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Who doesn’t love strapping on a commander-sized 1911? Michigander Doug Keller’s classic of choice is a Ruger SR1911. See all his gear at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. Who doesn’t love strapping on a Commander sized 1911? The guy in the pic, I imagine. Must be why he went with the way JMB intended it: Government 1911 with a 5″ barrel.

  2. At least this guy carries an extra mag, unlike most of the other dips#!+s who think they’re being so “Tactical” by carrying five knives, two flashlights, their wallet, a pen, a bulls#!+ “Field Notes” booklet, their phone, etc., etc. and then forego even one reload for what they can jokingly call a “carry pistol” (chambered in .22lr of course, because it’s all about shot placement they’ll say).

    And yes I am making a broad generalization, but I don’t think it’s uncalled for given some of the outright ridiculous things I’ve seen on these pocket dumps.

    • I think that’s just the mag from the gun as there doesn’t appear to be one in it. Looks like he’s also depending on just one.

    • Put on your Nomex suit and post your stuff big boy.

      We’ll decide how much of a dipshit you are.

  3. I’m not a huge 1911 fan but I like this setup in general.

    I’d prolly upgrade the light a touch but that’s just my bias talking.

      • LOL! That’s what I have an M44 Nagant in my trunk for.

        It’s a gun, a torch and a one prong pitchfork/cooking stick all in one. No campfire needed for cooking because the rifle makes it’s own.

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