Sean’s ethos is better to have it and not need it…. Given that, you’d expect him to carry a lot more gear than he’s showing here. See what’s made the cut at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. What is the point of carrying a sub compact if you’re going to use and extended magazine?? That is the dimension that matters in concealment. I will never understand this. Grip is now G19 size.

  2. The “Pocket Dumps” were a turning point for me where the frequency with which I visit TTAG decreased dramatically. It was bad enough when my privacy manager apps were having to block the absurd number of browsing trackers loading on one page. I cannot think of a lazier way to generate content. If I want to see whats in peoples pockets, I will get a job with the TSA, or more realistically I will visit a site like EDC where that is the subject of the content. When I come to TTAG I am interested in seeing articles and posts pertaining to firearms legislation, product tests and reviews, new products, and related accessories. Please consider limiting these “pocket dumps” to a dedicated section. Why does it bother me so? Again, It is the laziest way to generate content to serve you more ads and trackers. Before long they are just going to publish a headline and expect the patrons to post photos and write their own content.


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