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President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, anti-gun legislators and gun-ban groups like to tout the number of mass shootings in America, often saying there have been more mass shootings in the country than there have been days in the year.

Of course, these anti-gun activists are using numbers from the Gun Violence Archives, a website known for using criteria that greatly inflates such numbers. And that’s very easy to see when compared to the just-released Federal Bureau of Investigation report on “active shooter” incidents.

GVA’s “mass shootings” criteria is all events where four or more people are injured in a shooting. These incidents are often drug gang attacks and the like—not at all what Americans think of as mass shootings. In fact, they would include a botched arrest where two cops and two suspects are shot, and even self-defense shootings! By their criteria, they reported 656 mass shootings in 2023.

The FBI, on the other hand, classifies an “active shooter” how most Americans likely envision it—“an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area.” By the FBI’s count, there were 48 active shooter incidents in 2023, only about 7% of the total reported by GVA and constantly regurgitated by politicians and the press.

Of course, President Biden and other gun-ban advocates have full access to the FBI report, but you never hear them talking about it. They prefer the bloated numbers from GVA, even though they aren’t a true picture of what most think of when they hear the word “mass shooting.”

The latest FBI numbers showed a decrease in active shooter incidents from 50 in 2022. However, most media outlets chose to report that the number had gone up compared to 2019 numbers. Go figure.

According to the FBI report, the 48 active shooter incidents in 2023 occurred in 26 different states. That means nearly half of the states didn’t have a single incident, despite the media trying to make you think it’s almost a certainly you’ll be involved in a mass shooting at any minute. What likely won’t be surprising to most TTAG readers is that the state with the most “active shooter” incidents last year is also the state with the most restrictive gun control laws—California.

Of the 48 incidents, California had eight—nearly 17% of the total. And yes, that’s the same California whose restrictive gun laws are coveted by President Biden and gun-ban advocates throughout the country. On the other hand, 22 of the 30 states that have passed constitutional carry laws had only one or zero FBI-defined “active shooter” incidents in 2023.

When it comes to what people think of when they hear the term “mass shootings,” the title of the John Lott book More Guns, Less Crime continues to remain as relevant today as it was back when it was first published.

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  1. This just happened. Sarasota area. Three dead in separate incidents and locations. All were known to the suspect. Relatives. He flees the area. He’s northbound on I-75. Cellphone is being tracked. The only two deputies in Hamilton County 10-8 spot the suspect vehicle. He exited the interstate and stops at a convenience store. This is prior to a 10-50 being initiated, but it is believed he knew he was being followed. He immediately fired on the deputies. They respond in kind. 50+ rds expended. Bad guy KIA. Deputies not injured, but I understand their patrol cars were shot to shit. Point is, no doubt GVA will include the victims as a mass shooting. Despite the circumstances. Don’t be surprised when they count the death of the suspect also.

    • Actually happened in Manatee Co, Bradentucky and Palmegetto (Bradenton and Palmetto), north of Sarasota/Sarasota County.
      Taking out his Mother, a cousin, and injuring an ex’s “partner in shooting at three different locations. Mr. Jovantee Brice posted on social media that he was headed to Georgia to “finish the job”. As in killing another ex-girl friend.

      Praise to the Hamilton Co. FL deputies and all others that helped stop this madman!

      • You’re right. It Manatee. I’m just working off what local media said yesterday. We all know how accurate that can be.

      • Trump Force One after taking off from Tampa International…
        Donald observes “Wow, Mexico is looks like a Shithole”
        his aid corrects him, “Mr. President, that is Bradenton”
        Donald’s decision is quick! “We’ll build a wall around it too”..

        No doubt GVA will tie it up into a nice little package for their purposes…

        • True, I wish they would build a fence across the peninsula between Ocala and Orlando. Or, they could finish the barge canal and we could use it for a very large moat. Of course, we need a second fence from Jacksonville to Pensacola. If you’re already in Florida and from North of the Mason-Dixon Line it should be exit only. No re-entry.

          • I always figured east bound traffic crossing the Suwanee was OK, but west bound traffic should have to detour through Atlanta. Birmingham and Mobile.I was just kidding about the minefield on the east bank of the river.

  2. The fbi is so compromised, along with all federal agencies, that can we believe them when they tell us that water is wet?

    • I have always said the federal bureaucratic complex is the biggest threat to our freedoms and liberties. Simply because regardless of which political party is in control neither has any real control over it. The corruption is so ingrained in the system that anything short of it’s complete demise will not stop it’s tyranny.

    • The number one priority of any federal, state or local government entity is to justify its own existence.From the office of the Presidency, to the FBI down to your local library.

      All the outreach, stats, reports, everything, are first and foremost to justify its own existence.

      Any good they may happen to do is secondary to the primary mission and they will do and say anything to make that mission a success.

      • … don’t you all just love the oicof President Poopypants Shitforbrains’s photo op …
        thumb temporarily removed from his ass and directly in the line of sight in his in
        imaginary scooe on his imaginary AR.
        This douche nozzle really should have been a daytime soap opera star alongside of our own fellow douche nozzle legend inhis own mind Miner

        • “When ‘We’ get out of line there’s nothing you can do about it. C’mon man, you really think you can stop a tyrannical government with AR 15’s? No you’d need F16’s and Nukes for that.”
          Pretty scary stuff said right there.

  3. “California whose restrictive gun laws are coveted by President Biden and gun-ban advocates throughout the country. ”

    California is a “free state”. You are free to have sex in public. You are free to smoke pot in public. You are free to defecate and urinate in public.

    You are free to steal up to $950 in california, and you will not be arrested.

    California is still a “free” state. With the most racist modern gun control laws.

  4. The bloat of the federal bureaucracy was made possible by the IRS (blame the16th Amendment pushed by Willson) and was aggressively pushed by FDR. Together they rank as the two worst presidents followed by Johnson, Obama, and Biden in that order.

    While we can fight the bureaucracy in the courts, in the end the only thing that will get rid of it is when the money is worthless. Unfortunately the politicians, especially the Democrats, seem to think they can spend as much as they want forever and eventually that will end the dollar.

    • … so, how much more worthless do you want our currency to sink to – I’m just about on even footing as if I’d have retired in 2003.

  5. The ‘3’ letters have a habit of hiding evidence from a “mass shooting” event, why is that? If someone leaks let say a manifesto the ‘3’ letters will prosecute the one that leaked and the person reporting. What’s the saying not all leftist are mass shooters but all mass shooters are leftist,,, “red diaper doper babies”.

  6. Reclassify mass shutezings as acts of terrorism, because that is what it is.
    Now. Here we go.
    CNN Reports:
    Under theBiden Administration Acts of Terrorism Against American Citizens Have Increased Exponentially.
    Over 656 acts of terrorism were committed in 2023. President Biden had this to say. “Frrppleshlpphs mugthh whe whe, Com on man.”

  7. You’re dismissive attitude towards shootings in which four or more were shoot is embarrassing.

    I guess all of those involved just don’t even matter. Gang shootings, defensive shootings, murder/suicides, etc, they all can be conveniently ignored. These are not problems that need to be addressed, including how guns were obtained in the first place or how warning signs were ignored.

    No, when it comes to people getting shot, it’s the opinion of TTAG and its community that only some lives matter.

    • Hey MSCBI… all of the Major LeftyCitiesignore not only the statistics, but also WHO is statistically significant – so WHY THE FUCK should we spend any particular give a shits about it.
      …. change our minds !!!…..

    • when a segment of the public is being deliberately traumatized to push a moral panic, pointing out that the numbers (and thus realistic threat assessment) of ” mass shootings” and “school shootings” have been greatly exaggerated by the gun control lobby is doing a public service. Yes, those lives matter, but they don’t present the same risk to the general public as true mass shootings do.

      • But they do.

        lots of innocent live in and around gangs and gang shootings often result in non-gang members being shot, killed. They matter too.

        In addition, crime should not be tolerated by the left nor right. But both will do it when it is convenient.

        For gun owners like the TTAG community, their idea of dealing with gangs is to let them be. That kind of crime doesn’t bother them in the least. Go ahead, let it fester and grow, as long as y’all don’t live near gangs, it’s no skin off your nose.

        That’s exactly the kind sentiment Ronald Reagan endorsed <>

        • No, you blithering idiot, our idea for “dealing with gangs” is NOT to “let them be”. Our idea is to throw their sorry @$$es in jail, and KEEP them there, for the criminal acts they commit. No “cashless bail”, no “deferred prosecution”, no “copping a plea”. Try their sorry @SSes and lock them up.

          Oh, I’m sorry, is that too simple for you? Or is it, perhaps, because it would actually work, but you’re afraid of who would get locked up? Enquiring minds want to know.

          • But when laws are enforced, the crime rate goes down, showing that the laws are too harsh, particularly for “certain minorities”. That is of course mathematical proof that that such laws are racist, and ineffective, because insufficient white male college students are convicted by such laws.

    • @mass –

      In 1905, guns to include machine guns and cannons, narcotics to include heroin and cocaine, and of course, dynamite were all available over the counter – no ID, background checks, prescriptions or permits required.

      No school shootings. it ain’t the guns and it ain’t the dope. No TV either.

      You need to change your narrative, the facts don’t support it…

      • In 1905 we were a very religious people. Who feared God and having self-control and self-restraint were both publicly encouraged.

        That is why there was far less public violence. Also people didn’t wait for the police to come. Like mind folks took care of business ASAP.

        There was “street justice” and criminals knew it. Not so much in the 21st century.

        So yes do your drugs in 1905. And get killed by the property owner when you stole from him.

    • Not nearly so callous an attitude towards deaths as the gun control lobby, who obsess over gun homicides and gun suicides, but don’t seem to care about any homicide or suicide victims killed by other means.

      • Good point. It’s almost like they aren’t interested in most of the lives being lost because like you said, their interest is in creating moral panic. Constantly obsessing over mass shootings will do that.

        I personally think that particular approach they use, to attain their political goals, causes more “traditional” mass shootings. It’s like an advertisement. “Upset? Hate the world? Hate yourself? Look what you could do…”

    • Mass, of course homicides can not be ignored, but the fact of the matter is that we are better off without many of these players. I really don’t care if they’re in prison, or a grave.

    • @Mass: “No, when it comes to people getting shot, it’s the opinion of TTAG and its community that only some lives matter.”
      In that statement you’ve made a generalization with no(0) examples and have transferred the attitudes of folk such as yourself onto POTG in general along with TTAG commentators. Your views relative to self protection and the right to protect one’s self and others is far more reflective of “only some lives matter”. Hell people like you don’t even respect the U S Constitution and deny the clear wording of the Bill of Rights. Yes, that is a generalization and there is plenty of spoken words and writing, i.e., plenty of action to substantiate that statement. When you want to restrict another’s means of self defense by passing multiple laws relative to: carrying a firearm, storage restrictions, restrictions on firearm ownership to name a few it becomes abundantly clear that you and those like you do not care about the lives of others. All the while refusing to recognize the root cause of crimes……….yes it is bad people.
      If ALL lives mattered to you, then you would be supportive of those merely wanting to protect their lives and the lives of others including TTAG readers/commenters.

      In short, Mass, you are projecting your negative views onto the very people who will do all they can to protect even you if the situation were to arise. I encourage you to think, think, about all the good that POTG/TTAG people do daily to protect everyone while dancing through a maze of laws and regulations that do nothing more than hinder these freedom loving people. All so unnecessary if only people would accept the Bill of Rights.
      Oh! for your information, I don’t kill just to kill including snakes.

    • “No, when it comes to people getting shot, it’s the opinion of TTAG and its community that only some lives matter.”


  8. Plainly speaking President Biden, and his Anti Civil Rights Cabal, when they cry their usual crocodile tears about firearms, lie like that proverbial Persian Rug.

  9. Mass shooting.
    Mass acre.
    Unless there is an acre of people lying on the ground dead it can’t be called a massacre.
    Or unless the people shot were in a Catholic church, you could have a Mass shooting with only one person killed in that scenario.
    So your chances of being involved in a mass shooting go up if your in a Catholic church.

      • American Catholics are like most American Jews, they can hold the teachings in high esteem even if it’s wrapped up in a lot of exaggerations and some outright myths.

        Unlike the Biblical Literalists who think there was an actual global flood 4500 years ago.


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