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American Eagle (courtesy

So he doesn’t forget what ammo looks like.

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  1. is the one bullet on top supposed to signify how many rounds cuomo allows law-abiding citizens in NY?

  2. I don’t know what everyone is talking about. Yesterday I picked up federal .22 for 5$ per 100 rounds, Federal M855 for .50 cents a round, and M193 for .40 cents a round. all of this in whatever quantities I wanted.

    • Thats still high for what I was use to paying. 550rds .22lr $6-8, 20 rds 5.56 Federal M855 $4-5, 100rds 9mm $12-15. But still similar to the prices around here[southeast TN] the prices have been coming down a bit. I even bought 10 PMAGs for $13 each the other day. Still haven’t been to the range in a few month tho as I like to keep a certain amount of ammo on hand and don’t know how long the current supply will last.

      That being said I have sskit load of 9mm laying around so I should be getting some range time in, but you know 9mm ammo could dry out tomorrow. I could reload I mean I have primers, cases, a press but no bullets or powder. I’ll take any bullets right now even full lead.

      You just don’t know what I’ll do for a few pounds of bullseye powder right now not even my usual powder but I’ll take it. I seen one retailer charging $150 for 4lbs are you kidding me I can buy regular target ammo cheaper then I could reload for that price.

      • I meant to say I get a bulk pack of 333 of .22lr Winchester for $6-8. I usually get mine from Sportsman’s Warehouse or Academy. But still 5 cent a round is too much for .22lr.

        • Absolutely zero .22 LR ammo in stock at Sportmen’s warehouse online, and their prices are also much higher. Academy Ammo only has ammo at select stores.

  3. Big 5 in San Lorenzo had pistol, rifle and shotgun primers for sale, supposed to be a regular thing now. Also had the big 3 in 7.62, nato and russian.

    • Yes. Well. I was chuckling to myself at how parsimoniously the other AR shooters were using ammo at the range today, while I was happily shooting 19.3c/round 5.45 through mine. Based on what I heard, I’d guess the 5.56 shooters were averaging 90c/round. One of the scope-and-bipod guys was loading and slow-firing 5 rounds per magazine.

      Ironically (considering the picture) I dipped into my stock of AE red box ammo today and ran through 150 rounds of Federal 165gr during my range time. My one regret is that I only managed to collect ~100 brass cases out of 150 fired because the others landed in a no-go zone.

      • f^cking A on the 5.45.

        I just ordered 10K.

        Stack deep and cheap!

        Btw, the 7n6 (russian surplus) is a varmint death machine. I kid you not.

        • WLCE, I’m angling to get a Mark AR scope for Father’s day and I hope to be verifying your results on some coyotes in Northern CA sometime soon. 🙂

          The first several outings with my Spikes 5.45 AR upper were problematic because about 10% of the 7N6 I fed it didn’t go off on the first primer strike. (And boy howdy did THAT get old fast.) I’m glad I saved all of the “dented primer” ammo, though, because I later discovered that every single round fired when run through a second time.

          As of today, though, I’m at 100% reliability with 7N6 after two modifications. I’ll share the details here in case anyone finds this helpful:

          (1) I upgraded the trigger group to a dual-stage trigger from a Del-Ton enhanced LPK (MidwayUSA part 855584) which came with a lower-mass “speed hammer” that generates a higher-velocity strike. Switching to a fire-control group with a lightweight hammer, such as an aftermarket 2-stage FCG or a premium Geissele/Timney FCG, is a proven means of improving hard-primer ignition without going to some horribly heavy hammer spring that screws up your trigger feel. I’ll be buying a Geissele SSA at some point, but it’s important to note that you can get the same effect for as little as “free” by grinding the “tail” off of a standard AR hammer.

          (2) I removed 0.004 inches off the face of the firing pin to allow it to hit just a bit deeper. This was suggested by another 5.45 AR owner, and the theory fit what I was seeing — that some of the Berdan primers in 7N6 just weren’t getting dented deeply enough to hit the anvil in the mil-spec casings.

          I recognize that not everyone has a machine shop in their garage, so if anyone needs the 5.45 firing pin modification done I’ll be glad to do it for free, just email me.

  4. The local stores are still selling 5.56 at 13 dollars a box. At least they have removed the 2 box limit.

    Every time I pull the trigger I shed a single manly tear.

  5. I got 5 boxes of 9mm @ cabelas every day the last week for $14.99/box. Don’t see the issue.

  6. Ammo is starting to come back to Connecticut, just bought bulk 22lr and 9mm for the first time in months.

  7. I just saw .22lr, .223, and all the main handgun calibers on the shelf this afternoon at bass pro shop here in des moines. I think there is finally some light at the end of the tunnel…

  8. Plenty of ammo out there if you’re willing to pay twice what it’s worth.

    I did on some 22LR, which brings up another point. Has anyone had any issues with Remington Goldens lately? My wife’s Sig Mosquito is real finicky about ammo and the RGs are one of the rounds it does fine with. But after blowing $100 on a couple of 525 round boxes she’s experiencing jams where the bullet is too big to fit in the chamber. You either have to pry the round out with a screwdriver or if you slam the slide down 3 or 4 times you’ll drive it in deep enough to fire, but it won’t extract properly, though you don’t have to pry it out then. Also most of the bullets spin freely in the brass, which doesn’t seem to happen in any of my other 22 ammo. Thought I had her set up for a year or so, but doesn’t look like it now.

    As scarce as 22 ammo is I have a hard time believing Remington is cutting corners to increase production.

    • That’s funny, because my Mosquito is finicky as well, and it has never liked Golden Bullets. I always got lots of FTEs when I tried to use it, like one per magazine, but I’ve never had issues with it feeding into the chamber. I feed mine CCI AR Tactical and it gobbles it up. It also likes CCI Stinger, but at 1640 fps those are really higher than SIG recommends.

      • Hey Matt, Shoot Straight has plenty of hollowpoints in all pistol calibers in stock…

        …And AR mags for 18 bucks a pop.

        • I’m actually sitting pretty good as far as ammo goes, but I do appreciate the heads-up.

          I also have 10 Gen2 Pmags in a box in the closet for my ARs that still only exist as stripped lowers and a few miscellaneous parts. I got ’em for $13.50 each right after Newtown, just in case.

          But again, thanks for the heads-up.

      • It’s the Winchester bulk hollow points it won’t shoot. FTF about every 3rd round. If you look at them they have a bigger hp cavity than most. She went through 2 225 round boxes without a single misfire with the Goldens. She probably put 100 or so of the new rounds through it and I think 5 or 6 wouldn’t chamber without excess persuasion.

        I guess next time out I’ll have to run some through my 10/22 and see if it eats them up. If it does it must have a larger chamber than the Sig?

        • My 10/22 eats anything I’ve put in it, from shorts (single-loaded, obviously) to subsonics to 1650+ fps high velocity rounds.

          I’ve never tried Winchester’s .22LR bulk packs, but last time I flew to Virginia, the Wal-mart there was out of my normal CCI box I linked above, so I picked up a box of Federal Target .22, and it didn’t work in my Mosquito at all. It wouldn’t even cycle the slide enough to eject. This was not the FTE that I’d seen occasionally with Golden Bullets, because those would result in double-feeds. This was not even pulling the slide back. It seemed really odd, because it was a 1200 fps round, but it just did not work three rounds out of five. I’ve shot subsonics that worked more reliably than that. I borrowed a couple mags worth of CCI off someone else at the range, and it blew right through that after failing to work with the Federal, so it wasn’t a gun malfunction. I just gave the box of Federal to that guy, because I couldn’t fly home with it.

          My Mosquito came with a many-times rephotocopied slip of paper in the box that said “SIG recommends CCI ammo.” I figured at the time that it was just BS co-branding, but it’s true. The only brand that I have found that consistently works in my Mosquito, regardless of velocity or bullet type, is CCI.

    • Two 22LR brands that work well in my SIG Mosquito and in my ISSC M22 are the Federal Auto Match and the inexpensive (used to be anyway) Remington Thunderbolt LRN.

      • Haven’t tried the Auto Match yet. When the first 2 boxes of Goldens functioned perfectly I thought I’d just stick with them, but it looks like it’s back to the drawing board. The mini-mags work great but they cost twice as much.

      • Mine is utterly reliable with CCI Minimags. Shot some Velocitors through it once for fun, but that was kind of a waste. Barrel is too shorty to use up all the powder.

    • Yep, I took some calipers out on a few of them and found one that was .228 (it’s supposed to be .224).

  9. as cheap as my adult kids are (i brought them up that way) i would have no doubt thats what they would do, take that picture and put it in a fathers day card ….here ya go pop’s ….LOL

  10. I was at the gun show here in West Palm Beach, FL this morning and I saw multiple dealers with bulk 9mm and other common calibers. I think the manufacturers are finally getting ammo out to us fast enough.

  11. Managed to snag some .38 special for his old police revolver the other day. I don’t see a lot of other stuff yet and what I do see is either rationed or not worth what they’re asking.

  12. Must be a location thing because I have had very little trouble finding ammo in any caliber.

  13. Here in central mn there’s no shortage of ammo. If I try at all I can grow my stockpile as large as I could afford but at the time I just replace what I shoot. I have pictures that show 20K+ rounds of 9mm ammo not to mention other calibers for sale from one shopping trip.

  14. Certain ammunition can be had locally here, you just have to be willing to pay up for it. A couple LGSs around my area have 5.56 M193 for $11/box.

    .40 S&W is plentiful around here at slightly inflated prices.

    .380, 9mm, and .45 are ghost towns. Same for 7.62×39.

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