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    • Both parents dead, and it looks like the person originally named was not the shooter, but rather his brother.. Story still developing.

  1. One thing that can’t be ruled out is a terrorist incident of some sort. Somewhat more likely if there was more than one shooter involved. This sort of thing is right out of the Jihadist playbook.

    • Heard on FoxNews radio (but can’t find anywhere that explicitly says it now) that the FBI has ruled out Terrorism for this incident. CBS News reporting that the gunman’s mother taught at school, and is among dead.

  2. Truly tragic that innocents had to die because someone appears to have had parent issues and decides to take them out and as many others no matter what the age just to get even with the world.

    These types of tragedies make all gun owners look bad even if they are not.

    • You said it I agree the AWB debate is lousy here after this tragedy. No ARs and high cap mags allowed in CT or neighboring NY!!


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