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Nancy and Pul Pelosi (AP Foto/Kevin Wolf, File)
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Thanks to wokeness on steroids, San Francisco has become a crime-infested hellhole where literally no one is truly safe. Not even in the home of the sitting Speaker of the US House of Representatives.

Earlier today, Speaker Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, suffered injuries when one or more intruders beat him mercilessly in his own home. Speaker Pelosi and her taxpayer-funded armed security detail were in Washington at the time.

One would think the husband of the Speaker of the House — or any Congressman or Congresswoman — would have a gun or two readily accessible in their homes in case of a bump in the night. After all, with a few notable exceptions like mental giant Hank “Guam Is Tipping Over” Johnson or everyone’s favorite village physicist AOC, most Americans know that the only thing that stops bad people with evil in their hearts is a good guy with a gun.

And if Paul Pelosi can’t get a gun in San Francisco, who can?

Nancy Pelosi Washington Congress Gun Control
Kabuki for the cameras. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

But Paul “DUI” Pelosi was unable to mount a meaningful defense of himself and his home. Maybe he was polishing the Porsche he bought to replace his former ride. Or maybe he was sleeping one off and didn’t notice that his home was being invaded. We couldn’t possibly comment.

NBC has the story . . .

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, was “violently assaulted” early Friday morning by an assailant who broke into their home in San Francisco, according to a statement from her office.

“Early this morning, an assailant broke into the Pelosi residence in San Francisco and violently assaulted Mr. Pelosi,” the California Democrat’s spokesman, Drew Hammill, said. “The assailant is in custody and the motivation for the attack is under investigation,”

“Mr. Pelosi was taken to the hospital, where he is receiving excellent medical care and is expected to make a full recovery,” Hammill added.

We hope he makes a full and speedy recovery.

Paul Pelosi mug shot mugshot DUI arrested
his booking photo provided by the Napa County Sheriff’s Office shows Paul Pelosi on May 29, 2022, following his arrest on suspicion of DUI in Northern California. (Napa County Sheriff’s Office via AP)

The bottom line here? No one is safe in San Francisco. No one. Not even in the Pacific Heights home of the person who sits right behind the Veep in the line of succession.

The city’s residents have only themselves and those they’ve voted for over decades to thank for that. Years of utopian, wooly-headed “progressive” policies and governing have resulted in an “unsustainable” level of crime in the city where literally anyone can become a victim at any time.

This latest, high profile example of what average San Franciscans deal with on a daily basis should only drive the point home further. They’re not likely to enjoy the same response time as the Speaker’s husband did.

Buy a gun and learn how to use it, folks. Wherever you may live. YOU are your own first responder. In all likelihood, no one is coming to save you.

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      • They’ll just declare it a “Politically inspired attack” then she does’t have to deal with the criminal hellhole that SF has become as a result of democrat policy.

        • Has the hallmarks of a false-flag event to get sympathy votes for the midterms.

          The Pelosi’s live and breath politics. I wouldn’t put such an event past that conniving old crow.

          All it needed was for the perp to wear a MAGA hat and carry a AR15 for the event to be perfect.

        • “Has the hallmarks of a false-flag event to get sympathy votes for the midterms“

          Really? So the 82-year-old victim is undergoing emergency brain surgery because of the attack and you believe it was an intentional false flag event.

          Priceless, yet typical conservative.

        • “They’ll just declare it a “Politically inspired attack”

          Because it was, another ‘poorly educated’ citizen whose brain was poisoned by Donald Trump’s bullshit.

          “Paul Pelosi’s Alleged Attacker’s Facebook Page Filled With 2020 Election Conspiracies, Reports Say
          Sara Dorn
          Forbes Staff
          Oct 28, 2022,03:09pm EDT

          Updated Oct 28, 2022, 04:06pm EDT

          The man who allegedly attacked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, posted on Facebook about conspiracies related to the 2020 election and Covid-19 pandemic, according to reports–the latest example of a disturbing link between extremism fostered on social media and political violence“

        • Miner…. buddy…..

          The attacker is a member of the Green Party, he lives in a hippie van with weed flags posted on it, attends nudist weddings, and more often than not posts Leftist ideas. THAT’S NOT A MAGA PERSON!!!

          Tell me, do you wear your rainbow wig and red nose all the time? Or is it just when you get on here that you show the world what a fucking clown you are?

      • damn! and I just posted that it would be a “politically inspired attack” 2 seconds ago too. Be interesting to find out if it really is, or just spin.

        • It is sad that my first impression is that this is likely a politically motivated false flag attack sent by Democratic operatives (possible FBI involvement) to be an “October surprise” to help sway elections in their direction, and justify more tyranny from the left. If that is the case, Mr Pelosi is just an unfortunate sacrificial lamb of team evil

          On the other hand, it might be something else. These days, who knows?

        • “It is sad that my first impression is that this is likely a politically motivated false flag attack sent by Democratic operatives (possible FBI involvement)“

          Yes, it is sad that you would make this claim without the benefit of any direct knowledge or evidence to support your claim.

        • That it was. The attacker is a former “Castro Naked Protester”, whatever the hell that is, and a cannabis artist, whatever the hell THAT is. Messages about universal basic income and a couple of other progressive causes were spray painted on the property. Apparently Nancy isn’t doing enough to further the cause. But that can be right, because only the right wing can be violent.

    • Why is it even in the news? When Rand Paul was beaten in his front yard and Steve Scalise was shot it barely made headlines.

    • Reports circulating are that PP was in his underwear when he let the perp into his house. First question: Who answers the door at zero dark thirty in their undees?
      Two: Who answers the door at aero dark thirty? Three: Why was the perp half dressed (no description) at zero dark thirty? Four: A very wealthy businessman, the third in line for the POTUS and no security cameras on a multi-million dollar house in an exclusive (read very expensive) section of ‘Frisco? Five: The perp whacks PP in the head while the cops watch. Cops do not shoot whacko with a hammer beating The Speaker’s hubby on the head. Well, it is Frisco. If this were a novel I would say it is too far fetched to be believable.

    • You know, when you pour gin or vodka over your butter pecan ice cream it combines two passions in one bowl.

    • Good thing she has that fancy sub-zero freezer for her ice cream, a pint of that Butter Pecan could have kept the swelling down on her hubby’s hammer-battered head…

      • Someone has already quipped he was probably drunk and fell down the stairs.

        Let’s be serious – An 80 year-old man beaten mercilessly with a hammer probably won’t survive, and he’s “expected to make a full recovery”…

        • Geoff, I am thinking I can see the light in yer post.
          Everything within the alphabet government is about theater, this is right in step with that.
          One would be likely to think the Clinton’s were the first to take the theater approach with their out in plain sight Hollywood thriller Clinton-cide way of dealing with things, but it started waaaaay before that.

          I see Clinton and raise you a Kennedy…

        • If still available look closely at an aerial pic of the crime scene. The broken glass is OUTSIDE on the ground.

      • I’m a senior citizen. This same family is working overtime to see that I cannot defend myself against younger, stronger home invaders.

        I do not show sympathy towards the enemies of freedom.

  1. LOLOLOLOLOL! Absolutely hilarious. I hope they let the attacker out on “no-cash” bail.

    And don’t feel any sympathy for this criminal octogenarian, who has been trading on insider information provided by his wife for twenty years. IMHO he’s getting what he deserves.

    Just perfect.

  2. > Thanks to wokeness on steroids, San Francisco has become a crime-infested hellhole where literally no one is truly safe.

    I know your whole deal is generating outrage for clicks and whipping up the absolute brain-dead morons who comment here … but you should try to get back to reality at some point.

    • You and your ilk are losing. You won’t be able to cheat your way out of it like you did in 2020. Weep, commie. Weep.

    • jsled…Watch your step in san francisco otherwise you’ll slip down and slide around in sidewalk poo.

    • It’s national news, the only bigger story today is musks 1st day at twitter.

      A hobo with a hammer broke into the spouse of 3rd in line to the presidency. In the most no-guns fruity region in the US. Everyone is picking up on the irony

      Have fun playing goalie with that lol

    • “…and whipping up the absolute brain-dead morons who comment here …”

      Like *you*? 😉

    • Why? Reality is a concept you obviously have no grasp of. Blinded by your own self righteous

    • You know, the real Hank Venture eventually got a little less stupid over the course of the show. You could learn something from that.

    • Copium and seething galore. Go back to your safe space dystopian echo chambers @ r/news, pol, or LGO.

      Personal bet you spend more time in r/GunsAreCool, being just that level of fcktard.

  3. Does “Excellent medical care” mean plenty of single serve liquor bottles in his hospital room?

  4. Never mind democRat nancy pelosi’s husband’s condition when finding a way to tie the perp to DJT is paramount.

    Based on his drunk driving record even if the nitwit had a firearm the outcome would most likely have been another disaster.

    • The fibbies are still searching the archives for a MAGA hat and Trump campaign buttons.

      The operation was done at very short notice.

    • I am immensely glad that the attacker did not use a firearm so close to the midterm elections. If he had, Democrats would be beating the disarmament drum so loud that it would cause just as much shaking as the recent Magnitude 5 earthquake.

      • Yeah, but now they’ll be coming after our hammers, smh.

        Going out on a limb here, guessing the tool of choice was heavily weighted by that probability.

      • Republicans need to take to the floor of the House and Senate and announce they are going to introduce a bill to ban “ASSAULT HAMMERS”!!!!

        Then it will be stunning to watch the spin by the Marxist in Gov’t and MSM!!!

        • “…introduce a bill to ban “ASSAULT HAMMERS”!!!!”

          Whoa; stop right there.

          It is settled science: everyone needs a hammer, but no one needs a gun.

  5. Nothing evokes change in politics like an elite donor or a politicians family being involved. The rest of us peons can’t get anything to change even in numbers even while numbers of Soros’ guided fascist antifa and BLMs are a complete different matter, I digress.

    We will probably see some changes in laws now and the liberals will advertise that they are now saving us. Can’t let a crisis go to waste, you know!

  6. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Maybe was a setup by Nasty Nancy in an effort to remove some of her baggage. Only problem with that thought is he is the one who launders all her ill-gotten gains.

  7. I bet dollars to donuts it was one of the usual suspects. If the perp was white, we’d know about it already. It’d be in the headline. “WHITE GUY ATTACKS SPEAKER’S HUSBAND!!”

    Count on it.

    • Johhny Le Blanc,

      If the attacker was a white guy, the headline would be, “White-Supremacist Trump MAGA Supporter Attacks Speaker’s Husband!”

    • It was a white guy, which means it was a false flag, white doesn’t really do crime, the government has to set it up to make us look degen like the 13%. What a stupid hoax to try to push gun control before the midterms.

  8. it’s a shame that only he was harmed in this event… that family of corrupt criminals, going back to
    Nancy (nee D’Alesandro)Pelosi’s father deserve to have more schadenfreude karma come their way…. too bad the “patriots” that hurt him didn’t benefit the republic more

    • Oh the doody-full wife will blame republican actors. Bet on it. And ban gats just because…

  9. Only gotta cock your arm to reload a hammer! Probably he took one for the team to help some dastardly plan to make this an election issue.

  10. Redneck gotta be moderated. Jsled gonna get mighty hungry this winter. No diesel to plant food or ship it to Whole Foods tm reg. My brain dead ass will be eating the fruits of my labor. Good luck city boy.

  11. I’m sure that the so-called “home invader” just wanted to use the bathroom. The streets of San Francisco are getting soooo unsanitary these days.

  12. As usual the far right cannot see the forest for the trees because of their out of control extreme paranoia.

    Pelosi survived because his attacker “did not” have a handgun as it is in most civilized societies. If the attacker had had a gun Pelosi would not have survived.

    The 40,000 homicides a year in the U.S. with guns compared to the 1 homicide in Japan last year with a gun because of its strict gun laws prove that an armed society is not a safe society. The much, much, lower European homicides with firearms because of their strict vetting gun laws prove much the same thing i.e. that when anyone can buy a deadly weapon with no vetting the entire society is way “less safe”.

    • In a typical year in the United States 2/3 of the deaths caused by firearms are suicides but they include those in the murder statistics just to pump up the numbers. You are also perfectly aware of this.

      • to Officer Bill

        Non-sequitur. Studies have shown that suicides skyrocket when there is gun available to do it with because it is so easy and quick and non-survivable.

        A First Responder stated: I have saved people who tried to drown themselves, hang themselves, take overdoses of medication on purpose, and slit their wrists but never have I been able to save someone who blew out their brains.

        • The first responder is a leftist anti-gun nut!!

          How do you save somebody who jumps off a building to the pavement below, like they do in Japan???

        • Ergo and obviously, those blowing their brains out do not WANT to be “saved”, where do you get the damn NERVE to try? The world is overpopulated, where do you get the damn AUTHORITY to try? Do you have the insurance to pay off the lawsuit resulting from your ridiculous, stupid, ignorant and arrogant attempt to FORCE your will on someone else?

      • Not only this, O-Bill, but suicide in Japan occurs at a HIGHER rate, percentage wise for the population, than in America…and they don’t use firearms!

    • You dumbass – there’s no forest in this discussion. Liberals are introducing the ‘Desert called Peace’ in the US. Nothing will grow in the desert, except for cacti.

    • dacian,

      You cannot compare Japan to the United States because Japan’s population is significantly smaller and, more importantly, their demographics and culture are totally different.

      The same goes for any European nation as well.

      • to uncommon

        quote————-You cannot compare Japan to the United States because Japan’s population is significantly smaller and, more importantly, their demographics and culture are totally different.

        The same goes for any European nation as well.


        You prove that the far right constantly make Freudian slips. What you are saying is that Japanese People, European People etc, etc are sub-human and that only we are human. I suggest you actually travel to some of these countries and talk to the people.

        As Mark Twain once said:

        “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.” ― Mark Twain, The Innocents Abroad / Roughing It

        • dacian,

          Your comment is so utterly ridiculous that I actually laughed out loud!

          I, in no way-shape-nor-form had any notion of (much less typed) anything about Japanese or European nations’ culture and demographics being either superior or inferior–they are just different and comparisons between them and the U.S. are not valid.

          For reference I have been to Japan, China, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, Mexico, and the Bahamas. All of the people that I encountered were pleasant and polite–as I was to them. I enjoyed my time in all of those locations and I do not see myself as being inherently superior nor inferior to any of them.

          I also laughed at YOUR Freudian slip–projecting hatred and superiority onto me. Your statement clearly demonstrates that you are the one who believes that you are superior to and harbor hatred for others.

        • ” What you are saying is that Japanese People, European People etc, etc are sub-human…”

          That’s not what he said at all! 😆

          😂 😂 😂

        • to Pat

          Studies show that if the Japanese had access to handguns their suicide rate would be far higher than it is now.

        • “ Studies show that if the Japanese had access to handguns their suicide rate would be far higher than it is now.” – Dacian

          So in other words these “studies” aren’t even based on the empirical, but on the theoretical. These “studies” might as well just be called “total speculation.”

        • Dacian, the point is if a person (or society) being suicidal is far and away the biggest issue to focus on, just like criminal behavior…not the tools (firearms). Japan having a higher percentage of suicides yet not using firearms shows that focusing on the tool is pretty silly. Homicide rates are the only stat that matters, and that is mainly a gang issue.

      • to uncommon sense

        I am not going to let you get away with the usual far right subterfuge. Studies take into consideration the population numbers of other countries as compared to the U.S. The studies would not be valid if they did not do this.

        And screaming its a cultural difference is a laugh also. In case you were not aware of U.S. immigration history even today the majority of the population originally came from Europe so your reply was pure hypocrisy and again full of prejudice. Even a 5th grader can see and here that loud and clear.

        And again you claim that human beings are different in other countries proving my original post about your prejudice rings loud a clear. If you did indeed visit all the countries you claimed to have visited you sure as hell learned nothing from these people. People of all countries want a safe environment to live and work in and that is why they have passed civilized gun control laws. If that is a cultural difference (which it is not) then we are the inferior naked apes.

        • dacian,

          “And again you claim that human beings are different in other countries proving my original post about your prejudice rings loud a clear.”

          No, I am NOT claiming that human beings are different. What I am claiming is that learned and conditioned human BEHAVIOR in other nations is different. And that difference drives them to potentially have lower violent crime rates.

          If anything I am claiming that the culture in other nations is better than in the U.S. and THAT is why their violent crime rates are lower.

          If you do not understand that upbringing and life experiences (for better or worse) radically shape how someone behaves, then there is not point in talking to you.

          Once again you demonstrate your, dare I call it ignorance?

        • to uncommon

          quote————No, I am NOT claiming that human beings are different. What I am claiming is that learned and conditioned human BEHAVIOR in other nations is different———quote

          Totally false and totally prejudiced. They may eat different food or have different holidays but to say that their basic human needs are different than our own is a total falsehood and totally prejudiced.

          Foreign people do not want innocent people gunned down in their schools and the streets and they have done a much better job than we have in preventing this. Their laws would work equally well in our country and to deny this is an absolute falsehood. In country after country which encompases many cultures around the world the results of commons sense laws like Universal Background Checks and Safe Storage laws are 101 gun control and they have worked well in all of these many, many countries. To suggest they would not work here too is totally asinine and laughable and are insidious right wing lies and propaganda which is the result of the sick, sick out of control paranoia of the Far Right. The majority of the American people have revealed they agree with all of this and if a popular vote was taken and implemented Universal Background Checks and Safe Storage Laws would be passed tomorrow morning.


          Since Britain, Australia, Germany and many other nations clamped down on deadly weapons of mass destruction, again the results were the same which is they have not had any more mass murders with assault rifles every day like we have. IT HAS ZERO TO DO WITH CULTURE, ZERO, ZERO, ZERO because they have mentally ill people too but their mentally ill people cannot walk into a bar, flea market, or gun show and buy second hand weapons of mass destruction with no paperwork.

          And in closing I would mention the London Bridge incident when right wing fanatics tried to buy shotguns to commit mass murder and when they could not get them they tried to use knives and had the shit beat out of them in a local bar by the patrons using broken beer bottles and chairs. In Capitalvania where life is considered cheap and expendable the nut cases would have bought used assault rifles of mass destruction and murdered the entire room full of people in seconds. Again it had nothing to do with culture but COMMON SENSE GUN LAWS.

          Again and again I say you cannot reason with the far right who cannot think clearly or logically because of their sick out of control and complete paranoia.

        • Dacian, you moron, Britain is a monarchy where the subjects have no rights whatsoever, you are free to move there whenever you like. America is founded on and based on the concept of personal freedoms, as is no other country ever, I’ll stay here and support that concept as I have for the past 70 years, thank you very much, and have a nice trip. Please don’t come back.
          And just BTW, if you are going to include references to “weapons of mass destruction” within your idiotic rants, you might wish to look up what that means, so as to not make quite so much of a fool of yourself. Hint; a B-52 dropping a string of 105 bombs between 500 and 750 lbs each is NOT a WMD. The only rifles which ARE have an 8 inch bore and fire nuclear projectiles.

    • You really think the US is a civilized society?
      Some highly educated people cannot define what a “woman” is.
      Some think it is perfectly acceptable to take a 6 year old to a drag show.
      Others encourage teens to seek out chemical castration, puberty blockers, or mutilation of their bodies without consent or knowledge of the teens parents.
      The 2020 Summer of Love and Mostly Peaceful but Fiery protests were fine.
      No cash bail, also fine.

      There is a reason why gun purchases are at all time highs with 40% being minorities and women: They see society falling apart.

    • @dacian

      “Pelosi survived because his attacker “did not” have a handgun as it is in most civilized societies. If the attacker had had a gun Pelosi would not have survived.”

      Pure BS.

      • Had Pelosi had a gun, the attacker would not have survived . . . it was still early in the morning, Pelosi might of only been on his second screwdriver.

      • And the attacker could have killed Mr. Pelosi long before the police arrived with a knife or his hammer, as he only hit him when the police were on scene and stopped it early.

      • Based on the reports, this sounds like a case of “severe blunt force trauma” which according to papers NIH publishes, has a 76% mortality rate when prompt medical care is available.

        Stabbings to the abdomen are 80% fatal under similar circumstances.

        Handgun induced GSWs under similar circumstances, not including GSWs solely to arms and legs, are 20% fatal. Less if you include the extremities.

        So, IRL, if the attacker had a handgun Mr. Pelosi would be more likely to survive by a pretty wide margin according to the published literature on the subject.

    • “Pelosi survived because his attacker “did not” have a handgun”
      No he survived because he was lucky. A person with a hammer can kill you rather quick.
      If you think a hammer is not a weapon, tell someone with a hammer where on your body you want to be struck.
      And, as another said, don’t rule out falling down stairs.

    • “Pelosi survived because his attacker “did not” have a handgun as it is in most civilized societies. If the attacker had had a gun Pelosi would not have survived.”

      The result of not having a gun was the younger stronger people preying on the weak, just as in this instance, and in many other instances where the attacker didn’t have a gun but they still killed their prey. If you think “brain surgery” is a “win” in this instance, there might be something wrong with you.

      Pelosi was defenseless. Had Pelosi had a gun, he might not have been injured at all. And had Pelosi had a gun, and his attacker had a gun, at the very least, the very least – the attacker would have been met with resistance to a degree that would influence future attacks and show that people are in fact not soft targets, and if you try to prey on them, you could very well die.

  13. Even though the family is a pack of scum-bags, getting assaulted in your home by some other scum-bag sucks, for anyone, well almost anyone. There are people who were deserving of that.

    I guess Peeloosly will have to use some of those big dollars she’s earned from trading and hire security. Lord knows she’d NEVER advocate a firearm. Her face would crack if she said that.

  14. Ten days before election day… this could be a publicity stunt and the makeup artists who work in the picture show business do fantastic bruises.

  15. Heard that when she found out about it, she was well on the way to being hammered herself.

  16. “the only thing that stops bad people with evil in their hearts is a good guy with a gun.”

    Puh-LEASE!! This is Pelosi we are talking about. There were no good guys available, with or without a gun.

    • Could be. Could also be part of the setup. I am pretty certain of one thing. There will be lotsa sideways glances and distrust if they show up at the next meeting of the local chapter of Neo-Cons Anonymous.

    • Just another Leftist Scum ™ San Fran nut-job polluting the gene pool.

      And he has 3 kids. That defective gene gets launched into the future… 🙁

  17. I always find it amazing that people of means and or notoriety,live in homes some rando can easily enter . No hardened doors,windows, alarms ,cameras ,dogs or guns .

    Most of my neighbors in an area of starter homes have those things .

  18. ** sarcasm?
    I bet Nancy is pissed, didn’t go as planned.
    Rid yourself of a troublesome spouse and boost The parties poll numbers…
    I’m sure I seen that in a movie somewhere.

  19. Hopefully, Nancy’s hubby survives and recovers. If he were to croak it would pump up the dems chances in the mid-terms on the sympathy vote. This affair really should highlight the dems political failures over these last two plus years. The left peddled garbage on multiple fronts (defund and badmouth police, prison release, coddle homeless mentally ill drug addicted, incite racial animosity, push self loathing, destroy students in school system, etc…) that let the violent loons run the streets.

  20. Paul Pelosi is the perfect example of how to respond to a physical attack: don’t fight back. Comply with the demands of attackers, so they don’t kill you.

    The answer to violent crime is more gun control, more government violence intervention programs, more compassion for the real victims: those whose circumstance leaves no alternative to violent crime.

    Mr. Speaker of the House showed remarkable restraint in not harming the attackers; sets the example of how people in a democracy should act.

    • The delivery was too dry, Samuel.

      Slam a coupla Gin & Tonics, up the angst a few notches and try again… 😉

      • ”The delivery was too dry, Samuel.
        Up the angst a few notches and try again…”

        Gotta be a little careful about that. Some days it is too easy to get fully involved (because it is so much fun), and I forget to take care of myself, accidentally cutting way back on my martinis.

    • I’m so bad, I *laughed* at that one.

      Ralph truly is TTAG’s “Master of Wise-Cracks”.

      Maybe one day I can be one-tenth as funny as he is…

  21. Very convenient.

    But many of the voting public would be suspicious about such an event and the timing.

    • yea right. all over lib social media they are blaming the right for enciting violence. it’s really all they got now days. they have already turned the right into terrorists, all they have to do now is start the war so when the government attacks its own citizens its acceptable.

  22. TTAG headline should have been another “Should Have Been A Defensive Gun Use” This is textbook for why people need to keep firearms for self defense.

    • these are literally some of the most elite anti gun persons on the planet. attacked by someone with a blunt object. can’t make up the irony.

  23. The reason Paul got beat up. “You can have the jewelry but you’ve got to take the c#nt that’s wears it too.”

  24. “One would think the husband of the Speaker of the House — or any Congressman or Congresswoman — would have a gun or two readily accessible in their homes”

    Frankly, I’m surprised that they didn’t either have round the clock armed protection. I guess they’re SLIGHTLY less hypocritical than I imagined.

    Think the offender will be released ROR? The charges currently laid on him are all state charges, and that state is california, after all…

      • oh I know they have security for her, I’m just surprised they don’t have armed security on the house 24/7.

        Taxpayer or not. They certainly have enough money to afford it…

  25. doesn’t matter. people like them will blame their security, not themselves. when you are in a position of power, people hate you. expecting someone else to defend you, especially at that level? dudes lucky all the attacker had was a hammer. work your whole life to disarm people and then get attacked by a crazy with a hammer. irony. and I have no sympathy because of it.

  26. interesting it sounds like paul had a hammer and the thug took it away and beat him with it . maybe next time paul should bring a gun to a hammer fight.

  27. Just going from what has come out so far, which isn’t much, something just doesn’t pass the smell test. First thing is according to the reports I’ve seen, the perp didn’t actually assault Pelosi until after the police were on scene. Secondly, given the money and Mrs. Pelosi’s position, where was the security? No cameras? No alarms? No security patrol officers?
    Next the police response. Allegedly, it was a welfare check call. Usually well down on the list of priorities. But the call was bumped up to being high priority? Yes, I get that the call came from a wealthy, somewhat important household/person.
    Then there is the timing of this. As well as the fact Mr. Pelosi while injured and that should never have happened, an 82 year old being hit with a hammer usually does not end well for the victim. Seems there was not much effort behind the attack.
    Last thing. While the media and the politicians have been claiming right wing politics caused the attack, the perp is allegedly an illegal alien from Canada with a long record and known mental issues. Who’s rants on social media are well out in left field.
    As I said, something just looks and sounds a bit off center here.

    • “doesn’t pass the smell test” what the hell does this even mean? Is this the new “just sayin” or “just asking questions?””

      What is your theory here? Lay it out so we can compare it to the ‘mainstream’ one, because I bet it’s smells a lot dumber than a mental nut in California breaking into a famous person’s house and assaulting someone. Especially since if this were some kind of ‘setup’ you can bet it wouldn’t have been a hammer he was found with (why wouldn’t a setup want to push gun control, hm?)

  28. I don’t really think that ascribing politics to this guy is reasonable but it bears pointing out that the attacker has been identified and is a self-identified member of the Green Party, a known nudist-protestor and a purveyor of “hemp jewelry”.

    But then…. maybe that makes him like ultra-MAGA or something, right? I mean, we all know that MAGA prowls the streets of Chicago near Subway shops at night, during blizzards carrying bleach and ropes and stuff just in case they get the chance to racistly attack any POC they can find so… maybe this is all a clever alt-right subterfuge?

    • They’ll paint anyone not 100% down with the dems as a Mega MAGA Man. Since when do they care about nuance or inconvenient facts? It’s all about pushing the message.

      • Any truth to the rumors that he was just looking for some hot stock tips? 🤔

        The elites hate when ‘the poors’ try to play the ‘inside baseball’ game

      • We’ll see.

        Given the details available today about what the police are saying they saw, I think this all just *poof* goes away.

        The story is just too strange without allowances for some, uh, “deviant behavior” on the part of Paul. This is starting to look Ed Buck-esque in some regards. (Though probably minus the whole murder by OD thing.)

    • he’s affiliated with every left and right wing nutty conspiracy there is.

      It’s not surprising. Anyone who would do something stupid like this, and do it so badly, is going to be a mental case.

    • Don’t be dumb.

      “RP (reporting person) stated there’s a male in the home and that he’s going to wait for his wife. RP stated that he doesn’t know who the male is but he advised that his name is David and that he is a friend.”

      Let’s read that again: he doesn’t know who the male is… but he is a friend

      This is not a lovers spat. This is someone who has been confronted in his home by an obviously crazy man and is trying to get police there as fast as possible without triggering the guy to go into a murderous rage. That’s why he calls him a “friend” even though he doesn’t know who he is. The guy is literally there, with a weapon. And when the police arrive, the guy realizes the jig is up.

      Not everything is some gay conspiracy.

  29. Some of the comments I have read here this morning are absolutely crass. Politics notwithstanding, this is a tragic incident. The lack of compassion being displayed here is also tragic. For shame!

  30. I think Stanley Tools is in a shit-ton of trouble now due to the tone of their marketing and their targeted buyers… “Stanley – we want to help you do things RIGHT “



  32. The Hammered Pelosi story…who’s telling the truth?

    Rep’s version: A homosexual / drug deal gone wrong. A third person let in the police. The hammerman was an acquaintance of Pelosi. All body cam and security footage is blocked from release. Pelosi and the attacker were found in their underwear.

    Dem’s version: The attacker broke into the house. Pelosi didn’t know him. They claim he wanted to break Nancy Pelosi’s kneecaps with the hammer so they would have to use a wheelchair to wheel her into Congress. Then the politicians would see that there are consequences for their actions. There was not a third person in the house at the time.

  33. “Buy a gun and learn how to use it, folks. Wherever you may live. YOU are your own first responder. In all likelihood, no one is coming to save you.” Truer words have never been spoken.

  34. BUT MR PELOSI IS still alive and in positive resovery> You know and I know thatvthat would have been unlikley if the intruders were earmed an Mr Pelosi had tried to find his handgun
    The intent here was NOT TO KILL because if it was armed or not Mr Pelosi would have been dead. The actual intent is unclear [and so it is if the intrudewre was actually armed] so I presume robbery or had some kind of political motive but one thing is certain is that if the intruders were armed Mr Pelosi would almost certainly have turned an incident where DEATH was not the intent into one where death was most probably inevitable.
    Now consider the alternative scenario.
    Mr Pelosi, the husband of a important member of the Government, must answer the door EVERY TIME locked, loacded and gun in hand and do a bodyn seaqrch ‘just to make sure’ because that is, functionally, the ONLY way you will get the drop on an armed intruder of ill-intent. Locked loaded and in hand is the ONLY way you will get the drop a on anybody with a gun pointing at you head anyway.
    And there you have it ! EVERY body in the USA walking around locked, loaded and gun in hand pointing at everybod else head

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