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By Brandon via

A group of Odessa, Texas veterans and gun owners have decided to do their part by offering courses to teach others about firearm safety, and how to protect themselves in the event of a home invasion. They currently offer courses such as Basic Handgun, Advanced Handgun, Basic Rifle (tactical), Advanced Tactical Rifle, Precision Rifle, and Close Quarter Battle. The company, named F-Plan Tactical, was only an idea just a few months ago . . .

Their welcome statement on their website says it all, and it’s sure to be a hit.

F-Plan Tactical is a veteran owned partnership that believes in the second amendment right to own and bear arms.  We realize that with gun ownership comes great responsibility. Therefore, we feel it is our duty and obligation to use our 25 plus years of combined military service and over 10 years of shooting competitions to train and educate those that own guns or are planning to buy a gun but do not really know where to start. So if you are a new gun owner or an avid gun enthusiast trying to expand on your knowledge base we ask that you give F-Plan Tactical, LLC a call and set yourself up for success by starting off on the right path to being a responsible gun owner.

Already with classes under their belts, the owners are on-point with their reasoning for starting a service such as this. They put a strong emphasis on responsibility and safety, both of which we can’t get enough of.

“The more responsible gun owners out there, I honestly believe the safer we all are,” said Robert Morris of F-Plan Tactical.

“Just like I tell people, it took me 15 years to hone my skills and to learn what I’ve learned in the military. I wasn’t an expert the first day I was a day one private, so it takes time,” said Thomas Rivera of F-Plan Tactical.

And, their participants are already seeing the benefits of their courses.

“I have a few guns of my own. I’ve never shot and so I’d like to come out and learn about the safety techniques and proper techniques in using a gun,” said participant in F-Tactical’s gun safety class, Lynzy Sousley.

Their decision to start their business was in response to the rise in crime in their area, and they wanted people to have a place to go to learn the skills necessary to defend themselves. They share a lot of the same ideas that we at Concealed Nation have, such as practicing is never-ending, safety and responsibility are #1, and that everyone should have access to courses such as these.


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  1. Awesome stuff there.
    Although, if you want to maximize the popularity and practice of the second amendment and advance the cause, one would do better without the skulls. Imagery, marketing, all that jazz. Skulls don’t get across “positive community impact”.

  2. Good for them, but there are literally thousands of people and companies out there offering similar classes. I’m not seeing anything especially noteworthy here. Why do these guys rate a front-page story on TTAG? I’m not trying to be a dick, I’m genuinely curious about what makes this company special.

    • Stinkeye
      Obviously you do not live out here. Thousands of companies? C’mon! Really?
      I certainly appreciate the coverage and will be scheduling classes with them. Prior to reading the article I was not aware of this company, and I live within 50 miles. If it leads one person to seek their services then it has served it’s purpose.


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