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“No available cars,” the police dispatcher tells a police unit attempting to deal with [another outbreak of] looters. Sam’s Meat Market, a K Mart, a Taco Bell, a self storage facility and other buildings are burning to the ground without any fire department intervention (as is the protocol during a riot). There are reports of a gunman in the bed of a pickup truck firing off rounds and “gunmen in the hot zone with assault rifles.” Store owners are calling police as cars mass for attacks of looting. Police at the sharp end are calling a Code 5000: “personnel in serious situation,” asking for more officers. It’s only a question of time before the National Guard are deployed. One hopes.

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  1. So much for the government being prepared, I hope a large number of people were prepared to defend themselves and not counting on police intervention.

    • In Texas, yes if the arsonist is about to but before committing the crime. After the fire is going, then no according to the Texas CHL class.

    • In AZ it’s legal if you have reason to believe the building is occupied. They have a specific line in the self defense statutes for it.
      In WA (and probably many other states) it’s legal if there’s a reasonable cause for you to fear for your safety or the safety of others.
      It makes sense, because if somebody starts a fire in an occupied building, it can be murder.

      • Yes. The rioters and looters are going to work themselves into a frenzy.
        It’s going to be L.A. Ala Rodney King.
        I hope not, but this has been brewing for a bit. What with the black rebel group offering a $5,000 dollar reward for the whereabouts of officer Wilson, planned “protests” with specific targets.
        What the heck does Toys r us have to do with anything?

        • “What the heck does Toys r us have to do with anything?”

          Doing their Christmas larceny, Tom…

          Some kids in Fergeson will have a Merry X-Mas…

        • Long ago Toys R Us stole an idea from a guy who was going to start a toy store called We B Toyz and Sh!t.

        • Toys R us has the same thing involved that the auto parts store and liquor store have, goodies inside to be looted. You were looking for logic? Afraid not, it’s stealing while the stealing is good, no one will stop them because there are too many. It was really sad to watch.

      • Not long after the looting started, whenever a TV crew showed up the looters threw random objects at them to discourage them from taping and to leave, so that their crime wasn’t on tape. I guess they upped their arsenal. Animals.

  2. I’m listening to the scanners now. Apparently they are holding off 100 looters at gunpoint at the toys r us. I just heard there are 2 to 3 HUNDRED people headed toward the justice center. The cops are really freaking over that one. A taco bell has already been looted and burned.

    • ” . . . holding off 100 looters at gunpoint at the toys r us . . .”

      I know you intended to just write what you are hearing but these words are profoundly disturbing. During the first Ferguson riots, there were people with small businesses who lost everything they had when their stores were looted and burned. I hope the people defending their jobs and property save what they have.

  3. This a quote from earlier today, before the festivities began:

    “. . The police understand that gun sales have risen, says St. Louis County police sergeant Brian Schellman, but do not want residents to circumvent their authority. “We understand that people feel threatened and whatnot, but that’s what the police are for and we hope that they use our services,” he says. “If you feel that there’s a threat toward you or your family or your property, then you need to contact the police and not take concerns into your own hands . . ”

    • If he really believes that, looks like Sgt. Schellman is the textbook definition of “idiot.”

      So, the cops can’t protect firemen or even THEMSELVES, and ever “citizen” is supposed to offload personal safety to those same cops?

      Not to mention the moral implications of telling a person that protecting their own life is exceeding their “authority.”

      Just wow.

  4. No, guns are dangerous. Better wait until the professionals arrive. If you try to defend yourself you’re only going to hurt yourself. The police will be there in 20 or 30 minutes.

  5. I’m just sitting here drinking, readying my guns, and watching ZULU… I suggest ya’ll do the same….

    • Meh.. I think we will just sit here and wait for the 400 National guardsmen to get done wiping down their Humvees and polishing up their bolt carriers..

  6. Meanwhile 400 national guardsmen are busy drilling, pairing socks and folding skivies, while buildings burn, and choppers fly around filming the whole debacle?

  7. Sad. What does all of this prove? Not a damn thing. Half the rioters could give a sh*t less about the no-bill and are only doing it to steal and destroy and get away with it. I wonder how many bodies they’ll find once the smoke clears.
    On the bright side, it’s calm and peaceful here in my small Ohio farm town.

  8. Another urban success, brought to you by the Democrats.

    The governor is a Democrat.

    The DA is a Democrat – oh, and was part of Obama’s “truth squad” from 2008.

    The POTUS who was jaw-jacking on TV earlier this evening, is a Democrat, as well as the AG of the US.

    All were pandering to the thugs and anarchists that are part of their DNC’s voter base.

    The net:net result of this will be that productive people will leave the Ferguson area. The jobs will leave with the businesses, the tax base will decline

    Own goal for the race hustling poverty pimps.

    • I’ve seen some estimates that business in the epicenter area of Ferguson has been down by as much as 80% over the past few weeks. And now those same businesses, most of them locally owned and operated, are being looted and burned.

      Social justice in action.

    • Incorrect, they put it in the right goal. This is their objective. More poor people more votes for their team.

    • It’s not just the politicians, but media, too. Whenever I turned to CNN’s coverage, their talking heads were kinda sorta condemning the looting, but called it an understandable reaction to the verdict. They were trying hard to make excuses for what was happening. Unbelievable.

      • CNN has deliberately and consistently concealed important facts about this case to whip up racial animosity from the beginning.

        First, there are a number of black eye witnesses that backed up Wilson’s account of events. CNN consistently concealed the race of witnesses that backed up Wilson’s account.

        Then, last night, CNN continued this practice by omitting the detail that three of the grand jurors are black as well – two women and one man. Six of the jurors are white men, three are white women. CNN’s implied message is that the grand jury is all white.

  9. You have to wonder at what point do they admit that regaining control of the situation won’t occur without raising the body count?

    Right now, they’re just targets for the violent anarchists. The local authorities can either pull out and let the worst happen or start shooting.

      • You can count on Martial Law at the Pawn and Gun shops.

        They will shoot dead anyone trying to loot them.

    • There are no “innocents’ here. I say that they should announce that they will shoot any one standing in two minutes. Everyone on the ground – spread eagle. Round up everyone and throw them into a makeshift jail.

  10. We wouldn’t want the police to do anything that could be considered “brutal.” Especially not if it happens to be something regarding a black man.

    On one hand I’ve always wondered if a ‘purge’ would give people a lesson in why the police sometimes have to stop young men walking down the street (after a robbery). On the other hand, the sad thing is that the people losing their businesses and property are probably mostly hard-working citizens who live there.

    I hope some looters get taken out by business owners. Maybe it’ll send a message.

      • Make it hurt. Little Johnny don’t learn the first time he touches the hot stove? Then he has to touch it again. You keep stopping Little Johnny from learning that lesson then YOU are at fault.

  11. What percentage of these miscreants are from Ferguson and nearby areas, and how many invaded the region from Chicago, and other inner city war zones?

  12. Hate to be picky, but there seems to be a typo in at the sentence, “Store owners are calling police as cars mass for attacks of looting.” I believe the ‘amass’ is missing its ‘a’.

    • Nice try at usurping the “grammar nazi” title here! Ain’t gonna fly, we gots higher standards for grammar nazism here than that.


    While the events down in Ferguson play out, back in Chicagoland, HeyJackass reports that the same old bullshit continues day in and day out with nary a peep. In the 107 days since officer Darren Wilson shot and killed 18 year old Michael Brown – 12:03pm, Saturday, August 9th – the following stupidity has taken place in Chicago:

    • 155 homicides (74% black males)
    • 725 shot & wounded
    • Six (6) 18 year olds killed: Kawantis Montgomery, Kamaal Burton, Tony McIntos, Alexandra Burgos, Rayvon Little, Johnathan Cartwright
    • 59 18 year olds shot & wounded
    • 29 teenagers (13-19) killed
    • 244 teenagers (13-19) shot and wounded
    • 10 shot (5 killed) by the CPD








    NAAWP – 2014

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