Florida Democrat Gubernatorial Primary Race And What it Means For Gun Owners

Democratic candidates for Florida governor (from left): Real estate investor Jeff Greene, former Miami Beach Mayor Jeff Levine, former Congresswoman Gwen Graham, Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, and businessman Chris King.

As many of our readers may know, the primary for the Sunshine State governor’s seat is August 28. On the Democrat side, it’s a full field…full of proud gun-grabbers, that is. Currently leading the pack is Gwen Graham, a one-time member of Congress and the daughter of Florida’s former governor, Bob Graham.

Gwen Graham Florida Governor Assault Weapons Ban Promise Decree

She rose to the top spot (20% in a recent Florida Atlantic University poll) by making a bold proclamation. She promised, If elected, to ban ‘assault weapons’ via executive order in her first week in office.

“My commitment to you is action, not words. I have found a public safety statute that allows the Governor, whoever she may be, to sign an executive order for public safety reasons banning the sale of military assault weapons,”

And straight from her campaign website comes this:

“The Legislature has shown they’re not willing to act, and Adam Putnam isn’t even enforcing the weak background check laws we have today. I’m not willing to wait until the next tragedy. In my first week of office, I will issue a pair of executive orders to immediately ban the sale of military-style assault weapons and to implement universal background checks on all gun sales,” Graham said. “I have no doubt the NRA will sue me to stop these commonsense proposals — but, I’ve beat them before, and I’m going to beat them again as governor.”

It may surprise her to learn that the Constitution doesn’t really allow for such a thing.

Currently in second place (16% in the FAU Poll) is Phillip Levine, the former mayor of Miami Beach and a major bankroller in the post-Parkland gun control movement in Florida.

To give you an idea of how left-leaning Miami Beach is, the current Chief of Police (installed by Levine) is Daniel J. Oates. He’s the head LEO who supported his cops going in with guns drawn at law-abiding Floridians open carrying while fishing recently (read here, here, here, and here).

Following up in third place (14% FAU Poll) is Jeff Greene, a man who once actually ran for office as a Republican back in 1982 for California’s 23rd Congressional District race.

Greene is your typical jet-setting limousine leftist. At the 2015 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland he told the world,

“America’s lifestyle expectations are far too high and need to be adjusted so we have less things and a smaller, better existence. We need to reinvent our whole system of life”. – Bloomberg News

Greene was met with some criticism after it came out that he had flown his wife, children and two nannies on a private jet to Davos for the week. He views the Second Amendment pretty much as you’d expect. He is against citizens owning firearms, but he sure loves his armed security.

The fourth place position (9% FAU Poll) is occupied by Chris King, another rich, do-as-I say-not-as-I-do socialist. King stands out because he’s promised to refuse to accepting campaign contributions from Big Sugar. But he does have backing from Twitter’s corporate board.

In last place (7% FAU Poll) is current Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum. Always ready to side with anything that would help benefit his career, Gillum keeps his opposition to Second Amendment freedoms front and center.

Gillum went from being a rising star in the Democrat Party to being a zero. It all happened when he hitched his wagon to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Rumored to have been her choice as a running mate, it all came crashing down in the rigged primary process.

Now, however, Gillum has Bernie Sanders endorsemnt…for better or worse.

“Andrew has never backed down from a fight, including beating the NRA and standing up against xenophobic politicians. Andrew Gillum will set a new course for Florida — a governor who represents all the people and not just powerful special interests.” Sanders said in a statement released by the Gillum campaign to the Tallahassee Democrat.

In the end, they are all threats to Floridians’ Second Amendment rights and would gladly support the limitation or removal of our civil liberties. At the last Democratic Primary debate last night all five candidates vowed to repeal Florida’s stand your ground law and, of course, attacked the NRA.

Gillum boasted that he’s already fought the NRA. “It simply said you cannot shoot guns in parks where our children play and our families picnic. They said that was too radical,” Gillum said. “We need to untangle the power hold the NRA has.”

Greene said, “I think what they (the NRA) have done to our communities is repulsive, making our schools unsafe.”

Graham said she will sign an executive order banning the sale of assault weapons, even though she knows it will be challenged in court by the NRA — “Bring it on.”

King called for a tax on bullets to pay for school security.

Levine said the state needs to have an Education Security Administration. “People ask, ‘Can we afford it? … My answer to that is we can’t afford not to.”

Make no mistake, Florida, they are not on our side and want us all disarmed.





  1. avatar former water walker says:

    Sounds like Floriduh is headed toward an ILLinois style state. Gunshine my tired white butt😖😩😢

    1. avatar Ed says:

      That’s exactly what happens when so many of those brilliant yankees move south for jobs and/or retirement weather: They bring their anti-Constitution, nanny-state politics along with them, and start overwhelming the freedom-loving natives via the ballot box. Isn’t mob-rule “democracy” wonderful?

      1. avatar Ironhead says:

        My wife and I left Illinois to get away from the leftist bullshit. Don’t start throwing everyone leaving Killinois in the same group.

        1. avatar Ed says:

          Ok, you’re a special exception. Congratulations. Unfortunately, far too many more of your compatriots are busily proving the rule.

  2. avatar Rocketman says:

    Sounds like the five democrat candidate choices are s**t, c**p, dung, poop and manure.

  3. avatar Brian says:

    Last time a bunch of Florida dems decided the constitution didn’t apply to them 150 years ago, didn’t work out so well for them. Guess they’re game for another try though.

    1. avatar Jonathan-Houston says:

      Lame, invalid comparison.

  4. avatar m. says:

    where is the amazing management guy (israel) in this photo?

  5. avatar Brian says:

    is an “education security administration” anything like a cross between the Department of Corrections and TSA?

  6. avatar Shire-man says:

    I love it when rich people with bodyguards talk about how the poor should be poorer and have all their guns taken away. We’re like little unwanted pests to the Al Gores, Ted Turners and Mike Bloombergs of the world.

  7. avatar Stateisevil says:

    And yet the Florida GOP, congratulated by Cheetoh himself, banned 18-20 year olds from buying firearms, made bump stocks and binary triggers felonies, enacted a state wide waiting period for all firearms, and enacted “confiscate now, due process later” legislation. Vote Republican! How about instead we elect democrats, and then shoot them and the people who attempt to enforce their laws? I know, that’s extreme but that is what the 2nd amendment is for in a big way. No, instead we’ll kick the can down the road a little bit farther in order to delay the inevitable. A distant psychological precursor to “if I just strip naked and run into the ditch, maybe they won’t machine gun me in the head.” Or, if I just take a train ride to the work camp and behave myself everything will be ok.

    1. avatar m. says:

      maybe you’d like to have the muslim back in the white mosque, or re-run h. r. clit-on, ahole

  8. avatar Geoff "Mess with the Bull, get the Horns" PR says:

    Democrat Gov. candidate Jeff Greene :

    “America’s lifestyle expectations are far too high and need to be adjusted so we have less things and a smaller, better existence. We need to reinvent our whole system of life”.

    Get used to seeing more of that line of ‘thought’ from the Leftists.

    According to them, America needs to be “cut down to size” in all ways, especially economically.

    That is the essence of ‘Agenda 21’ in action. There should be limits on the size and type of housing you can buy, vehicles you can be ‘allowed’ to own, etc…

  9. avatar WhiteDevil says:

    If a fucking cop pulls his gun on unlawfully, I’ll draw mine and shoot the son-of-a-bitch. You don’t get to threaten my life because you don’t like what I’m doing, you piece of shit. How is what these thugs are doing any different than someone committing assault with a deadly weapon and threatening your life, allowing you to legally and properly defend yourself? Those motherfuckers would never have gotten me in handcuffs or taken my firearm. This is absolute bullshit that they think they can do that shit and walk away from it.

    1. avatar D says:

      That’s pretty easy to say behind a computer screen. Pull at gun when cop is pointing a gun at you and you will be shot dead before you gun leaves the holster. Good plan.

      1. avatar EWTHeckman says:

        Not only that, they’ll play the body cam footage proving that the police were fully justified in shooting to kill.

        Remember, the common rule for 2nd Amendment supporters in confrontations with police are:

        1) The police are always right.

        2) When the police are wrong, see rule #1.

      2. avatar WhiteDevil says:

        Yeah, I’ve had to deal with over-zealous cops without the protection of a computer screen before. I’m didn’t allow them to threaten me or anyone I care about. Though, I do admit that most of what I said isn’t reasonable, but, I’m sick of seeing these fascistic thugs engaging in this type of behavior without any serious repercussions. It just lights a fire in me. As to EWT, you can go ahead and bow down to your masters, but, I will not. The police are not “always right” and should never be treated as such. If they are in the wrong then you have every right to call them on the carpet for it. That is the attitude that got us into this mess in the first place. Complancency and the acceptance of the status quo. Go ahead and find something wrong with what I said instead of expressing disgust at what these armed thugs did. That’s just great. They committed multiple crimes on camera, yet, they are still treated as officers of the law. When, in fact, they are no different from the meth freaks who hold you at knifepoint to get what they want. Who needs enemies when you got friends like these.

        1. avatar Ed Schrade says:

          WhiteDevil……. I was on a jury in which the ” star witness” was a state trooper, sargent in rank. He was the most arrogant, obnoxious, self centered s o b I ever saw. This officer had the attitude, which was plain to see , that how dare anyone even dare to question him. There was no conviction..

        2. avatar WhiteDevil says:

          Ed schrade. It’s disgusting isn’t it? Qualified immunity is such a misscariage of justice that whoever alllowed it should be tried and convicted for conspiracy to deny civil rights. I cannot stand the arrogance of some of these cops who think they are our masters and we should serve them to make their jobs easier.

        3. avatar EWTHeckman says:

          I didn’t say it was right. Just that that’s frequently the attitude of such cops, the courts who protect them, and the media. Ignoring that strikes me as poor tactics.

        4. avatar WhiteDevil says:

          EWT, then I apologize as I thought you were saying something completely different.

    2. avatar uncommon_sense says:


      What those cops did was extremely heinous and criminal.

      Unfortunately, the openly armed fishermen were outnumbered something like three-to-one and the police already had firearms drawn. Attempting to draw your firearm in self-defense in that scenario will accomplish nothing more than assuring your death.

      The only effective self-defense to a situation like that is having three snipers on overwatch with semi-auto rifles and suppressors — and hoping that each of those three snipers can take down two enemy targets before any remaining enemy targets start shooting at anyone.

      What an incredibly sad and awful statement it is about modern law enforcement that three guys exercising their God-given, Natural rights need three competent snipers on overwatch to enforce the exercise of their rights.

      1. avatar WhiteDevil says:

        I agree completely. I should have waited about 15 minutes to cool down and then written a response. It just pisses me off more than anything to see this and having people just accept it as standard or acceptable. It’s despicable.

    3. avatar Josh says:

      I’ll draw mine blablabla. I’ll do this and that blablabla. I am not afraid of anyone blablabla. I have been harassed by cops and I did this and that to show them blablabla. Give me a break keyboard warrior!!!

      1. avatar WhiteDevil says:

        Go ahead and bow down and put up no resistance when armed thugs of the state attempt to deny you the free exercise of your civil rights. As I have said in my previous comment, I don’t allow officers to attempt pull that bullshit on me and have stopped them multiple times. I know I came off a little aggressive with my post and I should have cooled down before I said that. Yet, go ahead and mock me. I don’t have any care what someone who would rather mock people on the side of constitutional rights has to say. Keyboard warrior. That’s super clever and cliche. Piss off. What a good friend to the defender of rights you are to mock a person on your side of the aisle.

    4. avatar RickFZE says:

      You just hate cops in general admit it. You also have a big mouth and you know very well you wouldn’t do anything of what you stated because that would be the end of the road for you.

      They wouldn’t do that to me, and I would tell them and show them….

      I would not be surprised if you were the kind of genius who does his best to get pulled over just to run his mouth while filming and sharing his non sense with the internet.

      1. avatar WhiteDevil says:

        No dipshit, I don’t hate cops. I hate cops who overstep their boundaries and get away with things like this. As should anyone. I also don’t go looking for trouble and am not an overt asshole in any regard towards officers. I just won’t allow assholes to get away with denying me my civil rights and not getting any sort of pushback. Many of my greatest friends are cops. Once again, find something wrong with what I said instead of seeing the thugs in Miami for what they are.

        1. avatar WhiteDevil says:

          Also, I don’t place judgement upon a group for the actions of a few individuals. That’s the basis of racism and pure bigotry.

  10. avatar EWTHeckman says:

    It’s not just the 2nd Amendment of the Federal Constitution these mental midgets want to violate. They also want to violate Florida’s own constitution:

    SECTION 8. Right to bear arms.—
    (a) The right of the people to keep and bear arms in defense of themselves and of the lawful authority of the state shall not be infringed, except that the manner of bearing arms may be regulated by law.

    (Note: The rest of Section 8 (subsections b through d) implement a 3 day waiting period for handguns.)

    “Yay! Let’s vote for public officials who openly tell us they intend on breaking the law! Ain’t we so smart?!?”

  11. avatar Joe R. says:

    F da commies.

  12. avatar Jimmy james says:

    OMG! They are all completely terrible in their own unique way.

  13. avatar 2aguy says:

    Any vote for a democrat anywhere, at any level is a vote to end the 2nd Amendment. You may hate republicans but they are the only ones in the U.S. Senate who can replace Ginsburg, and Breyer, and likely Thomas when he retires…… and at the local level, the democrats can violate the Right to own guns until the courts stop them….if you value your Right to bear arms…vote republican through Trumps term in office.

  14. avatar Nanashi says:

    Well at least DeSantis is a good gubernatorial candidate (even if he never introduced the legislation I asked him to) instead of a lukewarm windsock like the party kept running for President for decades (Bush, Bush, McCain, Romney.)

  15. avatar Jay in Floriduh says:

    We don’t have any good choices for Governor. But I don’t believe that a Dimwit Lib has a chance quite yet.
    Maybe another 6 or 12 years they might.
    Florida voters cant depend on a letter behind a candidates name.
    They are all the same. Useless. Some worse then others.
    The South Eastern lower coast is a lost cause. Too many displaced North Eastern scum have moved down here.
    Thankfully the majority of the state wont vote for a Dim. Not yet on a state level job anyway.
    I hope Im right but you cant count on anything as it was in the past down here anymore.

    1. avatar Nanashi says:

      What’s wrong with DeSantis, who is currently ahead in the Republican primary based on polls?

      1. avatar Jay in Florida says:

        Probably not much wrong with Desantis. But I don’t know his record and never heard of him before all this.
        Putnam on the other hand as Agricultural chief. I do know and plan on voting for.

      2. avatar Mike Smith says:

        Just that he’s a Trump bootlicker, which means the best way to get one of these liberal Jokers elected is to vote for him.

        Putnam is a solid conservative and has good make recognition and perception already.

    2. avatar Some guy says:

      The repub senate race is worse. We have Benedict Scott or Rocky Was a Dem Last Year.

  16. avatar Ing says:

    “America’s lifestyle expectations are far too high and need to be adjusted so we have less things and a smaller, better existence.

    You first, Greeny Boy. My existence is too small for comfort as it is, and “better” isn’t anywhere in sight as long as this crony-socialist system of yours remains in place.

    Jeff Greene is Nick Hanauer’s Floridian doppelganger. On the surface they’re virtuous socialists, but they’re deathly afraid that the indoctrinated proles will get woke enough to forget their proper place.

    If the proles go full communist, Greene and Hanauer will wind up dead or doing forced labor with the other bourgeois elitists while some former Antifa organizer sips champagne aboard the private jet that once flew them to Davos. Can’t have that!

    And if the socialist edifice crumbles enough to let the rest of America see just how unnecessary the Greenes and Hanauers of the world are to the workings of a free market — indeed, how inimical they are to prosperity itself — the gravy train ends. Can’t have that either.

    So these bloated ticks and leeches give speeches about how other people need to be happier with less while they run for public office, fund slick campaigns to get people to vote their own rights away, and keep right on sucking the vitality out of our culture and economy. It can’t go on like this forever.

    Who’s going to rise up first, the freedom-minded Americans, or the socialist ones?

  17. avatar Nanashi says:

    Who is least likely to win the general election? My dad is registered as a Democrat so he can vote in primaries based on that.

  18. avatar Tim22 says:

    Too many libs from the Northeast and too many Haitians, Puerto Ricans etc have moved to FL. It will turn blue sooner or later and it is inevitable. Most elected Republicans in the Sunshine State have been terrible as well on other issues than the 2A. Rubio as a Senator, and Scott as a Governor are two good examples.

  19. avatar Kyle in Upstate NY says:

    Let’s not write Florida off yet. We must remain vigilant. Hopefully eventually SCOTYS can permanently end so-called assault weapons bans.

  20. avatar Kenneth G Maiden says:

    As the commie kalifornia infection spreads. Folks in Florida are F**K’d.

  21. avatar Chip in Florida says:

    I fear for my State! The major metro areas are going so very blue while the rest of the rational, normal people are simply getting out numbered. We really are turning into Southern New York where the ‘City is making all the rules and the rest of the state has to suffer.

  22. avatar Adam says:

    Honestly, a Democrat winning in Florida and banning assault weapons might be good for us. We should have a more solid 5-4 and possibly even 6-3 SCOTUS majority by the time the court case works it way up and then hopefully AWBs can be abolished nationwide.

    Like I keep telling everyone, we just need to keep Republicans in the Senate and President just long enough to stack the Supreme Court in our favor. Once that happens, we can start voting our turds like Trump and maybe get some principled politicians in office like Rand Paul.

  23. avatar Mike says:

    My wife and I are actively working to get the hell out of Southern Illinois and move to the panhandle. I don’t like the idea of us moving to a free state to have it taken over by the same type of socialist, elitist, communist A$$holes we are infested with in the Democratic Peoples Republic of Illinois. At least we will be two additional strong 2A, conservative votes for Florida.

    1. avatar JD says:

      We left St. Pete and moved to the panhandle in May. Best decision of my life. At least I know no matter what stupid anti-gun laws may get passed that my collection is safe and useable on my property for as long as I live. The only reason I have multiples of some firearms is for defense of home. The people up here are true red blooded Americans and don’t cotton to that leftist crap very well.

  24. “It may surprise [Gwen Graham] to learn that the Constitution doesn’t really allow for such a thing.”
    It may surprise her even more to learn that there is no such thing as “assault weapons”, so by issuing an executive order saying “all sales of assault weapons are banned”, she would ban exactly zero guns. Or maybe her executive order would actually ban baseball bats, since baseball bats and other blunt weapons are used to kill more people each year than rifles (all types of rifles COMBINED!) are, so a baseball bat is more of an “assault weapon” than a black rifle, since they kill more people every year than black rifles.

    Issuing an executive order banning “assault weapons” is like issuing an executive order banning “harmful drugs.” Orders of magnitude more people die each year from Tylenol than from marijuana, so no governor is stupid enough to ban “harmful drugs” without defining them specifically, and yet Gwen Graham thinks “assault weapons” (whatever she imagines them to be — black guns? Scary-looking guns?) can be banned with such a vague executive order! The executive order would be challenged by lawsuits within five minutes of its signature, and immediately overturned by any honest judge, so it would never go into effect.

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