Florida Democrats Targeting Preemption, Stand Your Ground and Conceal Carry

Florida Nikki Fried NRA Gun Control Stand Your Ground Preemption

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The Democrat candidate for Florida Agriculture Commissioner, Nikki Fried, is no friend of Florida gun owners. As we reported in our Florida primary election article, Fried backs ever more gun control restrictions and wants to make concealed weapon permits in particular much harder to get. She also supports removing the state’s preemption law in favor of allowing cities to pass their own patchwork of gun control laws across the state.

In a video she released this week, Fried openly states that her goal is to make it much harder for Floridians to exercise their Second Amendment rights. And she apparently thinks she’s running against the NRA rather than her GOP challenger, Matt Caldwell.

Oh, and Fried told the Tampa Bay Times that as a gun owner herself, her stance is totally non-partisan.

Employees of the Department will work for the people of Florida. Neither the Department, nor its employees will carry out the interests of the NRA, or any outside group that seeks to unduly influence the rules that apply to them. For the past eight years the NRA has run Florida’s Department of Agriculture. That ends on Nov. 6. Tallahassee politicians have forgotten who they work for. This year, that’s going to change.

Fried, in conjunction with Andrew Gillum (Democrat candidate for Governor) and Sean Shaw (Democrat candidate for Attorney General) are pushing the gun control trifecta: the elimination of stand your ground protections, banning “assault seapons” and targeting concealed weapons permits.

Just last week Gillum visited Broward County (Parkland) and attacked Florida’s concealed weapons permit system too. And he just happens to be running even with Ron DeSantis in the polls at the moment.

Additionally, he states on his campaign website that he has

…led the charge for more common sense gun safety policies including a ban on assault weapons, large capacity magazines, and bump stocks; strengthening and requiring universal background checks for all gun sales; closing private sale loopholes; restricting gun access for the mentally ill and known foreign and domestic terrorists; closing the “Boyfriend Loophole” and prohibiting gun possession for those with felony and misdemeanor domestic violence and stalking convictions; and banning the purchase and possession of armor piercing bullets.

Shaw recently told the Miami Herald that

He would use his office as a “bully pulpit” to repeal the Stand Your Ground law.

And back in August he told the Capitol News Services that

“My goal is eradicating the type of violence that resulted in the lives of Floridians being cut too short at places such as the Pulse Night Club, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the Clearwater convenience store,” said Shaw.

In other words, as a famous politician and dedicated foe of civilian gun ownership once said, elections have consequences.


  1. avatar Ralph says:

    Mitch Ryder was wrong. She’s the devil with the blue dress, not red.

  2. avatar Nanashi says:

    Talked to Caldwell during the primary. Understood my view that the Cagel endorsement made NRA endorsements worthless and agreed that machine gun bans and restrictions on minors purchasing firearms were unconstitutional. Seems like a good man.

  3. avatar LarryinTX says:

    Let me guess; somehow CC licenses fall under the purview of the Agriculture Commission? WTF?

    1. avatar Bob in Florida says:


      The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has the Division of Licensing which administers Florida’s concealed weapon licensing program and oversees Florida’s private investigative, private security and recovery services (repo men) industries.

      The division’s regulatory oversight of private investigative, private security and recovery services includes licensing, enforcing compliance standards, and ensuring public protection from unethical business practices and unlicensed activity.

      So other than controlling concealed weapon licenses, the Division of Licensing also handles the certification private investigators, security guards, and repo men.

    2. avatar pod says:

      Better them than the police. I’d rather not have law enforcement near the permitting system, if we have to have a permitting system.

      The full name is the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Historically in Florida they have handled all manner of occupational licensing – the second part “consumer services” covers that. So, they were basically set up to administer a licensing system. All that needed to be done was wire in a background check function and ba-da-boom. The CWFL program here actually pays for itself and is a rare example of government being somewhat efficient. During quiet times you can get your permit in less than a week.

      And yes, it was kept away from FDLE for political reasons.

      1. avatar Willis Smith says:

        Before the state issued CC permits, the local sheriff’s department issued them. What a mess that was with each county having their own standards.

        1. avatar Jared says:

          The County Commission issued them, not the sheriff.

  4. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    Someone needs to start a campaign ad which shows the stupidity of Fried’s positions and then finishes with something like, “Her brain is Fried.”

  5. avatar m. says:

    ag. commissioners usually have something to do with bulls**t, not surprised

    1. avatar Jim Joneston says:

      Guys..this is by DESIGN.

      When the law was passed in 1987 they wanted it put under a non-law enforcement agency so the State Police, Sheriffs etc(who are usually hostile to us average Joe’s carrying) had NOTHING to do with issuing licenses.

      Really doesn’t matter who is Ag Commissioner. They have strict rules to follow and don’t have any real power or authority to do anything about issuing licenses. Not saying it’s better that a liberal Dem is in the position….just saying that is was put under the Ag Dept for this very reason.

      1. avatar Bob in Florida says:

        Jim Joneston is right and wrong.

        1. Florida has no State Police then and now. There are numerous State Law Enforcement Agencies. Back then you had Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FL version of FBI), Marine Patrol, Game & Fresh Water Fish Commission, Div. of Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco, Fire Marshals, etc…. Even back then, Agriculture had their own law enforcement agency like they do today. Everything is split up.

        2. Prior to Shall Issue CCW in 1987. It was up to the County Sheriff. In Dade County, Metro-Dade PD issued permits only to the rich and connected. If you owned a business and made a lot of money or were related to/was a cop. You got a permit. If you were Joe Nobody. You got denied.

        3. The Agriculture Commissioner has a lot of power. They can decrease the staff of the folks handling permits, change the application process and requirements, remove local field offices, make everything pen and paper instead of online, have you show up in person to Tallahassee instead of doing it by mail, and lastly use the office as a bully pulpit to push for the legislators to change the law.

        4. Unlike some other states, Florida treats Cabinet positions as Constitutional Offices. Our government is run very much like the Soviet Politburo. You have the Governor who acts as the Premier. Then you have the Commissioner of Agriculture, Chief Financial Officer, and Attorney General. All three of them have massive amounts of control over various separate law enforcement agencies and civil agencies, all of who have mission creep in their jurisdiction and compete among on another like the Red Army, KGB, GRU, and Interior Ministry did back in the days of the USSR.

        1. avatar pod says:

          These clowns want may-issue back. They want the local police to have the final say, which basically means we’d turn into New York. Middle-of-nowhere counties would be shall-issue depending on the political tradewinds, and Dade County would be may-issue if you have money or know someone. Which is to say no-issue pretty much.

          However, undoing the CWFL system would bite them in the ass. There’s nearly 2 million people with CWFL permits in the state right now. Obvious attrition would kick in and they’d expire, but something tells me a lot of people would carry anyways.

  6. avatar m. says:

    go back to your true calling: o**l sex, biscuits, and diapers

    1. avatar The Hell with Fried says:

      Just write ‘sucking dicks’, choad.

  7. avatar Chip in Florida says:

    “…as Commissioner of Agriculture, I won’t be beholden to you [NRA]—but to the people of Florida

    I am the NRA.


    1. avatar Bob in Florida says:

      And Marion Hammer (NRA lobbyist in FL) thanks you for her $300k a year to tell Floridians that bump stocks are bad.

  8. avatar neiowa says:

    The demtards are going to be spanked in Nov. Are running hordes (or a coven) of brainless little Milliennial girls. These harpies LOVE socialism, believe all the NOW BS and their sacrament is abortion and Hillary is their prophet. Nov 7 they are going to be crying pound me to.and demonstrating against men.

    Damn shame there are so many retread RINOs on the ballot nationwide.

    1. avatar Bob in Florida says:

      Florida is tied for a Democrat victory and the demographic changes occurring due to migration from the Northeast, the Caribbean, and Latin America have the Conservative voting base being out-breed and displaced.

      Rick Scott only won both elections for a one percent lead. Trump only won with a two percent lead. And that was before the massive evacuation of Puerto Ricans to Florida after Hurricane Irma and Maria. Which who happen to be majority Democrat voters.

      1. avatar pod says:

        Not to sound like an asshole but I think there should be residency requirements to vote in local and state elections. I don’t think someone who has been here for a week (no matter where they came from) should have any real say in things. They need to soak up the local color a bit and get used to things. I think five years of residency should qualify you for the franchise. The New Yorkers, the PRs, and so on need to cool their heels and bit and fuck off with that shit.

        Yeah there’d be a bit of a clusterfuck since you’d need “resident/nonresident” ballots but shit, when it comes to this sort of thing, I’ll concede the need for bureaucracy.

  9. avatar Roger J says:

    Matt Caldwell is a solid Constitutionalist who’s family has been in Florida for 150 years. He dearly loves the State and liberty.

  10. avatar Parnell says:

    “My goal is eradicating the type of violence that resulted in the lives of Floridians being cut too short at places such as the Pulse Night Club, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the Clearwater convenience store,” said Shaw. Really? How? Through more laws like the ones the perps in your examples ignored?

    1. avatar pod says:

      Those laws require enforcers.

      But yet these politicians hate law enforcement? If I were a cop, why would I do my job if my boss hated what I did? If Gillium gets the governorship and I was a statie, I’d just sit on my butt all day writing reports so it looked like I was doing something. I certainly wouldn’t go out and enforce gun control laws, or get shot at by one of his childhood friends.

  11. avatar Ed Schrade says:

    One would think that having a platform or public statement that says they are against a constitutional right would be barred from holding office since the candidate is vowing to break the oath that the will be required to take.

  12. avatar Gladius et Scutum says:

    Damn, you could use that bitch Nikki Fried’s face to chisel through granite. Is she on facelift number 9000 or what? She looks like a a 20 year old lizard.

    1. avatar Scoutino says:

      That’s her? I thought they for some reason posted random pictures of Ming, the merciless after he got his goatee shaved. Must be the eyebrows.

  13. avatar CZJay says:

    Meanwhile in a country of Spanish speakers that has all the fancy gun laws politicians want:

    I wonder how many permission slips they handed out so the civilians could protect their life, liberty and property.

    1. avatar pod says:

      Exactly. Florida wouldn’t be a case like New York where aside from hunting and target shooting, there was no “gun culture” per se. In other words, there wasn’t a lot to clamp down on in terms of guns.

      Florida’s called the Gunshine State for a reason. We got a lot of guns (including evil black rifles both full-auto and otherwise) and we also have a lot of gun companies. Spikes, CORE, Century, Taurus, KUSA, KAC, Kel-Tec, Serbu, and umpteen thousand little FFLs selling and building guns. It would be very difficult to stomp out, assuming legislation was successful. Plus we have vociferous representation such as Florida Carry, Marion Hammer, and so on down the line.

      The Dems would lose the moderate vote, which would even shirk at the whole idea of making criminals out of people that didn’t do anything wrong to begin with.

      Noncompliance would be the norm. Sure, you couldn’t bop out to a commercial range and shoot your (hypothetically) illegal gun, but there’s plenty of woods and swamps in our State.

  14. avatar GS650G says:

    Fortunately my FL permit is good for 4 more years so if this harlet gets in she might get thrown out before I have to renew. You know she’ll get the fees raised, slow down an already slow process and maybe even do what the convicted PA AG did and restrict out of state applications.

  15. avatar C C Haagensen says:

    Look at those eyes scan those cue cards! Either she’s a puppet just reading someone else’s words, without a lick of conviction, or off her meds. Love the over acting in the facial expressions, too. Wonder how many takes they rolled on to get this lightweight doing her reading (and over acting) just right? Question: Does she know where eggs or milk come from?

  16. avatar BRUCE CLARK says:

    She won’t get elected and neither will that imbecile the Socialist/Liberals have nominated for Governor. Don’t worry about Florida, worry about your Blue states. We don’t need your concerns here in Florida. Just more garbage fake news.

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