Mexico Vigilantes
Armed men belonging to the Self-Defense Council of Michoacan, (CAM), stands guard at checkpoint at the entrance of Antunez, Mexico, Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014. The Mexican government moved in to quell violence between vigilantes and a drug cartel, and witnesses say several unarmed civilians were killed in an early Tuesday confrontation. (AP Photo/Eduardo Verdugo)
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The Mexican government cannot keep its military firearms out of the hands of desperados in their nearly failed state, but they thought they could sue American gun makers for a king’s ransom.  Their plan, sort of like their attempts to shut down the drug cartels, failed miserably.  A federal court judge rejected their lawsuit on a host of grounds on Friday.

Now our neighbors from south of the Rio Grande say they will appeal, but talk is cheap. Especially on a lawsuit with more problems than Hunter Biden.

The judge followed the law, including the PLCAA.  While a judge’s opinions might be fodder for an appeals court, black letter law is not.  Judge F. Dennis Saylor wrote:  “While the court has considerable sympathy for the people of Mexico, and none whatsoever for those who traffic guns to Mexican criminal organizations, it is duty-bound to follow the law.”

From the AP.

MEXICO CITY (AP) — A U.S. federal judge on Friday dismissed a lawsuit brought by the Mexican government against U.S. gun manufacturers arguing their commercial practices has led to bloodshed in Mexico.

Judge F. Dennis Saylor in Boston ruled Mexico’s claims did not overcome the broad protection provided to gun manufacturers by the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act passed in 2005.

The law shields gun manufacturers from damages “resulting from the criminal or unlawful misuse” of a firearm.

“While the court has considerable sympathy for the people of Mexico, and none whatsoever for those who traffic guns to Mexican criminal organizations, it is duty-bound to follow the law,” Saylor wrote.

Mexico’s Foreign Affairs Ministry said it would appeal the decision “and continue insisting that the sale of guns be responsible, transparent and accountable, and that the negligent way in which they are sold in the United States facilitates criminals’ access to them.”

Mexico was seeking at least $10 billion in compensation, but legal experts had viewed the lawsuit as a long shot.

The Mexican government argued that the companies know their practices contribute to the trafficking of guns into Mexico and facilitate it. Mexico wants compensation for the havoc the guns have wrought on its people.

Maybe Mexico should have sued the Obama administration and the architects of the Operation Fast and Furious scandal instead of America’s law-abiding firearm manufacturers.  Or maybe the Mexican government should try suing the drug cartels who create the carnage south of our shared border.


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    • NTexas is a fed or a troll. Nobody is really as stupid as he tries to appear to be. He’s writing in the manner that he think us dumb yokel gun nuts do. Nobody that was really this stupid would be able even feed themselves, let alone find their way onto the internet. TTAG has some of the weirdest trolls in the internet.
      Also, Dacian is a known pędophile that has never so much as held a firearm.

  2. If you throw feces at the wall long enough, some of it will stick. Mexico was just testing, to see what they might get away with.

    Problem is, we have a whole lot of other idiots lined up to throw their own feces at the wall. We probably need to thin the ranks of the monkey and baboon hordes, so they don’t throw as much feces.

    • “If you throw feces at the wall long enough, some of it will stick.”


      I’d not look for much support from AG Garland or any of the woke, antigun legals in the Biden regime. I also contend that there must absolutely be some financial collusion (we seem to love that word) between the fabulously wealthy drug cartels/CCP and the upper levels of the American congressional offices as per contributors and perks. How else can the craziness at our southern border be explained- a shackeld, over-worked Border Patrol, openly smuggled drugs and contraband, untold human debris to clog our system, and the inevitable potential terrorists crossing hourly. In light of what is reported discovered, we can only surmise that a much larger amount is going through unchecked.

      We can hope that we’ve seen the last of this case but I doubt it. Like the continuous “charges” against DJT or NRA, the goal need not be a victory by the filers. The money consumed in the defense will ultimately bankrupt the defendants, since the “government” is able to charge the golden goose taxpayers with the expenses, even in the eventual loss of an obviously fantasy lawsuit or charge.

  3. I hope the court, seeing the foreign offshore plaintiff, took a substantial deposit against fees and attorney’s costs of the defendants, and will award the whole pot to the defendants, who have already incurred signficant costs to defend themselves thus far.

    I also have a pretty strong recollection that Article Three in the US Constition, in its list of the types of cases where the Supreme COurt of the US will be the venue, that all cases involving parties outside the United States MUST and CAN ONLY be brought directly to the Supreme ourt, which alone will have original jurisdiction in these types of cases. Mexico is (duhhh) a soveriegn foreign nation, and thus can ONLY file this kind of court action in the Supreme Court of the US. No lower court can take it up.

    • Be careful what you wish for.

      We (somewhat) comfortably control the SCotUS right now, that *will* change as time goes on.

      I predict the Leftist Scum ™ have been badly rattled by Trump’s pics, and will do everything they can to get their elderly Justices to retire when they control the WH and Senate (like right *now*).

      It raises some interesting future possibilities if we hold the Senate but not the WH (or vice-versa), as we could conceivably stall the appointment of a Justice until one or the other party controls both… 🙂

  4. Mexican idiots want to sue USA because mexicans are killing each other with American made weapons… ok then why doesnt USA sue Mexico because Mexican narcotics are killing thousands of Americans….

    Mexican people are cool but Mexico itself is a worthless nation.

    • That’s mostly true of every country. People are generally OK, the governments all suck.

      • Yeah man. Mexico is narco-state that holds its own people hostage. The cartels level of brutality are unimaginable… unless you live there or have seen the videos. Majority of mexican government are 100% controlled by, or are straight up members of whatever the local cartel is. That sh!t is starting to spill over the border to our side more and more these days.

        • One more reason to get that lever wall completed. To prevent the shit from overflowing onto our side of the border.

    • Mexican drugs are not killing U.S. citizens , U.S. citizens are killing themselves with Mexican drugs.
      Mexican drugs,
      What’s a Mexican drug anyway?
      Is it’s that fentanyl, from China, mixed up by some cowboys out in a pasture.
      Capitalism at its finest.

    • “Almost failed? That’s the US under biden.”

      Not fully. Close, but not fully.

      June’s ‘Bruen’ decision is proof of that… 🙂

  5. Maybe the US gun makers should sue Mexico for letting all the weapons the US gov gave Mexico fall into criminal/cartel hands.

  6. All we need to do is grant Statehood to Mexico and all of their problems would be solved. Fact.

    • we conquered the country…then gave it back because it was more trouble than it was worth….

      • IIRC, we didn’t annex Mexico when we could have because the US did not want all those Catholic brown people as part of the US.

        • Wickmeister, Horse Pucky! You sound like the typical Leftist race baiter. Do you have any other cards to play?

        • Heck, the White Catholic people we enlisted to go to war in Mexico switched sides to the Mexicans. Look up the “San Patricios.”

    • What exactly is your problem with Mr. Bosch, ‘Anonymous Bosch’?

      When it comes down to it, he and the others in GSL have done concrete things to secure gun rights in Illinois.

      What have you, *personally* done for gun rights?

      Show us on the doll where the bad man touched you, and left you with a terminal case of perpetual butt-hurt… 🙂

      • I’m pretty sure it’s a parody of Hieronymus Bosch. “Harry” Bosch is the protagonist of 24 detective novels and 2 TV series starring Titus Welliver.

  7. The United States should be filing a lawsuit against Mexico for the 100,000+ deaths resulting from Fentanyl and other drugs smuggled into the US via Mexico. While we are at it, we should be filing a lawsuit for all of the crimes committed by the illegal aliens who are doubling as drug mules as they are trafficked into the US.

    Screw the lawsuit, the killing of 100,000 Americans each year by defacto chemical weapons constitutes an attack with Weapons of Mass Destruction. NUKE MEXICO!

  8. If Mexico wants to begin the climb back to a functional nation they need baby steps. File criminal charges against barry and holder for Fast and Furious.

    • “File criminal charges against barry and holder for Fast and Furious.”

      Sorry, JWM, the Devil made me do it 🙂 :

      “Sometimes a fantasy, is all you need.”

  9. shouldn’t this be a precedent for the current law suits being brought up, ( Smith and Wesson, etc.)?

  10. How about insisting that Mexico seal it’s border and quit sending it’s problem citizens to the US. Also I’m pretty sure that very few of the criminals are going through the trouble and expense of procuring US made semi-auto weapons when they can get the guns with the giggle switch easier and cheaper from the Army deserters that switch sides and bring their real military spec assault weapons to their new employer.

  11. Mexico should be blocked from filing any sort of litigation in any U.S. court whatsoever. Their whole government system is 100% corrupt and has been since they were conquered by Cortez. Any dealings with Mexico is nothing but a waste of our time. We have never owed them anything and never will.

  12. Perhaps instead of invading countries like Iraq or Afghanistan, we should have just pushed south. Mexico, Panama, Columbia, etc. Shorter supply lines and Venezuelan oil.

  13. “While the court has considerable sympathy for the people of Mexico, and none whatsoever for those who traffic guns to Mexican criminal organizations”, does he mean Obama and the ATF?

  14. Biden will give them the money & create a new gun & ammo tax to pay for it. Better vote GOP next month and do any last-minute shopping. Ballot Harvest Scams are a’brewing.

  15. $10B – what they owe us for welfarce support of their damn citizens squating in the US for the last _____ decades = they owe US $.

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