And there you have it: CTA Digital’s new PSM SRGM Playstation move rifle. reports that the USB wireless rifle works as a standalone PS3 controller as well as with the Move’s wand controller. “This allows gamers to switch between regular PS3 titles and Move-enabled games, giving them the freedom to play any shooter game they choose to. Also, when playing with the PlayStation 3’s Move technology, gamers won’t need to have a secondary Nav controller because the rifle itself has those buttons already mapped on it.” Amazon has a page for it, but no price or availability. Expect the PSM SRGM to be in short supply this Xmas.


  1. Nice rifle! Does anyone know (I haven’t looked) if there is a decent handgun-emulator for the PS3? A friend of mine needs some trigger-and-grip practice, and a real-feel handgun would help.


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