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If he wore an Omega Seamaster rather than a Rolex, you might think that Mark is a double naught spy. Instead, he says works in “human resources” (which may or may not be a euphemism for more clandestine work). See everything he carries at Everyday Carry . . .

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      • Good eye, I wear a Submariner and that’s what I thought that was until you got me to look again. The older Subs looked a little different and that had me thrown.

  1. Why do 90% of these posts feature nice guns and even nicer knives but cheap-ass holsters (if they even show them)? You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a molded leather or kydex holster that retains the gun if your belt’s too loose. Carry one less premium knife and invest in a Mitch Rosen.

    • It’s actually not a horrible holster. Mine has the snap closure, but even then, it’s not going to release the gun without some pulling. Holsterinng, however, is an issue.

  2. Who carries a passport around with them? Or is it just to add to the 007 theme? If so it’s the wrong color and from the wrong country.

    I don’t see anyone with a regular passport being able to use it along with carrying a gun.

    • While that is true, some folks on the border states carry passports with them on a regular basis for travel reasons, AND carry. Doesn’t necessarily mean they’re crossing the border while carrying, they just coincidentally have two carrying habits don’t totally work together.

      • Yep. If you’re a brown or yellow person in a border state, or any number of backwoods jurisdictions nationwide, having proof of citizenship has become a pretty good idea.

    • Passports are now available in the form of wallet cards. They are much more convenient to carry around. I agree that proof of US citizenship can save you aggravation in a border state.

      • And they are only good for coming back to the US from Mexico, Canada, and a few island vacation spots like Bermuda. Great if that’s all you do. For those of us that do more than cruises and snorkeling, real passports are still a must.

        And a US passport is never the “wrong passport”. I’ve been round the world many times and nothing in my possession has ever more guarded, and no airport sign is better than “Welcome to the United States of America”.

  3. “human resources” (which may or may not be a euphemism…

    It might not be a euphemism if his HR job is to accelerate a slow attrition rate in a downsizing corporation.

  4. [snip] “human resources” [snip]

    Humans aren’t a resource unless you’re harvesting them for parts. Companies have Personnel departments.

    • In what industry? I’ve seen it as HR everywhere I’ve worked, from gas utilities to law enforcement. I’ve only seen “Personnel” in the Army, but we just call it S1 there.

  5. I’ve been meaning to do about EDC pocket dump for awhile now. This one is cute, and I don’t mind the stylized ones. My own is a seriously massive dump. I mean, I’m packing so much stuff that half the comments are going to be about how I don’t actually carry all of it everyday, some will question why I carry so much stuff, and someone will give me a pop culture analysis explaining why I feel the need to haul so much stuff around.

    I might do it for the analysis though. I mean, I know I’m weird, I just dont necessarily know why I’m weird. Finding out probably won’t lighten my load so to speak, but it might keep me from adding more items. I mean, hoarding stuff in a house is a thing, is pocket hoarding also a thing?

    If TSHTF I’ll be easy to spot, I’m either the guy driving the truck that’s towing a truck full of weapons ammo and supplies, or I’m the guy who took over the local armory…and refuses to come out even when order is restored…’No! It’s nice in here! So many MREs, so much ammo…ooh! Is that an M2? Nope, not comming out!’

    My linen closet is full of ammo and there are cans of spam and sardines in places like in my night stand and under the guest bed. My Tahoe is like a power up point in a video game: armor-check, first aid check, food-check, weapons and ammo-check.

    I’m in a duty to inform state: everytime I get pulled over its the same thing: Duty to inform blah blah blah, and the cops says ‘where is it’ and I say ‘Right hip, left ankle, oh and there’s a rifle in the back’. So far no panic, just a look that says ‘Wow, really?’ Followed by another look that I think is ‘I’m glad this nut job is friendly and I hope he doesn’t come back with a warrent’.
    Then again, that look might be because it would take the whole shift to search all the crap in my truck and catalog all the interesting/cool stuff.

    Maybe I keep getting a good reaction because cops often carry two pistols and a carbine, maybe there are just a lot of peppers around here and this isn’t as strange as it seems, maybe it’s just that there are so few cops and people around here that they figure out who I am ‘oh, yeah! So and so was talking about this guy: Driving a war wagon, three guns, vehicle strapped with goodies, real friendly, over dressed (suits for work), yeah, this has gotta be that nut.’

    Everyone tells me that they are comming to my place if TSHTF. Sometimes I’m picturing paradise, like when my doctor tells me that, other times, I’m picturing a dystopian nightmare with slave pits and inexplicably theatrical up armored cars with people strapped to the front, like when my in laws tell me that.

    Oh well, it’s time to gain 12 lbs, by putting on my EDC.

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