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Jacob writes: “Super happy with all the items. They are all small and slim enough that I don’t even feel them in my pockets. One future change I have is to swap out the black powder Companion for the cartridge version. No keys because I live in a rural area, so I don’t lock my house and never take my car keys out of the ignition. I do also carry a cell phone, which was used to take the picture.” Check out all the details on his gear at Everyday Carry . . .

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    • 1800’s carry.

      That’s the NAA ‘Companion’, a BP (cap & ball) revolver.

      An interesting choice, to say the least.

      I wonder if he seals the cylinder with Crisco and if that makes his pocket (or wherever else he carries it) greasy.

      I’ts *possible* he’s unable to purchase a modern pistol…

  1. No locking doors? Leaving keys in ignition? No op sec… this is the most unusual pocket dump, at least he is honest, some of these are nuts with the amount of things they say they carry.

    • Indeed. I wish living rural still allowed such an approach in my part of Texas. Here, rural now means you’d better be prepared to be your own first responder, lock your house, truck, and carry more than five shots. And water. You’ll need lots of water. It’s hot out here!

  2. Hey commenting is working! Anywho THIS is something I could FIT in my pockets(but I’ll never do the dinky derringer)-maybe a little 380/9mm…

  3. I am glad that setup works for the owner.

    An NAA mini-revolver (chambered in .22 LR or .22 Mag., correct?) as your only carry gun is too little gun for me, even in an extremely rural setting. In fact the more rural I am, the bigger the gun I want to have on hand. Different strokes for different folks and all that.

    • Not even .22lr. That’s a black powder cap and ball gun.

      To keep one round from setting of the others, it’s common to use something like white Crisco grease to ‘seal’ the end of the cylinder.

      That’s gotta be messy as hell to keep in your pocket as a daily carry…

      • EDIT –

        In this video, at 8:08, it shows ‘greasing’ the cylinder.

        The point being, it’s gotta be messy to keep that in your pocket all day…

  4. This is a ridiculous EDC. I can’t tell if you are delusional or just trying to troll. You’re going to get yourself killed. Someone is going to take that from you, kill you and shove it up your a** after you shoot them. Your knife is poorly
    constructed as well. You need to stop this nonsense, if you are ever in a life or death situation you are going to die. You are being delusional if you think this is going to work on a violent crazy person or animal that is intent on killing you. You might as well get a rabbits foot and keep that in your pocket instead, essentially this is what you are treating your EDC as.

    • It’s actually a decent knife. For the same price, he could have gone with a Mercator K55, which has a real lock, but the douk-douk is better constructed than any of the MTech crap that shows up in these from time to time.

      As far as the gun goes, better than nothing. More than enough for your average thug who doesn’t expect any resistance.

      Guy’s probably going to have his house burgled soon enough, though. I grew up in an area that a lot of residents thought was “rural” and “quiet” enough to not need to lock their doors. Those residents lost a lot of valuables. There are people with ill intentions who seek out isolated houses in areas like that, walk in, take what they want. Just like criminals who think they won’t be charged with armed robbery if the gun is fake or unloaded, some think they can’t be charged with anything more than theft if they don’t actually break in.

    • OH MY GOD!!!!!!! You don’t carry the same tacticool B.S. I do so you obviously have no chance if and when those eighteen drugged up pedophile rapist burglars break into your house!!!!! Don’t you know you need at least five guns, 100 rounds of ammo on back-up and a whole bunch of mall ninja junk you have to carry around in a back pack?!?! (I think I captured the essence of your post pretty well.)

  5. Don’t agree with home and car security but if this works for him …. so be it.

    I can’t operate those NAA minis well enough to count on them. Always though they were. I remember lusting after the original in 22 short. Smaller than these.

    I’d also recommend a holster.

  6. Nice. An everyday carry pocket dump that could actually have come from an everyday pocket.

    But dude… PLEASE start taking the keys out of your car and locking your house. Please. I grew up in a town of 150 that’s pretty much literally in the middle of nowhere, so I know rural. It’s nice to know that you can trust all your neighbors. But not everyone is your neighbor. And bad shit can happen anywhere. You can keep your faith in humanity without unnecessarily tempting fate.

  7. If you live in a town where you don’t have to lock any of your doors why do you have to carry a gun? I can’t see that thing working on anything with four legs bigger than a medium sized dog.

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