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March 9th, 2018, a date which will live in infamy. You see, I never thought I would live to see it happen, but it’s happening. I’m not talking about Donald Trump as president, the Philadelphia Eagles beating New England, or even the fact that there’s a girl out there that likes me, thinks I’m amazing and wants to and I quote “kiss my cute face” (her words, not mine). I’m talking about the fact that the governor of Florida, Rick Scott managed to pull off the legislative equivalent of the 7-10 split in bowling…

What do I mean by that? Governor Scott managed to screw the GOP and the NRA at the same time.That takes some talent.

SB 7026 is ushering in the new normal of gun control under the sweeping guise of protecting the children. Lest we forget: the most effective gun bans of our time have been signed and supported by the GOP with the wherewithal of the NRA behind it, such as was done in 1986.

By the way, we made a terrific deal in 1986. We traded machineguns for the Firearm Owners Protection act, which nearly 32 years later still does not protect any firearm owner traveling in the states of California, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, or Massachusetts nor does it cover commercial air travel (PANYNJ v Revell)

Golly, we sure got a great deal with that! One could say, the best deal. A tremendous deal. Nobody gets deals like this, America. Nobody. Believe me. People are telling me that they’re amazed. Simply amazed. About the tremendous deals we get.

I got a call today from an attorney in Florida whom I met while shooting an IDPA national match. He really liked how I had my shit together on gun laws asking me to take a look at a few things.

The first thing he sent me was a press release signed by four state representatives that said they had to ban bump stocks because they simulated full auto fire and that full auto fire has been illegal for decades. The second thing he sent me was a copy of the legislation, which at face value seems well thought out but the more I looked into it the more I found things I didn’t like. Click here and take a look.

For starters, line 500 and 1185 tell us that Law Enforcement Agencies must develop polices and procedures relating to seizure/storage/return of firearms taken under a protective order. IT DOES NOT SAY WHAT THAT POLICY SHOULD ENTAIL OTHER THAN IT SHOULD BE A POLICY. The Broward County Sheriff’s Office could ostensibly develop a policy that says all seized firearms will be loaded into a shipping container in a parking lot until they are claimed, and that policy would technically be in compliance with the law.

Line 678 tells us that persons younger than 21 shall not purchase a firearm from a retailer. This tells us something really insidious about life.

When a given group — in this case 18 to 21 year olds — ask for their rights to be taken away – the government will not ask questions or hesitate in giving them exactly what they asked for. The shooting at MSD High was on February 14th. It didn’t take the governor’s office a month to remove the constitutional rights of everyone above the age to vote but below the age to drink. That’s gotta be some kind of fucking record.

Line 715 tells us the entire state just got a three-day wait on any firearm unless you have a hunting license or a license to carry.

My personal favorite: line 736.

Despite there not having even been any evidence of a bump stock present by the defendant, the state has decided to pre-emptively ban any derivative device as a precautionary measure. Oh, and there’s no grandfather clause. The interesting thing is that the way it’s worded, it can also ban machine gun parts such as trigger packs and sears at the same time, despite them being federally legal.

I support the concept of a Risk Protection Order. In theory. But the implementation of this idea is problematic.

In line 1062, the accused has the burden of proof that they are not a danger to themselves or others to vacate an order. Whereas the state has the same burden of proof to get it to begin with. The accused will effectively have to prove a negative as a prerequisite to get the order rescinded. That’s a pretty big double standard.

Line 1110: “the respondent shall surrender firearms to the local LE agency upon issuance of a risk protection order.” What about firearms held in trust? NFA devices treated as firearms but are not firearms? Hmm?

The effective date for these changes? Immediate. Except in the case of bump stocks, you all have until October 1st to turn them in.

If you were 18 years old and in the middle of a lay away period for your Ruger 10/22? You’re up shit creek. If you were planning on getting a bump stock anytime soon? You’re in for a rude awakening.

Rick Scott — who carries an NRA A+ rating – just managed to sign an overly broad, unconstitutional feel good gun control bill not that different than the one NY state passed called the NY SAFE Act. He’s managed to pass a bill that contains laws that are nearly impossible to enforce, will yield very few arrests/prosecutions all under the guise of saving the children.

Does this mean that the governor’s mansion has the hardest working toilet seat in Tallahassee? It could just be because Rick Scott is full of crap. Or . . .

It could just be because Rick Scott is the greatest salesman ever and got the only candidate for governor A- rating from the NRA and they fell for it hook line and sinker.

Y’all can decide. I’m just gonna be over here selling some bump stocks.

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  1. …and not a single instance of “gun violence” will be prevented by this legislation, because criminals are neither compelled nor constrained by laws, and words on paper – particularly, these words on paper – have absolutely no enforcement efficacy against criminals.

    Only the law-abiding are screwed, as per usual.

    • Exactly! Including the many different types of groups politicians, especially liberals are going after. What’s the next group of people that politicians determine to all be a potential risk to public safety. It might be a group you fall into.

  2. Is the NRA going to change its ratings of Rick Scott, and all the RINOs in the legislature who voted “yea” to D or F? Shouldn’t it?

    • The NRA should. However they will love this. They will raise millions to “fight” it. All the while waiting for other REAL gun rights orginazations to sue it to the supreme court. Then they will come in and lay claim on it. This is money in their pocket. I wouldn’t be surprised if they helped write it. Oh and before you ignor me, I am I NRA life member, and have been for over 20 years.

      • Except, the NRA is the one who has already filed a lawsuit against the State of Florida. They filed about an hour after the governor signed the bill. I don’t see any other group suing or jumping on the MRA lawsuit.

    • I dunno but FC should get a big old D in his mouth from being such a democrat lover. He’s a hillary supporting democrat voter who deserves nothing but our scorn. He’s the kind of person that causes this mess. The last time this piece of shit got some is when he sat on a spindle sander.

  3. Called it. Florida GOP is horribly diseased. Won’t be compromising any more. 3rd party it is if we can’t get good Republicans in the primary. Candidates must be asked specific questions such as do you support constitutional carry, do weapons protected by the 28th amendment include bearable machine guns, etc

  4. Seems like Scott (throw in the) towel there hit a trifecta of policy, governance, and political malpractice. That takes talent.

    What’s up with fluffy-soft Fla governors, air balling layups? (I’m looking at you, Jeb!)

  5. “Firearm Owners Protection act . . . still does not protect any firearm owner traveling in the states of California, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, or Massachusetts”

    Massachusetts recognizes FOPA and has since 1986. Just abide by the technical requirements and don’t stay in MA. Just go. And I do mean “go,” not “stop and go.”

    Republicans in MA are trying to enact a state law similar to FOPA, but the Irish Mafia that controls the Commonwealth is dismissive of anything involving freedom.

    • You can travel through Illinois too. Not carry but lock your gat. This is the SAME dude who hoped Hillary would won. I HOPE he’s not right about that…

      • It is legal in Illinois to carry a loaded firearm I your car as long as you have a permit from another state. One can’t get out of their car and walk into a gas station, etc. legally, but one can drive through Illinois carrying in their car.

    • California has no problem with people bringing their firearms with them to this state, as long as they are unloaded and in a locked container, and the biggie, no 10+ mags. You can use them hunting or for competitions, but you cannot carry. There is NO law like NY where every firearm is illegal unless you have a NY/NYC license/registration for that firearm.

      • +10 round mags in California is no longer a “biggie”. It went from a felony to an infraction with the “gunmaggedon” bills in 2016. You “cant have” them the same way you “can’t have” non-energy saving light bulbs or tinted windows…. people just get excited over “high cap” mags because “guns!”.

        Speaking of California, what ever happened to, “This will never happen in (fill in the blank), which is why I moved out of California,” or, “It’s your own fault for living there and paying taxes there! If you don’t like the guns laws, then move out like I did”?

        What your seeing in Florida is the “Californiafication” of your state a-la California circa post 1980,…. You know, when conservative all-American Ronald Regan was the governor? And then everything seemed to change over night? Look west and see your future. I could also say look north to the traditionally Republican stronghold of New York and birthplace of the NRA.

  6. Remember, this isn’t the end-game….the anti-gunners have the ball rolling in their direction now, which was the entire point of this unconstitutional destruction of rights. After the next shooting happens (and it will, since this completely ineffective legislation will do absolutely nothing to prevent those kinds of shootings), the next step will be registration/confiscation. That’s the entire point of these exercises…make guns the issue (when they clearly are not), pass ineffective laws which only abridge rights of lawful gun owners (and verify that there are minimal consequences to doing so, which politicians will note), but don’t address the underlying issues, blame lawful gun owners the next time this happens (spoiler alert, it will) and claim that only removal of all gun rights will fix the problem. We can see this coming from 10 miles away.

    • “Remember, this isn’t the end-game….the anti-gunners have the ball rolling in their direction now, which was the entire point of this unconstitutional destruction of rights.”

      And now they have the White House, Congress, and many state houses.

  7. Hey FC, taking a break from supporting anti-gunners and moaning about customers to whine about legislation now eh?

    • I agree, I just came here to say what you have and to see if anyone else remembered FC’s article supporting Hillary.

      The other comment above was too vile to concur with.

  8. Good insight on the flawed details of the new law and the way in which nefarious cops and bureaucrats can later exploit them. And we’re supposed to accept this as ‘common sense’ reforms.

  9. I am truly sick of GOP politicians who give lip service to the 2nd Amendment to get elected, and then turn around and stab gun owners in the back!

  10. perhaps Skeletor will finally come out of the closet and tell us all that he’s a democrat.

    Seriously if you can’t stand behind your party platform through adversity then have the decency and courage to switch to a party you can support instead of clouding the waters.

    EDIT: I have to admit though he did pull off something amazing, he got an entire demographic (18-20 year olds) to give up a Constitutional Right, not only did they give it up they actually f*cking thanked him for doing so. I would argue that the NRA isn’t really screwed here in that they don’t really lose anything from it but instead will GAIN donations from Floridians so really Skeletor comes out a winner. He guarantees he gets some more votes and donations from RINO voters, he got to say he did something and he still gets to take NRA money.

    • The high school kids are (mostly) not in the 18-20 year old demographic, and given the alacrity with which the legislation was passed, I cannot imagine that anyone in the affected demographic was actually asked what they thought–and they certainly had no vote either.

    • Skeletor is a Democrat. He is also a Republican. He would be a Libertarian too if it keeps him in office. He is the kind of politician who will do whatever it takes to keep his seat in power, say whatever gets him the most votes.

  11. Now that we’re on the roll is selling off rights to gain “protection” for the children, the government needs to restrict the First Amendment’s rights of 18 – 21 year-old. Just think of how many people have been injured, and sometimes died, as the result of such demonstrations as happened in Berkley and Charlottesville. Clearly, the Tide Pods generation has demonstrated that they need the government to protect them from themselves. And since the precedent for restricting rights has now been set, we need to think of the children (the 18 -21, perhaps beyond) and save them.

    • Why haven’t we banned tide pods yet? No right to clean laundry or right to not spilling your detergent. They at least need a three day waiting period, if not an outright ban.

  12. Folding like chairs.
    I smelled this coming. The MSM was brilliant in finally using the kids of a tragedy. All democrats of course.
    If the President all the way down to a lowly mayor sides with freedom, he’s against kids. Doesn’t care about them. As said, “If they don’t enact gun control, you’re killing us”.
    Well played MSM and democrats.
    I have contacted representatives in my state and the President. It may fall on deaf ears but I’m trying.
    Last resort is if/when they come for them.

  13. The governor should have a F rating as he himself has proven . Further more No Higher Office For You,he should be shunned by all Freedom/Liberty minded Floridian.

    That is what is going to befall another Governor named Scott,from Vermont,regardless of the outcome current legislation. Governors with out a electorate.

    • If he steals the primary I’m voting for Nelson. Both are anti-Constitution pro-illegal alien democrats, but Nelson is old enough to die in office (or at least not to bother us in 2024). If Scott wins it legitimizes him and we’ll keep seeing his traitorous ass for decades.

    • Going from pro-2nd Amendment to gungrabbing is now a standard part of the GOP career in Florida when you’re seeking a different office.

    • If Trump doesn’t get his shit in order he better get an F rating too. How any Florida pol can get an A-rating when the state still doesn’t allow open carry is beyond me.

      • As the NRA’s rating hasn’t reliable in the last couple of decades, for example Harry Ried’s rating,I discount it much as Negotiating Rights Away since 1934.

        Speaking of Mr. Trump he should face a primary.

  14. It is sad that future police and gun owners will die because of these new laws. Sheriff Israel is as corrupt as they come. Why should a person become a slave to the state???

    Better dead than Red, as the use to say. Or better a Free Dead Man than a living slave.

    The biggest part of our problem is we stopped having rifle teams in schools. With the rifle teams came Second Amendment education and firearms responsibility classes. Because this was stopped generations of citizens have grown up not learning about their Gun Civil Rights.

    There are books out there that speak about rifle team and fencing team history.

  15. I’ve called my state reps and the whitehouse and demanded a public statement be made, such that no government can protect its citizens on an individual level.

    Once they are forced to publicly admit that, then all gun control is exposed as un-Constitutional You-control and a futherance of globalists support of the UN’s global-communist agenda.

    Either way, it’s open season. No one has to unilaterlly uphold the law if the fer’s elected to protect it don’t.

    F FL


  16. Aholes like Scott, and everyone else pushing anti-2A agendas are getting paid to do so. They are getting paid to overthrow the Constitution of the United States of America, and paid to support foreign wishes and UN global-communism. We need to have them all investigated, and, when proven definitively, they need to be drowned in urine and feces.

  17. Well, a less quilted for comfort Gov might say something like this:

    “I am vetoing this bill, and I’ll tell you why.”

    “The single most effective thing we can do about school shootings, gun violence, violence, and the rest is do something effective. One useful thing, for once. And this bill isn’t that.”

    “So, lets use this energy and attention to do something useful. No, I’m not signing this bill. Feel good posturing is fine, even needed when you’re hurting. After that, we need better, in laws – something that will work, and actually help.”

    “That’s the lede. Now, for those of you who need to tweet or whatever this instant, we’ll give you a minute so you can leave to do that. The rest of us will go on breaking down what’s wrong with this legislation, and what we’re going to do in my administration to try to do better, you know, addressing the problem.”



    “Bump-fire stocks may be dumb, or dangerous, or even illegal. No bump fire stock was used in this recent spree killing. If you’re responding to that, this is off point – why is it in the law? Why now?” If you are looking to hijack the emotion around dead kids to get a piece of peripheral policy, shame on you.”

    “Since this seems to be a big deal to some people, I’m looking forward to seeing stand-alone bump-fire mods to our Fla firearms laws from the next session. Before then, my administration will have sample legislation written for reference, up online. Personally, I think this is a side-issue, and addressing it fraught with problems, but the advocates are free to make their case, and navigate through *how* to do something *useful* on this. I’m willing to be convinced.”

    “As a heads up, ‘Some previously known whack-job shot up a school with not a bump stock.’ is unconvincing. You’ll have to do better.”

    “B T W, the way that clause is written, it sweeps up all kinds of other stuff. That’s lazy. And sloppy. And asking to get thrown out in court. Anything about safety or violence is too important to be sloppy. So, stop with the feel-good distraction and craft
    something on-point and useful.”


    What’s really going on here..

    It’s the front-row kids syndrome. They’ve “advanced” by going along. That works fine in fake situations where all the ambiguities and trade-offs have been pushed out. In the real world, not so much.

    The problem for the rest of us is, when something real happens, these front-row kida are where the action is, and worse than useless. They’re so conditioned, they *imagine* an answer that has no costs. Consider the two previous administrations as front row kids, seeing clean no trade-off “answers” where there were none. They managed to find two contradictory approaches to the middle-east, specifically Iraq, stunningly, both equally, stunningly bad. And one after the other even worse.

    Jeb! was a front-row kid, n Gov Scott-towel is turning out to be.

    The chattering classes: media mavens, commentariot, think tank types, staffers, admini-drones, loud-mouth functionaries like Sheriff Lyin, there, and bog-help-us “activists” are themselves all front-row kids, or wanna be’s. They’ve found a thing where they can get their frission of “Good boy.” head pats, for some good sounding non-solution, so that’s what they are gonna do.

    There are no trade-offs, down-sides or costs. At least not for them. The tension of wanting to do something, like after a spree shooting, and finding something useful to do is just too much. Make it go away.

    Which is all that “legislation” is. Absolution. They’ve purchased an indulgence, paid for by the people who will die from their non-solution, so they can go on sinning n feel good about themselves anyway.

    Meanwhile, kids will die, shot up in schools holding a door open for their friends, because these people won’t protect them, or allow them a better option.


  18. This is what happens when progressive ideology is allowed to infiltrate the education system. You get a generation of kids that are conditioned not to think for themselves. And that’s how you can pass laws that strip away rights — because the kids don’t even know they are losing anything.

    Who didn’t see this coming?

  19. RF
    Why do you post shit from this ass-hat moron?

    He is a self-serving abomination.

    Are you that desparate for clickbait?

    Why not just get Kathy Griifin to post? About the same caliber. Maybe the same person.

  20. NRA… National Regulations Association….. No Rights America, No Rifles Anymore, New Regulatory Assholes…..

  21. The left will ramp up the next time there is a school shooting and go for even bigger restrictions. CNN lives for this shit.

  22. What is Trump going to say to the kids who have a dad in prison for 3 to 20 yrs for possession of a bump stock? I pardon you for being a victim of my ignorant/arrogant bans?

  23. This law was different from the NY SAFE Act. The NY Safe Act did the following:

    1) Redefined the already existing assault weapons ban to be a semiautomatic weapon that takes a detachable magazine with at least one “military-style” feature (it used to be a weapon with at least two such features) and expanded the list of what constitutes a “military-style” feature

    2) Restricted the already existing ten round magazine capacity limitation to seven rounds. Then when realizing that there aren’t many seven round magazines, said you could load a full ten rounds while at a shooting range, but while at home, only load seven (!?!). Raised hell when this was struck down by a judge

    3) Ended online shipments of ammunition to homes. Now you must have your ammo shipped to a gun dealer just like a gun. There was supposed to be a requirement of a background check for purchasing ammo I believe as well, but the state government still hasn’t been able to figure out how to get it to work

    4) Some other things I forget, but the above were the big ones

    What I find amazing is the new three-day waiting period of the Florida law. That won’t stop a mass shooter, and even here in NY state, we do not have any waiting period to purchase long guns (something I am actually shocked about given the blue-ness of the state). Mainly I think it is because the Republicans have a lot more say than in California, however they sold us out on the SAFE Act. You have to go through all manner of hell to get a handgun license, but to buy a rifle or a shotgun, you can just go down to the gun store and purchase one.

  24. Being from NY I saw Florida turning blue years ago.

    Everyone I know moved there or went there to retire.

  25. It’s quite apparent that we don’t have any rights anymore. We probably never did. We were temporarily granted the ability to pretend that we had rights. Until is was decided we couldn’t be trusted with guns anymore, so the “right” was voted away for our own good.

  26. And how many police agencies will use the New York Gravity knife law as a model?
    If they can get a firearm to fire “too quickly” It is a felony.

  27. Unless you live here in Florida stop pretending you know anything about this state! Most statements on this post are whiny throw in the towel butt hurt idiots. We still have something to say about the end around run by the lunatic left cult that does not hold as much sway as you ignorant people think! You take care of your state and we’ll take care of our end of the log…………………

  28. You say it is a child safety legislation!? If that’s the case let’s turn this around and reciprocate by raising the driving age to 21 since more teens or should I say children of driving age are killing themselves in single car accidents by texting and talking on these cell phones which by the way let’s ban cell phones to those under 21 also. Maybe these children won’t be getting in so many car accidents. Plus our car insurance costs will drastically be reduced! More children get killed on our highways than by guns!
    But let’s not stop there! Let’s raise the age of military service to 21! Let’s raise the age of the Selective Service to 21 and finally let’s raise the age to vote to 21!!
    You want to keep calling these so called young adults children,then these children are too young to handle any adult decisions or responsibilities!!!! What’s the age of consent? Raise that too! Ban all violent video games!
    What do you say?

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