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You probably have to be a super tactical operator to have a super tactical operator’s pistol (not to mention a junior super tactical operator’s pistol). See everything a super tactical operator carries at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. Gonna carry two, make them the same!
    Certainly makes short work of choosing spare magazines!
    And you can’t make the mistake of choosing the wrong one in a dire situation!

    Ask me how I know!

    No, not really, but it just makes sense to me.

  2. Wrist GPS, binocs, six knives…

    I often defend people against the “too much stuff” brigade but this is just insane.

    • 7 mags and 7 knifes? Full size binocs? I wish I worked in the Alaskan woods too every day… wait he doesn’t?

      • At least he overpaid for his ITS Tactical med kit…

        I have to admit that those zip bags are nice though. I have a few.

        The whole dump makes no sense. I carried less (in these categories) than that for the Fink this year… Er, last year now.

  3. Looks more like an ‘all the tacticool stuff I own dumped on the bed’ to me. 😉 quality stuff though.

  4. Honey help me find all the pocket knives and mini flashlights we have in the house, I have to flex for the Internet.

  5. Is this the ‘Leonard’ that used to frequent Silencertalk about ten years back?
    Aside from a heap of craziness, he also stirred the pot open-carrying a “Hello Kitty” themed AR pistol.

  6. Looks like a belt and suspenders kind of a guy–cause he’d need them to keep his pants up. Geez!

  7. I feel like half of these are troll posts. Is this guy a wilderness guide or johnny ventures body guard?

  8. But thank goodness the “Don’t point the laser at anyone you don’t intend to lase” sticker is still on the pistol. To remind you of Rule 3 of Buzz Lightyear’s Four Rules of Laser Safety.

  9. Oh come on. I’m going to submit a picture of an AR, Remington 870, 3 handguns, 7 knives, a katana and a spotting scope as my “everyday carry.”

    • Thanks for posting the link. After realizing the guy was making fun of others it made the layout hilarious.

  10. We’ve been had lol…

    Follow the link and read some of his descriptions of his tactical operator’s operative tactigear. A little humor isn’t a bad thing these days…

  11. If anyone bothered going to the EDC link and read the description, you would clearly see this post was a joke picking on all those who actually try to pawn off something like this as their actual EDC.

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