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Fighter Design USA is a proud retailer at the 2015 Texas Firearms Festival at Best of the West Shooting Sports on November 14 and 15. Come and sample our wide range of innovative products, all based on the design genius of Adam Slank (the Steve Wozniak of gun gear). Take Adam’s almost famous Airflow pants. Strategically placed mesh inserts create . . . wait for it . . . air flow to your private parts. They are as cool and comfortable as shorts. Fighter’s feather-light armor and carrier are equally rad. Equipped with two Level 3 plates, the entire rig tips the scales at at just six pounds. The new Fighter Belt combines . . .

mil-spec parachute webbing with heavy duty parachute stitching (on a class 7 machine) to create a belt strong enough to support the heaviest gun – or tow a pickup truck. It includes a zippered “SERE” compartment for cash, picks, keys, etc. and an Austrian-made quick release belt buckle. You can buy a cheaper belt, but you can’t buy a better one.


Want maximum tacticool? Adam designs for real-life operators operating operationally. Armored backpack? The world’s best rifle sling? Fighter’s got you covered. And how cool will you look wearing a Fragment Resistant Kevlar neck gaiter with antimicrobial interlock? It’s light, soft, and flexible. Suitable for all season use and provides significant kevlar blast protection.

Fighter Design Combat Canine (courtesy

If you want to buy into the brand – and why wouldn’t you? – we’ll have T-shirts, caps and patches. In fact, I’ll have just about everything in our catalog out there, including the entire Combat K9 line, featuring the same quick release leads and leashes coveted by SEAL dog handlers. Mention you are a TTAG reader and watch your discount go from good to ridiculous. Everyone who buys anything will get something for free. Can’t wait to see you there.

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  1. “You know about the guy who invented it? I hear all kinds of things. Supposedly, he was born in a mental institution. They say he only sleeps one hour a night. You know about this guy?” “Adam Slank?”

  2. Strategically placed mesh inserts create . . . air flow to your private parts.

    I just leave my fly open.

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