Guns Save Life Chicagoland Regional Director Alfreda Keith Keller, left, presents a shotgun to a recent monthly gun drawing winner... Image by Boch.
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Remember the RAND study that found only 123 of 27,900 gun control studies actually used the scientific method to come to their conclusions? Well, gun control advocates have trotted out two fresh, steaming new “studies” and the flies are already swarming. The University of Wisconsin has promoted a new finding that whites own guns and oppose gun control because of racism and a fear of blacks.

And within days of squeezing out that specimen of woke clownishness, the American Psychological Association published their own “study” that — you guessed it — whites who support gun rights are racist.

Interestingly the same study showed that when whites support gun control they’re racist too! So you’re racist. I’m racist. We’re all racists! To the uber-woke racists at the APA, if you’re white, you must be a racist.

Meanwhile, here in the real world, gun owners and gun rights supporters — whatever their color — are some of the most open-minded, tolerant and welcoming people in our communities. Contrary to what the racial hucksters, the Grievance Industry and critical race theory practitioners are selling, most Americans aren’t racist. And frankly, most Americans oppose racist gun control laws, too.

Most normal people rightfully reject claims of inherent racism in whites (or anyone else), or any of the other woke, social justice nonsense peddled by the gun-hating left in America.

Sangamon County Guns Save Life regional meeting emcee Kelvin Coburn talks gun rights activism in front of almost one hundred Guns Save Life members at a recent meeting in Springfield, IL. Image by Boch.

In fact, plenty of black gun owners would dismiss this Wisconsin Badger junk science (or the APA’s trash “science”) as nothing but poppycock.

The folks over at The Federalist have the deets on these new “studies” . . .

White people own guns — and oppose gun-control legislation — because they are racist and fear black people. Two new studies advance this dangerous narrative building among our academic elites. While such rhetoric is perhaps unsurprising among political pundits or celebrities, otherwise serious academics are now ascribing racist motives to gun ownership and opposition to gun control. These studies are not only based on a slew of bigoted assumptions, but also bad science.

The University of Wisconsin recently promoted a new study contending that in U.S. counties where black people were enslaved in 1860, gun ownership is higher today. In fact, gun ownership, they say, is correlated to the number of slaves formerly in each county. To support this more-slaves-means-more-guns theory, the authors construct a historical narrative that whites feared newly freed slaves, bought guns for self-defense, and then this fear somehow trickled down over 160 years.

But interestingly enough, just last month, National Public Radio ran a story on how black people are the fastest growing group of gun owners. If gun ownership is a product of white people being racist, then this is quite curious.

The University of Wisconsin study suffers from a series of flaws, even apart from its poisonous premise that white people believe or feel certain things because they are white. You’d never say the same about other races, and we shouldn’t give a pass to academics who traffic in the same type of racism…  

A few days after the release of the slavery-predicts-gun-ownership study, the American Psychological Association (APA) released another study contending that whites support gun rights because they are racist, and when whites oppose gun rights, that’s also racist.

Rest assured, gun control advocates will try to use these junk studies — like thousands that came before them — to paint patriotic, gun-loving Americans of all colors and persuasions as racists no matter their race, sex or religion.

And why not? Using pseudo-scientific hokum to support claims that gun control laws prevent criminal misuse of guns is actually less scientifically accurate than claiming drinking milk causes car accidents. But they have no fear of anyone in the media debunking the junk science on which they base their calls for civilian disarmament.

Plus most politicians and low-information types will probably believe it…so they keep pushing the politicized garbage to further their disarmament narrative. And so it goes.

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  1. See this fish I got here? I think it’s a herring. Might be red, burgundy, purple, I’m not sure thanks to my colorblindness. Anywhoo, the existence of this fish is definitive proof that the position I hold on the subject at hand is the immutable truth. Absolute and pure. As pure as my simultaneously held contradictory position on the very same subject.

    Now let’s all watch some TV. I think Big Brother is on.

    • In my area in SoCal, we’re in a drought. There are also an increasing number of Teslas here. If we consider an historical graph of precipitation over the past dozen years, and also one of total Tesla ownership, one can clearly see that the amount of rain has decreased year-over-year as the quantity of Teslas in the area have increased.

      Based upon this study (because maff and scienss), it is only logical to conclude that Elon Musk is attempting to kill all of Southern California’s natural flora and fauna by the drastic reduction of rainfall. Ergo, Musk is Satan incarnate. The science is settled.

      Oh, and raycism. That, too.

      Thank you, and please buy a copy of my book from the table on your way out. We’re all in this together. 🙂

      • Haz, I think you’re onto something here.

        Let’s follow the science. Rising temperatures increase rainfall as long as there is a source of moisture, like say the Pacific Ocean. What I’m hearing here is that too many people are buying Teslas which is limiting warming, thereby reducing potential rainfall. If they’re serious about this problem in California, they should ban EVs. They could give it a few years before the ban takes place so Tesla has time to transition to combustion engines. That shouldn’t be a problem for them, right? We could always throw them a bunch of tax payer money and subsidize the transition. For the children.

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      • There are also an increasing number of Teslas here.

        How are those folks getting around after being told NOT to charge their vehicles? If they are off the street, it should be pouring rain by now, it’s rained 93 of the last 100 days in Central FL. plenty of EVs here as well, Musk must like Florida better than CA.

      • I heard the Scottish police went green and woke by buying electric cars for the force at a cost of over £200 million.

        They forgot to install charging stations at the police stations. Efforts to charge the cars via a long cable passed out through a window and connected to a domestic 3 point plug resulted in a melted power socket.

      • It’s racism for the simply fact that Elon Musk is African-American. He’s not black, but he’s African-American nonetheless. And, he’s from the south, at least South Africa. Not sure what that means to their study of former slave counties/states…

    • Another sneaky attempt to take the racism and genocide inherent with Gun Control off the backs of democRats and lay it on the doorsteps of those exercising a Constitutional Right.

      It was the democRat Party that concocted laws to deny Black Americans their 2A Right and I could go on and on but I’ll let Ohio’s Chip Roy explain it on the Floor of Congress. If you have not heard the speech then do yourself a favor and listen…

  2. Just more of the scare tactics that have worked for decades! Divide and conquer, always worked in the past!!

  3. “The University of Wisconsin has promoted a new finding that whites own guns and oppose gun control because of racism and a fear of blacks.”

    That’s ridiculous. Its so obviously not true its hard to fathom how untrue it is.

    for that to be true on a racial basis the following also has to be true (which they conveniently leave out):

    Blacks own guns and oppose gun control because of racism and a fear of whites.

    Hispanics own guns and oppose gun control because of racism and a fear of Blacks and Whites and Asians

    Asians own guns and oppose gun control because of racism and a fear of Blacks and Whites and Hispanics.

    Women (of all races) own guns and oppose gun control because of racism and a fear of whites, blacks, Asian, Hispanics, and other women.

    They left soooooo much out on purpose.

    Notice in these types of junk studies its never people own guns and oppose gun control because of fear of the violent crime that happens thousands of times daily around the country, exercising a constitutional right, and/or they like the sporting aspect.

  4. So, if Whites that oppose gun control are racist then what are Blacks who oppose gun control? (Everyone knows POC cannot be racist)

    • Oh that’s an easy one. They’re like that Uncle Thomas guy on the high court. It’s either that or the black face of white supremacy. Or a race traitor. You see, if you’re black, you’re only allowed to have opinions that agree with Democrats. That’s because they don’t believe in slavery. As the Puppet so eloquently noted, “Unlike the African American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community with incredibly different attitudes about different things.”

      You see, Latinos Latinxes are allowed to have different opinion. Black people? Not so much.

  5. If it were true what the cry wolf (insane) crowd accuses normal (sane) people of doing, there would be none of them left to cry wolf.

    • Yeah all us white boyz are raciss. Especially me who’s spent 35 years with my gorgeous chocolate bunny🙄BTW she had the gat I gave her on hand when BlackLootersMurder went on a rampage in May 2020…projection DIMS?

      • That’s not racism — that’s white supremacy. Remember, the Bible says that she shall submit to the man. You’re keepin’ a sistah down, you cracker. And you insulted the Christian holiday of Easter by calling her a “chocolate bunny.”

        I’m alien and married to an Asian dream woman for 31 years — that’s alien supremacy. And “yellow fever.” And “subservient Oriental female” syndrome. (PLEASE don’t tell her that I said that — she’d kick my puny white ass. Again.)

        And … wait, I’m trying to think up some more inane stereotypes.

        Dacian, could you help me out, please?

        • “And “yellow fever.” And “subservient Oriental female” syndrome.”

          Had me a Chinese-Canadian girlfriend awhile back for a couple of years, and she was a refreshing change from typical Caucasian-American in overall attitude towards relationships.

          She kept telling me she was high maintenance, but was by far the lowest maintenance relationship to date. She was delightfully lacking in being hung-up on herself. Call me a fan for life of Asian women for long-term relationships… 🙂

        • Once you go yellow you’ll always stay mellow? The truth is I just like women. Had an asian type girlfriend too(Indonesian) & a bunch of white women. 2nd black wife🙄

      • “Once you go yellow you’ll always stay mellow?”

        TBF, mine isn’t one of those “walk two steps behind the man” Japanese.

        She didn’t fit into her own culture because she’s independent and hates confining social rules. In fact, she thinks and acts like — an American.

        (Sometimes I have this mental image of the Knight Templar in the “Indiana Jones” film, standing behind me saying, “You chose — poorly.”)


  6. We all know it…science is dying. Universities have abandoned science and replaced it with the money they get for pushing political agendas and the agendas of the medical/pharma industries.

    Pharma has abandoned science in favor of profit and political control. The same for the medical industry.

    The same for the FDA and the CDC.

    The tech folk are still doing science, but much of it is weaponized to crush diversity of thought and critical thinking.

    Science is being replaced by propaganda. Science is being persecuted by political controllers. Science is being perverted in favor of profiteering.

    But there are still honest scientist out there. Independent and doing good work. That is how we get realistic analysis of gun safety stats. That is how we know what is really in the clot shots. That is how we know the 2020 election was stolen. That is how we fight back.

    • The Regime worked with the tech giants to censor speech that didn’t agree with the narrative. More and more on that has been coming out lately. How does anyone support that who isn’t financially tied to the Democrats being in power? I understand that’s a healthy chunk of the population, but nowhere near half. I assume people are unaware of it or they just vote based on tribal allegiance.

    • “Universities have abandoned science and replaced it with the money they get for pushing political agendas and the agendas of the medical/pharma industries.”

      Thankfully, that’s starting to change for the better. Some Unis are starting to put their feet down on that bullshit, and it is bullshit. Cracks are appearing in medical schools, for the simple reason that there are biological differences between the sexes that can drastically change needed treatments.

      It’s not an avalanche yet, but there are encouraging signs rationality will be more common.

      I found it hilarious when Cornell University, where Carl Sagan taught was seriously considering new terminology for when referring to black holes, because it was ‘raciss’.

      Folks are starting to burn out on it, and a driver is the fact that those running the European university science programs are starting to openly mock what’s happening in America. Leftist Scum ™ revere everything European, so them laughing at America may prove effective…

      • They don’t like anything Europen, they openly hate European history and whites in general. What they like is the political leftism that’s more mainstream in Europe. And make no mistake, American leftists are copying their European peers 90% of the time. Antifa dates to the KPD (German communist party) in the 1930s and have been attacking “fascists” with black clothes and covered face for decades, meanwhile it’s only been common for a few years in the US.

      • “that’s starting to change for the better” – I throw the BS card on that. Provide footnotes to prove your theory.

  7. Yes that is correct. Racist liberal white people, who are s0ci@list pr0gressive in their political orientation, are afraid of black people getting guns. That is why you have so many white liberals supporting racist gun control.

    • I think that as well.

      I also think that firearms ownership transcends prejudice based on color. POTG have a commonality that includes language, rules, customs, norms ect. We all want the same things when looked at objectively. ‘Self-defense, skill, knowledge, fun’.

  8. Ok, so let me get this straight. If I’m pro second Amendment, drop the NFA and the rest of the crap, I’m racist. But, If I were anti-gun pro confiscation and elimination of private gun ownership, I’m also racist. So, no matter what you believe, or support, any person with light skin color is racist. OK. Got it.

  9. The APA paper actually says, “…Racially resentful white Americans are less likely to support some gun rights if they believe Black people are exercising those rights more than white people, according to research published by the American Psychological Association….” So, yes, you’re racist either way; but the theme of the paper completely aims at denigrating white conservatives who own firearms. Free pass given only to white progressives.

  10. I’m a racist
    he’s a racist
    she’s a racist
    we’re all racists

    Wouldn’t you like to be a racist too?

  11. quote———-The University of Wisconsin has promoted a new finding that whites own guns and oppose gun control because of racism and a fear of blacks.———–quote

    Look no further than this website to substainate that claim. This website has always been seething in far right racism against everyone who is not White, Anglo-Saxon and Protestant, even White Catholics are hated here. In other words hatred of refugees, immigrants, racial minorities and religious minorities.

    Trump ran on racism and hatred of Latino’s and Muslims just as Hitler ran on racism against Jews in Nazi Germany and for both Demagogues it worked like a charm with the Far Right racists of both countries stocking up on weapons and worshiping both of the jack booted beasts as living Gods.

    In California during the 1965 Watts riots and later the Rodney King riots gun stores sold out of guns in hours. I still remember a Time Life Magazine photo showing a pump shotgun on display in a California gun store that said “This gun comes with a Ngr back guarantee, shoot one and you get the gun for free”.

    When Castro released large groups of refugees from Cuba the Florida gun stores sold out in hours. And the same happened during the Cuban missile crises.

    I grew up in an all white town that prevented blacks from buying homes there and everyone openly admitted the shotgun kept by the kitchen door was not for rabbit hunting, it was kept there as a Ngr gun. Even to this day there are still people that have the little black jockey statute with a lantern in his extended hand at the end of the drive way. Nothing really has changed much and if anything they once more now openly brag about their racism after the rise of Trump which brought out racism like rats pouring out of a sewer.

    You do not need accredited university studies like the ones mentioned, you only have to open your eyes and ears and listen to what the Far Right say, especially on this forum. Hitler would have loved them all dearly because they are his kind of people, hatred of racial, religious minorities and of refugees and immigrants.

    • Dacian I hope you didn’t throw you back out after that stretch of bs.

      You, by your own words, have more in common with what you claim to be far right wing ideology that the majority of those who post here.

      It is one thing to have been raised as a racists, but the fact you still are a racists is indefensible. Maybe you should get out of your bubble and meet the common folk ofthe Country you hate so much. Who know, with a little interaction outside your white only world you can change.

      • Storm Trooper

        The first thing the Far Right use as a defense is to accuse normal people of the racisms they exhibit. Sorry it does not work, you only continue to make a complete fool of yourself. Any normal person that has ever logged on to this forum does not have to be told how racist it is. Some of the biggest laughs are when the Far Right accuse Hitler of being a Liberal and a Communist. Ignorance and projection are their hallmarks and you and your brethren are star poster boys for it.

        • when the Far Right accuse Hitler of being a Liberal and a Communist.

          How the fuk is that raciss?.. And you are surely NOT trying to present yourself as “NORMAL PEOPLE”

    • You’re a liar dacian. And not a good one. But we knew that. How many minority owned businesses did you and your ss/antifa buddies loot and burn during the mostly peaceful protests?

      Between grooming kids and oppressing poc I’m surprised you have any time left to comment here.

    • “This website has always been seething in far right racism against everyone who is not White, Anglo-Saxon and Protestant, even White Catholics are hated here. In other words hatred of refugees, immigrants, racial minorities and religious minorities.”

      You’re an expert on hate, asshole. Mostly you hate yourself.

      You want to know what I hate? Garbage people like you, with your garbage ideas and your garbage mouth, spouting garbage lies and garbage racism.

      Someone needs to take out the trash. When it happens, I won’t feel sorry, I won’t feel relieved, I won’t feel sympathy. I’ll feel a tinge of satisfaction that there’s a little less garbage in the world.

      • MAXX,

        “That boy just ain’t right.”

        I am (mildly) curious how someone so completely ignorant and deranged can function in society . . . but, then, that may be part of his problem. I’m guessing dacian the demented has as few friends as he has dates (i.e., none).

        • how someone so completely ignorant and deranged can function in society .

          Who said he FUNCTIONS anywhere but Mama’s basement. You do know this is Vlad resurrected right? (With the jethros and the hillbillies and all the “lack of education” insults) it’s all he knows, cut paste Jethro” cut paste “hillbilly” cut paste “uneducated” etc. etc.

        • Lamp, he’s not “deranged;” he’s “deraigned.”

          I’m still looking for one of those “viscous apes” that he claims to exist. Maybe I’ll find one on “The Island of Dr. Moreau.” Did the good doctor cross-breed simians and slugs? The result must have been Dacian.

    • I dont think Dacian lives in his mother’s basement. I’m getting the feeling that he lives in China and his government mandated job is to get onto web sites populated by American patriots and troll them in an attempt to sow discord and hatred. He knows his communist BS is not going to change a single mind here. Thats not the goal. Stirring the pot is the goal.
      If he is successful, he will be rewarded with more food or a better apartment. If he fails, his family will be killed and their organs sold.
      Pretty strong incentive to to be a good little commie.

      • If he fails, his family will be killed and their organs sold.

        He must miss them deeply because he is the definition of FAIL… Anyone who is “stirred” by his bullshit is indeed a weak individual. If anything, he pulls the consensus together in a common rebuttal of his mindless crap.

    • I used to read dacian’s stuff but dont anymore. Just scroll down to the next comment.
      Ohio, is a Constitutional Carry state now,,,oh my.

        • I don’t read anything that freak posts, I just scroll down waiting for the comments. Watching people like Lamp, Maxx, Alien, Possum, Geoff, et al absolutely shit all over everything that douche canoe posts really gives me the warm fuzzies 🥰

    • dacian the Dunderhead, you are living proof that abortion lives and afterbirth can survive! You have absolutely LOST YOUR MND!

  12. Youboomers have put us in this position by letting the left frame the debate and acting like you’re scared of being called racist. When you conceded decades ago that they can make people an ultra boogey man because of “muh racisms” you set the stage for today. We’re reaping the fruit (modern degeneracy in every form) of what you spineless folks tolerated. All because you’re too scared to call a spade a spade and ignore their words and titles. I suppose I’m racist because I dare say which demographic (hint it’s not whites) is statistically more likely to victimize someone through violent crime and therefore other groups being scared of them is entirely logical. Ignore their buzzwords and thereby stop them from framing the debate and you remove their power that you’ve voluntarily submitted to. You will never appease them enough as you should know by now, given the ever wider encompassing definitions of “racist” “far right” and “fascist “.

    • “Youboomers [sic] have put us in this position …”

      Your generation can do better? Then step up to the plate, son, and show us how it’s done.

      If the world doesn’t become a perfect utopia after a couple of years with you in charge, whom will you blame then? Hint: look in the mirror.

    • Another mindless clown? It’s the brainwashed Gen-Xrs and “Millennials” that have opened the door to the far-left progressives AND they have infiltrated Colleges, Universities and the Public School system furthering the indoctrination of children and undermining the Republic.

      • I’m a Millenial, so just imagine how absolutely disgusted I feel every time I look at my “peers.” No personal responsibility, absolutely sold on the bullshit and lies of The System, unbelievably vain and selfish. But it’s not a generational thing, it’s been going on for a long time. Personally, I think it’s because we live in the greatest country on Earth, at the easiest time in recorded history, and we’re weak and fragile because of it.

        • I blame the 1936 movie “Reefer Madness” which actually accomplished just the opposite of what it was intended to do.

  13. “…two fresh, steaming new “studies” and the flies are already swarming.”

    Well done on an appropriate word picture.

  14. They’re baiting us.

    Defy their calls of racism regarding your opposition to gun control. Tell them them the truth, it’s about resistance to tyranny.

    Now you’re an insurrectionist.


    • Problem is they are the insurrectionists by definition. We have a Republic they want to make a weird offshoot of demo marx crap. We resist that change and are not trying to overthrow our capitalist system.

  15. Its not racist to look at published FBI crime data and draw conclusions based on race. About 7% of the population (Black males. Its actually even less b/c its young black males), commit over 50% of the murders in the US. In 2018, they committed more murders (53%) than the significantly larger population of whites. They also committed more robberies. While they mostly attack and kill each other, just like whites do, they had a higher rate of white victims than whites had black victims. (I will caveat this by saying that this is based upon arrests and not convictions so of course there will be some false arrests in the mix.)

    To really put it in perspective, if you removed about 3% of the black population from the US then you would cut the murder rate in half. Its not racism. Its cold, hard facts. I don’t like it any more than you do. Just imagine what it would be like if they didn’t abort the vast majority of their babies. We’d have even more murders than we already have. The black community has nothing to fear from racist whites. Its your own people offing you in record numbers.

  16. Hmmm, the lions share of blacks killed or shot is by other blacks. It’s well over 80% of the time. So is the argument saying the reasons whites oppose gun control is because we want them to kill each other?
    I guess these people figure if they could trick people into believing that the republican were the part of Jim Crow and slavery they could convince people that this malarkey was true too.

  17. People own guns to protect themselves from criminals. it’s the authors of this “study” who are racist for assuming all criminals are black.

    • It is interesting to note, according to DOJ statistics, that 56% of the violent crime being perpetrated is by blacks, and yet they represent less than 20% of the population. It’s just like the TSA gives extra attention to incoming Arabs. It isn’t racist, just a respect for the high probability that they’ll find a terrorist in that group.

  18. Think about the demographics of violent gun crime; who is involved and where does it happen? Almost all gun crime in the US is in core cities; those cities completely controlled by Democrats, and where a large part of the population is Democrat. Many of them are “woke” Progressives who won’t provide the security and safety that is the most basic function of government. Maybe Republicans need guns to protect themselves from Democrats.

  19. Is it racism that makes me bring up the 2018 Bureau of Justice Statistics, National Crime Victimization Survey that says 547,948 blacks attacked whites, as opposed to 59,778 whites who attacked blacks? No it is not. It is bringing up facts.

    • How racist of you to infer that those 547,948 Blacks are racist, everyone knows Black folks can’t be racist.

  20. If I were racist and wanted to reduce the minority population, I would:
    1) Support and promote easy and cheap access to abortion (there’s a reason Planned Parenthood is in poor areas, but not Beverly Hills)
    2) No cash bail and don’t prosecute crimes so criminals continue to infest the neighborhood
    3) Defund police do the criminals in high crime areas are unimpeded
    4) Strict gun control so the general population can’t defend itself from the armed criminals
    5) Keep drugs illegal to provide gangs with a profit motive and drive to control territory
    Combining 2-5 yields Chicago, Baltimore — cities where a dozen people are murdered per week (mostly young minorities killed by other minorities)

    Bonus points for encouraging poverty and crime that becomes multi-generational. Create a social program that encourages single parents. Make a government run school system that is controlled by teachers’ unions and teaches social justice instead of preparing for higher education or a vocation. If any kids manage to still receive an education, use Affirmative Action so they compete against better prepared kids. If they don’t drop out, continue the soft racism of lowered expectations so they don’t rise to leadership, except for a few tokens. Keep open national borders so that there’s more competition for the menial, low skill jobs that they could possibly qualify for, and provide a steady pipeline of contraband for the gangs to sell. The hopelessness and despair make the criminals the role models.

    This is plainly the platform of the racist Republicans, and the Democrats are strongly fighting to stop these destructive policies.

  21. A good friend, next door neighbor and range buddy of mine just read this as he came over for a cup of Joe, which we share every day for most of the year. He laughed so hard, he had trouble catching his breath. “I guess you didn’t get that memo,” he managed to finally say. Franklin’s Black, and I’m the guy who introduced him to guns 30+ years ago. Invited him to the range with me, and he was hooked. His skin color has never been an issue, and it wouldn’t matter to me if he was polka dotted.

    So the University of Wisconsin can go fornicate themselves with their study.

  22. UHHH No . . . TYRANTS and ARMED criminals drive opposition to so called “gun control”. We PATRIOTS don’t like our RIGHTS being taken away – especially 2A.

  23. The day of reconning is coming for our Leftists . Their gun control “laws” are going the way of the sewer.

  24. The only “black” I had on my mind when I bought my guns was unfortunately the gay Kenyan in the white house with his husband!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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