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Before joining the Huffington Post as a columnist, Judge H. Lee Sarokin served in federal court for 20 years. To say Sarokin was a bit of a left-leaning activist judge—one of the six judges identified as such by presidential candidate Bob Dole—would be like saying that Imelda Marcos had a nice shoe collection. Most famously, Sarokin overturned the murder conviction of former boxer Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, after Bob Dylan, Denzel Washington and other liberal crusaders exploited championed his “cause.” Well, fair enough. But who knew that the 82-year-old Sarokin was such a nasty bastard? In an article entitled A Mythical Interview About Guns at Starbucks, Haddison uses the interview format to combine condescension, ignorance and prejudice to pen a putrid polemic. For one thing, the Garden State native presupposes that gun supporters are a bunch of stupid, homicidal rednecks . . .

Why single out Starbucks?

We is protestin. Like those sit-ins the black people done.

Protesting what? Starbucks doesn’t prohibit you from bringing in your guns?

Well maybe not, but we is looking for a store that won’t let us in so we can protest them.

But why, you had a big win, the Supreme Court has said that individuals have the right to carry guns. What’s the protest?

That Obama guy wants to take away our guns, and we is gonna let him know that he can’t do nothin’of the kind.

Where did you hear that the President wants to take away your guns?

I’m not sure, but I think that Beck fella said it. He was blubberin over it on theTV

What is the practical purpose of carrying a gun in a place like Starbucks?

About 100,000 peoples gets shot by guns every year. We wanna shoot the shooters who would shoot innocent, law-abidin Americans.

Well, would you shoot them before or after they shoot someone else?

We’d try to get ’em first, a course.

Of course. I’m laughing. On the inside.

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