Monica Cannon Grant. Screen capture by Boch via WBZ.
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Do gun control groups misdirect donor monies for the personal enrichment of their leaders?  Impossible you say?  The feds say otherwise in at least one group’s case.  The US Attorney’s for Massachusetts has brought federal fraud charges against the founders of the Violence in Boston gun control group which could put the couple in prison for years to come.

Monica Cannon-Grant and her husband Clark Grant face real jail time for, among other things, using monies donated to the gun control org for personal expenses like groceries, car rentals, car repairs, Uber rides and nail salon visits.  Because, after all, good nails are a must when you’re advocating that inner city residents stay on the gun control plantation in Boston.

And then there was the matter of allegedly lying to defraud the federal government of Pandemic Unemployment Assistance funds to the tune of $100,000.

WBZ has the story:

A federal grand jury has indicted Monica Cannon-Grant and her husband Clark Grant, the founders of Violence In Boston, on more than a dozen charges for allegedly using the nonprofit for their own benefit.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for Massachusetts announced on Tuesday that Cannon-Grant, 41, and Grant, 38, both Taunton residents, are facing charges as part of an 18-count indictment.

A grand jury found the couple allegedly led a series of schemes designed to defraud Violence in Boston donors, the Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance, and a mortgage lending business based in Chicago.

…prosecutors allege that from 2017-2021, Cannon-Grant used donation and grant money to pay for expenses such as hotel reservations, groceries, gas, car rentals, auto repairs, Uber rides, restaurants, nail salons and personal travel.

The couple is also accused of collecting Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) benefits despite having income from other sources. While collecting $100,000 of PUA benefits, Cannon-Grant and Grant were allegedly receiving income from Violence in Boston funds, consulting fees, and Grant’s salary from a full-time job.


Violence in Boston is no bit gun control player in the Bay State.  They’ve been working closely with, and receiving sponsorships from Moms Demand Action, March For Our Lives, Black Lives Matter and more.

Not only that, but it would seem that the Grants and their Violence in Boston group scored a fat cash grant from Shannon Watts Michael Bloomberg and Moms Demand Action.


The good news for gun rights in Beantown and elsewhere in Massachusetts is that if the charges stick and the Grants plead out or are found guilty, they may be wearing orange on a daily basis for quite some time.

Similarly, time will tell if Violence in Boston folds or if their founders add federal wire fraud convictions and prison terms to their resumes. One thing is certain…if convicted, they won’t ever legally handle a gun again.

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  1. They want you disarmed so that when they’re caught being criminals you have no recourse against their personal armed security.

    • Nothing decent will ever come from an agenda that history confirms is rooted in racism and genocide. Never mind stopping at monetary fraud. Gun Control zealots hiding The Truth About Gun Control and its diabolical baggage should be charged with treason.

  2. Looks like they should have spent some on an editor. In that first tweeted graphic, the walk out and die in, stat #3 is about guns DISLODGED. We should definitely try to get nay dislodged guns back into their proper place as quickly as possible.

  3. I find it somewhat humorous that Mini Mike and Shannon were enabling their lavish lifestyle……..

    Pretty sure the Biden DoJ and IRS will report that it was all a misunderstanding generated by Right-wing rhetoric against a Minority / Female owned small business.

  4. Too bad they now have lots of cash to hire high-price lawyers to get off. The lawyers will say they had good intentions with their anti-gun message and hurt no one. They will probably walk away with a fine.

  5. The folks running ViB only made one mistake – they weren’t elected to a public office – once they’d slithered under that low, slimy bar they could’ve spent the rest of their lives wallowing in the “public’s” money – the trough would’ve legally been open for business then! But they went the risky private enterprise route…😆

  6. Reminds me I need to look up Massachusetts firearm laws relevant to out of state visitors going to ranges/competitions. I think most of the NY SAFE firearms are not a problem except for AR’s but I think pistols are a pain in the ass and/or may need a permit.

  7. That’s odd, seems MSM and .gov are doing quite a bit of “window dressing” in the last few weeks. 🤔
    There must be an election coming up. 🙄

    Those who would normally get a pass are facing consequences. Remember, useful idiots are ALWAYS sacrificed to grease the wheels for the Progressive agenda.

    MSM is recognizing things that were dismissed as “disinformation” as now being fact. Hunter laptop for example, NYTimes, Jen Pasucki…….

    The far-left is making moves, attempting to convince fence sitting moderates/libertarians that they deserve to remain in control.

    • Would offer the counter argument they are targeting moderate to somewhat liberal democrats as they have gone way farther left than most are comfortable with and want to convince them to not allow for a total rejection of their crazy. Otherwise agree with the other points.

  8. “Do gun control groups misdirect donor monies for the personal enrichment of their leaders?”

    Since WLP and the NRA do it, why shouldn’t our opponents? We need our house cleaned up so the NRA can get back to defending gun rights instead of blowing money on lawyers trying to keep Wayne out of jail. My family has 3 ballots in hand that we would happily bullet vote for directors that would demand fiscal responsibility. Their candidate statements all talk about being committed to 2A, but none talk about stopping the wasting of funds that could be fighting infringements instead of letting Wayne live the lifestyle of a Fortune 100 CEO.

      • Fine, smart guy. How many annual memberships should the NRA spend to fly Wayne’s niece on a private jet without Wayne even on board? How many to spend per month for an unlicensed travel agent on a no-bid contract to do Wayne’s jet bookings? How about dinners at an exclusive Italian restaurant with an expensive wine cellar and memberships to the high end cigar bar upstairs? Donations to Wayne’s wife’s non-gun related charity? If your answer isn’t to throw tens of thousands of memberships away on that crap, you should be outraged. The waste has been twice the record-breaking $30M outlay the NRA paid during Trump’s 2016 election. No wonder they had nothing left for 2020. I want to see the money going to pro-gun causes and politicians, gun safety, and marksmanship. Last year, they paid more on outside lawyers to keep Wayne out of jail than on their education and competition programs. The court has already ruled that James can’t dissolve the NRA, so it’s safe and will continue. Wayne and cronies aren’t golden messiahs that are the only ones who can do the job. They are a cancer that is preventing the NRA from doing it’s job. Supporting them by burying your head in the sand is what’s doing harm to the cause.

        • Of course you do not have an actual arguement on why we should support the NRA. Clown world here. When Wayne goes and there is serious reorganization with an emphasis on protecting gun rights then and only then will they get my support. Until then GOA gets my money.

        • Anymouse, be careful of that mouse trap. Do you know if Mr LaPiere’s niece was on NRA business? Or are you just repeating anti-NRA rhetoric? Since when does a Not For Profit organization have to put anything out for bids? There is no such law that I know of. When you are wining and dining you don’t take your guests to the local diner for a hamburger. Maybe you should join Letitia James’s staff? As Mr LaPiere was acting in the scope of his duty for the NRA, it was the OBLIGATION of the NRA to pick up his defense. It’s called indemnification.

          As Mr Trump was and is a proponent of gun rights, it was only right that the NRA give him as much support as they could. The NRA is doing its job. The NRA has been in the forefront of most every major gun rights decision in the courts in the past 30 yrs.

          Why don’t you tell us how you really feel?

    • Unfortunately this is the case, the NRA seems like its leadership adopted the Washington party, power, and back door dealings model of the swamp there, once they had power and cash, preserving the arrangement rather than the Second became the focus. Most leaders will step aside or resign if the allegations and negative sentiment is detracting from the organization and it’s ability to operate, but not Wayne.

      • Psst, that is the way things are done in Washington. You can’t sit back and just let the world roll on as things keep going down hill. The NRA may not be the best possible organization for gun rights, but it is way ahead of whatever is in second place .

  9. Her version of the second amendment: “A well regulated nail salon, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear fingernails, shall not be infringed.”

  10. Well, so much for the right wing narrative that minorities, especially black folks, are immune from arrest or prosecution.

    “The US Attorney’s Office for Massachusetts charged the founders of the Violence in Boston gun control group with federal fraud charges“

    It looks as if Wayne LaPierre isn’t the only grifter to scam folks using gun violence propaganda.

    And it seems the FBI alphabet agency has no problem investigating and charging black folk, even ones whose goal seems to be disarmament, I thought the FBI was all about civilian disarmament?

    And another myth we can lay to rest is the conservative narrative that liberal media will censor a story like this, ultraliberal WGBH in Boston ran this story three days ago, scooping TTAG.

    So now these anti-gun grifters can join the ranks of Donald Trump, Wayne Lapierre and Steve Bannon, although those three have stolen millions making these folks look like smalltime crooks.

    • Minor MINER49er That is another one of your bold faced lies The Conservatives here have never made any such statement or statements.

      In fact it is you Leftists who have engaged in racism through your gun control measure not to mention your welfare programs designed to keep people of color poor and subservient to you leftists for your “support”.

      Neither Donald Trump, Wayne LaPiere nor Steve Bannon have stolen any money, but your leftist buddies are famous for such.

      • “A federal judge formally dismissed an indictment against Stephen Bannon in light of his presidential pardon, but noted that Donald Trump’s former adviser allegedly took more than $1 million of the funds from people who thought they were donating to the US-Mexico border wall campaign.

        US District Judge Analisa Torres’s order ended months of legal haggling but a state probe over “We Build The Wall” fundraising scheme still looms.“

        • Minor MINER49er. ROFLMAOBT! Imagine that. A Federal Judge dismissed an indictment because of an Presidential pardon. I have news for you. A Presidential pardon negated the indictment to begin with. It seems you really don’t know squat about law do you? And using the “Independent” a far far Leftist propaganda rage is hardly a reliable source.

          For your edification, an indictment is an accusation. NOT a proven fact. Get a grip, Lefty.

    • false Miner49’er

      Its never been a “right wing narrative that minorities, especially black folks, are immune from arrest or prosecution.”

      Its never been any political demographic narrative. There are individuals who have complained of such but that doesn’t mean its a held “narrative” of a political demographic.

      But if you want a “narrative”, a good one is the one by the U.S. Government via the FBI and that is the uncomfortable truth that overall blacks commit crimes at nearly three times the rate that whites do, but blacks are only around 13% of the population. This article, if the accused is found to have done that accused, sort of substantiates that.

  11. That is Hilarious!! Fake anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment ho’s are found to be felony criminals for wasting anti-gun funds on their own fat whore asses!! This is so wonderful and full of karma I could cry from happiness.

  12. Considering how they are running a group that is dedicated to taking away a fundamental civil right from the citizens I don’t think it’s very shocking when they get caught stealing.

  13. Just cry “racism!” and run for office. MA will elect them both just to “own the MAGAts.”

  14. When are black people going to wake up and realize they are being taken by both other blacks and Democrats who have done more damage to them over the long hall than anyone else? If you recall your history and have not burned the books yet, the Ku Klux Clan was a birth child of Souther Democrats. I don’t feel a bit sorry for people who won’t face the facts or the truth. Blacks have been equally responsible for the plight of the average black person as anyone else and promoted behaviors that are not in their best interest.

  15. On another forum, I asked why these turkeys didn’t know that they should have accountants to help them steal money. Uncle Luigi grew up in Sicily, and he only got a 5th grade education, but he knew enough to keep and accountant and some lawyers on call.

    Strangely enough, I was moderated “troll” for that observation.

    Woke people sure are sensitive!

    • Didn’t Brandon comment in one of his semi-cohearant mumble sessions that blacks can’t afford lawyers to start a business.

      Seem that the HSIC (hair sniffer in chief) may inadvertently stumbled onto something there. 🤔

      Kinda hard to afford a lawyer when you spend all the misappropriated funds on yourself.

  16. BLM has outlived its usefulness to the Libertarians Liberals and the Left. All who hate law enforcement. Unfortunately for them the backlash has produced millions of new first-time gun owners in this country. And the movement to disarm civilians and repeal the 2nd Amendment is dead and buried in this country.

    When the regime no longer needs you, you become a disposable item. That is why these folks are being prosecuted. And their websites are being shut down by big Tech.

    • Yes, DuckDuckGo is now censoring Russian propaganda, hallelujah!

      “Users of the privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo are accusing it of censorship over its decision to downrank Russian propaganda.

      DuckDuckGo founder Gabriel Weinberg’s Wednesday announcement that the search engine would update its search results so websites known for spreading Russian disinformation would be downranked was not received well by its fans on Twitter.“

      I just hope Dr. Laura and Tucker Carlson are not too upset because another Russian propaganda outlet has been shut down.

    • Lol, what’s it like being a grown baby? You hate large Governement yet demand they protect you. I’m a grown man and realize it’s my job to protect myself and not Governement sponsored law enforcement. As usual you miss the forest for trees Chris. And the Government ain’t there to enforce the law for you.

  17. But the billions we’re spending for Ukraine is only for saving lives and not to enrich people, right? In unrelated news, word on the street is the pharma industry is jealous of the defense industry.

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