Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day – David Sproles

David doesn’t carry a lot of gear, but what he’s packs seems to have been carefully chosen. Including the ultra-conceilable G43 and maybe the best gentleman’s folder ever made. See what he’s carrying at Everyday Carry . . .


  1. avatar strych9 says:

    A $400 pocket knife, a BMW and a $40 flashlight… one of these things is not like the others.

    What’s in the stainless pill bottle? I’ll just say that no one I’ve ever met carries necessary meds in one of those things. Sometimes it’s some mini-survival kit but more often it’s recreational substances of some type.

    1. avatar Geoff PR: says:

      …is that what’s in yours?

      *wink* 🙂

      1. avatar strych9 says:

        I don’t do the recreational substances other than the occasional beer.

        I do however love that song. I wish Simon wasn’t such a weirdo but he made some damn fine music.

    2. avatar Alan Esworthy says:

      Because we’ve never met you can continue to make that statement. However, I do carry necessary meds in a similar little pocketable container. It’s a timing thing. I need to take a couple of pills at a time of day when it is common to be away from home.

      1. avatar strych9 says:

        Well, someone’s gotta use the thing for it’s intended purpose.

        Most of the people I’ve met that carry meds on their person do it in those plastic containers that separate pills, but then most of the people I know who take meds like that need multiple medications.

        Most of the people I’ve met who carry the stainless jars do it either because it’s waterproof (survival kits) or because it’s basically smell proof (pot) or spill proof (powders of various types).

    3. avatar Tim says:

      Midol. Sometimes we get the cramps real hard. Good choice.

      1. avatar Lotek says:

        Don’t dis the Mydol it’s the shiznit. Three active ingredients,beats straight Tylenol.

  2. avatar ActionPhysicalMan says:

    I gotta Tile on my key chain too but the battery wore down before the first time I needed it. I knew it was near and thought I could here a chirp but could not localize it.

  3. Sorry to be that guy but…*concealable

  4. avatar jimmy james says:

    I just googled the Tile and it says discontinued by mfr. I have a 4Sevens Quark Mini and it failed under warranty. Got it back and I won’t depend on it anymore. I have a cheap single AAA 100 lumen EDC light that I have had for many years that has gotten me out of several jams. It’s on my key ring and doubles as a bore light.

  5. avatar Ralph says:

    Oooh, look. That man used his bedspread as a backdrop.

    (No, I’ve never done that. Well, hardly ever.)

  6. avatar Ashley Tamil says:

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