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In politics, there’s always someone waiting to fill the political space you’ve just abandoned when you change your position on an issue. Just ask Florida Congressman Brian Mast (above). When he ran in 2016, he was a staunch gun rights supporter, A-rated by the NRA. But since February, he’s had an epiphany. Mast “flipped to support a host of gun control measures after the February school shooting in Parkland, Florida.”

Abandoning his support for Second Amendment rights has given one of his 2016 rivals a new opening. Which is why Mark Freeman — who ran against him for the nomination in back in 2016 — an opening to challenge him in the 2018 primary as the pro-gun alternative.

Mast, a Republican from Florida’s 18th District, received an A rating and financial support from the National Rifle Association during his 2016 campaign, when he defeated the mostly self-funded Freeman by 23 points in the GOP primary. Freeman placed third in that race.

But after an AR-15-wielding gunman killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland on Valentine’s Day, Mast announced that he would support, among other measures, an assault weapons ban, more extensive background checks for gun buyers, and raising the minimum age for purchasing certain guns.

Freeman has a tough row to hoe going up against an incumbent this year. He came in third in the race for the nomination last time.

Freeman did not come close to defeating Mast in 2016 despite deep pockets on the campaign trail.

But this time, Mast will have a record he’ll have to defend in a district that went for Trump by nine points in 2016.

As Mast now says about AR’s,

“I have fired tens of thousands of rounds through that rifle, many in combat. We used it because it was the most lethal — the best for killing our enemies. And I know that my community, our schools and public gathering places are not made safer by any person having access to the best killing tool the Army could put in my hands. I cannot support the primary weapon I used to defend our people being used to kill children I swore to defend.”

His record now includes flipping on a bedrock issue for a lot of committed voters who supported him last time. Voters who likely won’t be in any mood to hear Mast explain to them why further limiting their gun rights is now in their best interests.


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  1. He went and made sacrifices for rights he now wants to sell out for power and stature. Seems about right. Also if he legitly thinks the military uses 5.56 because it’s most effective at killing I’m kind of scared for the intelligence within our military.

    • The arguments for 5.56 are similar for the 9MM. Obviously a single shot of .308 is going to do a lot more damage than a 5.56. Just as a single shot of .40 will do more damage than a 9MM. But you can carry more 5.56, have larger magazines in the same size gun, the gun is lighter, keeping your barrel on target is easier, 5.56 is less expensive, and it is a perfectly capable manstopper.

      Shot for shot, pretty much every hunting round in the US does more damage than a 5.56. If all other things were equal, that’d be the end of the story. All other things are not equal.

      P.S. I abhor anyone who wants to ban the so called Assault Rifle. What this foolish Congressman fails to realize is the term is based on it’s looks and not the caliber. An AR-10, an AK-47, even a Ruger 10-22 if you put the “wrong” stock on it counts as an “assault” rifle and they’re all chambered for vastly different rounds.

      • there is one other reason for the prevalence of smaller caliber weapons in the military and that is hit them with a large caliber and they are down for good. a severe wounding OTOH means it takes 2 more men to carry that wounded man to medical help leaving less men free to fight. this reason is far less talked about than carrying more ammo etc as it is less palatable for most people.

        • That’s just fuddlore. Intermediate cartridges and 9mm handguns were adopted because they were adequate at wounding people to death, whereas “full-power” cartridges will kill a person outright (and .45 will kill your soul).

        • Intermediate cartridges were adopted because it was found in WWII that the rifles most soldiers carried were significantly more powerful than what were needed for the ranges that they were actually engaging at. It thus made much more sense to equip them with less powerful rifles that fired smaller ammunition that they could then carry more of.

          • yes also true but what i said is also part of the equation as well no matter if we do not like to admit that fact to ourselves or others. in guerrilla warfare 5.56 is often deliberately aimed at the gut to create what is known as a warbler. the screams of agony from a gut shot soldier will in highly battle hardened troops firm their resolve but if less so will most times cause unit cohesion to fall apart. how do i know this? i knew a few ex SBS guys about 20 years ago and trained with them in small unit guerrilla warfare. SBS= Australian Black Ops

        • I don’t think that logic applies to today’s enemy: i.e., radical Islamic terrorists who would rather ship the wounded jihadi off to their glorious deaths (and 72 virgins) rather than waste precious time and resources to save their lives. The wounded also wouldn’t want to be deprived of becoming martyrs.

          Also, it’s not like they can’t find more Muzzie murderers to take their places.

          • very spot on with the moslems. which is part of why some parts of the US forces are going back to 7.62 in syria along with the greater range

      • The same can be said about 9mm carbines that are gaining popularity… it is a slippery slope until you serve at the elite socialists leisure.

    • Oh he’s really smart. He graduated from Harvard University, doncha know?

      Well….sort of…..

      He graduated with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree from Harvard Extension School. That’s real Harvard in the sense that it is owned and operated by the University, but it’s not really Harvard. It’s that back door into Harvard and not at all reflective of the same admissions and coursework criteria. (Some classes consist of watching old “X-Files” clips and writing a few paragraphs about them.)

      A number of the Ivt League universities offer these alternative schools within their overall academic umbrella. They’re sort if community outreach endeavours, so that guilty white liberals don’t have to feel that they’re denying the hoi polloi the Harvard experience. These are part time, night school classes distinct from the real Harvard classes, though any H.U. student can take these as electives, if they want.

      A similarly situated college is Cornell University College if Agriculture and Life Sciences. That’s not “real” Cornell. It’s a land grant college established ans supervised by the State University of New York system. It’s the backdoor to Cornell because the dipomas do actually read “Cornell”, but the Ag College has different admission and coursework standards.

      Ann Coulter schooled Keith “I have an Ivy League education because I went to Cornell” Olberman about a decade ago for bragging about his alma mater. Problem was, she went to real Cornell, while he went to what she called “Old MacDonald Cornell” at the state school college that just happens to be on the Cornell campus.

      Rep. Mast does specify “Harvard Extension School” on his House website, though ai doubt more than a fraction of a percent of people knows what that means as distinct from Harvard. He makes no mention of any college education on his campaign website, where voters are likely to look. He misleadingly calls his school “Harvard University” on information he submitted to

      That and this 2A flip flop paint him as a liar and a fraud in my book.

      • My 13-year-old daughter wants to be a veterinarian, and has already told me she is going to Cornell. I hope it is the back-door one, because I don’t think we will be able to afford the real one.

        • Cornell is grossly overrated. I withdrew my application after I went on a campus tour. I’ve never seen a more depressing campus in my entire life.

        • The veterinary college at Cornell should be part of the Land Grant University (public) along with Engineering and Agriculture. The tuition is lower on the public University side, and the education is actually useful. Colleges of Engineering and Agriculture aren’t generally filled with pretentious self-important Marxist feminist SJW professors.

          Kind of funny, but Cornell is sort of considered the flagship/ivy league/Harvard of agriculture colleges.

        • for pwrserge…

          “…I’ve never seen a more depressing campus in my entire life.”

          Golly, and you didn’t visit Syracuse while you were in the neighborhood?!?

        • I’m not really surprised that you would say this Serge. My dad went “the real Harvard” for undergrad and “the real” Cornell for his PhD. Back some time ago he went to an ACS meeting at Cornell, came back, and hasn’t given them a dime since.

          Same basic story with Harvard except he returned there for some sort of alumni function.

          He’s never told me what he found wrong with the institutions back in the early 1990’s other than to simply say that as long as they behave the way they do he won’t support them and they these are not the same places they were when he attended them.

          If you ask him about it today you get nothing more than a sad look and a disgusted snort. If they send him anything it goes in the shredder without being opened, never mind looked at. When I was getting ready to go to college I was forbidden to apply to either one. He really hates those places for what they have become.

        • “My 13-year-old daughter wants to be a veterinarian, and has already told me she is going to Cornell.”

          I hope she is serious about her grades.

          As I understand it, getting into an accredited veterinary school is more competitive and tougher than getting into medical school…

        • It’s Hard to find a good Phd now days, I broke the handle out of my last one…. You guys are talking about a Post Hole Digger, right?

          • lol Love it. worked with a few PHD’s of both sorts. for the most part the mechanical one was the better value

      • “…a liar and a fraud in my book.”
        yeah well, what does he do for a living again? how unusual. a jagoff politician.
        but the info that i truly yearned for that was omitted from the article was where he went to kiddie kollege.
        acadaemia is soo impressive it has it’s own stylized speech patterns and execuspeaks.

      • Appending “PhD” to one’s name these days far too often means “Piled higher and Deeper”.

  2. Such cases are a lesson about not being complacent.

    Imagine the gun-owning voter who lives in a Congressional district or State that is 49% gun-ownership-supporting. That seems good-enough. Such a voter thinks:

    ‘My Congressman is A-rated by the NRA and my Senators are B-rated by the NRA. So, that’s pretty good. I have nothing to worry about’.

    The problem is that a Parkland type of incident can occur during a Congressional campaign season; or, that State’s Senatorial campaign season. The incumbent in any such race can turn on a dime; or, maybe a $100,000 campaign contribution from the right source.

    To immunize that incumbent, the District or State must become 55% or 60% staunch gun-rights voters. Then, and only then, will its Congress-critters NOT be inclined to sell their power to the highest bidder.

  3. I just read that Gov. Scott has raised buckets of cash for his Senatorial run. That’s what the Senate needs: more anti-rights Senators. 8~(

  4. I think this guy is a vet with an ax to grind, for “pay back” against what happened to him while clocking himself in the holy status of “victim” and “veteran” as if it shields him against criticism.

    • The dress slacks cut into shorts to better show his prosthetics, speaks volumes to that.

      • That was exactly my first thought. It would cost extra to have slacks tailored as such. Absolutely no reason except LOOK AT ME.

        I value his military service, I mourn for sacrificing his legs. To use that as a publicity tool is embarrassing and crude.

      • yep….when I saw that, I thought “attention whore”….even sadder when it is a veteran.

      • Shorts over artificial legs does not necessarily mean “look at me”. I’ll give the guy the benefit of a doubt, assuming it is a hell of a lot easier dealing with the limbs without the hassle of trouser legs causing issues with leg use. Don’t mock the handicap.

        • I’m not mocking. I’m criticizing.

          I have worked with many amputees, and adapted existing leg prosthetics for a few folks. Other than actual shorts, I have never seen something like this guy. Never suit trousers.

          His mileage may vary.

          I still mourn for the loss of his legs.

        • When you’ve had what appear to be full-length matching suit pants tailored shorter and you’re a politician, it kind of begins to (assuming they aren’t otherwise a snag/bunching hazard, which I doubt they are since other folks I’ve known with knee-down prosthetics were able to wear full length when they cared to, though they usually preferred shorts because who doesn’t, and it’s not like anyone would challenge them on it, and it’s not like they’d get cold doing so)

      • An amputee loses a lot of skin area. They overheat under conditions that we non amputees can shrug off. It can be dangerous.

        Not defending this guy. Just saying that an amputee can have more than a ‘feel sorry for me’ reason to ditch some clothing.

        • That would be a valid point, if he could radiate heat through his prosthetics, but since they are non-conductive, they are not helping him shed heat. His pockets are doing more in that department than the openings around the ends of the shorts.

          Besides (/sarc) as a politician he has a jumbo-sized relief valve in the front of his face should he need to ditch some excess hot air 😉

      • exactly my thought as well. If he had worn long pants, it still would have been obvious to everyone that he had prosthetics in the way he walked (not to mention the cane) but it would have looked dignified and me and everyone else would have still allotted the proper street cred and been acutely aware of his sacrifice. Kinda like Lieutenant Dan at Gump’s wedding. This just looks unnecessarily overt (and goofy looking). What was that old commercial…”how does someone with a disability want to be treated…like a person” and here we have a person with a disability who clearly wants to be treated as a person with a disability. He paid a big price for his service so I would love to cut him slack…but this slack-cutting I find very off-putting. Perhaps I am just being a dick because I hate his newfound politics. so be it.

      • Suit coat, tie and short cut pants to show off his prosthetic legs. Attention whore in my book. He does this for votes because the most important thing to him is power. Sad what a stint in Congress does to some people.

        • Wearing short “suit pants” doesn’t make Rep. Mast any more of a hero. It just makes him a wounded vet with bad taste!

  5. Will be interesting to see how Trump addresses the NRA… Trump was totally all-in on Gov. Scott’s senate run prior to Parkland. How will he tap-dance around this now?

    And — flipping senators can be traced directly back to billionaire Mike Fernandez, a cash cow for Republican candidates who declared he’s cutting off the money for anyone who doesn’t support gun control.

    That’s what we’ve come to, folks. One guy is making policy statewide (and seriously influencing it nationwide), just by turning off the funnels of cash.

    • Thats what we’ve come to? Its always been that way. Welcome to California circa 1988. Get ready to put bullet buttons on your guns, 10 day waiting periods, and your ranges shut down. If “California-fication” can happen in Florida, it can happen to any of your states TTAG!

      • Not really Florida has been overrun with libturds for decades.
        They run from their sh!tholes caused by their libturd ideology then run to a conservative state to start over.

        • libturds and moslems both love to do so. trouble is they take their same BS with them and push it on those around them being too stupid and brainwashed to realize their BS ideologies are what caused the mess they escaped from in the first place. personally i would love to be able to put both groups in what would effectively be jail. yep they could still do many things in their but keep them contained in an area with the only way they were getting out is dead. at least then it would be rather harder for them to infect the rest of thinking society

    • Now wait just a damn minute!!!
      I happen to like saving so much money on shampoo…

      • Sorry man, you guys with so much testosterone that your hair falls out before you are thirty scare me;-)

        • Well, Vic, keep your woman properly ‘satisfied’ and you’ll have nothing to worry about. 😉

          (Your dog will probably even like him…)

  6. From the article,

    “In a lengthy opinion article distributed by his office and published in the New York Times, Mast wrote that he doesn’t fear political repercussions for his stand. “I don’t fear becoming a political casualty,” he wrote. He added his view that the Second Amendment is “unimpeachable,” but said it “does not guarantee that every civilian can bear any and all arms.”

    Well, no one said that “every” citizen can bear “any and all arms.” Who, for example, said that Major Nidal Hasan can bear SAWs? Mast ought to consider having real discussions with real people and not merely slaying straw men.

    • Notably, the Second Amendment does not specify that the type of arm I wish to keep and bear is up for discussion, ESPECIALLY at the federal level. The INTENT is that I retain the ability to be armed well enough to execute my DUTY to fight a government which has become tyrranical. Now where’d I put my danged cannon?

      • I agree with you 100%! A little history lesson on what most people don’t know is the Battle of Athens, TN in 1946. People need to read or see it for themselves to understand why one of the reasons our Founders came up with the 2nd Amendment.

  7. a class A scumbag of the highest order

    i dont care about his service

    just like i dont care about john kerrys

    or john mccains

    im tired of this whole idea of “war heroes” and “those who wore the uniform” being somehow unassailable and above reproach

    a scumbag is a scumbag plain and simple


    they have now become those very same enemies they swore to defend against

    it will be a great day in America when these 3 walking disappointments are no longer a part of the us federal government

    • FKNA. Made sacrifices, served his country, then finger fucked it by shitting on the Constitution. Fuck ‘im. A traitor is a traitor, or as my Dad used to say…. One “oh shit” wipes out ten “atta boys”

    • While you are correct in our evaluation, if you are not a combat arms vet STFU and GTH.

    • Never forget that Benedict Arnold was a decorated and respected veteran, right up until he wasn’t.

  8. Brian Mast is from Floridas’18 th district
    That is just north of me and includes the very northern part of Palm Beach and all of Martin and Saint Lucie counties
    We need to support his challenger with money, even if we can’t vote in that district
    Especially governor Rick Scott who signed these anti gun bills
    Agriculture commissioner Putnam sped up concealed weapons permits and we should support him for US Senator from Florida

    • Nor did he do anything that would defend the “…children I swore to defend.”

    • Plenty of people nearly that close to an I.E.D. that deserve some type of Combat Action Ribbon award.

      If you roll heavy, and the enemy only wants to mine your ass, they should at least give you a damage-sponge award with raised “C” device [for “CLEAN”] if you didn’t shit your pants when the I.E.D. knocked you unconscious and you fell down out of your turret on an MTVR, because your driver and vehicle commander are probably going to kick your ass later for falling on them wearing your Kevlar and body armor and an M203 suicide vest.

    • He knows damn well that he never fired an AR15 in combat. He is just a lying scoundrel, traitor, and scumbag.

      • His statements are indicitive of someone who doesn’t know anything about guns. It doesn’t surprise me that he would say any of that nonsense. It also doesn’t surprise me that he forgot his oath. Remember: the military defends the Constitution while not being able to exercise its protections. Its an odd dichotomy that makes for some peculiar notions when people get off active duty. Especially if one was in a combat unit.

  9. The solution to this kind of sellout is very simple. Find Mark Freeman’s campaign website and throw him a few bucks…whatever you can afford. Blowing Mast out in the primary would send a very clear message to the FL GOP. As Voltaire once said of the execution of Admiral Byng:

    “Dans ce pays-ci, il est bon de tuer de temps en temps un amiral pour encourager les autres.”

    “In this country, it is good to kill an admiral from time to time, in order to encourage the others.”

  10. Just another good example of, it don’t matter what’s on your resume, you can still wipe your ass with it.

    Smells like POS broke (D)1<K (D)NC that had to run as a Republican to get elected so they could do satan's work on-the-clock.


  11. Like fights at sea in the “Age of Sail” Mark Freeman must load bar, chain, and ball and topple Mast.


  12. Democrats aren’t going to vote for him, and now fewer republicans will vote for him. Clown with no convictions or political future.

  13. What Floridian has the details on the primary challenger and the guys fund raising site.

    Freeman could be just as big a POS as the plentitude of other Fl RINOs. Seem to be overwhelmed with them.

  14. I hope the fine voters of Florida vote this RINO Globalist out! The community might be better served if he becomes a manager of a local fast-food restaurant!

  15. S*ck my d*ck. As a veteran, I say to hell with this ass clown. He speaks for the weak minded vets who somehow learned to worship the state after they got back. I’m tired of assclowns like this thinking they can use their status as black or gay or Jewish or a veteran as an “expert voice” on gun control.

    • Its comment’s and language like that that makes it hard to defend our gun rights…I think as an 0331 Machine gunner, full auto of course, vietvet I’m pretty qualified…A surviving grunt that knows weapons in and out…Any civilian that needs a full auto assault weapon may be missing parts to his canteen…

  16. “Best killing tool” the army has at hand…what a freaking joke

    Anybody figured out how much this toolbag received from that turncoat GOP ‘bundler’ who decided post-shooting to start threatening prior political contacts with withholding his largess?

  17. Bullshit fuck you Mas titis yellow pus tit dripper. M16 the most lethal weapon we could get. Bullshit . And I hope these other politicians just don’t use “I support the 2a”, to get votes. Does anyone have any convictions anymore?

  18. As Mast now says about AR’s,

    “I have fired tens of thousands of rounds through that rifle, many in combat. We used it because it was the most lethal — the best for killing our enemies. And I know that my community, our schools and public gathering places are not made safer by any person having access to the best killing tool the Army could put in my hands. I cannot support the primary weapon I used to defend our people being used to kill children I swore to defend.”

    That was the M4 or M4A1, both select fire (machine gun) either semi/full auto or semi/3 round burst.
    Not even close to being the same as the AR15 for function, only appearance..

  19. That’s a shame. When I saw the picture I kind of hoped the guy with the Adam Jensen looking prosthetics would BE the challenger. Sadly he’s the one doing the Flip-Flop-Hop.

  20. It is also interesting that he thinks what he was doing in the Army with the rifle was just killing people. Does he think that he was simply a murderer? If so, why did he do it?

  21. Another Flip – Flopper is candidate Scott Wagner for governor in Pennsylvania.

    He voted FOR gun control / supports Toomey – Manchin bills.

  22. as a fellow tech this guy was really a massive letdown. I can tell you from the atmosphere surrounding the community on social media, I’m not the only one that feels this way. Not only did he take the position he did, but he did it like a soft willed turncoat that flipped when the winds changed. Pretty damn bad look.

  23. This guy is not worthy to represent anyone, liberal or conservative!
    He’s a low life POS that the voters should cast aside for the phony he is!
    I hope you Florida voters show him the door!

  24. The only assault weapons for sale to the public are not full auto…One squeeze one shot…Cut the size of the magazines and inforce the dam laws on the books…A lot of things went wrong in Florida…The cop on duty should have been inside at first shot…The shooter was known to the school as a problem student before…The Obama Admin told schools to lay off punishment…This could have been avoided…He was reported by kids that said he was going to kill students…Authority screwed this up… TAP USMC

    • You got most of that right, except the mags. You can look it up, but mag size had no limiting factor during the columbine murders. When your victim pool is unarmed it won’t make a difference. Conversely, a single home defender needs as much capacity as possible in the event of multiple armed attackers where running out of ammo could be the difference between surviving and not.

      As for the laws, many are plainly unconstitutional and should be repealed post haste. We certainly don’t need more laws. We do need to put the oath breakers away though!

  25. Someone should tell the esteemed congressman that of the 11,000 homicides that are committed with firearms each year that less than 400 are committed with a rifle of any type including “assault weapons”. Thats according to the FBI’s UCR (Uniformed Crime Report) anyway.
    If gun control advocates were really interested in making a difference they should familiarize themselves with the current laws and quit trying to punish the vast majority of people that follow the law and operate firearms safely.
    In two of the last few mass shootings the shooters were able to obtain rifles from a legal source cause someone on the Federal level failed to do their job. Had the law been followed the two shooters legally would have had the sale denied. Why punish people that follow the law because some Federal employee failed at their job. Find out why the system failed and fix it instead of trying to change the Constitution.
    As for AR’s are just for killing people. If you think that then you really do not have a clue about what you are talking about. Any gun can kill a person. I have seen airguns that when used with evil intent can kill people. Then the argument that .223 or 5.56 can’t be used for hunting is just ignorant. Besides there are plenty of calibers that an AR-15 can be chambered in that you can use to hunt large game effectively with.
    Gun control advocates are predominantly liberal and Gun rights advocates are predominantly conservative. Do you see what my point is. This isn’t about guns being evil. Abortion is evil but it is still legal. It’s about punishing your opposition. I tell you what make all forms of abortion illegal except in the case of the mother’s life is endangered and I’ll gladly turn over my firearms. All this is about control and the Constitutional rights I volunteered to protect against all enemies foreign and domestic mean more to me than your fear of how something looks.

  26. I live in this guy’s district and am ashamed to say that I voted for him based on his military service and his professing to always support our gun rights. Boy-did so many of us get suckered! He said to my face during his campaign that he would fight any attempts by the left to weaken our gun rights. Now I cant wait to say to his face that I am doing all I can do to make sure he is defeated in the primary. He, of all people, should know that the AR15 is the musket of our day! SMH!!!

    • as a fellow EOD tech, he really pissed me off with his turncoat bullshit. He sang praises about being pro-2A when the climate suited it. Then he absolutely 180’d so hard I’m surprised he didn’t leave tire marks. It was such a blatant overnight flip that I don’t know how he doesn’t feel slimy all the time.

  27. Don’t stay home on Election Day.
    Florida gun owners are only part of the problem when they don’t go to the polls and vote out anti-gun politicians and vote in pro-second Amendment politicians.

  28. I too voted for him. I am a disabled combat vet and he swore to uphold the constitution. When he betrayed his oath I wrote him at least five letters. After the third form letter, about him owning guns and protecting his daughters, I sent him another one accusing him of playing the victim card for his own agenda. Using his military experience to apply peer pressure to those unfamiliar with AR-15’s. I told him that one does not need to have a military background to know weapons. There are many experts. I asked him if felt the rest of us are just stupid. I told him that before this turn of events I had his six. Now I would step aside and do all in my power to make sure he is not re-elected. Five form letters plus the same letter in several email responses. he never answered my last letter. BTW- I dropped that one off at his Stuart, Fl office. I guess besides his legs he’s lost his balls. Must be some special feeling ( that I am not aware of ) that you get when you betray those that voted for you.

  29. If he fired thousands of rounds from an AR in combat. He would be dead. M4/M16 isn’t the same as an AR15. If it was the military could save thousands of dollars by arming the military with ARs. Of course everyone of our military would quit. The AR will never equal the military version. Criminals don’t care about gun laws. They will find one or make one.and law abiding citizens will be at their mercy. Of which the victims will receive none.

  30. No Mast, you did not use an AR15 in the military. That is a lie. You used a fully automatic M16. I supported you when you first ran, now that you have flipped on my gun rights I will be supporting your opponent

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