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The car’s not guilty for its irresponsible use. The gun? Depends who you ask . . .

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  1. Good point. Liberalism is a mental illness and only when we all fully recognize this fact will such things as this obsession with blaming inanimate objects for men’s evil deeds be mocked again as it truly should be.

    • I have always equated ‘Liberalism’ as a religion. No facts or proof, just belief and feelings, faith if you will. There is no belief in God, so anything goes if you can get away with it. This belief makes them think they are smarter… Better than you. This makes them supremely able, to run your life for you.

      • Inanimate objects is only part of it; they also excel in blaming things we have no control over for our actions, hence the utter obsession with identity politics. The goal is to fully transfer all responsibility (and thus, consequences & reward) from the persons onto entities they have no control over, at which point they are enslaved to whatever controls those entities –the State. Only the State is capable of controlling anything, whether it be the economy, or the weather.

        “Free us from all thought and responsibility.” Very much like a primordial religion without enlightenment (no wonder they get along so well with you-know-whos…)

  2. When will we got back to the good old days when we blamed video games and heavy metal (nostalgia sigh)

  3. And when the innocent looking cartoon people were proved to be deep down evil……they were shown to be evil by morphing into beasts with guns! So even sixty years ago a truly evil person has a gun. I know RF’s point but a poor example to use to show it. If anything we now know more about Disney’s view about guns.

  4. Turned on Tom and Jerry for my 2 year old grandson yesterday morning….. chasing the mouse and Bang Tom whips out a huge revolver and shoots his tail off……. oops. I did notice that Tom’s carry method does not “print”…..;-)

  5. Yeah, blaming cars is dumb! Blaming guns & bombs makes far more sense! Obviously the video was about personal responsibility, but remember this is Disney we’re talking about, parent of Bambi (and Uncle Remus)

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