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Depot msa's EDC gear starts with a GLOCK 17.

Who says your EDC gear can’t change to accommodate your mood? Depot msa’s GLOCK 17 carried in a Zulu Bravo IWB holster constitutes his “simple everyday carry,” when “I’m really feeling the gray and black.” See all of it at Everyday Carry . . . edc everyday carry

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  1. The camera is an odd choice since an Olympus XA rangefinder offers equal performance in a more pocketable form. I could see carrying a film camera every day if he’s a serious photographer, since people used to do that before good quality smartphone cameras.
    The Glock 17 seems a bit much to carry iwb, instead of a G19.

    Also in the name of John Moses Browning fix the mobile view of the site so you can actually select text boxes without jumping around.

    • “If it weren’t for all the money he spends on film and processing,”

      Preach it.

      If you can even find local processing, nowadays. The only person I know locally who still shoots 35mm film only uses it for slides. The one medium-format guy I know shoots B&W for portraits.

      And analog (recorded) audio has finally fallen to high-bitrate digital…


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