I’ve reviewed a couple Weatherby rifles for the site, including one I brought on a hunting expedition in Texas last month. I can’t recommend them highly enough (for some). Weatherby’s now selling their new line of Vanguard and Mark V rifles: the Series 2. The new long guns include a new stock and a new trigger. At first fondle, it seems that the Vanguard and Mark V’s have that same Weatherby quality to it. So how do they feel? I’m glad I asked . . .

The trigger is PERFECT. [Note: I say that about as often as Lindsay Lohan turns down a drink.] The rifles have a two-stage trigger with a light first stage and a heavy yet clean break for the second stage. Try as I might I couldn’t find any creep (not including the attendees surrounding Red Jacket Firearms’ Stephanie Hayden). The trigger comes standard on all of the rifles in the Vanguard series, even the entry-level and youth models.

The stock on the Range Certified Vanguards is better, but whether or not it has been “fixed” compared to the old models is yet to be seen.

As for the standard Vanguard rifles, the stock has been slightly improved. It feels better to hold in your hands and doesn’t appear as flimsy as its predecessor. However, it’s still isn’t free floated. The Range Certified rifles are, but the standard El Cheapo models aren’t.

The good news: Boyd’s is still making great free float capable stocks for the Vanguard series. And you get THAT trigger.


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