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I hate zombies as much as the next guy. I mean the whole zombie phenom. In fact, the fact that puke green zombie-themed guns and gear have largely disappeared from the consumer market is one of my reasons to be cheerful. But I gotta admit zombies serve a purpose. The undead provide young ‘uns a safe not-to-say PC target for their caviar dreams and champagne wishes. I mean ballistic dreams and heroic wishes. And as long as boys and girls consider guns cool – which they are – our gun rights are safe. er. Safer. So it’s good to read [via] that “the new Special Ops: Infected zombie apocalypse attraction will take over six acres of the Buena Park theme park’s Camp Snoopy kiddie land during this year’s Knott’s Scary Farm event.” Snoopy’s out. Zombies in. How great is that? During the attraction’s run 12 member teams . . .

will depart from two outposts on distinctly different commando operations. Each squadron will be guided by a pair of commanders that will lead the volunteer mercenaries into an infected zone swarming with up to 135 live-action zombies. The mission: Rack up as many kills as possible.

Once inside the kill zone, enlistees will be tasked with completing a series of objectives with operation code names like Bulldoze, Derail and Tunnel Rat. Up to six squadrons will be in Camp Snoopy at any one time, hunting for zombies hiding inside buildings, under bridges and behind fences.

A small band of militia members that are more anti-government than pro-zombie will confront each squadron at some point during the mission. A mad scientist who knows what caused the zombie apocalypse and how to stop the outbreak also factors into the scenario.

Price? Unknown. What armament will participants wield in their world-saving mission?

Based on a M4 carbine, the custom-made infrared laser weapon carried by each recruit will be similar to the mock guns used by military and police training academies. Rifle-mounted LCD screens will record every player’s kills, accuracy and points. Armed with unlimited ammo, each player will score kills by shooting zombies in the head and get “bitten” every time a zombie comes within a 10-foot radius.

At the conclusion of every mission, winners will be declared “war heroes” and losers branded “infected.” Top scores will be displayed on monitors throughout the theme park.

Head shots, eh? Good luck with that. No really. Bon chance mes amis de guerre.

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    • You couldn’t pay me to dress up as a zombie and get hit with paintballs for X-amount of hours a day. Even with the “armor” that has been made for the sport, you can’t cover every part of your body, and that scares me.

      I had a Spyder Competition in high school, and man…. it was a beast.

      • I was a paintball ref for a few months. To say that they weren’t paying me enough is about the biggest understatement of my life.

  1. A small band of militia members that are more anti-government than pro-zombie will confront each squadron at some point during the mission. Well, many people at this stage of the zombie craze would probably be more anti-government than pro-zombie.

  2. Zombies are Nothing more then members of congress and liberals.. they just haven’t crossed over yet.

  3. Perhaps the police should shoot more zombies and fewer bla…..nevermind. It’s hard to break old habits.

  4. Always thought a 10-22 would be best for this scenario. All you need is to scramble brains. 22lR is cheap and makes up in volume what it lacks in power.

    • That’s what Red Jacket thought too. Never been done befo!

      To be fair though it’s a huge hit and apparently a fairly nice stock.

  5. “A small band of militia members that are more anti-government than pro-zombie”-

    Yeah, I don’t know about that labeling. Thought it was cool until I read that. The fact they went with “militia” does nothing but hurt the cause. Further demonization of militias by the leftists. They’re succeeding in turning it into a dirty word, so that its synonymous with “terrorist”. Remember, when they say “militia” they mean YOU. When they say “militia” they mean a group of people committed to defending their rights are no different than ISIS.

  6. Unlimited ammo? That kills any interest for me. I know that this is supposed to be a fun game but part of me wants the idiot that burns through all his ammo in the first 5 minutes to be labeled infected instead of war hero. Theres a good lesson in that somewhere.

  7. Hmmmm.

    Sounds interesting BUT. ..

    Will they be keeping a list of names of participants? Surely someone who thinks this fun must be a danger to society

    That militia statement threw me off too, and I’m pretty zombie this am

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