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The bare minimum. There’s lots to be said for carrying less gear, but carefully selecting it so maximize its utility while minimizing drag. That appears to be Will Duncan’s credo with a light, stealthy, reliable GLOCK 43 a Spyderco blade, a watch and a light. Come to think of it, this looks suspiciously like my gear.

Enough? Still too much? Do you admire his choices and ecomomy? Spill.

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  1. I like Seiko’s as well, also a fan of the 4 o’clock crown. All good basic gear there .

  2. Have the same watch but prefer a G10 watch strap. Have a about five in different colors. The 43 is my summer carry.

  3. Planning on buying a Glock 43 and finally retiring my old Smith 442. Maybe tomorrow. That same Spyderco is in my safe with a few others. Custom collaboration, but can’t remember the name of the designer. Bought that same Seiko in ’79 before enlisting. Wore it on my first jump and my first dive. And everything in between. Prefer Surefire lights, but hey, variety makes the world go round. Add a spare mag. Always carry a reload! You won’t need it. Until you do.

    • No reload? I was never in an armed confrontation where I felt like I brought too much ammo. Besides, most semi-auto malfunctions are magazine induced. You going to clear the malfunction and continue to use the same mag? Yeah, I know it’s a Glock, but I’ve seen them malfunction too. Remember, Murphy loves a gunfight.

  4. One of the main purposes to carry a Rail Gun, especially one with as small a round capacity as the Glock 43, is the quick Reload capability.

    So, Where’s the spare Mag?

    I personally prefer the Glock 26 with it’s double stack 10 round capacity. That way, I can easily carry a Glock 17 (17 round) spare mag which fits perfectly into a Glock 26 for Quick & Dirty reloading, and just as quick as stuffing a single stack Glock 43 6 round mag into the piece.

    • Not a thing wrong with your personal preference, Gordon. Since I retired I find myself wearing cargo shorts and Columbia shirts most of the time. Hit 90 here two days in a row and we still have summer to look forward to. This close to the Gulf of Mexico humidity is the real killer. Anyway, pocket carry is my preference except dead of winter. We commonly see 30s, 20s not uncommon and teens occasionally. Find the double stacks a little to thick to comfortably carry and conceal in R/F pants pocket. How do you carry that 26?

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