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miami007 lists himself/herself as a “special agent”. Whatever that means, this double-naught operator obviously likes to stay unencumbered, yet fully equipped. See everything he/she carries at Everyday Carry . . .

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    • I have more confidence in high quality .22 LR than I do in anything .25 ACP. Of course, .25 can be handy if you’d like to do the old parlor trick of bouncing a bullet off an empty beer bottle. Your best chance of killing someone with it is time traveling back at least a hundred years so they can die of infection a month after being shot. It’s an odd choice when skinnier, lighter guns than the one pictured can be had in .380.

      • I used to have a little Bauer 25 ACP. Shortly after Moving I had turned a number of my Uhaul moving boxes into targetry backing. The little 25 went through two layers of U haul cardboard(Quite thick, very nice boxes) and got stuck in the third.

    • Hey, there. I actually killed a ferocious rabbit with my Titan .25 acp.

      Course, it was a mercy killing as I had already run him over with my truck and he was dragging his useless hindlegs and screaming.

      Does this make me a bad person?

      • Yes. But only because you owned an F.I.E. Titan.

        I’m very impressed that it was able to penetrate rabbit skin, though.

        • Thru and thru headshot. course i was standing over it at the time.

          Is there some way to remove the blemish from my soul of owning a Titan? Bear in mind I also owned a Raven, Jennings and an RG .22 revolver.

          I may actually be going to burn in hell.

  1. Better than noth…..oh who am I kidding, if it ain’t a 45 that vaporizes souls, why bother….LOL /sarc (I put that in there for you 9mm guys who had your sense of humor surgically removed).

  2. Is it just me, or does anyone else think that someone with the handle of “miami” should be carrying a Bren Ten in a shoulder holster?

  3. I don’t get the comparison to .22lr? .25acp is center fire which I thought is more reliable than rim fire. I would think it’s a little better out of a short barrel. I agree there is a lot better out there now. But .25 and .32 worked in the past. I just like the old Baby Brownings and hammerless pistols. I would never carry one. They are just neat little pistols.

    • Basically, JMB designed the .25 acp back near 1900. He wanted a more reliable round sans rim that would duplicate the performance of a .22lr out of a 2 inch barrel.

      If your .22 has a longer than 2 inch barrel it’s probably going to perform better than a .25 acp. I’d still like to have that Beretta .25.

    • The .25 Jetfire in my pocket (in a neat 1950’s wallet holster that it can be fired from) is worth more than the .45 M1917 in my safe. Has never jammed (rimless over rimmed) & and guarantees its nine pills delivered anytime.

      Travel? .45 in the glovebox. Daily excursions – little Jetfire, snug & ready.

  4. I was getting my stuff ready one morning to head out deer hunting when I heard screeching brakes, a thump, and then silence. I walked outside to see a man in a pick up standing over a nice 8 point buck laying in my yard. He said the guy in the car in front of him hit the deer and took off and would I mind if he took the deer. While we were talking, the deer started trying to get up. He grabbed a .25 out of his truck and shot the deer. A few seconds later, he shot the deer again. After he shot the deer the third time while it was still trying to get up, I said “please, allow me.” I pulled out my Glock 19 and ended the poor creatures suffering.

  5. I have the same Beretta 25 ACP as miami007. The derogatory comments about the 25 ACP vs 22 LR are result of using wimpy commercial ammunition. I handload this round and when loaded up close to the SAAMI Pmax it transforms the round into a viable, respectable concealed carry option. The rounds that are currently in my pistol are:

    50 gr MagTech FMJ / 1.8 gr W231 / 0.905 OAL
    21540 psi / 907 fps / 91.0 ft-lb / 92.0% Burn / 75.7% Fill

    These rounds will put the 22 LR to shame (in the same length barrel). Warning, these rounds may be too stout for some inexpensive alloy framed 25 ACPs. They are not a problem for the very robust Beretta. I promise that in a pistol with a barrel in good condition, they will not bounce off of an aluminum can, nor will they fail to deliver a coup-de-grace to a wounded rabbit. With good shot placement, they will also take care of any 2 legged predators as well.


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