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Sean’s nicely fixed for gear. Some may quibble with two blades, but we’d guess he rotates them. Still, toting a SIG P228 and an extra mag means you’re ready to handle any situation the average civvy’s likely to encounter. See everything the datacenter technician totes at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. A well rounded edc with a flashlight, knife, fighting handgun and a spare mag. Imho missing a tq and weapon mounted light but very nice indeed. Que the “who needs that many rounds” fudds and the “that gun is too big” ninnies is 3. 2. 1.

  2. That looks very much like my P229 EDC.I had to look the P228 up, and found that it’s basically a double-stack version of my P229.

    I approve! (if you’re fat enough to carry a double stack without printing. 🙂


    • As smaller framed man (6ft 160lb) I have found concealment much more about holster selection and willingness to tolerate the extra weight than body size. My edc rotates between a tlr1 equiped glock 17 an sometimes a tlr1 equiped glock 19 (if I will have a heightened physical activity level or decide to wear a more fitted shirt)

    • I wouldn’t call this a purse dump. 25 years of p228 ownership with Galco pancake holster made this a 3 seasons (fall/winter/spring) carry. The original p228 was designed as a chopped down p226. A 9 mm p229 is just a heavier p228 because of a difference in how the slide of a p229 is milled. In the 1990’s the p228 was a Sig distributor’s answer to the Glock 19. The new p228 is very expensive. The one in the picture must be new or a refinished first series because the original Sig finish wears quickly. Compare an EDC of a p228 of mid size barrel and 14 rounds (13 rd mag +1 chambered) is 36.7 ounces on my scale. S&W shield .40 gives me shorty barrel 30.7 ounces of pistol plus extra mag = 14 rounds.

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