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Eric’s pocket dump takes TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia where it liked/didn’t like to go: field notes! The self-professed IT manager and avid biker boy needs field notes because . . . dunno. But Twitter tells us that it’s Field Notes 10th anniversary! And their website informs us that “Field Notes in general, and the National Crop Edition specifically, owe their existence to . . .

a tradition of promotional memo books distributed to American farmers over the last hundred years by seed, tractor, and other agricultural companies. Field Notes co-founder Aaron Draplin has been collecting these for years, ‘rescuing them’ from obscurity.

So buying modern Field Notes helps pay for preserving America’s rich field notes heritage. Click here to see Mr. Draplin’s collection of historical field notes notes booklets.

Click below for the Big D’s raison d’etre, assuming you’re not reading this in a cubicle when you’re supposed to be doing something else.

As for Eric’s Kahr PM9, my name is Robert Farago and I approve of this firearm. You?

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  1. I have used field notes often being involved in forestry and agriculture in my lifetime.

    They were handy and came in many forms – Field Notes, Memo pads (spiral), or the little Thesis books you can still get at Walmart.

    My favorite are the Write-in-Rain books we used doing forest and agricultural plots.

    So i still have one (or two) if I have the space to carry it (vest or overshirt).

    Handy in a lot of cases and actually works to capture information and pass it to even those who do not have a smart phone (there are many in my world).

    I don’t get the histrionics over those who have field notes. If you don’t like them, don’t carry them.

    They do have good utility – and I wouldn’t want to wipe my butt with my smart phone…..but I might borrow yours.

    • I think you’re overestimating how much commenters care about when they see field notes. I doubt anyone is losing their mind over it but many of us- including me- see it as an opportunity to laugh at it as yet another silly tacticool fashion trend and nothing more. The amount of people who photograph all these props and then actually carry and write in those cute little pads is so small that it’s not worth considering.

      (people who actually have to use them regularly do the only sane thing and pick up the cheap generic ones at Wal Mart)

      • Funny how something that is “not important” to someone means that others are insane for using them.

        Cheapies from Walmart don’t last long with sweat and rain.

        The good ones do last and the write-in-rain books may survive a nuclear strike.

        And I read enough of these posts to say that lots of people have a pet peeve about field notes.

        You yourself seem to have a lot to say about something that is not important.

        I like Field Notes (of some flavor) and do sometimes carry them as I can write.

        You evidently think they are silly…..I’ll make a note of that.

        • I often, but not always, carry a cheapo memo-book for notes. Usually it’s not in my pocket though. It’s in a pack or something.

          Mainly it’s so that if my wife calls and wants to give me a grocery or “honey-do” list because without writing it down I somehow always get all but one thing done and that one thing I miss is, almost without fail, the most important one.

        • “…and that one thing I miss is, almost without fail, the most important one.”


          It sounds like she has you trained just about right… 😉

          (I’m just jealous…)

      • Carried a larger version with me all over the place in the USMC, mostly because it was required. It was usually filled with ridiculous acronyms or specifications that were rarely ever used, even by command. That and a whole lot of bored scribbles.

        The paper mostly saw use in making a firewatch list, or for keeping track of some, not very important but required to attend, briefing. A piece of notebook paper would be cheaper for firewatch. Its in your pocket anyway and if its raining, get your damn gortex on or put it in an MRE bag like your cellphone.

        I’m privy to things like NSN 7530-00-222-3521 green log books and other hard cover books. Its probably in a protector anyway, even an old neoprene case sprayed with an off brand water proofer will work. Its usually on my desk though as a log for various things.

  2. I don’t begrudge anyone their choices. My pokes are all in fun. Six ‘extra snug’ Mayberry themed condoms and 3 miniature platinum halligan bars would merit the same respect from me as the large bag of eccentric shit that I carry.

  3. I won a holster for my j frame on TTAGs caption contest that looks just like that one.

    Actually won two but when I requested the second one for my Makarov I got one for a P64?

  4. Wasn’t the issue with field notes that the company owner/founder is some sort of ultra progressive gun grabber douchebag?


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