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Last night’s CBS expose of the ATF’s Project Gunrunner fiasco shined a journalistic light on the nefarious news coming from Mexico. Yes, well, the U.S. MSM hasn’t even come close to covering the whole drug cartel enchilada. The video above dates back to 2008. Since then, the American mainstream media has gotten well, bored, with the out-of-control headed-our-way Mexican drug war meme. Down at the border, it’s a different story—as you’d expect. My local sources have been sending me more links than you’ll find at a mass market jewelry supply company. (Lucky my Spanish is up to snuff.)  The overall picture is of a full-scale insurgency, armed to the teeth and moving north. Oh wait. They’re already here. Here are some of the “highlights” from recent coverage for readers who like to play connect the dots . . .

Suspects Arrested in [U.S.] Murder-for-Hire Plot Commissioned by Mexican Drug Cartel

Ruedas Sillas-Rocha was identified by investigators as soliciting individuals to assassinate victims in [Palmdale] California who owed the cartel large sums of money. Ruedas Sillas-Rocha directed these individuals to carry out the murder of five family members in a simulated home-invasion robbery. Ruedas Sillas-Rocha was willing to pay the would-be assassins thousands of dollars for committing the murders.

Edinburg shooting suspects use high-powered rifle

Police are searching for several men who opened fire Monday night at a home and wounded three people. Officers responded to the shooting about 8:45 p.m. on the 300 block of East Sprague Street, said Sgt. Oscar Treviño of the Edinburg Police Department. A group of friends was outside a home when a black SUV carrying three or four armed men drove up to the unfenced, corner residence, Treviño said. “They were armed, exited the SUV and made their way towards the victims and opened fire,” he said about the suspects. “They shot numerous rounds.”

Mexico president: US help in drug war is ‘insufficient’

Mexican President Felipe Calderon says U.S. cooperation in the fight against drug cartels has been “insufficient.”
Calderon says the United States should help by reducing drug use and stemming the flow of automatic rifles to Mexican drug cartels.”

Accused Zeta had US training, report says

The U.S. Embassy’s electronic database, which dates back only to 1996, indicated that the U.S. government trained nearly 5,000 Mexican military members, including 422 elite special forces soldiers.

“Critics of U.S. military training and conspiracy heorists have long speculated that members of the notoriously violent cartel Los Zetas once received U.S.-funded special forces training,” the cable said. “Since we cannot know the name of every Mexican soldier who has joined Los Zetas, we cannot irrefutably reject this possibility.”

Border Boletín: Trial date moved back for man arrested night of agent shooting

A trial date has been extended two months for the last remaining man in custody who was arrested the night of a fatal shooting of a Border Patrol agent.

The 34-year-old Mexican man, who was wounded in a Dec. 14 gunfight northwest of Nogales in which Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was killed, is charged with illegal re-entry after deportation.

His trial has been moved back to May 10 at the request of his attorney, Victoria Brambl of the Federal Public Defender’s Office in Tucson. The previous date was March 8.

“We are waiting for the government to complete the investigation,” Brambl said. “And we need more information about his current charges, too.”



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  1. Not just drug cartel crimes, but crime in general. Weekly, almost daily stories of extreme DUI offences with multiple fatalities. Hit and run is a joke since no one carries insurance and cops do nothing about it. Illegals mow yards by day and case houses for nights. I’ve lived in Texas for almost 50 years and never seen it this bad.

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