Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody
Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody (AP Photo/Steve Cannon)
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The news out of Florida in terms of gun rights hasn’t been very good in the last year and a half since Parkland. Any state named “most improved” by a civilian disarmament operation like Giffords has some serious problems where the Second Amendment is concerned.

Serious problems like the current ballot initiative that would outlaw all “assault weapons”. What’s the initiative’s definition of an “assault weapon?” There’s the rub.

The measure would ban possession of semiautomatic rifles and shotguns. Semiautomatic would be defined by the measure as “any weapon which fires a single projectile or a number of ball shots through a rifled or smooth bore for each single function of the trigger without further manual action required.” Assault weapon would be defined by the measure as “any semiautomatic rifle or shotgun capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition at once, either in a fixed or detachable magazine, or any other ammunition feeding device.” The definition of assault weapon would exclude handguns under the measure.

Yes, it’s that bad. But all is not yet lost in the land formerly known as The Gunshine State.

In a move that has Florida anti-gunners all a-twitter with shock and outrage . . .

Florida’s Republican attorney general is trying to scuttle a proposed constitutional amendment that would ban the type of rifle used in last year’s Parkland school shooting, a move that comes as the state’s gun control debate intensifies heading into 2020.

Attorney General Ashley Moody asked the state Supreme Court on Friday to block the ballot initiative, which is being pushed by Miami-based Ban Assault Weapons Now, a group that wants to ban most semiautomatic rifles. The group has gathered more than 99,000 certified signatures so far, enough to trigger an automatic legal review of the amendment by the state’s highest court.

Why does Moody object to a ballot measure that proponents say is only designed to get “weapons of war” off of Florida’s streets? Well . . .

In a notice filed with the court, Moody said that the proposal as worded would ban “the possession of virtually every semi-automatic long-gun. To be included on the ballot, the sprawling practical effect must be revealed in the ballot language.”

Moody also said that a provision that would grandfather existing owners of semiautomatic weapons is misleading because it requires owners to register their guns within a year. She called the amendment language “deficient” and said it would mislead voters.

The anti-gun empire is fighting back with all the usual weapons.

We’re not sure that those NRA ratings carry quite the same weight they did five months ago, but if that’s all the Florida Democrats’ jefe has, we like Moody’s chances.

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  1. Unfortunately, we get the government we deserve.

    Florida needs to un-do the statute that’s makes it so easy to get an amendment on the ballot.

    It was originally passed so chickenshot state legislators could say “get it put on the ballot” instead of defending the constitution and calling out bullshit statutes.

    • Shouldnt that be YOU get the government THEY decided you deserve?
      Realistically what can I, you or anyone do when it’s a mob rule situation?
      All the naysayers at Jonestown still ended up face down in the mud because the mob knew better.

    • The Constitution of any state should be intended to protect the rights of the people. It should be extremely difficult to change. If it’s easier to change the Constitution than to pass a law, then the Constitution is meaningless.

      • Our CA Constitution (Art III Sec I) clearly states that the U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and in those very words. But Sacramento continues to use it for toilet paper.

        • I told you they will move to get rid of semi autos and the government is in support. You see how it’s happening in Florida. It’s just a matter of time.

    • “Unfortunately, we get the government we deserve.”

      That statement couldn’t be more wrong for Florida. Florida has spent the last 30 years being absolutely overrun with New England liberals who are hell bent on destroying the state, and essentially making it a colony of New York. It’s a testament of southern strength that Florida has managed to resist for so long. Unfortunately though, the rising tide of liberals can’t be held off forever. With DeSantis and several solidly conservative measures he’s preformed, he bought Florida more time, but ultimately Florida’s fall may be inevitable. Which will be very bad for you, regardless of where you live. Because if Florida goes full blue, the liberals will begin pouring into the rest of the south, breaking the back of organized conservatism nationally. It will also be a huge boon for more liberals in congress and electoral college points. Keeping Florida red is just as important as keeping Texas red.

      Now, what you stated about ballot measures is spot on. Changing the state constitution via popular vote is straight tyranny.

      • Thank you for the thoughtful post. I think it’s just a matter of time until the next Civil War, sadly.

        • My first thought was, “Civil war? Yeah, no.” But then I imagined all individuals of the “Florida Man” headlines uniting as one to create a “Florida Man Army” and suddenly I’m not so sure. The headlines will be fantastic.

        • Naww… Too many Republicans are law abiding government lovers. It will have to be the “anarchists” that get it started, but they will lose because they will have to fight the Democrats and the Republicans.

          Remember the first civil war was won by the feds?

          The big government loving Republicans will have people marching into DHS detention centers to get interrogated with advance interrogation techniques and executed for treason. After all, you are either with us or the Antifa terrorists.

        • After all, you are either with us or the Antifa terrorists.

          You use a lot of strawman and red herring arguments. antifa certainly does use terrorist techniques and has used terrorism. they have advocated and committed political violence to shut down free speech often enough.

          As far as your railing about republicans, you are obviously not a data or fact driven person. Yes you can find republican elected officials not very strong on gun rights, but the data shows they are outliers. In all meaningful context today, gun control is a partisan issue, likely the most partisan aligned issue there is.

      • I agree with you 1000%. Ive seen this go from a nice rural State to almost a clone of NY. My area is now a total shithole of what it used to be.

        • It’s very sad indeed. I live out in the sticks on the central ridge so it hasn’t touched my area yet. But anyone who says “Florida isn’t a real southern state” has never set foot outside Orlando. The rural parts of this state are culturally like Alabama and South Georgia. I’m secretly hoping that the fear of rising ocean waters and super hurricanes from “climate change” manage to change the minds of future liberal migrants and maybe we can manage snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. That’s why I don’t even argue with the climate change fear mongers. Yes please think Florida is going to wash away in 10 years, please don’t move here.

      • But it is true. We – the population of Florida – were happy to get all those retired left wing Yankees moving into the state.

        Happy to get all the tourist down here that later decided to move down with all their friends.

        People were moving here and business was booming. Construction, more restaurants, paved roads.

        So now South Florida looks like New York and New Jersey and it has matastisized North as they decided to leave the high crime and congestion.and ruin other small places in North Florida.

        Is it any wonder why we have these problem? Funny everyone blames THEM.

        Hate to tell you, lots of people – conservatives included – voted for a lot of the bullshit amendments that make it onto ballot. Easy to spend money and impose edicts when you dont think it will affect you. And then it does.

        So you’re part of “we” even if you dont want to be. Something about hanging together or hanging separately comes to mind.

        • I didn’t vote for any of that shit and neither did you, and you know it. Your just trying to force yourself to accept the situation we’re in. I’m telling you to not accept it. Example: is it the common German man or Frenchmen’s fault their country will be an Islamic republic soon? No. It’s some Germans faults, but to blame the whole population and say they deserve it is a flat out fucked up thing to say. You could make the same claim about the holocaust and holdomor on that line of thought.

          • Precisely. In the larger arena, where politics rule, not principle, there is nothing of significant value to be gained (politically, and that is all that counts) in holding any conversation with people known to be opposed to gun ownership for the masses. Not enough converts available to move the political needle. Just tell elite snobs, “Not to worry. If I were ever to have a gun, and you needed rescuing from an attacker, your wish would be honored; I’ll call 911, and hope for the best.”

        • Well…you have a point…but this is the shit we’re in.

          Of course Europe did allow Hitler to rise, and take the Rhineland and Sudetanland thinking it would appease the Nazis. And when it didnt, we bailed their ass out after we may a shitpot fill of money.

          Dint think anyone is going to bail Florida out if we allow it to go down the tubes. We should certainly put pressure on our elected officials to change the rules of adding amendments to the ballot. May be too late with the cesspool in south Florida

          Of course, I guess we could just move like we tell Cali folks. If this keeps going, we wont have any place to go.

        • I agree it could be too late. By not accept it, I mean exactly what I’m guessing you think it does. Look, I don’t want it to get to that point. But I’m not just going to give up and turn them in either. I’ve accepted the consequences of not complying if it comes to that.

          Now, what I don’t mean is go on a violent offensive. In American politics, the one who uses violence first is *always* vilified. Let it be the leftists who get violent first. I always read online that gun owners or conservatives are all talk or weak or stupid because they haven’t “started the war yet.” No, “starting” the war is what’s stupid. In America you never want to be the one start anything. Think about it this way, let’s say Antifa launches a major attack on border patrol on 9/11. That would be the absolute end of not only Antifa, but every single left wing organization in this country. The democrats would be done for decades. From the Boston massacre, to the Alamo, to the firing on ft sumpter, to the sinking of Lusitania, pearl harbor, and 9/11, the American public gets enraged and turns on whoever the aggressor is perceived as.

        • Specialist38, who was happy to see the Damn Yankee invasion? Okay, I admit I was happy to see Disney World built. I was in the 8th grade. Today a small thermonuclear device around that area sounds good. Expulsion of those not native born from at least three generations of native Floridians sounds even better. Stay home!

      • Apparently the form of government the founders created is not sustainable for more than a hundred years. It starts to fall apart and revert back to a shithole. No invasion required. Just a bunch of government worshipers…

        Even the Republicans are guilty of contributing to the downfall of the Republic. The blame goes in every direction.

        • They did give us the warning that we would need to refresh the tree of liberty now and then. They fully expected that the government would grow and at some point would try and take the rights of the people away from them. Which is why the 2nd is so important. Once the government has made the 1st moot as to effect, next comes the burying of the 2nd.
          Once government makes that attempt is a warning to all who can understand that things will not be getting better any time soon and that action will be required immediately. Whether the public responds and takes action is the question. And how many do so is another.

      • I don’t know how many “New England” liberal actually move to the state but now with two Republican Senators and a Governor it seems the population is going in the direction away from leftism.

    • Well that’s if you’re using a collective “We”.

      I’ve always said you get the government you vote for. Trouble is you’re not alone so it’s a majority rule kinda thing. But for the most part it’s true. And because they elected a Conservative they’ve got an AG that’s looking out for the people and the law.

      They’re mad they got caught lying on their ballot. Because as we all know, leftists can’t win if they’re forced to tell the truth about what they want and are doing. Which is why they resort to all sorts of semi legal schemes and law fare to try and make an end run around the safe guards in place.

      Well I figure eventually we’re going to resort to the last resort for us all and that’s to defend our rights on the street with firearms as the Dems/Leftists/Media don’t seem to be backing off and maybe even getting crazier.

      This does not bode well for keeping them from illegal laws about firearms.

      But when it gets that far, that will be the least of our problems unless they manage to sneak something in and ppl stupidly go along with it.

      Just remember a registration scheme is just the first part of confiscation. It’s been that way for most all of recorded history.

      • “I’ve always said you get the government you vote for.”

        Hear, hear. This is exactly why it’s so important for everyone (and I’m speaking to *you*, conservative gun-owning reader) to vote.

        • “This is exactly why it’s so important for everyone (and I’m speaking to *you*, conservative gun-owning reader) to vote.”

          There is a reason pro-2A organizations spend so much time in court….pro-gun voters are vastly outnumbered. Same for truly “conservative” voters. More people vote for Santa Clause, than vote for Scrooge.

      • “And because they elected a Conservative they’ve got an AG that’s looking out for the people and the law.”

        Not quite….

        IIRC, the AG is elected, not appointed. The AG was protecting the ballot initiative, preventing future law suits that would easily result in an invalidation of the measure. The AG also provided details on how to “cure” the bill sot it will be immune from legal challenge.

        In all the posts here about Florida, have seen nothing to proclaim the AG is pro-2A, at all.

  2. That measure is racist.
    There, I said it first, so Im therefore right, cause EVERYTHING is racist if you dont agree with it.

  3. Apparently Moody can’s say the words “violates the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution” ?

    • “Apparently Moody can’s say the words “violates the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution” ?”

      She has no intention to protect 2A. She is objecting to the wording as a necessary protection for the ballot initiative – law suits against poorly worded bill. She provided the road map to how to cure, then re-submit.

      • That’s what I got out of her statement.
        There was no, “Violation of the 2nd amendment” said.
        Wording was poor so change it and then it’ll pass.

  4. I thought Florida has a republican governor , maybe he should do something about the proposed law,,, like veto it or something if it passes,,, time for all republicans too stick together,,, get rid of the R I N O’s also.

    • I don’t think ballot measures can be vetoed. Someone correct me if I am mistaken.

      • My thinking was that they could be, but after looking, I’m not so sure. It looks like they can be repealed, though, and Florida has a long history of tying up new laws, measures and oridnances in such a maze of legislative red tape that the even the measures that do pass are hardly recognizable from what they were originally intended to be. For example, Florida voted to legalize medical marijuana, and the state basically said, “okay, it’s legal, but we’re not going to allow the opening of any dispensaries and you can’t smoke it.”

      • Vic, you’re right and so was Specialist38 in his opening comment. It shouldn’t be easy to amend the constitution.

    • Not much he can do if it does ultimately pass. Florida has a terrifying system where the state constitution can be changed via popular vote.

  5. Do these ignorant people know what no ex post facto law shall be passed and that they are unconsciously trying to start a civil war. That kind of initiative could be used to outlaw anything from doughnuts swimming suits.

  6. I’ve discovered that the NRA rating isn’t too reliable. Some politicians are pro 2A but decide that being graded by the NRA may hurt rather than help them. I look at what the politician has done…his record. A local candidate got a ‘C’ from the NRA. He’s a very pro 2A guy. What are the questions that the NRA asks the candidates? Anyone?

    • In Florida, the only question the NRA asks politicians is “Do you unconditionally support Wayne LaPierre and Marrion Hammer?”

  7. It’s because all the idiots that get taxed to death in the north come down here and and try to change everything in Florida to make it …like the north! Go back there if you don’t like it here!

    • “Go back….”?? How racist of you! Don’t ya love it when your words are taken out of context? lol

    • That’s what I’ve never understood about the carpet bagging Yankees. They move down here to flee the oppression they came from, but like the Muslim refugees in Europe, they want to destroy the culture here and make it just like the shithole they came from. They don’t even like the weather. They bitch about the heat all summer long and hide indoors until winter. If New York and Massachusetts are doing it so much better then fucking go back there.

  8. As a Florida resident, this is worrying. However, I don’t think it will gain a great deal of traction. Most of these signatures were gathered in MIami, Fort Lauderdale, and their surrounding areas, which are largely democrat controlled, and home to a very large population of snowbirds (meaning they really only live in Florida several months out of the year), mostly retired northerners. In spite of this, they’ve only gathered around 99,000 votes. While that might sound like a lot, it really isn’t when factoring in the millions of Floridians that would not get behind a ballot measure like this, not to mention that I believe our current governor would veto it (at least I really hope he would). We’ll see. In the end, though, there’s a lot of Florida gun owners that don’t make themselves heard until its necessary, and I think the creators of this proposal will be unpleasantly surprised when this measure fails miserably.

      • Yeah, realized my misunderstanding of that very quickly. Was thinking of repealing, but that is a longer and much more arduous process.

      • And our spineless legislators are unlikely to repeal anything….that needs repealing.

        Unless some group makes it a constitutional amendment on a ballot.

    • We used to think that about Chicago influencing the rest of the state. They were just the big city democrats. Hah, they got the last laugh on us. Anything south of I-80 is invisible to Springfield. Same will happen to Florida. Look at California, Oregon, Washington. Who’d have thought? (Montana’s changing, with the Hollywood elite moving there.)

      • I fear you are correct.

        Bozeman, MT and Boise, ID became Cali bedrooms 25 hears ago.

        Florida now has New York City, Newark, Detroit, and Philly in our state.

        • And yes….several Florida Cities….north and south…sent delegations to those northern states to recruit retirees.

    • No, the Florida governor cannot veto a constitutional amendment if it makes it on the ballot and is ultimately voted for by the electorate. Currently, it can only be fought in the way that the AG is currently doing it (and, of course, fighting it in the court of public opinion so it doesn’t make the minimum signature requirement to get on the ballot in the first place if the courts allow it to proceed).

      • Yes, was wrong in my initial thinking. Let myself go off the writing of an earlier poster. My understanding was that it could be repealed, however. Am I wrong there as well?

  9. We’re north of you in WY and we don’t migrate their and haven’t had as bad of gun laws as Florida. Florida also tries to attract interstate migration. The sheer number of cops on the road scared me away from Florida. To me it is the Patrol Car State:-)

    • Vic, if you’re from Wyoming you’re a Westerner. You may be north of us, but you’re not a Damn Yankee. There is a difference. And the patrol cars are because of the Damn Yankees. We all believe they found their driver’s licenses in a box of Cracker Jacks.

      • I sympathize with you folks greatly. I am terrified by the immigration WY gets from Colorado, California, Oregon, and Washington. They could take over WY in just a few years if it increases much. I suspect that just 2 percent of Ft. Collins, Denver, SF, Portland, and Seattle moving here would make it a blue state. We have only 600k in the whole state.

        • Something on the order of 30,000 Californians move to Colorado each year.

          A year of that would upset your WY’s demographics. Two years and they’d have a good shot at running the place. Three and your state’s fucked.

          Locusts. That’s what they are. Political locusts.

        • @strych9: 30,000 a year? That explains a whole lot. (This, from a New Mexico resident whose current liberal governor is trying to reverse the past eight years of a conservative Republican governor.)

        • Yeah, NM is gonna have some trouble now that Martinez is gone. My parents live outside S. Fe and are pretty pissed.

          • “Paul D, and eventually turn “New Mexico” into “North Mexico”?”

            “New Mexico” implies an “Old” Mexico, does it not?

            Jes’ sayin’.

        • Strych9 – Yeah, it is actually Californians that first moved to CO but are finding it is getting expensive now (I wonder why;-) and are now heading this way that I mostly meant by Coloradans. After they are done screwing up CO, WY is next and we won’t last as long as CO did. We’ll probably have to learn all of the legally mandated pronouns in the not too distant future.

      • Gadsden I want to refute your points but it does cover a lot of us up here and just as many are willing to raise taxes for more cops for “public safety”. That didn’t change much from when I moved from the Philly region to NY either so damn you for being correct and insightful.

  10. Ballot initiatives do not have the force of law to override the Bill of Rights and natural law.

    Unfortunately, too many judges, attorneys, and government officials–as well as citizens, simply ignore natural law and just stomp on people’s rights anyway…..

    • Our right are inalienable. They cannot be properly restricted.

      The are not un-alienable. The can be improperly alienated.

  11. I still find it amusing that these people really hate the AR-style rifles!

    Heck, most of the AR’s must be defective like mine, right? After all, their entire focus is on scary looking “Assault Rifles” and there are about 15 Million of them in circulation. Since only about 15 of these ‘scary black rifles’ have been used in mass shootings, it makes sense that the other 14,999,985 must be defective since they haven’t murdered people!!. (I guess that means I should take my AR-15 to go to a gunsmith to see what’s wrong with it!! LOL

  12. How do we contact her and show our support?
    Not only do we need to call out those that wipe their ass with the constitution, we also need to praise and show support for those that are actually doing their jobs and defending it. We’re all only human and if the only thing an elected official hears is negative criticism without any positivity to balance things out, they might begin to doubt themselves and head in the wrong direction.

    • This is a great question. I would like to know also. I donate and support Florida carry but I would like to do more.

      • I saw that site but the emails they provide are specifically for legal cases, not general comments. I couldnt find an appropriate email address, I might call and see how that goes.

        • “I saw that site but the emails they provide are specifically for legal cases, not general comments. I couldnt find an appropriate email address, I might call and see how that goes.”

          You do realize the Florida AG is not suing in order to protect “gun rights”, correct?

        • “You do realize the Florida AG is not suing in order to protect ‘gun rights’, correct?”

          Hehe, yes of course, and that’s actually my point. The AG’s website only provides email addresses as it relates to either general complaints or specific types of lawsuits (child support, foreclosure, civil suits, etc), but there is no “if you like what we’re doing and would like to compliment us, send your email to…” email address. Apparently the AG has zero expectation of hearing anything positive from her constituents 😛

          No matter, a phone call would be more sincere anyways, so I think I’m gonna go that route.

  13. From the point of view of a true Florida Cracker; would you like to hear the scariest statistic about Florida? Over 900 people move here every day. 300,000+ per year. Estimated population as of 2022, 22,000,000. We’re the ones that need border control.

    • I hear the founders of the U.S. were the smartest people ever. They thought if you ever have a problem with one state you can flee to another and everything will be fine. What happens when the people “fleeing” are actually “invading” to conquer their targeted state by taking over the government from the inside? I guess they thought the federal government would come marching in and correct the subversion. What happens when the federal government no longer follows the U.S. Constitution? What do we do about the loyalists of the corrupt government? What happens when the federal and state governments work together to infringe on the 2nd Amendment and there is no militia but a standing Army loyal to their commander and chief? Are we supposed to wait for the messiah to return and fix all our problems or do we just give up and return to being Euros?

      • Well, they did include an ultimate failsafe, explained in the declaration, codified in the second amendment… the question really is that when we eventually face the final ultimatum, what will our answer be?

        • “…the question really is that when we eventually face the final ultimatum, what will our answer be?”

          To fondly beat my favorite dead horse: Ruby Ridge, Waco, Bundy, Veterans Bonus March.

          People’s rebellion against tyranny? Meh. Not so much. Already so much more provocation that the founders would have endured. I think to morrow, and everyday after will be just like the daze before.

        • Which is why both parties are attacking that right and creating militant police forces. Yet Republicans support the silliness that combines into an all powerful government force that will shoot you in the face (they already do that know) when the time comes.

          There is no real organized militia to go against the federal government’s military and the state governments police. Most people don’t even think like that anymore. Republicans just love themselves some men in government uniform. You’re on your own. You will be considered a terrorist committing ambush attacks and bombings like the Black Panthers. I don’t think most people are ready for that and I know most don’t want to.

        • Well now don’t be to defeatist, remember they *won* at bundy ranch. I mean they won big, too. Not only did they repel the government forces, they then beat them in court both times. The bundy ranch scenario should be looked as proof that we can still do it if we want to. Remember they weren’t ignored, thousands of people left their homes and went to their aid.

          • “Well now don’t be to defeatist, remember they *won* at bundy ranch.”

            The issue isn’t “winning”, but government tyranny. Armed government agents attacking US citizens. If you read many of the commenters here, the episodes cited should have been an easy catalyst for action. Yet, nothing. If the cited events did not result in “the revolution”, or the “third civil war”, what will set things in motion?

            Given the incidents listed, each seems more intolerable than what the founders faced. The only conclusion possible is that computer screens cloak one in anonymity, but actually, more is said and done. “Come the revolution…” Uh, no. Nothing. We are way beyond that. It’s the ballot box, the jury box, or the pine box.

  14. Sure, though I doubt full disclosure about the extent of the ban would change that many signatures. Florida has allowed a terrible Fudd problem to metastasize from Hammer’s “activism” efforts over the decades without treatment; I’m afraid it’s likely terminal.

    • “Sure, though I doubt full disclosure about the extent of the ban would change that many signatures.”

      Not about changing signatures, or anything to do with removing another encroachment of 2A. It’s about making the bill bullet proof against future law suits for enacting a vague or ill-constructed law.

    • What they signed for is the five second soundbyte. The devil is always in the details.

  15. For a Constitutional Amendment to pass in FL it has to get 60% of the vote. The scary part is, since FL made it so easy to change the State Constitution, over 80% of every Amendment EVER put in front of the voters has passed!! If this is put to a vote it will pass…and if it does not pass this go around it will next time as the Libs will not just give up. I have told my friends in FL get what you can now as there ARE the “good ol’ days”, and then never register or turn in anything…Take a clue from New Zealand; that is my line in the sand!

    • If you run you’re only delaying the inevitable. Georgia and the Carolinas are feeling the pressure from liberal migrants too, and if Florida falls its tax haven status will fall too. Then they’ll begin migrating out of Florida and into the neighboring southern states.

    • Your line in the sand is run to the gun store buy all your favorite stuff then hide until you die of old age?

      • My line in the sand is to finally disobey a state or federal gun law. All my 52 years I have obeyed the gun laws as written and passed, and I have jumped through all their hoops put in place to ensure a safer society. I am, by any measure, an outstanding law abiding citizen. I own my own business employing 6 well paid individuals, I pay my Federal, State, Local and outrageous property taxes, have never been arrested, and raised a daughter that joined the Navy.

        I know that the Libs goal is not a safer society but instead a dis-armed society!
        I have voted in every election and have financially and physically supported pro-gun conservative politicians. I am not hiding or running from anything, I will continue to live and fight in the State of Florida till I die. I have decided that enough is enough and I’m not going to go along with their registration scheme when I know that the end goal is confiscation!!

        • You are not alone, I have acquired a number of would be “banned” weapons over the years and have enjoyed the many freedoms available in the “Gunshine State” I have enough weapons to last several generations and kits and parts to keep them operating for way past the life expectancy of humans on this planet. I have no intention of surrendering or registering a single piece and have placed orders for several thousand rounds of “Red Army” (seemed appropriate) 7.62×39 ammo, stuff has an incredible shelf life and is very effective.. Won’t make the ballot this time but it will eventually and may take 10 or 20 years to pass but they don’t give up (neither do I)…

  16. Doesn’t sound like the AG is actually fighting it, rather she is asking for a better written law. Typical NRA scum’s 4D chess.

    • AG is following the law, not her job to “fight” it yet, if it makes it in a clear concise form to the ballot the voters will take care of the “fight”… This piece of shit will require a full page to explain all the crap in it and will never make it to the ballot. That is her job and she is doing it well.

      • Whose job is it to fight unconstitutional laws?
        Supreme court won’t touch any 2A case with a 15 feet long stick. All around our constitutionally protected rights are under attack. Less and less options are left open. Interesting times are ahead of us, I’m afraid.

        • Do you know who the enemy is & why they are pushing all these attacks on the 2nd Amendment as well as the 1st along with the open border idiocy? Think about it! There is only one people who have the money, organizations, motive & history of such back stabbing……..They are the only group both Rep & Dems in Congress fight for and throws their constituents under the bus with no concern. They get whatever they ask for at Americans expense…..With groups like the ADL, AIPAC and others they’ve taken control by means of deception of our motion pictures, our press, our radio, and our government. There is a tribe of Jews within the Jewish/Israeli population who wish to push their Communist evil terror on the rest of the world. To that end, they have a plan and are working an agenda to achieve it. What you see happening in the world is all their doing as they are the only power structure able to make others carry out their evil works…..

  17. The number of Florida residents capable of being led around by their noses, reference to the number of signers, is amazing.

    • 13.3 million registered voters in Fl… 99,000 signers (less than 1%) is not AMAZING it’s the number of dumb ass, Liberal Progressives that moved here from the Communist Bloc of NY, NJ and Ct. last week… AG Moody will prevail and the gun grabbing yankee socialist that leads this group of misguided tools will slink back into the shadows til next time…

      BAWN listed the following groups as partner organizations:[4]

      Americans For Gun Safety Now
      Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
      Florida American Academy of Pediatrics
      Florida PTA
      Florida Veterans For Common Sense
      League of Women Voters
      March For Our Lives
      Newtown Action Alliance

  18. I have lived behind the lines in South Florida all of my 65 years and a 3rd gen Floridian. It has gone from an area filled with abandoned quarries and wilderness areas where one could shoot all day without being harassed by cops into a concrete jungle of democrat run cities that would impose NYC gun laws in a heartbeat if Florida did not have its pre-emption law stopping it. But that is being challenged now by these communist mayors. There is a healthy gun community in these parts of Florida and its certain the resistance to any firearm tyranny would be strong. But lets not forget the lower half of Florida is more like New York City than the good old south. The infestation of New Yorkers is advancing north as are the migrant populations. Its only a matter of years before Florida turns into a communist majority state.

    • Sounds like when the Republicans see an angry Democrat they hand them whatever it is they want to prevent the harm that will befall them if they don’t and the foot soldiers for the party are not foot soldiers at all but stale couch potatoes. Soft, soggy, twisted, unhealthy spuds.

    • Don’t look now but those Southern Fl Dems have made it to Orlando and Buddy Dyer is the biggest panderer of all.. If Seminole county (a suburb of Orlando) falls then Volusia becomes the wall and the FORCE is still strong here… Battle lines are drawn but strained and if someone like Gillum can bring a Governors race to a very close recount the future of Fl is grey at best…

      • …and we have too many invertebrate republican’t legislators. Look at the damage one weak republican governor did on his way out the door. Now that Nelson is gone, it’s tome to primary Shady Rick.

          • Not remotely. I voted for the current incumbent. My point is Florida is at a tipping point and though we have a majority republican legislature, it is not a reliable body respectful of the US Constitution. I’m cautiously optimistic about Governor Desantis, but he can’t stop the ballot amendment process. We can go down the litigation route after the fact, but really that’s getting old. And we just lost the teeth we had in the preemption law. Things are not looking up at the moment.

  19. From the NRA email:

    Ban Assault Weapons NOW needs to clear two major requirements to get the proposal on the 2020 ballot. It needs the Supreme Court to sign off on the wording of the ballot summary and title — the wording that voters see when they go to the polls — and needs to submit at least 766,200 valid petition signatures to the state. As of Monday, the state had received 99,266 valid petition signatures, according to the Florida Division of Elections website.

    So, based on that they are a little more than 1/8th of the way to the number of signatures required to get it on the ballot.

    Then there’s HB 5 which DeSantis signed into law. This bill imposes new requirements on the ballot initiative process that should stop much of the out of state meddling in the initiative process. The thing I’m not sure of is if HB 5 applies to initiatives in progress or only to new ones.

    If it applies to this one, then much of the out of state support should vanish and it will become much more difficult for them to obtain the remaining signatures to get it on the ballot.

  20. It would be hard for SCOTUS to avoid this one as it would go so far beyond every other state (including CA, NY, etc) in banning all (long) guns.

  21. This is a classic tactic. They come in loud and hard, demanding all sorts of unreasonableness and when the outrage to their audacity presents, they “negotiate” more “reasonable” restrictions.
    Some RINO takes the bait and leads us down a path lined with deceit and bullshit ultimately agreeing (on our behalf) to a “much better deal”.
    We give a few more inches, they reload for their next volley, lather, rinse, repeat.
    We always seem to be the side that makes the concessions and we sure as hell are the side that never gets anything back.

    Republicans need to grow back the balls they once had and actually stay in a fight to its end.

  22. I’m no constitutional expert but I do know that any state’s constitution that tries to deny or limit a Constitutional right afforded by our National Constitution is not constitutional!!! The Federal Constitution and the Bill of Rights supersede any State Constitution that tries to eliminate those rights.

    • Absolutely agree with you but living here behind the wire in New Yorkistan it’s hard to find a court to support us on that point. Our governor signed 3 new gun control laws this week alone, including making the wait for an open NICS check 30 days. Infringement? Abuse of power? Pure bullshit? All of the above!

      POTUS needs one more solid SCOTUS appointment and then hopefully the courts will start to honor their duty to the Constitution rather than the party that advanced them.

    • the federal govt got away with banning these type of weapons…why should a state be any different?…

  23. Look who is moving into Florida and you see the future. If the state doesn’t have constitutional protections they will see more gun bans. Hoping the SCOTUS will save them is folly.
    Look at the influx from PR. All democrats. New York and New Jersey democrats are running there for tax reasons, how will they vote?

    • It is true Florida has a blue wave problem. The advantage is that most of them are too old to breed, and in fact die off within a dozen years or so.

      I would rather not root for hurricanes, but they do discourage the econuts, and when they do hit Florida it is usually the southern part of the state.

  24. They need another 600,000 signatures to qualify for the ballot and even then such an insane amendment will NEVER garner the approval of Fl voters… These idiots want to ban anything and everything deemed semi automatic rifle or shotgun regardless of “TYPE”.. as declared by “any gun that functions with each trigger pull and no other mechanical action required” That leaves only bolt, lever and pump action regardless of shape, style, type or round capacity… They have to reword, acquire new signatures and resubmit for review.. Insanity rules on the fringes must be a group of Vlads extended family…

    • Don’t put it past FL voters. Precious few of these ballot initiatives fail, even the ones so blatantly designed to protect big business and harm the little guy, and the ones that no sane person could possibly even care about. I vote no on all of them, period. I also vote no on “should judge what’s his butt be retained”. Get the hook.

  25. State laws cannot trump constitutional laws ar15s are just single shot sporting rifles and are protected under the 2nd amendments

        • Were you guys around in ’94?….granted it didn’t ban possession…[unless it was post-ban]…but it passed muster constitutionally……

        • @Frank it never went to supreme court. and that was Pre Heller.
          The second most common make/model of gun in Canada is a semi auto rifle. Semi auto rifles are in common use in the USA

          We all know whether all semi auto are banned or not will depend on one thing — like him otherwise or not: whether Trump is reelected and gets to put another appointment on SCOTUS.

          If a Democrat gets in the White House, and the Democrats take two senate seats, a federal ban, with no grandfathering will follow very quickly.

          If Trump loses, but GOP does hold the senate, a federal ban may not occur but many states now Democrat that don’t have semi auto bans will institute them at the state level.

          If the Democrats take both the Senate and White House, which is certainly a strong possibility, there will be profound gun control, likely not like Canada, but something worse, likely between Canada and Australia.
          Everyone knows the entire next 25 years of the legal regimes on gun control depend on whether Trump replaces RBH after the election — or if a Democrat is replacing Thomas.

  26. South Carolina residents cannot do ballot initiatives or else Bloomy would be pushing for more anti-gun laws here. Only the State Legislature can put something on the ballot. Which means if it can’t be passed in the Legislature, they have the option to put the measure on the ballot for the residents to vote on. Usually an optional Tax measure, but could be anything.

  27. “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”

    • “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”

      Lotsa talk here about dealing with government tyranny. Just for fun, consider:
      “18USC – §2383. Rebellion or insurrection
      Whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States or the laws thereof, or gives aid or comfort thereto, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.”

      • Well naturally, if a rebellion fails, the winners punish them. Ever has it been, ever will it be. The Signers of Declaration put it all on the line.

        • “Well naturally, if a rebellion fails, the winners punish them.”

          For those interested in history and irony, there are a coupla data points that are interesting regarding 18USC – §2383.

  28. Sadly Florida will fall just like all the other liberal shit holes. Liberals will outnumber everyone else until they control the state government just like the have done in CA, NY, Illinois, Oregon, Colorado, Washington etcetra.

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