‘end’ unto itself. Does not matter how petty, small or inconsequential.
    The human animal craves (any and all) power, and will do anything to get it.
    Women often believe they’re “above” such base instincts. They’re not.

    1. avatar Texican says:

      Not me. I don’t want any power over other people. I prefer to influence them with reason. Thats why I have a hard time understanding these power hungry fools. I do want to be left alone by those who think they’re in power. Because if they push it too far they’ll find out that their power was an illusion and it will hurt them. Our representatives work for us. Not the other way around. We need to remind them of this daily.

  13. avatar M says:

    Wasn’t more power given (and taken) to and by the states to “balance” power and “benefit” us we the people? The irony when you think about it. Now matter what you do and how you do it, the control freaks and anti constitution slugs always find a way to screw you. The Federalists were wrong and so were the Anti Federalists, nobody was right because none of them anticipated how crooked politicians would be.
    The only “good” news is some libtards and other gun control psychos are now urgently trying to get guns as they’re freaking out with the zombie apocalypse, and they are just now realizing they don’t have a SWAT team watching their residence and following them in town. They’re getting a taste of their own medicine. Suppression of the First Amendment is next, wait it’s actually already happening in some places.

    1. avatar Huntmaster says:

      “The Federalists were wrong and so were the Anti Federalists, nobody was right because none of them anticipated how crooked politicians would be.” No, they absolutely anticipated the potential for crooked politicians. What they misjudged was how quickly and easily they people would become sheep.

  14. avatar bryan1980 says:

    Although this and other edicts handed down by tyrants in other places are obviously ideologically motivated, it’s hard for me to feel sorry for these “johnny come lately’s” who are just now realizing that they need an LTC, or a firearm, or ammo because of this pandemic. A lot of these people were probably anti-gun a few weeks ago (or, more importantly, during the last election), and will probably return to being that way once this passes. Being armed was just as important yesterday as it is today. I hope this is a teachable moment for some people, that will be remembered during the next election. At the least, they’ll realize that buying a firearm actually isn’t easier than buying a book.

  15. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

    If I’m reading this thing right the state has not singled out CCW. If they’re not processing fingerprints that’s going put the brakes on anyone who has to have a professional license/criminal history to work/practice. That would include everyone from an M.D. to a teacher. My ex is in the medical profession and my sister is a math and science teacher. Both were licensed by the same agency that issues CCW. Both were fingerprinted and had CH ran before they were licensed. LEO and CO go through FDLE so don’t now how they are affected.

  16. avatar Anonymous says:

    I apply the bearing of arms to the same standard as my 5th amendment right to not testify against myself. The 5th comes with no registration, tax, fee, permit, etc and neither does my right to bear arms. The last thing I’m going to do is ask the state for permission and pay for a license. I’ve carried for going on 40 years this way and will continue to do so.

    1. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

      Anonymous, you could do what I do if you feel that strongly about it. Just carry anyway. I do. I don’t have a CCW. Even though I’ve trained hundreds to get theirs. I’ve been retired six years next month. Never even bothered to go back to the office to pick up my retired LE credentials. Though, they would qualify me to legally carry concealed in all fifty states. If I qualified once a year. I just pick up a handgun and walk out the door. Fuck the government. But, that’s just me.

  17. avatar Chief Censor says:

    The government has your fingerprint already if you have a license to drive or an I.D. card. Why do they have to shut down licensing to carry a gun when they can tap into their databases? Isn’t that what they are for?

    It wouldn’t be hard to get a teen to make an app to utilize your phone to send the government your print for you license to exercise your 2nd Amendment during a uncertain time of panic. The internet is working fine.

    1. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

      Chief, because of identity theft.

      1. avatar Chief Censor says:

        Yeah, I know, someone stole America’s identity and replaced it with some European trash.

        If identity theft is such an issue, why do we allow the corporations to database your face scan, eye scan, voice and finger prints using your phone? You believe that your phone is so secure that no one has access to the components via software?

        You can bank online just fine. Old people thought the sky was going to fall when they logged into their bank using the internet.

        1. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

          Chief, I worked a lot of financial crimes when I was in C.I.D. I have never done a face scan, eye scan, voice or fingerprints on any electronic device. Especially my SSN. You’re stupid if you do.

  18. avatar Top says:

    If you ever walked into the state office in Tallahassee to do this you know this is a safety measure being put in place. There’s too much to see and touch, too many people in a not-very-large space, and we have enough knuckleheads in the area who will say “I mighta tested positive, but I need to get that permit now that I’ve been puttin’ off for…awhile.” I’d love to say Little Nikki is overstepping things here, but that office really doesn’t qualify as critical infrastructure.

    However, I do think that if the CCW process was handled right up the road by FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement), instead of Nikki’s Department of Agriculture (yeah, we don’t know why either), this wouldn’t be an issue now or ever.

  19. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

    Top, have to agree, but for some reason, with a few exceptions, licenses have always been issued by the Department of Agriculture. What corn has to do with a CCW or a professional license stumps me, but that’s the way it works here. At least I don’t have to pay a state income tax.

  20. avatar PMinFl says:

    How the hell did Ms. Fried get elected? Must have been on the coat tails of Gillum. Maybe they’ve been using the same male prostitute?

  21. avatar Jaque says:

    Florida voters put
    a communist gun grabber in charge of its concealed carry licensing program. Fried is engaged to a pot head, she uses medical pot in defiance of federal law as she is also gun owner. Dope users and gun possession together is a federal crime. So why is she still Florida Agriculture Communist commissioner. Ask the BATFE and the Governor

    She is a communist operative in place to subvert the 2nd Amendment and plant the seeds for the banning of all semiautomatic rifles when communists take florida one day And they will.

    There is no valid reasons to stop CCW carry licensing because of a communist virus. Its the communists working together to deny Floridians their natural right.

  22. avatar MtnDewey says:


  23. avatar bobby says:

    With all of the new firearm owners across the country, do we really want just anyone running around with their new gun, uneducated and untrained.. at a time when people are coming unhinged over toilet paper.. ??
    I’m all for our second amendment right and carrying a concealed weapon, but if you can’t keep a clear head in the grocery store and have not been properly trained on firearms then leave the guns at home.
    As for constitutional carry, I believe it would be a great concept, but now, during this pandemic, is not a good time to introduce it.

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