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Sten says this is everything you need. We’d guess there are those out there who might beg to differ, but toting a GLOCK 19 is a good place to start where a heater is concerned. See everything Sten stows at Everyday Carry . . .

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    • I’m also calling BS. He carries an extended mag well, but no backup mags? Either he left something out, or needs to purchase a dedicated carry gun.

  1. So he carries a racegun and large earmuffs for EDC?

    And exactly how many Claymores ring the perimeter of his bed ? The world wonders …

  2. This is a setup I could almost carry. Minus the head phones, Add a pocket sized flashlight. I might opt for a Shield or G43 for comfort’s sake, but I like it. I hate that knife though. I’ve broken 3 of them. The kids keep buying my more, because that think its my favorite knife.


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