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A prominent member of the gun control industry reacting to the latest news (Shutterstock)
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The “armed, self-reliant citizen” has meanwhile become ever more so, especially as various states have enacted ingenious laws allowing residents to carry handguns with no permit or training. As of 2017, there were already “more guns than people” in the US, the Washington Post reported, citing a study according to which there were an “estimated 120.5 guns for every 100 residents” – by far the most outrageous ratio in the world. …

Of course, a sick society is ultimately more profitable for such pillars of US capitalism as the arms and pharmaceutical industries, whose own security definitively trumps the sort of security described by my Cuban interlocutor – like the freedom to not be shot while going about your daily business.

I experienced an inkling of this sickness firsthand growing up in the US, where I was taught that life was a competition as opposed to a communal collaboration – a dog-eat-dog arrangement that intermittently spawned in me feelings of anxiety, isolation, impotence, and directionless rage. Decades before the pandemic exacerbated matters, I disentangled myself from the hostile environment by simply abandoning the country – and yet it is not difficult to see how a violent and thoroughly alienating system might also elicit more violent individual responses.

– Belen Fernandez in The Us Goes Ballistic: America’s Gun Epidemic

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  1. …the Washington Post reported, citing a study according to which …

    There’s your cause of “Anxiety, Isolation, Impotence, and Directionless Rage”.
    Stop reading the Washington comPost and you will start feeling better.

    • Reading between the lines belen fernandez sounds like a very sexually frustrated child molester who cannot get at his neighbor’s kids for fear of the parents being armed. Get help belen fernandez…mental help.

    • Too bad people dont know Baldy bought the WAPO at a deeply discounted price and that every year since buying it the C_A has subsidized the aforementioned amazonian hundreds of millions of dollars. Don’t believe me ? It’s public record, just not on heavy rotation on any “newz” cable show. Thats the new definition for conspiracy theory, by the way.

    • So… Life in Cuba was better??? Let’s start a gofundme and get her a ticket back.

      • She lives there now, according to the article. The Cuban she interviewed was a man who spent three years in prison for attempting to leave Cuba for the USA.
        But she says Cuba is much better, because the government provides all the healthcare (but doesn’t provide much to the common folks) and there are no mass shootings in the news (if the government executes dissidents, I doubt they’ll put it in the government run newspaper).

      • She was born and raised here, apparently, then moved to a more communist society. A place where the government can rule by force having disarmed the populace. Where neither crime nor homicide have been eliminated. She must live in a safe area.

        • “She was born and raised here, apparently, then moved to a more communist society.”

          Well DAMN! Let’s see if we can’t encourage some more on both coasts to do likewise. Return those states to the people. Maybe if we offered Bernie their Prez gig he’d lead them to Nirvana…. Worth a try.

        • Maybe we can trade them for those Cubans who are marching in the streets shouting, “Cuba libre!” They seem like better fits for America.

    • No, Ragnar, the Fascist Left can manufacture their own mental issues out of whole cloth. They cannot cite a SINGLE instance in which a “permitless carry” bill has resulted in measureable increases in illegal uses of guns, or increased deaths or shootings . . . but they keep predicting a ‘parade of horribles’ each time it happens. They are so deluded, it would be unfair to expect mental stability from them. I am developing a hypothesis that it isn’t that Leftist/fascism makes people deranged, but that deranged people are naturally attracted to Leftist/fascism. We only need note your own two deranged Leftist/fascists, dacian the stupid and MinorIQ, as obvious examples.

    • yeah,…but it’s fun to aggravate and agitate those people at WaPo…they’re just so easy…

  2. Now that’s quite the little episode of emotional incoherence. Hopefully the author seeks and finds appropriate help before all that, umm, ‘rage’ finds an unfortunate outlet.

  3. “Receiving their bread from us the people will clearly see that we take the bread from them to give it back to them and they will be only too glad to have it so as it will deliver them from their greatest anxiety and torture – that of having to decide freely for themselves. Never was there anything more unbearable to the human race than personal freedom.”

    -Dostoyevsky’s The Grand Inquisitor

  4. Well, right off the bat there is no “right to not be shot”. Never has been, and that includes more primitive weapons such as teeth, hands, and feet. Everyone, however, has the choice to try to stay alive. You may not succeed, but you can try. Good luck.

    • gunny,

      You don’t get it; anything a Leftist/fascist “feels” is by definition a “right” – just ask them. They have the right to “not be afraid”, they have the right to “not be subject to hate speech”, etc., etc., etc. Those are all “rights” in the world of Leftist/fascists . . . and they are perfectly happy to infringe our enumerated rights to accomplish their “utopia”. The “right” to be “free from hunger”; the “right” to “affordable housing”, it goes on and on. Leftism is a mental disease.

      • If “we” have the right not to be subjected to hate speech, why are all those protesters outside of Alito’s and Kavanaugh’s house doing there?

        • No, Mark, you only have those “rights” if you are a Leftist/fascist, exercising them against “the Right”. Otherwise, you only get what “rights” the Left chooses to give you.

  5. This is a direct result of our education system, political leaders, drugged up parents, single parent fatherless homes, twisted entertainment industry, culture of death, and social media all playing mind games with people (especially our youth). People have for decades been turned into lazy unproductive idiots. Half the country has been transformed and we must deal with this. There is a lack of understand that this country has been armed from its initial creation. That fact is not racism or racial in any way. Too many people have been conditioned to go hysterically nuts over the idea that people own guns. Even in the black&white days of I Love Lucy, they made a particular episode of Lucy going nuts over men on the train they were on carrying guns while Ricky tried to tell her that lots of people carry guns and that it was nothing to be alarmed about (in and of itself). Hollywood has always been two-faced clamoring for our money but simultaneously doing everything possible to hurt people. It is what has created and perpetuated this sickness.

      • Where as I do often find Jordan Peterson videos to generally be interesting, I’m not dedicating two hours worth of data to this.

        • You can always bookmark things for later or just write down the title.

          Really the conversation is quite expansive. From religion to philosophy and the workings of how the Left adopted Marx and psychology as a weapon.

        • For these long videos I watch them in 20 or 30 min segments. If they are good enough to keep my interest.

        • *yawn* You wouldn’t know a Leftist if they crawled out of your ass.

          Now, old man, toddle off and have a nap. Or maybe read a book.

          Chesterton’s Fence is a test you fail constantly. With work you could pass it but work’s not something you do, is it?

        • strych9, oh but I do, my leftist adversary. I would never let you near my “ass”. I’m not into your kind. Time for you to take a good long dirt nap with Karl Marx, Mao, and Castro. Speaking of Chesteron’s Fence, You Leftists just love to make new laws and find solutions that don’t work. its part of your DNA. Makes you look like you are doing something.

        • “…leftist adversary…”

          You have transposed your words, sir, or are seeing things as a photographic negative. He is indeed an adversary, but he’s the furthest thing from being a Leftist.

          Or, perhaps today is Opposite Day, and I missed the memo.

        • “strych9, oh but I do, my leftist adversary.”

          Strych is no Leftist Scum ™, walter.

          Your mouth being open has collected your own foot… 🙂

        • You continue to debase yourself, Mr. Beverly.

          I continue to be embarrassed on your behalf.

        • Nero, that would be your OPINION. Mine differs. Adversary is a noun which in this care is preceded by Leftist which is an adjective.

    • Interesting. I thought I had seen all the re-run episodes of I Love Lucy while growing up (several times over, along with The Little Rascals, Laurel And Hardy, and other B&W classics). I don’t recall anything about Lucy commenting on guns, and didn’t find anything after checking the show’s catalogue. In fact, there is an episode in which Lucy plays a gangster. Here’s a screenshot of her with a “gun”:

    • “Even in the black&white days of I Love Lucy, they made a particular episode of Lucy going nuts over men on the train they were on carrying guns while Ricky tried to tell her that lots of people carry guns and that it was nothing to be alarmed about (in and of itself)”

      Now I’m going to have to look up that episode!


      I can tell you that in the black and white days of I Love Lucy there were science fiction movies made at the same time. That Prominently displayed private law abiding citizens with guns. And no one batted and eye.

      • That was also a time when it was considered normal for elevators in most building to be equipt with ash trays. I wonder if the middle finger that MASH gave to the right or the portrait of stupidity/bigotry that All In The Family convinced the right was would have EVER been denounced. Hollywood has always been this way though. Even as the original man of steel was lauded as a symbol of good.

        This has been with us for a very long time. Some things change and some things never do. The only real question is…What are we going to do about this?

        • The so-called “enlightened crowd” use to complain and still do about the Hays morality codes in Hollywood films. And I think it helped create and maintain morality in our society.

          They were a voluntary system that Hollywood imposed on itself. Because they wanted their films to be shown in theaters. The Hays code was strictly a business decision. The theater owners And filmmakers wanted to make money. They didn’t want the negative publicity that protests and boycotts would bring to their movie business.

          To my knowledge the film business has never done a film adaptation of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf. A very popular book worldwide. Even though there are people in our society who would like to burn this book. And erase it from history completely.

          So the Left really does like censorship. In the form they approve of. Now they just go after web sites they don’t like.

          I recently watched a movie called “A Walk Among the Tombstones”. With actor Liam Neeson. It was your typical gangster type film full of graphic violence. Humans killing humans in vicious ways. But they cut the scene in the film when a dog was killed. The killing was not shown. It was the Alfred Hitchcock type of violence. Where the killing was implied.

          So the left really does like censorship. In the form they approve of.

      • I just looked it up. It’s from 1955 and the episode is called “The Great Train Robbery”. On the trip back to New York, Lucy learns a jewel thief’s on their train.

        My emphasis is on the way her character reacts to the simple idea of someone carrying a gun.

      • weren’t that many pistols around in those days…people just feel the need for them…now they do…a lot of people didn’t even bother to lock their doors in those days…times have changed

    • quote: “There is a lack of understand(ing) that this country has been armed from its initial creation.”

      Not quite.It is (to the leftie freakazoids) worse than that. You see, had our forbears not been armed since long before the “conflict” broke out at Lexington and COncord that April morning, there would BE no United States of America, we’d yet be spending pounds instead of dollars, all be High ANglican instead of whatever, and still be honouring the queen on her every birthday, not to mentioin tolerating an endless stream of “intolerable acts” foisted upon us by our “betters”.

      You see, the ORDER that was given by Captain Jesse Adair at Lexington and disobeyed was this: “LAY DOWN YOUR ARMS AND DISPERSE”. The Militia under Captin John Parker responded by dispersing, but they REFUSED the”lay down your arms” part. Several were shot in the back as they did disperse,. Since that time, in fct well before that time, Americans have steadfastly held to their God-given RIGHT to arms, and WILL NOT let that one go. We KNOW deep down that once our arms go away, everything else of worth will follow.

      In the years since Lexington and Concord, and on to Yorktown, we have witnessed countless OTHER cultures and nations where only those in charge are armed, and the rest are serfs, peasants, slaves, wards of the state, often hungry and poor. We read almost daily of people in other places, disarmed and defenseless, being shot, raped, herded into gulags, enslaved, children stolen from them, their sustenanace taken from them, homes destroyed, fields burned, driven off into the wilderness….. which only serves to strengthen our resolve to NEVER surrender our arms. In one afternoon, ten thousand Menscheviks believed the lies of the Bolsheviks and laid down their arms on a promise of amnesty and freedom, and an end to the war. They got the third of those, after they laid down their weapons and walked up the street a few blocks, where they were directed round yet one more corner, herded into a large enclosed space, and shot dead, all of them. That was an end to the war, all the effective opposition now only waiting to be buried, The end……..

  6. I disentangled myself from the hostile environment by simply abandoning the country

    Thank you for your integrity! Please spread the word to everyone who shares your disdain for American individual liberty and American individual responsibility, yet insists on staying to fuck it up for those of us who love it here.

    • That’s exactly what I was going to say, lol. Bless your heart for at least having the decency to fuck off to other climes and stay there. Please, invite your friends.

      • The one handout program I’d support would offer one-way, permanent bus or plane tickets to the social-democracy and/or Third World s#ithole of one’s choosing.

  7. Thank God America has guns. The French, Belgians and English would all be speaking German right now, and the Chinese well, they wouldn’t be speaking at all, because the Japanese would have eliminated them as a race. Never Ever Give Up Your Guns.

  8. Thank you for abandoning the country. Could you please take more like-minded idiots with you?

  9. “The freedom to not be shot while going about your daily business”.

    I wonder if this author has ever been shot while going about his daily business? I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess “no”

    I wonder if this author, upon they hypothetical of being shot would prefer to have the best tools for self defense? I’m gonna guess “no”.

    States with looser carry laws do not have more shootings per capita. But I can easily see how being filled with “anxiety, isolation, impotence, and directionless rage” would cause you to see enemies everywhere and make you yearn for someone with more competence and authority to protect you from all the dangerous people in the world.

    • Darn lack of an edit button. Change the “no” on the third paragraph to a “yes”.

      My bad

        • He would tell you “no” to answering whether he wants to be armed. He’d justify that his real desires are for no one to be armed.

          But if he’s actually facing down a gunman, his wish for a peaceful, perfect world, free of danger has failed. I’d bet my paycheck that what he really wants deep in his heart in that moment is for the ability to shoot back. For a chance to discard his own impotence and fight for his life.

  10. *yawn*

    Every misfit blames his/her maladjustment on society. We should strive to make society conform to the misfit’s expectations. And, that’s only half sarcasm – you can figure out which half it is.

    Additionally, every prisoner on death row would tell you something similar. “I could have been a good boy, but, life was so unfair!”

    • “. . . [T]he puny degenerate spirit struggles, and sees nothing right in the way the universe is ordered, and would rather reform the gods than reform itself.” – Seneca

  11. Socialist POG……..

    One of her books is titled “Rejecting America and Finding the World”. 🤪

    From that pic, I would say she needs to cut down on the alcohol, but that just might lead to her consuming even MORE globalist/NWO cool-aid. 🤔

    Quite the conundrum.

    • for everyone that leaves at least a hundred more are clamoring to get in…says it all…

  12. Thank God for the founding fathers. Who constructed our government in such a way that allowed the states to be independent from the federal government. And that is what is really driving “the regime” crazy. Because whatever their powers are at the federal level. They cannot prevent the individual states from enacting constitutional carry laws.

    And eventually we will start to see the states defy the federal government. And abortion maybe this turning Point. If the 10th Amendment and abortion are what causes “a separation”? Then let it be so. You want an abortion? Then move to another state. You don’t want to be around guns? Then move to a slave state like California New York or New Jersey.

    • Separate issue, we still have the 2nd amendment as it is within the bill of rights and in theory the state is not supposed to infringe on it any more than speech/religion. Abortion is not in the constitution despite all kinds of mental gymnastics to say otherwise so it is a state issue. Don’t go writing off my (few) gun rights so easily.

      • “Don’t go writing off my (few) gun rights so easily.”

        I’m not trying to be mean. But I think I am being realistic in today’s world. The people who believe in Liberty and the responsibilities and consequences that go with It. Are moving to other states with more Liberty.

        I really believe that the riots and the burning of American cities in 2020. And the police being ordered to stand down and do nothing. Has probably been the greatest example to people who don’t have any guns, why they need to have guns now.

        I think it’s going to be much harder to get gun control passed at any level in this country.

        • Can’t disagree with you and I am mostly joking as it’s a fair assessment at the functional level. We have family and economic ties here for around a decade to go and hoping the snowbirds don’t ruin areas we would consider retiring to as we would prefer a strong conservative low tax and population density region. Till then NYSRPA gets our time and money to make things harder for our mayors and various governors.

    • In the short term they’ll resort to the Commerce Clause on both.

      Janet Reno set them up for that on guns with her little nonsense end-run around U.S. v Lopez.

      They’ll use it on abortion in the short term too. For whatever reason these people have some sort of quasi-religious affection for abortion. I wouldn’t be surprised if they attempt to gut the Senate rules and pack the court before November.

      • Risky move as FDR didn’t have the support to do that with far more popularity than today. Not saying you are in any way wrong as it is an option and they may be desperate enough to try but damn that would be a mess.

        • It’s not risky from their point of view. They’ve lost on Commerce Clause grounds twice out of dozens and dozens of challenges since 1942. It works out to a batting average well over .900, I’d have to check but I’d feel pretty safe saying off the cuff that it’s better than .950.

          Besides, they have a backup plan anyway: “Burn it all down until we get our way”.

        • Never said the risk was in the chicanery not working but then I read the rest of your post and yes the ones above useful idiot level are likely prepared to burn it down at everyone’s expense for whatever scraps of power they may claim. Of course if it goes that far their life span may be less than partisan fighters on either side.

      • Right now it’s two s0ci@list Pr0gressive Democrats. One from West Virginia and one from Arizona. Who are stopping a repeal of the filibuster rule in the Senate. The Democrats are really completely intolerant of the legislative process. Even when they control that legislative body. They could try and completely destroy the US Senate as we know it today. In order to get what they want.

        The problem will be that the 10th Amendment will get in their way. Because once the states see the Federal government, in the US Senate, violate its own rules in order to get what they want. I can guarantee you that many states will no longer see the federal government as legitimate.

        That doesn’t mean we have a shooting Civil War. But it does mean that the states will simply start ignoring federal law. Something the states and localities actually used to do for well over 140 years.

        I have noticed more and more conservatives and some Libertarians are promoting the idea of a “parallel economy”. Not one of government imposed segregation as it was in the past. But simply voluntary Association. Or simply not volunteering to associate with others.

        Something that used to be really Promoted by conservatives and Libertarians decades ago. With the decentralization of the economy I believe now this is very possible in the 21st century.

        • There are already federal laws that states are ignoring. It’s just being done primarily by the left.

        • The only issue I’d take with your argument is that I’d point out that the mask is fully off at this point. For this reason I’m not sure you can avoid a shooting war. In fact, I’m less confident about a peaceful outcome by the day.

          What I mean by that is that the hard Left has never had a use for anything that stands in their way. This goes to the heart of what I’ve pointed out here for years; They see themselves as good people in pursuit of a righteous cause and therefore anything they do in that pursuit is “good” in their mind. They can do no wrong, which is a damned dangerous position for people to hold.

          Which is another way to say that they make no bones about the fact that “The rules no longer apply”. The truth is that, according to the hard Left, the rules never did apply unless they furthered a Leftist cause but now the Left has little reason to hide this fact from everyone else.

          Now, that’s part of why they’re getting pushback but I’d say that this is also a risk (not one the rest of us get to choose about either). You now have a group of passive-aggressive people with zero scruples who are used to winning. When they start losing they have no reason to act in what the rest of us see as rational ways. As the Romans noted; The wounded serpent bites deepest.

          When you view the Left through the prism of their own schema (in Kantian terms) you realize that Eric Swalwell may not be the brightest bulb but when he alluded to using nukes to get gun control he wasn’t talking crazy, he was saying the quiet part out loud. Limits on behavior that negatively affect the cause will be jettisoned. Nuking part of the US to achieve their goals really isn’t something that’s off the table. They’re that zealous.

          A goodly fraction of these people really believe that, within this corporeal existence, there’s some sort of stable end-point to everything and that achieving this is a goal for which the end justifies any means because that stable end point is Utopia.

          This is why they talk about being “on the right side of history”, because they believe that, in many regards, history will end when we “get it right” and enter Utopia, a Progressive vision of a sort of Heaven on Earth. Anyone who opposes this is evil and one cannot be encumbered by morals when fighting the Devil. Utilitarianism rules the day in all cases. When it comes to the Devil these people are much less about the iron shirt and much more about the sword.

          As such, I’m actually not sure at this point that you can avoid a violent and bloody conflict because I think there’s a goodly fraction of these people, who now control enormous power throughout society, who will not rest until they win or are forced to stop.

          And that wouldn’t be so much of a problem if the majority (and they are a huge majority) recognized that there are indeed such people, in shockingly large numbers, with a lot of power. Recognition of a problem being the first step in solving it and all that, however, most people don’t recognise this. That’s thanks to decades of skillful propaganda, decades of control over the school system and a healthy dose of the false consensus effect.

          I honestly think we’ve gotten to a point where a group of people who believe that they will get their way or burn it all down have enough power that stopping them would be difficult under the best of circumstances and our circumstances are decidedly suboptimal on a host of fronts, mostly revolving around the fact that something on the order of 70% (probably much more) of people have no idea what they’re really dealing with.

      • ” I wouldn’t be surprised if they attempt to gut the Senate rules and pack the court before November.”

        Unless Manchin and Sinema both turn on us, they don’t have the votes required to change the Senate rules so they can pack the court.

        I hope they both check under their cars before driving, because I don’t put it past Leftist Scum ™ to try and take them out so their replacements can vote to change the senate rules…

        • The ends justify the means and there is no truth but power.

          You have to understand that for the hardcore Progressive they have built a system in their heads where literally nothing is off limits if it advances the agenda. The agenda is good and therefore so is anything that advances it.

          Anything or anyone that stands in their way is juxtaposed against good and therefore, by process of elimination, evil. There is nothing unjustified in defense of good against evil.

          These are people who’ve turned their own policy choices into a quasi-religion about which they are absolute zealots. If you view their behavior in this regard you can’t even say that “If the Left didn’t have double standards they’d have no standards at all”.

          There is no double standard. There is only one; The pursuit of what they see as “good” fueled by an enormous amount of resentment (which they won’t admit to having).

          As I’ve noted here many times before, often to much disagreement, this is exactly what Nietzsche warned us about when he discussed hierarchical structures of society and Postmodernist thought.

        • “…Progressive they have built a system in their heads where literally nothing is off limits if it advances the agenda.”

          Yeah, and that’s a pretty terrifying reality to have accept. I fear too many of us won’t have that kind of backbone to deal with it.

          After all, how many ‘good’ Germans kept telling themselves “it can’t possibly get any worse” while literally smelling the human flesh being incinerated in their own cities? And how many in the years after just forgot all about it?

        • It’s not the lack of backbone that worries me. I know people have that if pushed far enough. But if they’re pushed that far the outcome is calamitous by definition since it takes the disaster to push them that far.

          It’s your last paragraph that bothers me.

          I don’t know if Twain actually said “It’s Easier to Fool People Than to Convince Them That They Have Been Fooled” but there is a ring of truth to the statement regardless of its origin.

          My concern is that you’ll get the disaster because people will resist admitting that they’ve been fooled for so long that it takes the disaster to wake them up.

          Germans today mostly outright reject Nazism. It just took a World War and basically the outright destruction of Germany to get them to that point.

          I mean, people still don’t want to admit that there are major issues in economics and logistics unless they’re looking for infant formula and even then they want to assume the issue is contained to just that small sector of the market.

          When I look around I see a whole bunch of problems that are solvable if the majority would just wake up to the problems being problems. If they don’t and those things collide… well there’s a movie called The Perfect Storm

  13. The Bad News : Life IS a Dog Eat Dog event.
    The Worse News : Meanest, Smartest, Most Vicious Dog ALWAYS WINS in the end.

    • The Much Worse News: In a dumbocracy, the meanest smartest alpha capable of leading the pack to victory must meekly offer himself up to be devoured by worthless, mindless, parasitic omegas if outnumbered by omegas, because that’s their “right”.

      The Worst News: The omegas, plus the “nice” betas who feel sorry for them experiencing the consequences of their poor choices, will always outnumber everyone else.

  14. Shouldn’t these people be thanking the armed society? Being a mental patient is effectively social currency for them, isn’t it? The more meds you’re on, the more maladjusted you are, the more you cannot function all add up to you being more valuable in this world of degenerate dependents.

    You’re welcome.

      • reminds me of the frankfurter retrieving his mail. “you may already be a weiner.”

    • …the more you cannot function all add up to you being more valuable in this world of degenerate dependents.

      Close. The more you cannot function the more oppressed you are.

      This is how they rally malcontents to their banner. Nothing that’s wrong with you or the world has anything to do with you. There is no luck either.

      No, it’s purely the fault of an oppressor.

      All that needs be done now is find the oppressor and extract some “justice”…

      • Right. Egalitarianism not only takes the first, most logical solution to just about any problem right off the table, but twists it into repressed envy and resentment.

        Every rational planner or thinker must anticipate feedback / consequences, or at the very least accept and analyze them after making decisions. The less unique the plan (everyday life, as opposed to the Normandy landings) the easier it is to see what works and what doesn’t. No sophisticated modeling and simulation system is needed when you’re surrounded by millions of people who are trying to achieve similar things. . .

        . . . Unless you’ve been conditioned to believe “nobody is better than anybody else”, and that your every thought, word, and action is “equal” to everyone else’s despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Then, as you noted, your outcomes have nothing to do with your choices; everyone who isn’t a victim is a victimizer, and they all owe you restitution for the crime of rising above the “Worthless POS” level.

  15. The reporter is an Marxist-Leninist, and openly admits as much in their other writings. I’m sorry America does not align with you communal desires but human reality also does not align.

    Under the rugs of your Cuban Utopia you will find one of the most repressive and brutal regimes in this Hemisphere. But hey as long as your willing to overlook those pesky little facts so you can throw aspersions at the American system who cares.

    As I grow older it becomes clearer and clearer every year that those who protest the most about firearms ownership are not truly concerned about the violence committed but instead the lack of total control that can not be exerted. No, these folks are fine with brutal and rapid escalation of violence as long as it’s applied for THEIR causes. And their utopias can only be erected when the dissenters have no way to reject their constructs and fight back against their benevolent communal progress….

    • I have never met a Cuban that supports communism so this is an odd read. Can’t say I am sorry for their being upset or care about their reasoning.

  16. My advice to the author is to seek mental health counseling and perhaps a regular dose of Prozac. Other people exercising their rights in no way harms you, and unless you are a criminal fearing me because of the pistol you can’t see and don’t even know exists is irrational.

  17. Mental illness is hell. Mentally ill people have difficulty seeing the world clearly.

    They do not see that the most dangerous people among us ALREADY carry all manner of weapons. Those that would harm others do not ask for permission to carry weapons.

    There is no magic number of laws that can turn lawless people into the law-abiding.

  18. “estimated 120.5 guns for every 100 residents”

    Well, Xer Fernandez, that equates to 1.2 firearms for every resident…you’re not even in the “horseshoes or hand-grenade close” range…

    A buddy jokes about the 400 plus millions of firearms in private hands…he comments that is only a million owners that each have 400 in their collections or four million that have a 100 apiece or eight million owners that have a paltry 50 each…what about the other 99 million owners that are frequently referenced??

    BTW, don’t care about your personal problems…keep your impotence to yourself [sic].

    • last count I saw (fairly recent, and a trustworthy source) claims over 120 million Yanks own at least one gun each. At about 330 Mn people here, prolly 200 Mn are old enough to be able to lawfully purchase them. That means there are about 80 mn non owners, but the 120 Mn owners have to have multiple items each. Such folks almost always know well how to make use of them as needed/appropriate.
      An army of 120 Mn is a formidable force. Far larger than any other nation on earth.

  19. Try some testosterone booster and lay off the gender bender stuff.

  20. Sorry my Cuban friend, but I live far enough from town that I have no choice but to be my own first responder, and provide for my own security. So, I keep a full on medics kit, several fire extinguishers, as well as weapons for both hunting/varmint control, and self defense.
    Unfortunately, even in the metropolitan areas of the country, the courts have ruled the police have no obligation to protect the individual. Only an obligation to patrol and police the community, etc. And, of course protect the politicians and wealthy business owners. Sorry but the common citizen is basically on his/her own.
    Secondly, dependence upon government for anything usually ends poorly. Why do you think anything of importance, or must be done correctly is funded by the government, but contracted out to private companies. Usually at great expense and cost over runs.

  21. Guitars are another of my hobbies, I have 20—I know many people that have that many or more, they multiply just like guns do. There are 3 million sold in the US every year and, like guns, they dont get used up and disappear. Some estimates put total guitars in the US in the range of the number of guns. You dont see people living in fear of random, poor musicians breaking out in song.

    • I collect other “rraditional” instruments too. Along with old chain saws, LP records, wooden hand crank box coffee mills, some dating back to 1885, and classic road bikes, some dating back into the 1950’s, all high end for their time. I’ve got enough in each category to fully equip dozens, perhaps hundreds, of those who have none. And my collection of old (back into the 1960’s) Mercedes diesel cars is signficant, too…..

      some folks gotta collect. One friend of mine has had Lionel trains since he was a kid back in the 1950’s. Several hundred of them Two full walls in his livingroom have cllsely spaced narrow shelves with allm no correct that SOME ofhis engines and rollling stock. I’m guessing his pristine collection may well be worth above a million bucks…… good thing I don’t have it cause I’d be liquidating them at the highest prices I could command. And turning them into Something Else……..

  22. ANY TIME someone starts extolling the virtues of the Cuban Marxist regime, you know they are an incompetent loser, and are looking for the government to take care of them.

    I have too many friends who grew up behind the iron curtain to every listen to this watery drivel. Complete and total loss of autonomy to the state for a guaranteed life of marginalized existence is the most pathetic bargain for a human to make. And yet, somehow, it’s better than they could do for themselves.

    • Possum, it’s ain’t too late. I have an old inner tube around here somewhere …

    • possum,

      dacian the stupid would be incapable of freedom, no matter WHAT society he was in . . . freedom requires an intact intellect. How can you “make choices” when your brain is incapable of such?? dacian the stupid is a pathetic, brainwashed, mal-“educated”, brainwashed Leftist/fascist clown, with delusions of adequacy. He can’t even get basic history right. How could such a pathetic @$$clown EVER be “free”?

      • I still think lil’d’s education had the words S0cial, Gender, and Studies in the title.

  23. Sounds like a personal problem. I wonder what he was so worried about.

  24. What a ignorant socialist lapdog who is deliberately ignorant of Cuban history.
    It’s no wonder she is posting that drivel in AL Jazeera.
    Bet she never learned about this place and how they treated the prisoner’s.

    Or how che guevara  was a sadistic killer when he ran the Cuban prison for Castro.
    That che was such a dangerous loose cannon that Castro exiled him from Cuba.

  25. “…growing up in the US, where I was taught that life was a competition as opposed to a communal collaboration…”

    This is a fundamental misreading of US history, which abounds with examples of communal collaboration, up to and including the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The United States is a deeply community-oriented society.

    What this author fails to understand, because he’s an idiot, is that Americans believe in the right to work with our neighbors on our OWN TERMS and of our OWN FREE WILL – or not, as the case may be. This author would prefer to force Americans into collaboration according to the dictates and preferences of communists, i.e. to timidly allow violent murderers loot and control us without protest. The 2nd amendment means he and his ilk can go FOAD on that one, so he’s having a big ‘ol sad about it.

  26. Belen Fernandez is another proud graduate of Columbia University in New York City. She comes from a wealthy family and is typical of the spoiled rich white girls who want communism, abortions, and total state control of everything. They are the strength of the Democrats and dominate social media.

    • From their own self hate and loathing for their privilege. They feel they must atone by punishing everyone else.

    • Nice thoughts, but Belen is just light years ahead of us all bc she was indoctrinated at Columbia while on SCHOLARSHIP due to her claims of both poverty and intellectual superiority honed using her Hispanic name as a shield. No worries that her marriage to an Arab man didn’t work out as she thought she could change his liberated mind…in the end, he reverted to true form, I.e., not someone that listens to the fairer gender. Cuba is a fine place to live, so enjoy it. Try the tourist area where they accept dollars….

  27. I wonder if we can persuade every democrat to follow the above nitwit’s example and move to Cuba. The collective IQs of both countries would improve.

  28. No point in arguing with close minded bigots. Now, back to searching for my 10th gun

  29. The fact that guns outnumber people here is not evidence of some underlying anxiety or pathology, but instead simply a reflection of the fact that we are a wealthy country where most people can afford to have more than one.

    • Says a lot about domestic manufacturing as the prices of firearms have remained fairly consistent if not gone down over the last 20 years despite inflation and economic crisis.

      • It’s a mixed bag. I agree completely when it comes to semiauto pistols, ARs, and budget bolt rifles.

        Revolvers, OTOH, have ridiculously outpaced inflation despite what seems should be reduced demand.

        • I hadn’t noticed that but never really looked past S&W and Ruger. Any particular brands where this was really outlandish (always neat to see how things change)?

        • SAFE,
          Both of those you mentioned😋

          A stainless .44 Vaquero was my first handgun purchase in 1995, for a little over $300 (about $600 adjusted for inflation). Today it MSRPs for $1019!!

          I also sold a S&W Scandium .357 hand-beater a few years ago for more than I paid for it about ten years before, despite scratches and discoloration, because the new one next to it was hundreds more.

          This is especially bizarre given the fact that police transitions to semiautos (and numerous other factors) presumably decreased demand for revolvers, while also periodically flooding the market with inexpensive supply.

        • Heh guess I need to pay more attention outside of basic 357 and snub nose 38’s. But now that I look those and the 22’s are about all that didn’t change too much. Guessing it matters where they focus production.

        • I never really followed the .22s much, but when I saw them introduce the budget “Wrangler” for $279, I thought “Isn’t that about what the regular .22s are? Aren’t Ruger already the budget casting guys?”, and saw that they’re $779. That’s more than the inflation-adjusted price of my .44 Mag, for a #$%^& .22!

        • Weird the wrangles up here go for 165-260ish depending on store and options. Blackhawks and Redhawks (around 1,200) can be pricy though and haven’t seen anything in between in stock for 3 years.

        • Right, I was just going by MSRPs. I don’t really follow closely, and can’t imagine how the Single Six (the same basic .22 Ruger’s sold for years) could possibly be 3x+ the Wrangler price.

        • I really should take the time and read up on revolvers, I will likely just pick up a Blackhawk for reloading fun later on but knowing more than basic functions is always a good thing especially with estate sales.

        • Estate sales are definitely the way to go. I think the big changes are relatively recent, and (since I was one) I can say with some confidence that there are plenty of owners / sellers out there who don’t know how high the prices have gotten.

  30. Al Jazeera is not as bad as most US media as long as you don’t take their stories at face value, especially those concerning the US or Israel.


  32. The Cubans I know who fled do not think this way. The difference seems that they grew up under the oppression, she didn’t. They were not in privileged families, nor politically connected. She went over later, she has privilege, for now while she is useful.

  33. @strych9

    I understand your review of current events, but looking at the past, and conditions that pass for “today”, one must consider that “the end” will be a whimper, not a detonation. The anti-dictator/authoritarian, tyrannical, leftist, fascist, socialist, communist, descent into meaningless will eventually win over an exhausted populace tired of all the endless sturm and drang.

    Evil never rests, the non-evil don’t want to be constantly in chaos, confusion, and contest. The non-evil want to fix problems and move on. They also want time to recover and replenish from their labors. It is not the nature of non-evil to spend every waking moment trying to find ways to subjugate and conquer others. The evil are satisfied with “live and let die”, whereas the non-evil gravitate toward “live and let live.” For the non-evil, life is so dear, and peace so sweet, as to tolerate almost anything in vain hope of quiet lives.

  34. The simple assumption that if they got their liberal ways, the establishment would not allow their twisted thoughts to be made public let alone published! As the right to free speech would go the way of the dodo. See they didn’t go extinct they are still here spewing liberal agenda to suppress your rights, yes rights for their feelings! FAFO!

  35. Sounds as if this character needs to do the world and himself a big favor, eat a .44 mag vitamin as soon as possible. Free up our oxygen supply !

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