Father Detains Child Molester At Gunpoint
Image via Daily Wire.
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A father and concealed carry license holder did what he had to do when faced with a naked child molester in Georgia. Tae Lovelace and his family worked to feed the homeless at a church event. As they enjoyed the day, a man began taking his clothes off and grabbing at people, including children.

Mr. Lovelace asked nicely for the man to stop his behavior and leave. That failed to stop the pervy behavior. So when the molester returned completely naked, Lovelace accessed his gun and ordered the molester to stop.

WSB-TV has the story.

The father, Tae Lovelace, explained to Johnson he told the man to leave several times before he grabbed his gun and chased the man. He was able to hold the man while another family member called police.

“Not only did he come back naked he ran directly up to my kids, and the mother of my child and they were frightened,” Lovelace said.

He said there were children at the playground while he and his family were at the park to feed the less fortunate through his church.

“I asked him, ‘Would you please leave the scene you’re causing trouble. You don’t even have on any clothes,'” Lovelace said.

There’s video of the incident. While I’d never advise trying to manipulate a phone to record while holding someone at gunpoint, Mr. Lovelace managed to pull it off.

Asking politely doesn’t always stop criminals or crazies. Thankfully Lovelace had something besides harsh words to back up his commands to the would-be child molester.

Also thankfully, when police rolled up, they exercised discretion and caution. Another recent incident in Colorado didn’t end so well for the good guy with a gun. Police in Aurora, CO  shot a homeowner after he had shot an intruder who was attacking his child.

Once more, we see that the only thing that stops bad people with evil in their hearts is a good guy (or gal) with a gun.

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  1. Not shooting the scumbag was the greatest example of restraint I’ve ever seen.

    Not that I’m capable of that, tho.

    There is no cure or treatment for child molesters. Well, there is, but we are not supposed promote that kind of thing here on a gun friendly website. Makes bad press….

    Screw it. Do the world a favor and just shoot em!


    Three times. Make it stick.

    • “Not shooting the scumbag was the greatest example of restraint I’ve ever seen.”

      I concur. The restraint shown was admirable and laudable.

  2. I’m thinking the naked man in public place made the decision process fairly easy for the police upon arrival.

    • Watch the video. They still almost shot the black guy, letting the naked-but-white suspect lope off again.

    • Yes. Speaking as someone who has rolled up on this sort of crap, if I see someone in public holding a gun on a naked dude, I’m betting on the naked dude being the problem. With the possible exception of having been robbed very thoroughly, anyone who is buck-ass naked in public is presumed crazy and unpredictable. Ranks right up there with dealing with domestics in terms of knowing something is going to go wrong, and most cops know it. Naked guy call: bad mojo unless it’s skinny dipping.

      Now, that said, the guy with the gun is likely to still get proned out and disarmed. Sometimes happens to off-duty cops, too. Trust but verify, and an unknown actor with a gun can kill a lot faster than a naked guy who presumably doesn’t have one. Unless it’s well concealed. And probably small.

  3. Damn the world we live in…hey this is a black man stopping a nekkid white boy! Is that raciss?!?😄😎😏

  4. How much $/square ? $0.25?

    I’ll take any square that references “drugs” and “snowflakes”.

  5. “…Mr. Lovelace managed to pull it off.”
    Do not use these words in this order when reporting on this story.

  6. Which posed the greater threat — the nekkid idjit or the fully-dressed cops?

    A bad guy with a gun can be stopped by a good guy with a gun. A good guy with a gun can be stopped by the police.

  7. A man taking his clothes off in public in front of children is legal in California and normal. However having a gun in public to stop him is not normal or legal in California.

    • Nudidity is one thing, assault another. And with crazy, they dress you in a nice white suit with long sleeves.

      • “And with crazy, they dress you in a nice white suit with long sleeves.”
        Only the shirt is white, the rest of the suit is usually black so you match all the other snakes in Sacramento.

    • It would be abnormal and unlawful here…though I’m not positive that drawing on the guy wouldn’t have some potential criminal liability, especially in certain jurisdictions.

      In my home county, you’d probably get a seat in the next parade for doing what the guy above did, but I can also imagine picking up charges in less free places.

      • “but I can also imagine picking up charges in less free places.”

        As long as the people of California believe that having sex in public is ok or walk around naked in public, and SEEKING OUT children to walk around in front of, California will continue to be a slave state. In another state the person would be arrested. But being naked in front of OTHER PEOPLES children is ok, to the people who have no children, homosexual or not.

        And this is why “fly over country” is so hated by the sexually liberated. Because we have guns and the sexually liberated don’t like that. We will shoot them if they try that in front of our children.

        • Nudity is not necessarily a sexual overture. While I don’t condone it in places it is not set aside for, it can be the person’s choice. Aggressive sexual behavior is another thing totally. In my state of Ca, it is not condoned in most places, now in New York City, women can go topless and the naked cowboy is on the news often.

        • rt66paul
          Walking around naked in front of OTHER PEOPLES children IS aggressive sexual behavior.

          I know the sexually liberated, who have NO children, disagree. They should be shot on site.

  8. “Asking politely doesn’t always stop criminals or crazies.”

    There’s a typo in there. Replace the word “always” with “ever” to make the statement more accurate.

  9. Interesting this….

    I’m completely cool with the way it went down, but it seems to me that ‘threat of death or serious bodily harm’ might be difficult to prove here. Nude and acting strangely is certainly cause for concern but running up to people, including children, while naked doesn’t immediately scream deadly threat.

    Is this a SD case, or stopping a felony in progress or both, neither?

    Where I am, this wouldn’t result in any bad outcomes for the armed citizen, but it seems to me that here at TTAG there would be more discussion of the legalities involved. I’m certainly curious.

    Having seen where the common sense of citizens and cops (such as, the naked guy with the kids needed to be stopped!!) wasn’t shared by a prosecutor, I would be hesitant to draw while (if) other options remained.

    Before I’m tag teamed here, I believe detaining a crazed, naked man approaching children in a park ought to be the normal and legal outcome of such shenanigans, even where gunplay is involved, and I commend the PoTG who did so in the incident above. I’d just be interested in a bit of legal insight in the matter to be sure I understand the dynamics and implications, realizing, of course, that it varies by jurisdiction.

    • A naked man grabbing children, I believe, constitutes molestation, which should count as grievous bodily harm for a self defense case.

    • “When I see a naked guy running with a butcher knife and a hard on I don’t think he’s collecting for the red cross”
      Inspector Harry Callahan

      • I thought of that scene also. That and;
        “when I see an adult man chasing a woman(or child) with intent to rape, I shoot the bastard. That’s my policy.”

  10. Good less than Lethal…Should have gave this naked perp a hosedown with MACE/PEPPER SPRAY/BEAR SPRAY…I’d say that the circumstances would have been good for that kind of response….

  11. It’s yet another example of how we should be armed with both a firearm and a cellphone at all times. Depending on the (lack of) judiciousness of the responding police, speaking directly to 911 while simultaneously holding the offender at gunpoint may be your best bet to avoid being unjustly ventilated.

  12. I don’t understand how a cop could shoot a man protecting his child. This is has me pretty pissed off to say the least! Was this cop deranged or high on crack? He should be behind bars & dismissed from the force, and then face charges & punished to the full extent of the LAW! I support law enforcement, but this insane pig should be HUNG!!! Did the homeowner die? Looks like we can’t trust anyone, but ourselves. Barney Fife syndrome? Don’t let ANYONE near your dwelling! It’s a sick world we live in & according to Scripture, it’s gonna get a lot worse!

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