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John’s just refreshed his gear. “Really the only things that are new to my carry since the last time I uploaded are the iPad mini, Glock, and Jeep. The rest are things I’ve had. I use the iPad in the Jeep as my gps and music player with a dash mount made from (not pictured)” Check it out at Everyday Carry . . .


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  1. The KeySmart seems like a good idea, and according to Bryan Black over at ITS is way better than the KeyBar but, try as I might, I still can’t get behind the idea. Probably because I only carry a couple keys and a RFID entry tag and one of my keys has a fob built in.

  2. Wait – since LAST time he uploaded?

    Once is OK, if you’re into that. I’m pretty private, myself. But enough times to say “Since the last time…” is just a bit off, dontyouthink?

    • I have two posts up on EDC. One for what I carry on my person at all times that I’m up and dressed and one for what I actually carry on a daily basis because I rock a backpack seven days a week which gives me a lot of room for medical and other stuff.

      The purpose of EDC is to compare and contrast your set up(s) with others so that you can make yours better by seeing what other people do differently. You can find ways to cover more territory with less weight or find that holster/spare mag rig that you’ve been searching for but haven’t yet found AND get to ask the owner how well it works for them to get a horse’s mouth review before you plunk down your hard earned dollars on gear. Hell, I see a ton of tools on that site that I’ve never heard of before. Some of them are cool as hell and might actually be worth the money at some point.

      As for this guy; people post updates to everything these days. Such is the way of the interwebz. At least he didn’t tell us what had for lunch complete with a picture of his meal, two selfies at the eatery in question and a ton of emojis.

  3. Good setup. If you want a little more ammo, the glock 30s will also accept the 13 round glock 21 mags.

    Also, maybe Rowland will make a 460 conversion for the glock 30s……

  4. I own that Kershaw model but as a rule I dont EDC knives that are tip up, thumb stud or have a rope attached to them. Thumb studs and ropes just impede deployment. Tip up will stab your hand (and some say tip down will stab your leg but I’ve been doing it for many many years with no problem). And yes I know this knife is tip down. 1 out of 3 ain’t bad (?) but 3 out of 3 is much better.

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