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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)
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March 3, 2022: Governor Ron DeSantis, while at a press event in Panama City, was questioned by a reporter on the status of Constitutional Carry law in Florida. The governor’s response was simple . . .

“Put it on my desk; I’ll sign it.”

But it hasn’t been sent to his desk. The Florida legislature, under Republican supermajority, has not advanced constitutional carry at all this session nor has it advanced constitutional carry since it was first introduced in the legislature three years ago. Among the other gun rights bills the Republican-controlled legislature hasn’t advanced are campus carry, open carry, and Second Amendment sanctuary.

All they have done is let them die on the vine in committees. Not a single vote.

Earlier this session, Rep. Mcihele Salzman (R) openly stated why it was not advancing.

The Republican legislative leadership was against it, so she wouldn’t support constitutional carry as a “professional courtesy” to her bosses in the capitol. Apparently the idea of giving her constituents a professional courtesy by advancing their Second Amendment rights is too much to ask.

Sadly, though, she isn’t the only one.

Rep. Chuck Brannan (R) literally ran away from answering the question of why Constitutional Carry hasn’t been brought up for a vote.

As if running away from questions wasn’t bad enough, his office trashed Floridians’ Constitutional Carry petitions back on February 22.

This is unacceptable. The Republican governor is now openly calling for it, the people are asking for it, and the legislature is blocking it.

Constitutional carry in Florida isn’t some kind of zany, harebrained scheme hatched by a radical fringe group. It’s supported across the state on a grassroots level and has gained more grassroots support every day. And it’s already the law in 21 other states.

A total of twelve county-level, Florida Republican parties support constitutional carry. Some of them represent major urban areas . . .

Miami-Dade County
Hamilton County
Suwannee County
St. Johns County
Seminole County
Marion County
Manatee County
Lake County
Indian River County
Hillsborough County
Gulf County
Bay County

Additionally, six major lobbying groups that aren’t traditionally associated with gun rights are supporting FL Constitutional Carry.

Florida Federation of Young Republicans
Republican Liberty Caucus if Florida
Republican Liberty Caucus of Greater Melrose
Republican national Hispanic Assembly of Florida
New Tampa Republian Club
Florida Republican Assembly

As campaign season starts for the August primaries you will see many of these same lawmakers who are smothering constitutional carry proclaiming how pro-gun they are. And they’ll try to hide the fact that they continue to kill constitutional carry’s progress in Florida.

Enough is enough. Floridians demand Constitutional Carry. If the Republican legislative leadership is the roadblock, maybe it’s time to primary them come August.


Luis Valdes is the Florida Director of Gun Owners of America.


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  1. Follow the money. It is highly likely that those traitors are owned lock stock and barrel, pun intended, by Bloomberg and his band of communists.

    • It’s no better for either major Party. Here in CA, one of our state legislators (a Democrat) was in front of a microphone pushing his particular piece of legislation that day (I don’t recall what the bill was for, but who cares anyway), and he said:

      “We must act on this! Our colleagues in Washington [D.C.] are watching us, and we must not disappoint!”

      No, ding dong. You owe absolutely nothing to anyone else on the other side of the nation, or even the other side of our own State. Your only duty is to honorably represent the people of your own home District and be their voice, which is why they voted for you to occupy that office. That is it. Nothing more.

      • And BTW, while I freely admit I’m not experienced in using the WordPress site engine (which TTAG is reportedly running on), I’m not seeing how all the increasing “Your Comment is Awaiting Moderation” confusion is WordPress’ fault. After reviewing the system’s user guidelines, it looks like the settings are under the power of the website admin, which in this case is TTAG.

        I have absolutely no way to reliably frame any comments to avoid being placed in Moderation Purgatory, as whatever “rules” I think are in place, are obviously not.

        • My god you constantly natter on like and old woman and/or a Karen. You’re welcome to call eNd Of WaTcH again anytime.

        • Yes, it’s effectively impossible, since laying out for all to see what triggers the moderation means the spammers can use that against the comment section.

          Danged if ya do, danged if ya don’t… 🙁

    • In the case of Florida I would more assume Disney Universal and various tourism conglomerates are funding the reluctance but your guess is absolutely possible.

    • Bingo! Politicians will always serve themselves first and the people suffer. I lost faith in the Republican sham with George W jr. Unfortunately we are forced into a 2 party system…which apparently is a “threat to democracy” and now is heading to a one party democratic run dystopian dreamer shell of a free society.

    • The entire point. If anything look how Broward County is a cesspool of Uniparty leadership and how they have handled issues in the past.

      The RINO party in the state legislature is largely off shore funded and that’s how they got into power. No investigation is needed to see it, they aren’t doing their job. This is how our country is being subverted – buy off the “conservatives” who are too weak to say no to privilege and money and create control over what is legislated.

      From there you work into owning election officials and once the tables are flipped control is maintained – no opposing candidate of moral character can wedge their way in.

      Unless of course someone is independently wealthy and doesn’t need the RINOcon funding from another controlled source, the national leve GOP – who won’t release funds to support and who is another cog in the machinery defying the people’s will.

      It’s not rocket surgery, turn off the 6:00 media propaganda, open your tablet or laptop, and go find out for yourself. America is fighting a massive corruption scheme – and if you look to who is now supporting Ukraine, you see it – Biden, Pelosi, Kerry, Romney – and their sons on Ukraine corporate boards – plus the compromised Milleytary, the entire news media, Charles Schwab, who had his banks thrown out of Russia, and George Soros, too.

      When you hire pedophiles to subvert politicians and blackmail them into obedience or addiction, and control them, the Florida RINO’s are a result, and every state suffers from them. Is it no wonder why the don’t support the people?

      The only way out is to Decert the election – because that proof is growing every day and it’s a state battle of who is in control that leads to the national battle. If they steal your election, they steal your country.

      You good with this?

    • Indiana too is full of RINOs who hate your liberty and will do anything from restoring the full measure of the 2nd Amendment. Constitutional Carry keeps getting killed in the RINO senate year after year, and miracle of miracles, it finally made it!

      Except Indiana has a RINO governor, Tyrant Holcomb. I despise RINOs, they are Jack@$$ Dems in elephant skin! This is why I left Indiana. Went west and within spitting distance from Canada so I can live free.

    • Hell yeah! Listen, people! DON’T FEED THE RINOs!!!!!
      Even if you’re a RINO too, voting RINO is bad for your own interests. Get with it and vote only for constitutionalists… it aint gonna kill you!! But voting RINO just might!!

  2. Sounds like country club Republicans have the say in Flordia. Obviously they are for maintaing the scam that requires citizens to pay extra and take another anal exam to see if NCIC missed something and then spend time in a class listening to things they probably already know or should know just to wear a coat over a firearm or carry in a purse, etc.

    Of course every time a criminal gets news of concealed carry being struck down they are emboldened by the odds of success being in their favor. Nothing good ever comes from Gun Control rot.

  3. Something about doing the same thing over & over and expecting different results. Either primary them out or…well…maybe this time a different result will happen.

    In a bit of follow-up news today, Dick Tench’s wallet is $600,000 heavier (minus lawyer fees) after the police shot him from outside his home & lied about it back in 2019.

  4. If the ‘pubs wouldn’t loose votes over it, they’d be right there in lockstep with the democrats blocking civilian carry of firearms. Far as they’re concerned, only the ‘elite’ should have that right.

  5. I just donated $100 to GOA. In addition to my usual contribution. Pick your pro 2A rights groups carefully. And, I hate to say it, but be stingy with your money.

    • +1. We’ve had our own versions of her in Texas (Alice Tripp (TSRA) and Charles Cotton (one of WLP’s lickspittles)).

      Interestingly, once they were out of the way and the “new sheriff in town” gun lobbyists made it clear that they were ready to play serious hardball with any RINO squishes, mirable dictu, everything we wanted started passing. (Of course, getting rid of the RINO House Speaker was also essential.)

      Moral of the story is that when you have squishes like Marion Hammer giving cover to the RINOs, they will take it.

    • The Chinese were getting close until the animal activists showed up.
      Oh you meant Representatives In Name Only, duh on me.
      Yes that would be nice.

      Should Kings be paid more then the Serfs they work for?
      Equality not superiority, minimum wage for all.

  6. Here in Ohio Dewiner best sign the CC bill or he can kiss reelection goodbye. This is the closest we have ever been. Now it’s all on him.
    While campaigning for governor he said in writing and out loud that he would.
    We shall see.

  7. These are Republicans who likely run unopposed in the primaries.
    It’s probably not too late to register as a candidate. Sometimes all it takes is “Literally Anyone Else”

  8. Constitutional Carry is great and I support it.
    However the truth is that it is easy to get a carry permit here in Florida as we are shall issue.
    I would like Louie Valdes and Florida GOA to spend more of his time on getting us open carry, campus carry, and a repeal of the red flag law.

  9. there are places where it is easier…and cheaper…or you don’t have to get one at all…Florida permits used to be a good deal for out of state residents, but “residency requirements” negated much of that…the opposition makes no sense unless a lot money is involved


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