Cris Villacorta's pocket dump
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Cris Villacorta’s pocket dump includes an unidentified “tactical pen.” I’ve mentioned this before: I don’t get it. Why carry a pen to stab your opponent in the eye when you know that’s not gonna happen, really. So do everyday carry people carry a pen to . . .

sign stuff and maybe stab their attacker in the eye, throat, center mass? 

Epson QX-10 word processor (courtesy

Hello? Who signs stuff any more?

Aside from Field Notes types, everyone types. This professional writer gave up writing the moment an Epson word processor landed on his desk — and made him scream like a little girl when documents disappeared down the memory hole.

More than that, whipping out a tactical pen identifies you as an operator operating operationally. Is that the impression you want to give, given that discretion is the better part of speed, surprise and violence of action?

So . . . lose the pen?

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  1. That’s the pen and flashlight from the Stealth Angel survival kit. It’s a decent little $20 kit, I keep one in my Jeep. I guess if someone is going to carry a pen in their pocket all day a “tactical” style pen that won’t break is a good idea.

  2. Generally the point of a tactical pen is twofold, to break glass in emergencies and to use it like a kubaton in places where they take away your gun/knife/spray/kubaton.

    I’ll carry such a pen in places I know have security checkpoints. I’ve gotten the pen past security in multiple court houses and past TSA more times than I can count. The same places the confiscate a keychain pen knife or keychain kubaton. Out of dozens and dozens of checkpoints the pen has never once been questioned, let alone raised a concern.

    If it gets past security checkpoints staffed by cops and Sheriff’s deputies/cops I don’t think it outs you to the general public.

    It’s also a good way to ensure you have a glassbreak should you need one, such as coming across or being in a car accident.

  3. I carry a CRKT Williams pen. Made of aircraft grade aluminum with a “pointy enough” end to do some non-lethal damage if necessary, but otherwise it just looks like any other nice, well-made writing implement. I have allowed others to use it and other than the general comments about how nice it is, have never once had anyone suspect it might have another less civilized purpose…

  4. Well, if you can’t stab the b@stard with a tactical pen, you can at least express your contempt by handing him a strongly worded note.

  5. What strych9 said. It’s a nice option when the better options are verboten.

    And, you can write with it, if necessary.

  6. I use my EDC pen almost every day. Physical paperwork still exists in many situations.

    I carry a S&W “tactical” pen because I’ve broken too many of the “bullet” space pens, plastic Bic-style pens don’t stand a chance (even managed to melt one during a prescribed burn), and the S&W was in the gift shop at NRA headquarters after I finished touring the museum.

  7. knightofbob,

    Ditto, except I don’t really use it everyday. I EDC it because I started and don’t know when to stop. Theoretically, it’s a good undercover weapon you can hold in your hand. In reality, it attracts a lot of attention.

    P.S. You may have already done this, but putting LocTite keeps it from unscrewing.

  8. Flinch,

    Well, maybe they can’t afford an American-made one. Or maybe they’re like John Lovell (former Ranger; not America hater), who travel a lot and just don’t feel like buying $150 knives whenever they get it confiscated when they travel.

  9. Beorn:

    “Theoretically, it’s a good undercover weapon you can hold in your hand. In reality, it attracts a lot of attention.”

    From whom does it attract attention?

  10. Strych9,

    It’s not very covert. Mine at least is obviously not a normal pen. I wouldn’t say it’s a dead giveaway, but it’s also not really undercover. Just my opinion.

  11. I use a Tac pen because an epsilon word thingie , is hard to tote on shootings , stabbing s,od’s and the like . I,need to,take notes in my Moleskine note book, (field notes are for pikers).

    Oh and it doesn’t break like all the normal pens do .

  12. I carry one every day for work. I drive a delivery truck and probably sign for a dozen different things every day. I liked the idea of having a glass breaker in my shirt pocket in case of entrapment.

  13. Why would anyone leave a pic of their everyday carry as you continually put down what everybody carries?

    • It’s easier to be an asshole on the internet than say nothing at all or mind your own business.

  14. I’ve said it before – instead of a silly knife or pen or whatnot, I carry a second gun.

    I’m from NY after all.

    • because carrying a second or third mag is less practical? the only thing silly is your constant commitment to maintaining tunnel vision.

  15. Maybe they just like the look of the pen, and use a pen regularly. Why does every post on this website have the tone of a douchebag followed by it’s trolls in the comment section? Just fucken do you man.

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