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Jim works in “nuclear security.” So we’d guess he has access to more firepower than just the M&P Compact on his belt. Still, that’s a great ¬†Everyday Carry choice. See what else he carries below . . .

  1. Victorinox Huntsman Swiss Army knife
  2. Maglite Solitaire with LED upgrade
  3. IDL Tools multitool
  4. Crimson Trace Lasergrips
  5. Smith & Wesson M&P Compact .357 Sig
  6. Spare .357 Sig magazine
  7. Marine Corps Zippo
  8. Leatherman holster for magazine
  9. Q-Series stealth holster
  10. Suunto Vector
  11. Trayvax wallet
  12. American Red Cross CPR faceshield

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      • Where do you keep that “wallet”? Honest question, it looks to me like putting that thing in any pocket would be an extremely uncomfortable experience.

  1. The old Xenon bulb Maglites are so bad compared to modern technology.

    The LED ones are so nice, I do wonder why they even still make the xenons.

    • S&W used to sell M&P pistols chambered in .357 SIG. Nowadays, the trick is to buy the M&P in .40 S&W, then insert a separate .357 SIG barrel into the action. That’s two purchases instead of one. Midway carries (or used to carry) the SIG barrels for the full-size M&P; and you can probably still get the barrels directly from Smith.

      (Yes, I just looked on the S&W homepage about the pistols.)


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