Florida GOP Attack Ads Appear to Support ‘Common Sense Gun Safety’

Florida Shapiro for Congress Democrat

The Florida Republican Party, in support of incumbent Rep. Vern Buchanan, has released a blistering ad campaign against his challenger; Sarasota Democrat David Shapiro. Shapiro says he supports “common sense gun safety laws“.

Nothing unusual there. It’s exactly the kind of boilerplate talking points you’d expect from a south Florida Democrat running for a seat in Congress.

The Florida GOP’s attack ads against Shapiro focus on his past investments in two companies, Vista Outdoor and the Olin Corporation. Vista owns such brands as Savage Arms, Speer and Federal Premium Ammunition, and BLACKHAWK! to name a few. Olin Corp. is the parent company of Winchester Ammunition.

The GOP ads paint Shapiro as a hypocrite, claiming he wants to ban firearms while he makes money from them. I personally don’t have an issue with that. What I do have an issue with is the Florida Republican party’s implied message.

The ads give the impression that the Florida Republican Party is in favor of gun control. I understand what they’re trying to do here, but lot of fence-sitting Republicans will look at this negatively. The flyer criticizes Winchester for allegedly making “cop-killer bullets” and implies that the manufacture of AR-15 patterns rifles is somehow evil.

The ominous photos and general theme give the impression that Shapiro isn’t really for “common-sense gun safety laws,” but the GOP is. It’s reminiscent of a Chris Christie flyer from when he was running for office in New Jersey.

Do you think the ad is positive or negative when it comes to gun rights in Florida? Does this ad present the ownership of AR-15 pattern rifles in a positive or negative light? Is this the kind of message the Florida GOP should be sending? Or is all fair in love, war and politics?



  1. avatar New Continental Army says:

    So, what is this one big massive troll? Or is the FL GOP that dense?

    1. avatar Bloving says:

      I’m gonna say, “dense”.
      Would’ve been enough to call out the hypocrisy of the socialist, but to then vilify the POTG in the hopes of drawing off a few quasi-Bigots over to the GOP is a step too far.
      Nice if they don’t vote for the socialist but if rather they just stay at home on election day as opposed to vote Republican.

      1. avatar Phil Wilson says:

        And it fails on another level, because leftists don’t care about [their own] hypocrisy. If they did, they wouldn’t be leftists.

    2. avatar Brian says:

      “Dense.” We’re dealing with the Stupid Party here.

      1. avatar Nigel the expat says:

        That list is way too big. You’ll need to narrow it down a bit. 😉

    3. avatar Chip in Florida says:

      “…Or is the FL GOP that dense?”

      I am going to go with ‘Which is more Dense’ for $200 Alex.

      As a resident of South Florida all I have seen in the local political displays are a million Orange Check’s for Moms Demanding Approval and a game of one-up-manship where this candidate is more in favor of gun control than that one, and that one is the most gun-controll-ey of them all!

      And nothing, well almost nothing, from the GOP anywhere.

      1. avatar Just Sayin says:

        Yep. Well stated. Same in SW Fla.
        Fla GOP on pro 2A statements= the sound of crickets.
        (Exception being Putnam for Gov. And mainstream GOP is behind brown noser DeSantis.)
        Some GOP candidates are touting their NRA A+ rating, but anymore that is completely worthless as has been demonstrated.

        There can be no “Daily Double” in this category. And no winner for the Florida populace.

    4. avatar Garrison Hall says:

      Looks like Florida has caught the California disease.

      1. avatar John says:

        More like The Florida R.I.NO’S. have caught the DemoCrap Gun derangement psychosis!

  2. avatar jwm says:

    Which would you rather have in the drivers seat in FL? hillarys party or the Donald’s.

    1. avatar FedUp says:

      The Donald’s party isn’t among the choices in Florida.
      Do you want the party of Hillary, or the party of Rick Scott, Anitere Flores and Rene Garcia?

      1. avatar New Continental Army says:

        For many of the Florida GOP yes, but I thought at least DeSantis was actually a real conservative? Or have I been mislead?

        1. avatar FedUp says:

          I was speaking of the Florida GOP as an organization, not meaning to condemn every single individual politician in the state.

        2. avatar New Continental Army says:

          Ah I see. Seconded.

        3. avatar neiowa says:

          And Charlie Crist, Jebby Bush, Little Marco. It certainly appears that the Fl GOP is a RINO prog cesspool.

        4. avatar Just Sayin says:

          Yes, NCA, you are misinformed.
          Look at the DeSantis voting roll call attendance sheets.
          He is MIA on over 50% of votes. Asshat can’t even bother to show up to the Capital to vote let only be active in the actual activities of governance.
          His winning the governor’s office would be the perfect example of the Peter Principle.

    2. avatar Cauchemar du Singe says:

      The Donald’s REAL “Party” is White Nationalists…defectors and/or non-players with The Uniparty Scam. Many were Seldom or Never Voters thoroughly disgusted with the ongoing choice between a crap sandwich or a stick in the eye, the usual from The D & R Swine.
      The delusional same ol’ same ol’ Repukians were just along for the ride.
      The Demonrats are just a developing dangerous hairball of fringe Out Group, Novo Bolsheviki scum…that need to be hammered down YESTERDAY, along with their (((Puppeteers and Enablers))).
      Trump has awakened The Lion; and if he fails and becomes just another distracting Dog & Pony Show…The Lion is going to rise up and tear the shyte out of everybody.
      I can hardly wait.

  3. avatar Gunr says:

    Shapiro is talking out of both sides of his mouth!

  4. avatar Gerald Fleming says:

    My guess is they hired some fancy New York ad firm who assumes that everyone is against “assault weapons”.

    Also, this is further proof that the whole trend of “gotcha-ism” in politics is stupid. Those who are pro-gun Republicans would never vote for the guy to begin with and those who are anti-gun Democrats would never vote for the Republican contender regardless of this “revelation”.

  5. avatar TexTed says:

    I figure they’re preaching solely to Democrats with that ad. They’re not trying to make any case for gun control, they’re just trying to paint him as a traitor to their pet causes. If f I t makes some D voters stay home, they got what they were looking for.

    1. avatar neiowa says:

      You may be correct. The RINO, who are still living in 1976, STILL think that the electorate includes 60% “moderates” who have no opinions until the week before an election. To win you just need to persuade some to vote your way. As dense/clueless as the progs (and old line statists) of the dem party.

  6. avatar Docduracoat says:

    I agree with Fed Up who seems very well informed about Florida politics.
    Three people he named, Rick Scott, Anitere Flores and Renee Garcia are all Rinos.
    Rick Scott signed the bump stock ban, Flores and Garcia at different times killed open carry by never letting it out of committee for a full vote in the Florida Senate.
    Brian Mast, the war hero who decided citizens should not have AR 15‘s has two challengers in the republican primary
    The Florida Republican primary is coming up and I of course will vote for whoever Trump endorses.
    I would love to vote against gun banner Rick Scott in the primary, but his opponent actually ran for president as a Democrat!
    Who should I vote for judge as you can’t even find out which party the candidates are from ?
    All the judgeship candidates on their homepages have the same bland words so you can’t even tell if they’re democrat or a republican.

    1. avatar FedUp says:

      I feel your pain here in Michigan.
      My Republican Governor is an Ann Arbor Progressive.

      Under orders from Governor Snyder, Republican Senate leadership has refused to allow votes on several pro-gun bills which passed the House by wide, sometimes veto-proof margins. This after the Governor veto’d a popular pro-gun bill in 2012 and didn’t like people calling him an anti-gun RINO for it.

      “Unfortunately, the bill did not allow public schools, day care centers, or public hospitals to prohibit persons from carrying concealed weapons on their premises. For that reason, I am vetoing Senate Bill 59,” Snyder wrote in a letter to the state Senate.

      1. avatar neiowa says:

        Got one here in Iowa also. Squishy faux Rep put into the seat by the former gov (now Ambas to Chicomland). Kimmy is as inoffensive and useless as warm tofu.

        Her demtard opponent and “his” ballbusting shrew of a wife are far lefties. Primary was in June yet they are actually still advertising they personnally finance Planned Murderhood “clinics”.

  7. avatar m. says:

    anti-2a gun grabbers…be careful where the dog s**ts you.

  8. avatar Sian says:

    The “Cop Killer” bullets that Winchester once made were the Teflon-coated Black Talons. Coated to help feeding. Debunked repeatedly as ‘cop killer’ as they did not penetrate common body armor. That never stopped the smear campaign though.

    The Republican party’s attack ad on this guy is amateurish at best, and worryingly negative on things like owning rifles and investing in firearms manufacturers.

    1. avatar frank speak says:

      so who made ktw?…the original teflon bullet

  9. avatar LarryinTX says:

    GOP ad should have just pointed out that the Dem’s actions demonstrate he actually knows that the rubbish in his platform is meaningless, and he advocates silly legislation simply to deceive voters into supporting him.

  10. avatar Geoff says:

    I don’t see the hypocrisy . The GOP attack the Dim. How does that mean the GOP supports gun control? Yeah, there are few we call RINO that do support gun control.
    The Dim wants to restrict the 2nd. Amendment, but supports the gun manufacturers. That is the hypocrisy.
    Getting rich off the companies that make what he wants to ban.

  11. avatar Ralph says:

    Who wrote this post — Larry Pratt?

  12. avatar Emfourty Gasmask says:

    Ads are largely targeted specifically to demographics these days. My guess is that this ad is strictly pointed right at the ultra progressives to suppress their turnout or get them to vote for some alternative Xi/xir post-demi panmonosexual latinX candidate to spoil the race because guns are systematically racist or something.

    Certain democratic voters are intrinsically that stupid, much like certain “true conservative” types were when they voted for McMuffin.

  13. avatar Southern Cross says:

    It’s time to accept the reality that both major, and some minor, political parties hate gun owners.

    Sure they want your votes but when it comes to being tried in the media they will backflip faster than a circus acrobat.

    In Australia we realised this over 30 years ago. One major political party really hates us. The other major political party hates us but not quite as much. And one of the minor political parties has such pathological hatred of legal gun owners that they want us exterminated.

  14. avatar stateisevil says:

    The FL GOP is anti gun. Of all the brownish states Florida has some of the most restrictive laws in the nation. This year the GOP made bump stocks a felony and denied young adults their 2nd amendment rights.

    1. avatar SouthAl says:

      Came here to say the same thing, based on my limited knowledge.

      “The ads give the impression that the Florida Republican Party is in favor of gun control.” Isn’t it? Recent behavior of elected Republicans in FL makes it clear that they are in favor of more gun control.

      1. avatar Raoul Duke says:


  15. avatar Chris T in KY says:

    I’m glad we have a right wing republican christian who has sex in the missionary position with the lights turned out, as a governor. Gov Matt Bevin publicly stated after the school shooting in Marshal county back in January that he supported teachers having guns in school, to protect the children.

    Sen. Rand Paul is also a plus as well.

  16. avatar el Possum Guapo says:

    can not the vote take to vote?, single stage workshop press it rains overtime. Not in Florida

  17. avatar Jack says:

    “The ads give the impression that the Florida Republican Party is in favor of gun control. I understand what they’re trying to do here, but lot of fence-sitting Republicans will look at this negatively. ”

    I disagree. I think the ads are aimed at Democrats not Republicans. You win races by both convincing your people to come out and convincing the other side to stay home. This ad is attempting to do the latter.

  18. avatar Gun Owning American says:

    Wouldn’t the Left love cop killer bullets now?

  19. avatar little horn says:

    so what?

  20. avatar Tim Torian says:

    50% of Democraps who say they support gun control are lying to themselves and their conscience in order to follow the party line rather than ACTUALLY thinking for themselves. That makes them un-American and stupid because they would vote away rights and freedoms. And we know what could happen to such people.

  21. avatar Raoul Duke says:

    Who is the GOP to call out the Demtards when the GOP recently passed a big gun control bill back in March because of Parkland with Scott’s blessing?

    Those hypocrites have no right to call out the Dems for what they did!!! They are no better than Dem’s in that regard.

  22. avatar Free Texas says:

    Fools or knaves, behind that ad, there’s no tertium quid.

    What they COULD HAVE said was “Shapiro actually is an investor in the firearms industry, which, although it suggests he is a hypocrite or political opportunist, might really be a reflection of Shapiro’s appreciation of the facts about guns. He must know that X times as many more Americans use a firearm to defend themselves against violent crime than use a firearm during the commission of a crime, and Y % of them are women defending themselves against rape as well as against assault or murder. But in the interests of honesty and full disclosure, Shapiro should in the least be willing to share these statistical realities with his constituents rather than cynically preying on their ignorance in order to pick up a few votes.” Brought to you by the Florida GOP.

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