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Garland TX shoot out (courtesy

“FBI director James Comey revealed on Thursday that the agency had  information that Elton Simpson was interested in heading to Garland, Texas, before he and his companion, Nadir Soofi, opened fire at a Mohammed cartoon contest on Sunday,” reports. “Comey told reporters that the FBI had alerted the police in Garland, Texas, shortly before the event.” So . . .

the FBI knew about an imminent attack. Garland Police knew about an imminent attack. And no one told the cops at the sharp end or the security detail specifically hired to defend against a terrorist attack. What does that tell you?

“I know there are other Elton Simpsons out there,” the top Fibbie told the press. “But I need a billion dollars to find them, and a billion more to do anything about it. In unmarked bills.”

JK. A bit.

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  1. Typical, if true. The left hand never knows what the right hand is doing at all these incompetent and arrogant agencies and the very last people to know are the ones on the front lines. Very familiar tune for us veterans and cops and ex-cops, believe me.

    Rest assured, though, if we on the front lines screw/ed up, they’d come down on us with the hammers of hell for it.

      • Wasn’t the lack of coordination and sharing of intelligence the whole reason for the creation of the DHS after 9/11? Why is this still a problem?

        • It was and is a problem never meant to be solved.

          What was desired, and implemented, was yet another huge Leviathan agency set up to pound on us ordinary Mundanes while yet unable to identify or stop genuine threats.

        • DHS, as davidx says, is farce, a bad joke on the tax payers of this country. As evidence, when did homeland security entail dvd pirating. Next time you your aren’t streaming and watch a dvd or blue ray disc, notice it is now DHS and the FBI protecting us from the scourge, fear, and terror of movie pirates.

          Further evidence that DHS is a typical bureaucracy only interested in becoming bigger with an expanded role beyond the original charter. An example of why Washington doesn’t work: if the existing bureaucracies don’t work well together let’s fix it by creating a bigger bureaucracy. Doh!

  2. John McStain is upset that the appeals courts said that the N S A shit is unconstitutional. Yet the struggle stopping Nadal Hassan, the Boston bombers and these punks.

  3. If the FBI had been there from the start, there could have been more lives lost and perhaps hostages taken. As was, one Texas traffic cop = two dead Islamic terrorists. (homeland security is still trying to disavow any reports of terrorists ties, of course.)

    • No doubt.

      Who doth it serve for them to be Johnny-come-lately’s with the scintillating nooz that they had the intel and warned the locals, etc.?

      I can just see it now; massive SWAT operation surrounding the area, with bodies all over the place, pools of blood as far as the eye can see, and any blame falls on the local cops, per usual SOP.

      Thank God for that one experienced shooter cop, he was right on the money.

  4. Same stuff, different day:

    U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, said, “once the incident occurred, the system worked.” She cited “the actions of the passengers and the crew on this flight” to show “why that system is so important.”[3] After heavy criticism, she stated the following day that the system “failed miserably”, this time referring to Abdulmutallab’s boarding the flight with an explosive device.[4] U.S. President Barack Obama called the U.S.’s failure to prevent the bombing attempt “totally unacceptable”, and ordered an investigation.[5]

  5. If that’s what happened, I’m ecstatic over the Feds’ involvement here.
    They uncovered a plot which supposedly they didn’t concoct themselves*, and alerted local LE to it before it happened. What more could anybody reasonably want from the Fibbies?

    *I’m retracting all praise if I find out the FBI planned the attack and a Confidential Instigator talked the two dead guys into implementing it.

  6. I’m sure considering the nature of the venue most LEO’s and Agency’s were on a heightened awareness level might of even been a given… This one went down in favor thankfully, time will tell as to the intelligence of the next wanna be’s willing to give or take lives next!! Here’s hoping and praying its in a place where those who hold the 2nd close to hand are situational aware along with LEO’s in the area!! Just don’t figure though making a phone call but not a man or men to dispatch on site, makes wonder why? Did the call came out of duty to country or were they actually allowed to do PART of there job?

  7. They were tied up with all of their agents making sure Dinesh D’Souza hasn’t violated his probation. Priorities, ya know.

    • Dinesh must be delusional; he asked for the summer off; they probably laughed in his face. Meanwhile the arch-criminal Holder skates.

  8. As has been demonstrated the tea party, Christians who stand up for their civil rights, law abiding gun owners and conservative black people are the real threat to the government.

    • And veterans. Don’t forget veterans.

      We are evidently anathema when we’re done toting a rifle for Uncle.

      • Phuckin’ A Tweety. It would give me a complex if I gave a rats ass about barry or slow joe or any of the rest of those clods.

        • I wouldn’t give a blind rat’s syphilitic ass about those criminal scum or any of their brain-dead minions. A pox on them all.

  9. And yet again it is up to us to defend ourselves. Heaven forbid we “get” a national police force. Homeland security is bad enough. Open all borders, stop funding terrorist states and let us sort out the mess.

  10. fox news reported that feebs informed the dallas pd about 15 minutes before the attack, but brass didn’t pass it down to the street coppers.

    also reported that rumor has it , the police officer that popped these two assholes was an NRA trained instructor


  11. Terrorists have attacked US soil before, and they’ll do it again. If I recall, one of the commenters here basically called me a right wing conspiracy theorist for saying that I believe an ISIS or similar Islamic terrorist group would attack within the US.

    Well, it just happened, and I figure it’ll happen again. Since I’m extremely right wing, I’ll be carrying regardless.

      • well, if they just bomb the locales where these radicals are spouting their stuff, I am confident that we can still run a oil pipeline over radio active slag.

    • ” . . .one of the commenters here basically called me a right wing conspiracy theorist for saying that I believe an ISIS or similar Islamic terrorist group would attack within the US. . .”

      Right now that sorta’ sounds like something to be rather proud of, don’t you think?

    • Yep. Telling the truth is a revolutionary and extremist concept.

      I will also be carrying regardless, which I’ve been doing 24/7 for the last 17 years. Just with more mags and maybe I’ll start carrying a long arm as well.

  12. if someone at FBI notified Texas it was one decicated local agent, like the one in MN who kept hollering about the 9/11 flight school attendees, but was prevented by Jamie Gore, Clintons AG who erected the “Chinese Wall” between agencies that made it impossible for CIA and FBI to share info. The result was the Patriot Act, and the DHS, both over reactions that are poster children for unintended consequences of legislation…

    but I digress. I would bet $100 a couple of agents and analysts were following at least one of the two Islamonitwits, having been beat out by the pitiful AG incompetence in AZ, on the case they brought to hold that one terrorist to his crimes.

    Once he got loose, you can bet he was on a watchlist. And I find it sort of coincidental that TX Swatties/operators from what? agency was it anyway, that were right behind the lone cop with the .45 who supposedly drilled both with head shots? Yeah, riiiiiight….

    Whatever, dont wanna know- good job gents.

    Lets just stop pretending this is the end of it- its just the beginning. If you arent stopping in a Bill Roggios place from time to time you are in condition white, is all I am saying…

    • Great memory foodog!
      All this NSA stuff is for “enemies domestic” and that really means us. The terrorist acts that are being stopped by observe citizens and local LEO’s. A prime example is the the may 1, 2010 Times Square New Years bomb attempt. Two military vets working as street vendors discovered the car bomb with their own eyes. not billions of taxpayer spy computers.
      No offence intended but we citizens must protect ourselves, the LEO’s job is to come pick up the survivors and see that they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

      Besides, the Feds are too busy running guns to Mexico, suppressing our political organizations through the IRS, attacking local police departments and resettling illegal immigrants in our cities instead of sending them home.

    • The “Chinese Wall” between federal databases was in fact torn down. Everyone could access everything. But then along came a Manning and a Snowden. The wall might be coming up again.

  13. This guy looked and sounded like a complete fool before congress talking about needing “golden keys” that would allow the feds to bypass any new encryption but keep everyone else out. The whole panel of tech and security experts and company heads tried to explain to him how that isn’t how encryption works. Then he said some oblivious BS equating to something like how if we can get a man on the moon, then this can happen because we are the USA. You could see the looks some of these guys were giving each other, they weren’t sure if they were on Candid Camera or something. They also knew that the head of the FBI just couldn’t be this dense and were very confused, its not like the FBI doesn’t have tech guys who know this just as well. Either these fed guys are a) feigning like they don’t know, since none of this isn’t anything they haven’t already gotten in trouble with before, b) actually don’t know, which would be incredible or c) don’t care because they don’t plan to stop trying. Mind blowing combo of arrogant obliviousness with a twist of narcissism. I’m halfway convinced some kind of praetorian coup has already happened slowly behind the scenes and our whole capitol is being blackmailed.

    • Wouldn’t surprise me a whole lot; there is some scuttlebutt among people with connections to various intel and LE organizations that the Fed government is undergoing a mini-civil war of its own right now and no one’s sure how it’s gonna pan out in the end. But the doers of evil seem to have the upper hand.

      • Do you have any links or more information about those claims? Sounds like interesting reading.

        • It’s been a while and I got info from several people over the space of a year or so in meatspace; they’re current employees in the system or systems and friendly with me but very nervous about things. I’ll see what else I can dig up that might point to something more substantive. The gist of it was that the heavy statists, of socialist-oriented and Long March backgrounds are in a big turf war with traditionalists who still believe in the Constitution and ideas many of us grew up with as to what the nation should be. The further gist was that trads were losing. This was/is going on at all levels but the struggle is very bitter at the higher strata.

          Let me see what else I can find; it may be a little while.

        • I would not be surprised davidx. It looks like as part of that cleansing of traditionalists is what seems to be the purging of various high ranking military leaders for what on the surface are very minor infractions.

  14. One traffic cop with a gun did more than the entire massive Federal bureaucracy could ever do, so screw the Federal Bureau of Imbeciles.

  15. I specifically heard on the news that the Garland PD said they received NO CONTACT from the FBI about this matter.

  16. Oh hell they’re calling a keltec sub2000 an AK! We’re truly on our own…

  17. If this is true, there was serious betrayal at the level of the Garland PD’s top management. That they would leave their guys on the street out in the open like that is unbelievable. What’s more believable is that Garland PD was working closely with Pam Geller and was, in fact, well prepered for the arrival of the two “well trained” ISIS soldiers. I would think it would not be at all politic, even in Texas, for the police, let alone the local government, to ever admit to such a plan. This would make a good cover story. Just sayin’.

    • It doesn’t take a genius, if I lived in Garland, my loaded AR would have been within arm’s reach the entire time that event was scheduled. That cop probably had his gun out of his holster before the car stopped, with “Here we go!” echoing through his head. He had to be completely mentally ready in order to stop them before they even hurt anybody.

      • I think you’re right. The guys assigned to the event knew perfectly well, as did Pam Geller and the people in attendance, what was probably going to happen. So, on one level—the part that count’s—the guys on the ground were all locked and loaded. Geller had spent $10k on security and I’ll bet many of the people in the audience were armed. The talking head Dhimmis on the news networks still haven’t quite grasped what actually happened . . . and how pathetic they all look trying to hide the very obvious fact that they’ve accepted Dhimmitude. I used to respect Greta and Laura. No more. Texas rules!

  18. And no one told the cops at the sharp end or the security detail specifically hired to defend against a terrorist attack. What does that tell you?
    That we have high speed low drag professionals running multi billion dollar agencies which provide fast, accurate, and up to date information, with total cooperation and coordination at all times and under all circumstances. Yes, these people are priceless in the war on terror.

  19. “I know there are other Elton Simpsons out there,” the top Fibbie told the press. “But I need a billion dollars to find them, and a billion more to do anything about it. In unmarked bills.”
    Just have art classes on how to draw Mohammed the pedophile and buy M-16 rifles for teachers to shoot the believers of the religion of peace when they show up. Help send them to their 72 virgins on golden couches. Of course, the virgins may be sows, and the golden couches may be hard.

  20. I would still like to know just what happened. I have now heard that these dimbulbs FLEW to Texas, which sounds really stupid, but if true why didn’t that (AKs in checked bags) set off even more alerts? How was the security guard injured, since the bad guys seemed to be busy dying at the time? There was a sequence of events that might be nearly as fun as reading Tom in Oregon’s Africa stories, but nobody is telling it. And we all need to take a weekend and go throw a party for the entire Garland police force, since we do not want one of them to be identified. I’m pretty sure he already knows he’s a hero, but still …

  21. That picture doesn’t look like it was shot at by a .45; it looks like a bomb went off in/near the trunk.

    • The cops used controlled demolition to blow up that vehicle.

      How did they smuggle AK’s in on the flight to TX? They may not have; could have just picked them up somewhere on arrival; that would be a lead worth tracking down, of course.

      How did the security guard get hit? When they rolled up they shot at him first.

      Somebody attempted a reconstruction of the action based on the shell casings ejected from the cop’s service firearm and it looks like he was firing and advancing toward them at the same time. Out in the open, no cover. That takes a a huge set.

  22. It’s completely legal to check a firearm in your baggage and fly to another state or even country with it. Idiots acting like flying from one American state to another with a firearm is some magically prohibited thing are promulgating FUD and stupidity borne of willful ignorance and political zealotry. AK’s are not magical or special weapons, they’re piles of russian shit that dolts think are the be all end all of firearms technology. Checking an AK in your baggage when flying to Texas might even be considered more normal than flying to Texas unarmed.

    • Oh now. Let’s show a little respect for a weapon that has never, I repeat never had a failure to feed, or to eject with thousands of rounds in the years I’ve owned one. I also have a VEPR, an AK action that shoots .556 with less than inch MOI and also have never failed to feed or to eject with thousands of rounds. Also an M1A that has never failed me nor my L1A1. And you can use anyone as an effective club if I run out of ammo, which you can’t do with an AR.

      Where as I’ve had a Colt AR-15 that failed repeatedly to feed, A Bush Master that failed to feed repeatedly, a Sig Sauer 716 (308) that failed to feed repeatedly. An Armalite AR-10 that failed to eject regularly.

      This why I don’t currently an AR platform rifle. They have ALL been unreliable. For me.

      • +1000 That “click” you just heard most likely didn’t come from a rusty, dirt caked AK.

  23. “Might be interested in going to Garland” is not the same thing as knowing for certain an attack is imminent. So let’s judge by an appropriate standard.

    The local police would be STUPID not to prepare for some kind of incident, from shouting matches to armed assault, at such a high profile, highly charged event. No need to wait for the FBI because, you see, POTG, the local police are their own first responders, too.

    I may not be the biggest cop basher in here (but I like to think I’m in at least the 90th percentile), but even I am proud of law enforcement’s work in this case, both federal and local levels.

  24. [q]~“I know there are other Elton Simpsons out there,” the top Fibbie told the press. “But I need a billion dollars to find them, and a billion more to do anything about it. In unmarked bills.”~[/q]

    Give me a 1 billion dollars and I can make it rain in 2 weeks in CA, but you will need to dance naked with a hand plucked chicken while wearing the feathers over your honey covered back.

    And if it don’t rain it’s because you didn’t do it right That will be another 1 billion dollars please

    ok slinking back into my snarky corner now, Drew’s out…

  25. In any case, based on the outcome, it seems to me that the cops were ready.

  26. It tells me the PATRIOT Act is coming up for renewal next month. They need people scared, it’s all the news shows had to talk about today.

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