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George Kimball says about his EDC gear, “It’s amazing how much I carry on a daily basis. After so many years, it’s second nature to carry all of this out the door. It’s just like putting on pants.”

Part of that second-naturedness is no doubt due to the fact that George’s gun of choice is a compact 1911, one of the most totable pistols you can carry. The fact that it lets you pack 8 rounds of big boy .45 ACP is just a plus. A big one.

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  1. +1 on the Kimber. Depending on how I’m dressed, I’m always either carrying the Kimber Ultra Carry II or the Kel-Tec PF-9. They both fit in the same holster which is kinda cool.

    • I also like the PF9, don’t know why some people talk trash about Keltec.
      Also like my Sub 2000 2nd gen in .40

    • No, you can see the bump at the back of the grip…. obviously that is a bump fire stock… since you do need to bump it in to fire… not sure how Kimber got 30 rounds into that high cap magazine clip

      • Good call on the bump thingy.

        It’s a 30 clipazine doohicky, that’s how they made it work.

  2. Shhhhhhhhhhh dont say nothin good about 1911’s you’ll ruffle the feathers of the Gock carriers. That Kimber is a sweet pistol. George’s EDC is small compared to some of the others I’ve seen here…..

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