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Finally! A Playstation Move Gun That LOOKS Like A Gun

And there you have it: CTA Digital’s new PSM SRGM Playstation move rifle. reports that the USB wireless rifle works as a standalone PS3 controller as well as with the Move’s wand controller. “This allows gamers to switch between regular PS3 titles and Move-enabled games, giving them the freedom to play any shooter game they choose to. Also, when playing with the PlayStation 3’s Move technology, gamers won’t need to have a secondary Nav controller because the rifle itself has those buttons already mapped on it.” Amazon has a page for it, but no price or availability. Expect the PSM SRGM to be in short supply this Xmas.


  1. avatar Robert says:

    Nice rifle! Does anyone know (I haven’t looked) if there is a decent handgun-emulator for the PS3? A friend of mine needs some trigger-and-grip practice, and a real-feel handgun would help.

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