FedEx Drops NRA Relationship After Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting

FedEx Drops NRA Deal

FedEx was one of the major companies that chose to stick with its National Rifle Association affinity program following the Parkland shooting, unlike an array of firms including United Airlines, Hertz, SimpliSafe, Symantec and host of others. Now, though, the Memphis-based shipping giant is dumping the NRA.

But FedEx claims it has nothing to do with what happened in Pittsburgh.

The change of tack comes just days after a gunman killed 11 people in a Pittsburgh synagogue. The $56 billion logistics company says the closure of its NRA discount program from Nov. 4 has no connection to that incident or any other shooting. Rather, the NRA just didn’t bring in enough business to merit its own deal. It’s among dozens of organizations FedEx plans to move to new pricing programs, and the company has been notifying customers since early October.

So it was all just a coinkydink that FedEx chose this week to announce the move.

This is a Bloomberg report, so author John Foley naturally concludes that the FedEx announcement and the earlier cancellations mean the NRA is no longer big and intimidating enough to fend off moves like this. The name on the web site is also why you get a paragraph like this:

Gun-rights lobbyists have resisted both technology that could make firearms safer and no-brainer efforts like making more federal data on firearms incidents readily available. But companies are becoming less timid. When retailers Dick’s Sporting Goods, Walmart and Kroger pledged to end sales of assault rifles earlier this year, their shares didn’t suffer. As customers and investors change their views, businesses no longer need to take an overtly political stance – they can just follow the money.



  1. avatar Soccerchainsaw says:

    Sometimes a frog is just a frog.

    1. avatar Gralnok says:

      Perhaps, but FedEx has proven to be run by toads. Let’s hope they croak. 😉

    2. avatar little horn says:

      not on this website.

  2. avatar Danny L Griffin says:

    Because the NRA supports shooting up synagogues?

    1. avatar raptor jesus says:

      If you can’t make this leap of logic then you’re probably not a Democrat.

    2. avatar Aleric says:

      Where did the Bloomberg Troll come from?

      1. avatar Endlesspath says:

        Don’t worry – Danny L Griffin is just an NPC. He’s waiting pensively for his next statement to be sent to him so he can parrot it to us.

  3. avatar Dr. Rick Walker says:

    I guess my new ammo and other firearms related items won’t be coming fed ex anymore

  4. avatar pod says:

    Dick’s revenue did suffer. Plus, as the article conveniently forgets, Dick’s wasn’t known for selling ARs and other modern rifle platforms. If in years past, you went to Dick’s to buy an AR, you were probably either ignorant or somewhat retarded.

    1. avatar jwtaylor says:

      Dick’s revenue is up 6% and their stock price has soared.

      1. avatar qualls4 says:

        Dick sporting goods inc does not have “soaring stock prices 2016 34.25 USD , 2017 60.28 – good year , today 35.37 and an all time low in November 2017 24.48= not doing so well research is easy try it .

  5. avatar Just Sayin says:

    “As customers and investors change their views, businesses no longer need to take an overtly political stance – they can just follow the money.”

    That’s called the free market system at work. But… The unwritten part of the author’s thought stream is that politics always follows the money… and the power. And the administrations of large corporations do the same. When the clic groups of MSM and huge corp. business leaders start rewriting the rules of engagement for “fair” business practices with the help of elected authoritarians, well, what could go wrong with that?

    Bloomberg, Soros, Emmanuel, Clinton (both), Como, de Blasio…
    I tried to reach these folks for a comment, but they were attending the quarterly meeting of Ego Mastrubators Non-anonymous.

    1. avatar Touger says:

      “When the clic groups of MSM and huge corp. business leaders start rewriting the rules of engagement for “fair” business practices with the help of elected authoritarians, well, what could go wrong with that?”

      Its economic fascism and we have had it for quite a while now. The free market isnt really free at all.

  6. avatar Nanashi says:

    Prepare for Marrion Hammer to once again care more about the loss of revenue than inbound gun control.

    1. avatar neiowa says:

      What does MARION have to do with Fedex you whining troll?

  7. avatar arc says:

    I only ship by USPS, but I’ll make extra note to never ever use FEDEX for anything. I’m still stuck using UPS for anything that demands a street address… sad mail is still a fucked up mess in a first world nation.

  8. avatar rosignol says:

    …I wasn’t aware that being an NRA member would get me a discount with FedEx.

    Is anyone responsible for promoting this stuff?

    1. avatar Scoutino says:

      How many of us, NRA members knew about all those special deals we supposedly had before we lost them? How many of those who knew actually used them? I, for one, never did.

  9. avatar LOL NRA says:

    The NRA: Because fat, pasty cowards who cannot get laid without paying for it need lobbyists, too!!!

    1. avatar LOL NRA says:

      I say this only because as a fat, lazy democrat I really need the money I make sucking iff all the conservatives. Hey at least I’m still getting food stamps and welfare. The packer sucking money goes straight to my relatives in Honduras. ¡Gobble gobble!

    2. avatar HP says:

      Oh, my. What a zinger. LOLOLOLOL

  10. avatar Barry says:

    So I gather it is now legal for companies to discriminate against particular groups because of their “beliefs”.
    Where is the ACLU vis-a-vis these discriminatory practices that are allowed to continue?

    Yes more gun control for those gun owners who have not violated the law. And how many legal gun owners hve committed gun-related crimes? Can we have that number appear on the front page of the NY Times…oh, that’s right, they choose not to print all the news that they feel is not right to publish.
    Ban alcoholic drinks and rid society of drunk drivers …

    We best get our collective butts together and realize THEY are winning this war.

    1. avatar LOL GOP says:

      The ‘man’ who shot up the Tree of Life Synagogue is (was) a ‘legal gun owner’.

      1. avatar B.D. says:

        and he was a responsible gun owner… right up until he wasn’t.

        So what’s your point? Criminals do criminal things. The deterrent from other legal carry “law abiding” citizens and right to self defense outweighs the crazy fucks shooting up places 100:1.

        Don’t act like you’ve never gone 5mph over the speed limit or ran a red light. But you can legally operate a motor vehicle and continue to…

        1. avatar LOL GOP says:

          So in your eyes commiting a negligible traffic offense is the equivalent of killing 11 defenseless people in cold blood. Got it.

        2. avatar Baldwin says:

          No, LOL GOP/LOL NRA. He was merely illustrating your crime against intelligence. Got it?

      2. avatar Patrick says:

        See? Even you realize the problem even if you’re too obstinate to take one more step and see the solution. You said 11 “defenseless” people. What of they weren’t defenseless? What if they shot back?

      3. avatar uncommon_sense says:

        LOL GOP,

        And every man who has never attacked anyone was a law-abiding citizen right up to the moment that he first raped a woman.

        Should we require all men to wear a locked device around their genitals in order to ensure that they don’t rape women?

        Better yet, how commonplace does rape have to be before we require all men to wear a locked device around their genitals?

        1. avatar LOL GOP says:

          No. That’s literally the stupidest thing anyone has ever written (and that’s saying something in these parts). Take your false equivalencies and go home, choad. Oh, and please keep feeding me. Your tears sustain me!!!

        2. avatar Scoutino says:

          Tears? What tears? I have never seen GOP members acting like petulant children in the streets and on national tv after O’bama was elected. Only tears I see are shed by special snowflakes on liberal side.

          NRA lost a discount because nobody used it anyways. Big f-ing deal. We don’t cry over every small slight because it hurt our feeeelz.

      4. avatar DDay says:

        The pittsburgh shooter is as nuts as LOL GOP.

        If you’re going to try and troll, don’t be so lame.

        1. avatar LOL GOP says:

          Maybe I wouldn’t troll if you didn’t respond. Keep feeding me.

      5. avatar UPS Driver says:

        And every Muslim terrorist is just a Muslim until they run over people with trucks, stab people with knives, shoot up gay night clubs, etc.

    2. avatar Mark N. says:

      Reading comprehension 101: The NRA can do as much business as it wants with FedEx, it just doens’t get a discount that is made available to large shippers. Ever notice how much you pay to ship anything FedEx in comparison to the amount companies pay for sending goods to you? Same same.

  11. avatar Gralnok says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if shipping companies only cared about how much the package weighed and when you wanted it to arrive? Like they used to? Oh well. I shall go express my disappointment in FedEx by going with UPS and by being rude to FedEx drivers.

    1. avatar LOL GOP says:

      …because the FedEx drivers have a say in company policy.

      1. avatar Jomo says:

        LOL LOLer.

        We don’t care what you think.

  12. avatar B.D. says:

    Add FedEx to the list right along with Dick’s, Home Depot, etc etc….

    and the NFL. Eventually some jackass will start laying flat on the ground for the national anthem to advocate gun control, and of course, it won’t be racially motivated at all…

    I guess what I am saying is all these businesses have the same thing in common. They lack the ability to keep their fucking mouths shut and do business. Quit involving your opinions and political affiliations and do your fucking job.

    1. avatar Dan Griffin says:

      What’s Home Depot done? I open carry there without incident.

  13. avatar former water walker says:

    Nothing to do with it huh?!? Lying m effers! I’ve never used FedEx. Now I never will…

  14. avatar barnbwt says:

    “This is a Bloomberg report, so author John Foley naturally concludes that the FedEx announcement and the earlier cancellations mean the NRA is no longer big and intimidating enough to fend off moves like this.”

    Well, aren’t they no longer intimidating? Who exactly are they ‘scaring’ into keeping mum on gun control? The idiots are louder than ever, and their strongholds more brazen in restricting rights.

    Huge kudos to Trump for not randomly bringing up bump stocks after the shooting again; if the NRA was responsible for this I’d love to hear it so I can thank them too. Kinda doubt it though. Still, the plan was to announce the regulation after midterms, for some unknowable reason, so the jury’s still out.

  15. avatar neiowa says:

    FedEx has online interactive “customer support”

    Contact them.

    1. avatar Scoutino says:

      I have.
      They tried to deliver package with some propellant requiring signature three times at 9AM, while I was at work. Then they just said they tried twice while I was sitting home waiting for the FedEx truck that never showed up.
      No, they would not hold it at any of their stores, since it’s haz mat. No, they will not deliver afternoon or evening when I’m home. Screw FedEx!

  16. avatar Everify says:

    Just how much business did they NRA provide to Fed Ex? Seems easy enough to check.

  17. avatar VerendusAudeo says:

    If a company can’t discontinue an NRA discount within several days of a mass shooting without you guys politicizing it, they’d have to keep the discount indefinitely. There’s always another shooting.

    1. avatar Scoutino says:

      Here I was thinking it was the Foly guy at Bloomberg who was politicising it as indicator of the NRA becoming paper tiger.

  18. avatar Wayne says:

    UPS will be next. The liberals plan to stop home delivery of ammo. Tomorrow, I will order my shipping department to delete all Fed Ex software and to only ship UPS. UPS will soon follow, then we are screwed.

  19. avatar michael says:

    fed ex made a b.s. excuse to end what was a probably was a rather rather profitable relationship, i will my ammo shipped another way!!

  20. avatar Kim says:

    Oh well FedEx drops NRA. Reminded me I needed to join NRA. Well i won’t support those companies. Haven’t been to Dick’s since they were a dick about people’s right to purchase certain guns. I don’t own any of those in question but that a personal choice and those guns are not what kills people people kill people! Next you’ll have to ban cars knives anything else that somebody uses to kill someone. Bye fed ex!

  21. avatar FFL in CT says:

    Alright, I have to agree with Fedex on this one. About a month ago NSSF let us know that Fedex was wrapping up the majority of its group discounts (including NSSF) for the same reason. Individual companies can still get the volume break, but it’s based on how much volume each customer does as opposed to the whole group.

  22. avatar SpeedBump says:

    Oh well, guess its time to consider other shippers for my business.

    I use FedEx to the tune of $8 -10K annually, as my primary shipping carrier. After reading this, not any more!

    Of course this won’t be hurting them at all, but combined with others of like mind, it would be catastrophic in terms of business loss for FedEx.

    Hey, I’m doing my part! I hope others will too..

  23. avatar James M Rudd says:

    Now doesn’t seem odd that they drop NRA because of lack of shipping, I don’t think so, they are just joining their left wing buddies. I’ll just make sure I don’t ship with FED-EX.

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